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We might as well face it, we are being taken over by other countries, thanks to our

Posted By: MQMT on 2008-06-04
In Reply to:

government.  You have got to read this article at


Domestic workers sue, lobby, organize for workplace rights -THESE ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS PEOPLE!

I just want to crawl in a hole and DIE!  I am so worried for my children.  Soon, the US of A will be owned, run and operated by other countries totally!



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Help! Have face-to-face interview for at-home hospital job tomorrow and ....SM

I want to ask the most comprehensive questions I can so as to make the best decision possible.  I work for a small national right now, pretty happy but would like better benefits, especially more affordable and better insurance.  I already know this hospitals pays .09 cpl and .11 if you do more than 1200 lines per day.  It's been so long since I've been interviewed in person.  I need you guys to help me make a list of questions to ask so that I can just get it all down on paper and make sure I'm not missing anything.  I know they use ChartScript and Lanier and that they provide the computer.  What else exactly should I ask? 

I came across my best friend online, but I have yet to meet her face to face sm
I have known her for several years. We talk a couple of times a day. I have never seen her face to face, but I could not live without her love and support and she feels the same.

I have given my number out several times recently. I have yet to come across a serial killer. They are all MTs. Without exception, they have all been wonderful. In three cases, we are all working on friendship. In one case, I think we will be close in time. We are very similar in many ways and I just think she is wonderful.

I have dated on line and we were together as a couple in person for a year. It was a great experience.
Give notice face to face and (sm)

briefly explain the circumstances.  In the same conversation ask if it's ok to use the company as a reference and possibly provide a "To Whom It May Concern" letter of recommendation.  Then follow up with a brief letter.  A good reference goes a long way, even as an IC!

Have a face-to-face talk with your son!
Tell your son you love him and care for him, but you are just not happy about his soon to be wife/lesbian calling his mother/soon-to-be mother-in-law these nasty things. Tell your son that if he wants any part of his family then he needs to talk to his girlfriend and tell her that she needs to respect his mother or things will sure be hell down the long road. You know how it is when you do not get along with in-laws. Sounds like your son had a lot of communicating to do or you may not respect him anymore.
face to face demeanor is always different...sm
guess they figure if you can't see 'em, they can be themselves.
I know their demeanor is different face to face,
but if they treat the medical record with such little regard, I really wonder what kind of ethics they have regarding the medical care given to their patients.
What about different countries
You mean the countries of the "irrelevant" UN?
You mean "Old Europe"? You mean the country whose fine wine is poured down the gutters here? You mean that country whose democratically elected leader should be assassinated?

Pop Quiz: In what year did 14,000 French die in a heat wave?

Answer: 2003. Don't you remember all that news coverage we got here and how generous everybody was? Perhaps the freedom fries have affected your memory.
Selling the BOS to MTs in other countries?
Does the AAMT really sell the BOS to MTs in India and Pakistan?  Can MTs there belong to the AAMT?
I see the difference, but in other countries...
they consider dogs and cats as food consumption. They were in other countries killing birds over the bird flu which were their pets and some were for food consumption, but they have to kill them all because it travels. They are totally different than we are here in the states when it comes to dogs and cats. I gave up Chinese food for that reason and stick to only Loo mein and hope that it's really a noodle. lol
Outsourcing to other countries

We are the only ones who can do something about this.  I wanted to toss around some ideas. 


A.  We should research and get all the information we need, talk to lawyers and talk to anyone who can help us get started.

B.  We should have a new association.  American Medical Transcription Association – AMTA.  That is just an idea.

C.  Picket lines.  OFFSHORE NO MORE!!  Sorry, I borrowed the phrase from another poster.  I hope you don't mind.

D.  We should notify news papers, news stations, and talks shows that actually make a difference sometimes (Montel, Oprah……any other ideas for that?)

E.  We should notify all clinics, hospitals, doctors, and any/every place in the United States and Canada that need transcription services.

F.  We need to notify the general public…refer to D.

G.  A specific board, group, or chat room dedicated only to OFFSHORE NO MORE should be created and moderated accordingly.

H.  Union?  What do we need to do to get this started?


I don't know where to start, but we, collectively, need to do something.  I have been wondering we could possibly be (sp?) black balled if our identities are revealed?  If so, it won't last forever.  Maybe the beginning of all this needs to be the new association and that can be our steppingstone.  We can make this better for our future and future MTs.  The thing is that we need to do something.  We can't just talk about it and complain against it and hope that someone else will do something for us or that someone else will take a stand.  We have a voice if do this together.  The ball just needs to start rolling….

