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Volume Setting Command for Transnet/ExText

Posted By: Ed on 2008-07-17
In Reply to:

Anyone there who knows how to "permanently" set the volume for Transnet/ExText speech?  I know to double-click on the volume icon to raise the volume for "Each Report", but not how to do it "permanently".  I did it once by accident, but with recent upgrades, it wiped it out again.  Anyone?  Thanks! 

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Transnet volume
Thanks, Lilly. I have that box for traditional typing jobs, but for speech we use a different version. We did figure it out, though. It is - plain and simply - F2, and then slide the volume control up.

I appreciate your time to help, and thank you!
In Extext, is there a keyboard command
to slow down or speed up dictation? I'm trying to retrain myself to keep hands on keyboard, but I keep having to slow down and speed up different dictators. I have the little control open on my desktop, but it seems to require the mouse to change the speed. Is that right?
I use ExText with Transnet. (sm)
I like it a lot, actually. I don't use the Expander built into it, but use Instant Text. I can't believe the same company who came out with the PowerScribe (shudder) came out with this product. It's pretty good for MT, IMO.

I think a lot depends on the server you're logging into. The hospital I transcribe for seems to have a good stable system.
WE need EXText TransNet Software

We need ExText TransNet software. How can we get this software. Please suggest me.




Dictaphone extext transnet
I use dictaphone Extext transnet and yes I had to get a dictaphone foot pedal to work. The company thought any pedal would work but Dictaphone said no it has to be dictaphone pedal.

Good luck!
What does this mean? Dictphone Transnet to get voice and Dictaphone Extext to transcribe in. Thanks
Thanks for the help!
Does anyone know why the wave volume control on my master volume controls... SM

on my PC would turn itself all the way down?  It's driving me nuts!  It's like it resets itself to the low possible setting and when I go to work, I'm turning my speakers up full blast trying to hear and when I check my volume controls on my PC, the wave setting is turned all the way down.  I turn it back and everything is loud and clear and I have to turn my speakers back down and then I'll do something the internet and BOOM it resets itself!

I feel bad because I've been accusing my kids of messing with the controls and they have been swearing they didn't do it and I haven't exactly believed them, but it has happened twice to me this evening while I'm working and I know no one else has touched my PC but me.

What is the key command to

I saw it awhile back but can't find it now.

TY here, too. Would I be able to disable that w/ just a key command?
the command to slow down
You have to create it with the bold command
Any1 know how to run the spellcheck command in WP 5.1?

TIA :-)

You can still use WP 5.1 on Win XP computers. Just go to the command prompt and install it. nm
I would contact your highest in command. A medical
record is a legal document and could potentially contain info that would contribute to a life/death situation.   If I were in a position of authority she would be gone yesterday. 
Goodness, if you didn't know about the command feature, you really need to
spend some time on the Productivity Talk board for tons of ideas.
You need to use the command feature of IT when you make your entry sm
Copy and insert your text into a new IT entry. Now go back thru the entry and each time you want a field to be placed, you have to hit the "command" button on the bottom left of the window. Then hit CTRL+F9 to create a world field (this will make the little bracket thingies when it spits out in Word). When you're all done, hit OK and there you go!
I agree we should have a command of the English language...sm
I do. This is from the American Heritage Book of English usage in regard to collective nouns. You see, I also have a degree in English and also taught. I do know the rules for collective nouns.

"Some nouns refer to a group but are singular in form. These nouns are called collective nouns. In American usage, a collective noun takes a singular verb when it refers to the collection considered as a whole."
Last time I checked, even MTs use the English language and we should have a command

of that language and that includes all the rules and regs taught from gradeschool on up.  Now, it's totally up to you if you choose to be an AHDI robot.  I acknowledge that a lot of MTSOs use the BOS as their guideline and if you work for those MTSOs, then you are obligated to follow "their" rules if you want your paycheck, but that does not mean that the rule book is correct.  Quite simply, it is not.  A group of retired MTs got together, had a meeting, and decided to make up a set of rules.  Then they had a really fantastic marketing team that set out to market those rules as the end-all, be-all of medical transcription.  They definitely found a willing audience for the crap they were peddling and they capitalized on it.  I guess that's the American dream -- making a bundle of money of a bunch of suckers willing to pay, no questions asked.  

I, however, choose to buck the system.  I'm a noncomformist, I guess.  I earned my bachelor's in English before I decided to become an MT.  I believe it's important to be able to express oneself articulately and intelligently using the written word.  I dislike what texting, email, and chat rooms have done to the English language (witness above post "wannbe MT ur opinions..."!!!!!).

