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Vinyl stickers with very large letters...sm

Posted By: Aunt Bea on 2006-01-25
In Reply to: Is there a computer keyboard available with permanent lettering that cannot - mt

work really well, I ordered them from Gold Violin.com.  I believe they were $9.00. I don't look at my keys, but it just bugs me when there are no letters on my keys.

Although no letters means nobody else will get on my puter. 

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Vinyl stickers
I purchased some vinyl stickers from GoldViolin for $10.00 .  They are the best I have found, although they will wear too, so I buy 2 sets at a time.  Hope this helps.
Vinyl sticky letters...sm

www.goldviolin.com sells sticky Vinyl letters.  I have bought many, many sets and always keep one on hand.  They are also very large letters, for those of us with failing eyesight.  Lol

I need to do the same, need some small vinyl WHITE letters though - sm
husband complains when he has to print out his work schedule (no printer on his laptop) and has to use mine to get to his work website but missing the E, D, S, C, N, L, and my < and > ---drives him nuts...so guess who gets to get the schedule for him! One of these days I will get some letters, tried Liquid Paper but was uncomfortable on the fingers and wore off fast too.
How about some little stickers of some sort...maybe that will help!

keyboard overlay stickers

I just ordered a set of keyboard overlay stickers for my keyboard. I have several letters that have rubbed off and it doesn't bother me a bit, but it drives my kids and especially my hubby CRAZY! Anyway, the company claims that the letters won't rub off, so we'll see! It cost me $19.15 with tax and shipping (a little pricey if you ask me), but if it makes my hubby happy, it's worth it!! The site is: www.classykeyboards.com


Black keyboards and key stickers here...

Don't know anything about how these keyboards are for longevity of letters/numbers on the keys, but here they are:


And here are replacement key cap overlays/stickers:


And more keyboard stickers of all kinds:





Bumper stickers are great

I think we could get more across on bumper stickers.  I lost all my work to over India, 5 accounts  to be exact and have one left.  I had to go back to billing which I did previously for 12 years.  I hate going to an office and dealing with it!!. I miss my home and typing!!  I am in for bumper stickers.  Everyone has a car and will get across more, I think.

Have used stickers, lasted awhile but not that long.
I have a Microsoft ergonomical keyboard (curved) that I have been using about three years now, and the letters are still good.  However, you might want to try one of those pens that can be used to write on CDs and other metallic materials.  Cheaper than buying another keyboard.  As stated, the stickers worked but not for very long as I remember. 
No, not at all. Brand new Super Center, nice area. But have never seen the stickers.
Ceramic vs vinyl
A big NO to the vinyl. It buckles, peels and lifts off the cement underneath if it gets too wet...especially where the cove basing (under the sink cabinets) meets the floor.

If you can afford it, definitely go for ceramic. Last a long, long time, looks much better but be prepared to be diligent about cleaning the grout between the tiles...if you ignore it for too long, it will darken.
Thanks everyone, now that I look more at the floor, its a vinyl I guess -sm
so linoleum was probably the wrong way to describe it. Just hoping I can clean it so in the future whenever we sell (in a few years) we won't have to put in a new floor....will use tile next time though so I don't have this same problem. Another alternative is to cover the whole floor with the rugs and make it one uniform stain (then no one would know!).
The Armstrong stuff is for vinyl...
You can find it at Home Depot or Lowes near the cleaners and such. and it worked beautifully on my vinyl.  It wasn't real expensive either.  Its a two step thing, one strips and the other puts a new gloss on it.  Try it....it will probably work.
ceramic tile or vinyl
Hi; when we bought our house it had carpet in the bathrooms, dining room and kitchen (even UNDER the stove!!). Couldn't wait to get it out of those places. We did go with Pergo in the dining room and kitchen, and it has done very well; however, there are no children in our home so there is less wear and tear on it. We have had it about 5-6 years and it is holding up very well. Just thought I'd share my experience with it :)
I would go with vinyl. We have tile now and I think it killed my dog. -sm
She slipped and fell on it when she slopped her water. I almost did too. She could hardly move. I think she might have broken some ribs. At the least they had to be bruised. It was actually my husband's cousin's dog so he took her to the vet and they put her to sleep on me. The vet said she was in severe pain. She was my little buddy. I never had an animal that loved me so much. (And I've always been a cat person.)

Tile is very slippery, hard, and cold too. I found the vinyl a lot easier to clean. Our tile is a mess. It cracked, the grout is dirty even though it was sealed. It's mostly because of the dogs that it's so yucked up. I can't stand going over by the front wall. It's soooo cold there, but I'm really intolerant to cold.

Our vinyl lasted a lot longer and was more comfortable than the tile. Not to mention, we had to cut all the doors besides.
ceramic tile/vinyl
I have had ceramic tile in my kitchen and also vinyl. Ceramic does clean much easier, looks nicer, but it is very slippery when wet, can cause a concussion if you fall on a wet floor or that, and if you drop anything, boy does that object shatter. I like vinyl better, harder to keep clean but with the new vinyl floors now they are beautiful. I would choose vinyl over ceramic, but that is just my opinion.
DH and I had vinyl lettering done up for our car windows this year.
Mine says, "Keep Christ in CHRISTMAS." His says, "What do you mean Happy Holidays? How would you like it if your birthday was taken away?"