As one of the richest countries in the WORLD, it's not odd
that other countries think we can help ourselves. Makes absolute sense to me that no one is offering help.
Reports are going to third world countries, often with out SS#. nm
unfortunately they send work to other countries

they offshore to other countries from the usa because what's important to most dictators, and again unfortunately, is the cheapest price they will get for transcription......now, I didn't say they would receive good quality MT work back - but they will only be paying 3, 4 or 5 cpl for that offshore work.....so they have chosen to COMPROMISE QUALITY!!!!  Blechhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

USA has safeguards that 3rd World Countries DO NOT!
Like your MTSO or ISP company being subpoened to give up your name and address.

Like a city, county, state or federal Attorney General's office who will proceed to charge, prosecute and imprison you for divulging, or worse, blackmailing an institution, like a Pakistani transcriber did, in 2003.

At least we know the American Criminal Justice System can and will prosecute, but what can an American Institution or patient do about violation of privacy or blackmail in India or Pakistan?--VERY LITTLE.
Hey, bombing other countries defeated Hitler.
Background checks on MTs fro third world countries?? LoL. Are you serious? nm
All other countries expect newcomers to learn
I wonder if CS is ALSO teaching Coding to India & other countries?
I know they teach MT to India and other countries, the latest one being Jamaica.

Yet they still take money from US students, even though they are training overseas to help them take more jobs away.
donations for the relief coming from 50+ countries, including

-- India is making a $5 million donation to the American Red Cross, Ambassador Ronen Sen said Saturday. In addition, Sen said India was willing to donate essential medicines to the relief effort, noting that India has the largest number of Food and Drug Administration-recognized pharmaceutical companies outside the United States.




You are worried about your home? Most of these records go to third world countries. I would rather
Sadly, I agree that more and more jobs are going to go to 3rd world countries. However, that is not
Ppl are so concerned about HIPAA. Most records, including SS#, go to 3rd world countries!
Dogs are a huge carrier of rabies in developing countries.
I will never work for another company that supports offshoring to overseas countries
As posted above, I have worked for a foreign company.  The company had some US MTs working for them and IMO, they were using us to cover up.  I think we should personally stick together and stop the nonsense of our US reports going overseas.  I do have one question for those who support the Indian companies and any company that offshore overseas...where is your medical information going?  Have you thought for one minute that maybe your own SSN and address, etc, might be going overseas?
Maybe nationalist. Everyone else is listing countries of origin. White english speakers at the wor
They like to show off, play with the language. At least the ESLs learn to say it, and always say it the same way, every time. The Caucasian English-speakers are the worst, arrogant, effusive with the language.
HIPAA is a joke, The majority of reports go to 3rd world countries, for pete's sake. nm
Egg on Face...
I do apologize - I guess I was in my "MT Mode" and not my "Human Being Mode" when I posted that - all I could think about was OSi, the MT company. Sorry about that and hope things work out!
we have to face that MT is not the
same as it used to be.  Five years ago or so you would have been able to get what you stated but now it is nearly impossible unless you obtain your own account.  I have been doing this for 16 years and I have seen that the MT pay keeps on declining.  I am looking into another profession.  It has just become too stressful to try to make a decent living on the pay any more and just tired of the whole thing with offshoring, etc.  Take care
The face
My word, if I had a face like that I would sell eye liner or something.  Maybe they mean some people type with their looks?  Hmm.  I really think it is an unprofessional ad.
Let's face it
Things are going to change. We don't know to what degree, but I'm pretty sure jobs will be cut and consensed, so you can bet many of us will feel it in some way.