Oh well, that's just me.  I work for a hospital that could care less about the AHDI and its BOS.  In my spare time, I wage my anti-BOS and anti-AHDI campaign in the hopes that MTs will wise up and MTSOs will too.

Set up your tabs first - then use the hanging indent command Ctrl+T
Just create a command entry and use a short form that's fast to type. sm
This will bypass the Extext command. Make sure you put the trailing underscore at the end of your entry so you won't get an extra space from your marker key. Your entry will look like this:


Any Stedman SmartType users? Pros & Cons? Will it retain bold formatting without using DOS command
 DOS commands like ShortHand does?
Is Transnet the same as VPN? nm
I train MTs on TransNet. Yes, you can use the Internet at the same time. Who told you that you can't? Just curious.
While in TransNet, go into "Player Settings". Move the slider, for volume, to the + end. You have to click the OK button after you adjust the volume. If you don't click OK, your volume will go back to where it was in the first place.

Hi Everyone!

Do you know if Lanier makes a sofware package similar to TransNet in which you can sign onto their system, download your voice files, and then sign off?  If so, what is the name of that software?



TransNet users
1.  Have long have you been using TransNet?  Is it hard to learn?


2.  Does it work with Word 2003?


3.  Do you d/l the files through a modem or through a cable or DSL line?


4.  If you have a cable or DSL line ... how long would it take for you to download, say, all of the Alta Bates or Sequoia reports. I ask about those only because I can translate that into lines in my head. IOW, "it takes 1 hour to d/l a full day of Alta Bates." This way I could figure out where things would stand on one of the accounts I work on.


5.  Would you rather use TransNet or C-phone? Why (whatever your choice is) <-- this is the critical question, so feel free to go into detail


6.  What happens if you've download a batch of files and your hard drive crashes? Are those files gone forever or are the "originals" still on the master system?

Transnet question
Does anyone use this program - getting ready to start using it, would appreciate any information regarding productivity, etc.  Thanks!!
Does anyone use this software on a laptop; if so, have you experienced any problems.  I am thinking of installing on my laptop to take on vacation with me this summer so I can work a bit if needed.  Thanks!
? for TransNet users
What do you use to listen to the dictation, and where do you plug it in?
Problem with Transnet
Is there anyone who has used Dictaphone Transnet with Windows XP that experiences a problem with it closing down occasionally upon doing a rewind/listen or lifting your foot on/off the foot pedal to listen?  Sometimes the voice gets garbled, sometimes the program shuts down.  Any resolutions?  Thanks
I don't use ExTxt, just Transnet and
I only have to restart the Transnet program but there must be a fix so it doesn't happen.  It never happened when I used Windows 2000, just since Windows XP upgrade. 
Is it possible to use a 9-pin or USB adaptor with Transnet
Starting IC job and need to have own foot pedal. I have an infinity pedal with a 9-pin but not sure if it will work with Transnet with or without adaptor. Does anyone know?
It helps to have speakers where you can plug the headphones in instead of putting them into the computer modem.
low volume
I have a sound booster called "Boosteroo" that I bought to help with my laptop not having enough volume.  I just plug my headphones into it and plug it into the computer and it helps a lot. 
When you are doing a job, do you have box in the lower left hand corner that tells how many minutes the job is and how far you are in to it. It also has a forward and back button. Do you see it? Click on the "more" button. Once there you can adjust the speed of the voice, the speed of the playback and the volume. You need to click and drag to raise the volume, increase sped, etc.

Hope this helps.
Nina from Transnet in Florida
about $400 worth of work from July/August never paid for.  E-mail after e-mail with your check is on the way but of course never showed up.  This is after I worked with her for more than a couple of years with no problems.  I'm pursuing an action in small claims.
Dictaphone TransNet - Very easy
Snow Bunny,

TransNet and ExText is very easy and simple to use. It is a Word based platform.

Depending on how your queue is set up, you usually download 5-10 reports at a time. When you finish one and upload it, the other comes in to be transcribed simultaneously. Cable modem is the fastest and easiest and it takes not time at all to download - say 20 reports will download in about 1 minute.

I know those two accounts you mention - I am not sure what you are asking? You can only download the entire day's work if they set your queue up for that, otherwise you will get 5 or 10 at a time and once they upload, another one will download.