Yes, the school holiday programs today were lame. Happy Holidays, Jingle Bell Rock, African Kwanzaa song, Hanukkah song, but absolutely not a darn thing referring to Jesus Christ, Noel, angels, or anything "religious." There wasn't one African or Jewish person in the entire auditorium either. But what I want to know is this. If Christmas is too religious to be in school, why aren't Kwanzaa and Hanukkah too religious to be in school?
I have vinyl but I think ceramic tile looks nicer.
POLL: Off subject - Ceramic tile or vinyl
I recenly bought a big house that has carpet in the kitchen.  I want to take the carpet out but don't know if I should go for ceramic tile or vinyl flooring.  Any suggestions?
Vinyl belts. Thanks for the memory, Mine was legal, but all the same.
We have a gunite pool as opposed to vinyl/sand liner..
The gunite is definitely more expensive, but lasts much longer.  I'm in NH and I see signs for gunite pools starting at 19,900 around here, but I have no idea what that includes. As usual, the advertisement and the actual cost out the door are probably too different things.  Also, expect your electric bill to hit the roof even if you run the filter only 12 hrs out of 24.  But it's worth it to us... Our kids are pre-teens and virtually LIVE in that thing, so we don't regret buying this house.
I did legal transcription using the old vinyl belts. A LONG time ago. LOL
In the "old days" of dictation on vinyl belts, the quota was do to 15 minutes an hour. sm

To me, it seems realistic, but then again, each situation is different.  On account I know, I can usually do 30 minutes an hour, although being money-oriented and paid by the line, I usually gauge things by lines.  I do 250-300 lph, but those little dinky reports ARE an irritation -- no argument there -- hardly enter the header info and *poof* the dictation is over.  Would be hard to make a decent line count that way.

But ... surely your employers understand there are variations on such things.  Maybe you average 8.9 one month and 12 the next ... I would think it would even out.

Anyway, i'm into that gray zone where I know nothing about, but I wish you good luck.  To me, in the days when I was supervisor, if I knew someone was doing the best they could do, that was all that mattered to me. 

Regarding letters
We have an account with our national where all the consults are dictated in letter format.  So for every single consult we get we have to look up the correct names, spelling, and addresses for the referring physicians because the dictators never give them. Once we get them we can save them in autotext, but it's still a pain to have to look them all up.
No letters
My daughter could not use my computer because of no letters left on the keyboard.
three letters: CTS
some of us CAN'T do much else at this point. I can't even write anymore!! And we blessed, fortunate ICs don't qualify for disability pay or unemployment... so yes, it's upsides and downsides, but in the end, right now I'm facing having to quit MT and I have NO idea what to do for a living, at the tender age of 36, and, with the pay cuts and such, no money to invest in an education. So please try to have some compassion... not all bellyaching is unfounded.
Think again - big letters at top saying
Not to post there unless you work for MQ
letters sm
The written word can come back to bite you. Be careful what you say. If they care enough, they'll ask and then you can verbalize. Otherwise, it will become part of your permanent record. Don't say anything to make them angry, One never knows down the road when you will have to list them in your past employment history. Sometimes we would like to pour our hearts out but it would depend on what you have to say. I once wrote a note which was not really that bad but everyone in the company said I left a scathing letter which was totally untrue. The less you put in writing, the better, IMHO.
for me, the only ones that letters don't rub off....
and on the back of mine it does say Key Tronics.......
Use a name that is 4 letters or more and you get the... sm
AutoComplete tip box showing your entry, then you can press F3 or enter to expand it. Make sure the first 4 letters of the name are not the same as the first 4 in another entry or Word won't know which one you want and no tip will appear. You can use less than 4 letters in the name but no tip appears. You'd have to remember it and hit F3.

Just remember that AutoText only works in Word and you might want to think about a true text Expander that works in all of your programs. You can also bog down your normal.dot file if that is where you choose to save AutoText and you will be at high risk of corrupting the file. Make sure you keep a backup.
yes! like the large font
As soon as I started doing letters...
I would fly like the wind. That is what hourly paid secretaries are for! Good luck in finding something else, but do like I do... let them know from the gitgo I WILL NOT DO CORRESPONDANCE!
Despise letters! UGH...nm
DS, H&P, CONS, letters
are the basics. Doing OPs is another level up
Yes, in our bedroom, large though 27 x 12 - sm
We plan to build though in about 3 years (have some property)...getting a home office then....either a separate room or a room off the bedroom, but my own space anyway. Can't wait!
letters for keyboard
there's a place called Gold Violin (1-877-648-8400) or www.goldviolin.com that has a set of letters (1-black letters and the other one white) that you can buy for about $10. they're enlarged too which makes it easier as well to see, if you've got that problem. i got a set and just haven't taken the time yet to clean up my keyboard to put them on. i love my cordless Logitech keyboard and mouse as well. i like the touch on my keyboard as well so don't want to buy another one just because the keys wore off, so this fit the bill for me.
Thanks! The 16" look so small and the 20" so large! nm
Consult Letters
Hello, does anybody know how consult letters are like?  Are they long and difficult?
i enter the first 4 letters...sm
Every time I come to a drug I enter the first four letters of the drug in Autocorrect, capping it if needed.  I think this is quicker than sitting down and entering a bunch at once. 
I have 2 - one large, one small
My first was a very nice rose in the upper-inner quadrant of my left breast. I thought about it for 17 years before I did it. It kind of felt like going to the GYN when I had it do. The guy was very professional and let me catch my breath from time to time. The more fill-in work, the more painful. The more it is just an outline, the less painful.