I think our whole society is going to go through a major restructure; there's just no way around it.
Obviously not for his face, but maybe his hands?
Jen, seriously, the face of MT is changing. sm
Get that degree.  Trust me on this.  Yes, it's nice sitting home in jammies with the kids.  I did it a lot of years, but I made way more money then than now.  Things are changing drastically and fast in this field.  Get the degree.
I did the face lift and did for myself only
I had huge bags under my eyes and my jouls were drooping. I did it once and then about 10 years later and both times thrilled with the outcome. I have yet to have anyone say they hate it, oh no in fact most of the girls I graduated with totally taken with how, what, when and the price. I also had other things done as in tummy tuck and that again was what I wanted. I please myself and my husband is also pleased with his new lady. I am thinking this year possibly finding out more about the thread lift. I do want to enhance some but not a total face lift this year. I say goody for anyone who wants to improve on their looks or how they feel about their own self.
I’m a sucker for a furry face. I currently
 have 2 Maltese, 2 Pugs, 1 Lhasa, 1 Yorkie/Chinese Crested mix (we think), 1 Rott/Pit mix and getting another Maltese from the animal shelter this week. 
I am sorry you have this situation to face. It makes
me so upset that this can happen with vets and their costs. I won't even go into that tirade of mine....I actually had to put down my best friend as I did NOT have the $$ even remotely for this barrage of testing just to even guess why she was seizing at 15 years old. I know, she was old, but the vet estimated something near $5K to $10K for a "complete work up". At her age, I declined. Its so weird the timing of your post. Just yesterday my sweet husband was able to give me a modest diamond ring and wedding band - we've been together for 30+ years; however, I had to sell my original set off to pay for emergencies about 3 years ago.I acted like it didn't bother me, but it did. You know - I put on a brave face for the kids and him. And he did, too. It wasn't the diamond or the $$ - it just had so much sentimental value and was symbolic. At any rate, we shopped around for 2 days, as we had no time, and after going to 3 or 4 jewelers and being insulted - most offered $100 to $200 to - take it off our hands - the 5th small jeweler was honest and kind and fair and gave us, I think, $2,000 for the set. It saved us from disaster, so do try a few more jewelers. Keep the faith. And the point of my story? Tides changed for us, and now 3 years down the road, my husband surprised me with a new set - again, not expensive, but its worth a million $$ to me. I think you are a wonderful person to do this for your dear dog. Lots of folks wouldn't even consider it. You will be blessed for it, for sure. Hope your pooch gets well, and hope you get top $$ for your ring.
No, but I have a few on my face - wondering what to do about them - any ideas? nm
I went twice for hair removal on face....nm

Let's face it. The worse he can say is a simple
What a slap in the face to our profession! nm
A slap in the face to our profession....as if
She's not mental, it's just that she's right about many things people can't face up to...

Most of what she says is true.  It's been far more documented as fact and the truth than the information the administration has given and still gives. 

As far as soldiers.....read optruth.org.  There are many soldiers who do not agree with this war or how this administration has handled it and they need to be listened to.

Re: Happy face post...I couldn't have said it better myself....sm

I've been an MT for over 25 years, the past 6 as an IC.  I work completely independently.  I have no communication with my accounts other than to submit my lines or receive an occasional email regarding changes or additions to account specific instructions.  You can blast me for this, but with the exception of those who are new in the field, a good MT should be confident enough with her knowledge and skills to not want or need anyone's pat on the back.  If you can't do a good job without a baby sitter, perhaps you should consider another line of work.

my butt will probably just get bigger, but I choose face
Look at Madonna, bod is solid as a rock but that FACE  ---eek
Too bad he ruined his face with plastic surgery

I got a face full of acne from their products....
along time ago. I can no longer use Marykay facial products. I also get cold sores from "all" lipsticks. I only know of one other person like this and she is a cousin of mine.
OT: Changing face of veterinary medicine (sm)

Is it only me or has veterinary medicine changed quite a bit over the years to resemble care of humans?  I have cats and absolutely love them but I'm becoming torn between necessary care, preventive care, and just down-right UN-necessary care.  I remember back when animals went to the vet for shots and only when they got sick.  If they were sick, diagnosis and prognosis dictated the next level of care.  And in most cases back then there were no options other than to let nature take its course if something serious/chronic was found. 

I'm now noticing that every time I take one of the cats to the vet's, the doc wants to do "baseline" blood work at least once a year and now wants to see my ten-year-old cat on a twice-yearly basis.  My kitty is healthy as a horse and has had no health problems for ten years.  Why all of a sudden does he need expensive BASELINE lab work and xrays as well as needing to be seen twice a year and have his teeth cleaned twice a year (not cheap)?  It sounds like I'm complaining about the money end versus taking care of my kitty, and I suppose in a sense I am, because this adds up to a whole lot over the course of time.  The doc mentioned the reasons for the lab work (diabetes, thyroid problems, anemia, cancer, etc.)  I'm torn between having the work done and what I would do if anything chronic showed up on the tests.  I love my kitty but don't know if spending lots of money on chronic meds/therapy would be an option when I would have to weigh other expenses against them. 

To your answer, no face lift but he dictated like
he did the face lift, 8 months later. The operative notes are supposed to be done in a timely manner. I always thought probably he was just trying to think should he dictate the part he really did or include the ones he didn’t and he went for falcifying my records. These are my legal, permanent medical records.
and all that is in your post to back that up is a red face for reasoning?
I have heard of face lift! Is that the same thing?

I would never anybody let mess around with my face. No matter how good
the doctor is, sooner or later you can see the 'plastic.'

And then you look worse than before and have to have a 'followup.'

Never, never......and I really mean 'never', except I am in a terrible accident, disgfiguring my face.