Or they can set you up with Administrative priveleges and you can see all the dictations in everybody's queue for the day.

Personally, I would prefer TransNet. You must remember, TransNet is just the communication or should I say voice download software. ExText is the transcription software. If you are only using TransNet, that will only download and upload your voice and you will transcribe your reports separately in Word.

If you are using TransNet and ExText, the entire program, you will download the voice as well as use the transcription platform, Word Based, and it should fill in the headers with patient, MR#, Visit, DOS, etc.

I hope you understand and I didn't confuse you.
Iam using TransNet on my laptop as I type.
Transnet pedal question
Can the Transnet pedal used for the ExText platform be plugged into a 9-pin outlet on my computer??? Although I currently use a IN-USB-1 Infinity foot pedal that has 4 "square" pins, I may be getting an account that uses the Transnet pedal and my company told me they would supply it.
Dictaphone Transnet question

I presently work with a Dictaphone C-phone but have been having problems with either my phone system (FIOS) or the phone, or both.  The boss suggested switching to Transnet. I have heard that when working on Transnet on your computer you cannot have access to the internet. I need to do a significant number of physician lookups for addresses, etc. so this would be a definite draw back. I'd like your opinion as to the pros and cons of the C-phone vs Transnet and if given the choice which would you prefer.

Thanks in advance.


It IS ExText, Word is simply the word proccessor used. ExText is marketed
by Dictaphone with Transnet and ESP is the expansion software incorporated into it. I used this platform when I worked for the hospital. I believe Wordclient is the speech recognition portion of this platform.
Are you sure the volume is not turned down (sm)
in the "audio" of the gearplayer or that mute is checked in the "audio"?
Well, I keep the volume pretty low (sm)
and just reach over and bump up the remote occasionally.  My quality is very good but I will admit that my productivity probably isn't.  I could probably do 2000 lines or more a day easily without the TV.  I do about 1750 a day without it. 
Low work volume, anyone??
I am used to being busy this time of year, not sitting here waiting for work to drop in!  No, I do not work for MQ...
Headset volume

I don't know what version you have, but with mine I do this with my "mumblers"...

In Express Scribe:

Go to File, then Special Audio Processes, and then Extra Volume Boost.

It will load and only takes a few seconds.  I think you may have to do that for each file or you may have to do it again if you close out Express Scribe; haven't figured that out yet.

Hope this helps.... 

low work volume
Amy, I could have written that post.  It's been slow most of the summer.  It was not this way last summer.  The thing I hate the most is the service I work for never communicates a word to the MT's.   Never says hang in there, it's slow, we are working on getting more accounts, go jump in a lake, nothing.  Nice!
Foot pedal for Dictaphone Transnet
Can I use a USB foot pedal with Dictaphone Transnet. I was told it has to be the foot pedal with what looks like a phone cord used in conjunction with a USB adapter.
Weird Transnet pedal question

I just got installed on ExText and Transnet today and, after a little trouble getting the pedal to work, finally got it going and transcribed a report.  Then after finishing the report with Ctrl-N, the next report came up smoothly, but the pedal would not work.  I did that one by starting and stopping with the mouse, then the next report again the pedal did not work.

So I logged out of ExText then back in again and lo and behold the pedal worked.  Again, however, when I signed off, the next job came up with the pedal not controlling it.

I was curious to see if anyone else has ever had this problem.  I've emailed my tech support person; it's not an emergency really as I can work (albeit slowly!) , but it sure is a strange problem! 

TransNet Player Speed Control

I really need and would appreciate HELP on this one!  I am using the transnet player with ExText on my new job (which I love), BUT - is there a way to control the speed of the dictation with Keystrokes rather than opening up the "more" box and changing the speed level????

I want to be able to change the speed during different areas of the report.  For example, I like to speed through air time or thumbing through chart time, etc., and then return to a normal speed for typing.  Some docs I have to speed up, some docs I have to slow down, but with this player is there any way to do this with keystrokes and not going to the player, going to the more screen, moving the slider, clicking okay, etc.  ?????

If you can use a 15-pin foot pedal with an adapter with Transnet
Account says they use an IN-BMG (15-pin) foot pedal with a USB adapter. Can you also use a 9-pin with an adapter? Account manager wasn't sure. I really hate to buy another foot pedal for a new account if I don't have to. Does anyone at all know if this will work?

I doubt it - think TransNet pedals are specific to...sm
the Dictaphone platform. You might look on the classifieds here, or if you want a 9-pin I have one. Email me.