The other is something private but special to me to honor my kids on my lower back, but above the bikini line. That was much more painful but different guy and it went much faster as I cussed a lot more with fewer breaks.

If I ever get another one it will be a circle on top of the sternum with the leters DNR inside!

It's like the chain letters you may have
received where there is a numbered list of people included and you add your name to the list, subtract a name from the list, all names on the list now are shifted and thus have a different number on the list that you create than on the list that you received, and then you send a dollar (or other amount . . . in this case, a pair of flip-flops) to each person that was on the list that you received. The people that you send your letter to are instructed to do the same, and so you wind up receiving (if the "chain" is not broken) money/items from each person that receives the letter that has your name on it (before you are "bumped" from the list).
Laser - large HP

I have a large HP, three drawer laser printer and I go through 500 sheets of chart note paper, probably another 400 to 600 for consults and letters per month and probably 200  envelopes per week and I seriously use only at the maximum of 3 toners per year and they are $110 per toner recycled.   My printer gets 10,000 to 15,000 copies per toner so about every three to four months I get one.  I spend more on the chart paper than I do the toners.    But that is all figured into my cpl.


You can go to B&N or Borders and they have a large
section of educational workbooks.  You can even find workbooks at Wal-Mart in the toy section.  You can Google and find tons of stuff depending on what subjects you want. 
Depends on how large it was - sm
If it was the $1000 for life (which here is only good for 10 years, guess they don't expect you to live long, ha, ha), I would probably take a little time off (say a month or two) so I could get some things done around here. Taxes would cut that down to a little over $2K a month, so that would end up being just a little more than I make now. After my "leave of absence" continue to work but probably at about half schedule so I could have more time for me. IF I ever hit one of millions, I would quit in a heartbeat, but buy the company (small local) I work for and give the office manager (a great lady) one heck of a raise, hire her at least 1 assistant and 2 FT QA, and change a few things about the company in its day to day operations. Then I would just observe the runnings, but not actively participate, couldn't anyway as I'd be living 2+ hours away in my new house/estate on the river.
large company.
My IC pays 4/10 for an eScription account.
These are a pain. I worked an account like this and I hated it. What kind of lines can you get typing letters all day, especially when you have to worry about looking up addresses and if you do not live in the area of the hospital/clinic - forget it. The co. I was ICing for lost the account that was like this - and now I am on a much better account - love it - and doing editing.
Tip of a very large iceberg...
I am in the process of working with an attorney to address some compensation issues at a company I shall kindly remain nameless cuz I'm a nice guy; but the problem is industry-wide so once the issue gets heard and ruled on, we will have the groundwork laid to address it globally and the court to point me there. I'm not sure what that will look like; one step at a time. there are specific laws that address the work we do and they are flat ignored. There are also laws for telecommuters... ditto. I see this offshoring issue same story different channel. Laws and protocols disregarded because it costs money to adhere to them. I think our fragmented work environment, as well as the relatively new concepts of where we work and how we are paid have allowed a lot of our employers to disregard the laws because, frankly have managed to stay off the radar screen. Personally, I do not think these are quick fixes like letters or news releases. They first require fact gathering; I keep thinking about VR and wondering if someone is going to study the success or lack of same, or if it's going to hang over our head and be tossed around subjectively forever. Does anybody anywhere like it? lol... I have thought after getting this discussion heard by the court, that it might prompt the next thing to do. I have piles of reading and delving done about this; I am very interested in exploring it. I won't form an opinon about the outsourcing thing because I just havent looked at it in detail yet. Has anyone else? I'd be curious to know if it is really so much cheaper since, in my observation, much of it requires re-work. So back to before by tangeant...I think these are very complex problems requiring very complex investigations and presenting of hard a fast data. Opiniating just lends itself to more of the same thing.. arguing, where everyone choosed an opinion that fits their personal agenda. But that's just MY opinion. I could be all wet! Aaaamen, sing it over...
Any other MTs for large nationals getting the

Sorry, but that is the opinion of some large MT
Sorry about the large spaces! (nm)
Do you have to see the letters to type? Should

Can someone tell my how to format a letter so that the Dr.s address in the letter will automatically show up in the envelope box without having to add the envelope to the document?