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Unfortunately, we can't please everyone although we try. We run Active X controls

Posted By: Administrator sm on 2006-04-24
In Reply to: Someone please tell me what I need to change in NAV to get the left sided links back for the forums - At Home MT

and a few cannot see the left column and we have offered a number of ways to get the left menu to appear. Beyond that, we are unable to help. Administrator

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check mark by advanced controls, WAVE and MIDI controls come up --nm
it is *#11 to active headset; there is nothing to active foot pedal that I sm

I use the monitor controls. You can
gray-down the tone of the monitor brightness quite a bit, at least on the monitors I've had.
I think she controls herself well what with the idiots she has to deal with.
Express Scribe has hand controls.
I am waiting to get my foot pedal still so I have been using the hand controls or hot keys. They seem pretty easy and you can adjust them to the keys you want them to be. Real simple. Even I figured it out and that is a lot. LOL. Hope this helps. It is always nice to see someone with a handicap that is still willing to work instead of living off the rest of us. God Bless Her.
Need Express Scribe help with foot pedal controls

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong.  I have express scribe and a USB infinity foot pedal.  The foot pedal controls on express scribe do not let you set the foot pedal to back up a few seconds.  When you lift your foot off the pedal, that is exactly where it starts again when you push back down on it.  I want it to back up a few seconds so I can listen to something again, but I cannot see anywhere that it lets you adjust it to that.  I don't want to have to rewind it all the time.  Please help thank you 

It's Express Scribe. Gotta play with the playback controls
Microsoft split ergo with volume and zoom controls.
They are currently not active - nm

When I was active in the....sm
...local chapter of the then-AAMT, I would always say, "If you're a student, you're the most important person in the room today." :)
A WAV pedal controls playback of voice files. You need a software program through which to play the

The term "WAV pedal" has become a generic term. The software that you use will determine the file type(s) that you are able to play on your computer. You use either a pedal or hot keys (Fkeys) to control that playback. As stated below, Express Scribe is one such software program and it is free. It can be found by clicking on the link below.

I believe Active Words can do that.
what is the active ingredient?
chipmunks still active...

Should have mentioned in initial post that I have deleted, redownloaded the new EP, and when that didn't work, tried an older version - no luck.  Even the older version is playing just my .dvf files fast.  I think there's a gremlin in my system trying to drive me crazy. 

Thanks so much for your suggestions though! 

Anybody else?

It was active just a few days ago.

When this whole bruha-ha started, I Googled the name as well. The site was up and working, carrying a glowing endorsement from EMDAT as well. Guess the owner decided to take it all down.

If they don't show up on play control, click on options, put a check mark by advanced controls fo
The Active Topics page contains
a drop down at the top where you can sort number of days and specific board.
check out Active Words sm

It's like a word Expander for "the rest of" your computer. I use it to automate repetitive Windows- or Word-based tasks that would otherwise take a lot of Keystrokes or mouse clicks.

I create shortcuts so that I can type just a few keystrokes to perform any of the more tedious administrative parts of my work.

For example, typing "sendlog" will, for me, automatically create an e-mail message that sends my line count log for the day where it needs to go.

It's really hard to explain, so I hope you don't mind if I just refer you to the web site.
looks like it was an active website at one point, sm
now it is just parked by earthlink. www.jesterstouch.com
State Boards are Active Now!
Click the Menu on your left.

MTStars Support Team.
They generally are very active dogs who can develop
behavior problems.  Please do a Google search.  He should be excercised daily.  Again, please do a google search and learn as much as you can.  Talk to breeders, trainers, etc.  In the long run you (and he) will be much better off if you take the time now to research and spend the necessary money to learn training techniques.  You might find that it boils down to daily long, structured walks and then play.  You will do great!  Good luck! 
Could you tell me what the active inflammatory lymph nodes mean?
I had a CT abdomen and pelvis last year because I was having pain from Crohn's disease. I have swollen lymph nodes then. I had no other symptoms as in no other lymph nodes that were enlarged, etc. So they did a followup CT a year later, which happened to have been this week. I haven't gotten the results yet. I'm wondering what your active inflammatory lymph nodes mean? Is it normal for some to be enlarged consistently?
The State Board is no longer active - nm

Make sure you are looking in "All Active Templates."

You proved my point.. Most active ON RECORD, which is but a blip in
Permethrin and Imidacloprid are active ingredients in Advantix
Says even having a cat bathe a doggie sibling could cuz problems.

I am aware of the religion board, just thought main one would be more active...thanks anyway. nm
If the state boards are no longer active, why haven't they been removed so people don't waste
Does anyone know why the wave volume control on my master volume controls... SM

on my PC would turn itself all the way down?  It's driving me nuts!  It's like it resets itself to the low possible setting and when I go to work, I'm turning my speakers up full blast trying to hear and when I check my volume controls on my PC, the wave setting is turned all the way down.  I turn it back and everything is loud and clear and I have to turn my speakers back down and then I'll do something the internet and BOOM it resets itself!

I feel bad because I've been accusing my kids of messing with the controls and they have been swearing they didn't do it and I haven't exactly believed them, but it has happened twice to me this evening while I'm working and I know no one else has touched my PC but me.