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Well I just finished watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. How that for an evening. N

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-09-25
In Reply to: It feels like life is passing me by sometimes. All alone here. I - A virtual shut-in


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Watching Grey's Anatomy and never
saw it before.   I couldn't tell if they were daydreaming, going back or going forward.   I missed a couple of seconds when the phone rang and the Asian girl who was pregnant is in the hospital and the doctor is cuddling her.  Did she miscarry? 
Desperate Housewives!

Desperate Housewives??? hee hee....no message
Grey's Anatomy is the Best!!!


Grey's Anatomy
I am completely obsessed with that show. I just can't believe they're putting it on tonight at the same time as 24! Sorry Jack Bauer, but I'll have to miss you tonight.
Grey's Anatomy

On July 6th, the show is supposed to start on Thursday nights.  Anybody know if this will be reruns or new episodes?  I thought that new episodes wouldn't come on until the fall.  I love that show!!!!

Grey's Anatomy last night

Was anyone else freaking out at the end of that show? I swear..I hate when I get so involved in a show like this.  I am so into the Denny story line. I wish George would have rushed Izzie and stopped her. I can't believe she would do what she's doing.  

Grey's Anatomy last week
I had set my VCR to tape Grey's Anatomy last Thursday b/c I thought they were starting a new season; however, my tape was full and it didn't tape!  I was on the edge of my seat the last episode and didn't want to miss the first one this season.  Somebody please tell me it was a rerun.  If not, can anyone catch me up on what I missed?????  Thanks a million!
I love Grey's Anatomy....sm

but have some questions about ER...I turned it on last week, just because Grey's was over and I wasn't quite ready to go to bed.  When did Abby and Luca get back together and what happend to Carrie's limp?  Haven't watched it in a very long time after being very loyal.

Have a great weekend, all!

Grey's Anatomy Encore Tonight

Gray's Anatomy is having an encore tonight at 9:30 on ABC from Sunday's episode.  Great since I think so many people missed all/part of it.


Don't Forget to Watch Grey's Anatomy Tonight!!!!
Grey's anatomy finale recap comments

Denny died after his transplant,  embolism.  Alec was very kind and nice to Izzie afterward.  Meredith and Derek had some steamy intimate moments at the end.   Finn seems very taken with Meredith but it will probably do him no good.   The prom part seemed rather far fetched.    Burke and Christina were hand in  hand near the end of show. His surgical ability will probably return, after all what would Grey's be without him??    George and the lady orthopod are becoming closer.   Next season should be interesting indeed.  This show is my very favorite series, also like ER but Grey's is better.  

Must watch Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal. sm
Stop whatever I am doing or get home in time to watch these two shows. Don't watch much other TV but these two and sports.

Waiting for Stanley Cup playoffs to start and then Football season!
I love Grey's Anatomy - the only show I watch faithfully. Awesome!
Can't tell you how much I love that show. Every Sunday can't wait until it comes on!

Dr. Burke and the "asian" intern are lovers.
Good anatomy book is "Gray's Anatomy" (Running Press), soft cover, and inexpensive

What about if you came the evening before and Thanksgiving day later in the evening? sm
This way it wouldn't interfere too much with the actual holiday and their plans.  Just an idea on how to compromise.
Why are you so desperate?
It would still probably be two weeks til your first check!
In desperate need of some help

I've recently started a new job typing from home, however i have been told that i need a file converter that can convert DVF files to DSS or WAV.  I was told to downlaod Switch however i couldn;t get it to work, i must be doing something wrong.  Can anyone please suggest an alternative file converter.



No way, no how unless desperate
I can think of no really good reason to have to work more than 1 full time job unless a person had horrible debt they were trying to get out of or medical bills. I've done transcription 32 years full time and have no desire whatsoever to give more than the required 40 hours per week to my employer. And I have no hubby or kids, by the way. I'm incredibly frugal instead and will live out the rest of my life that way. I do sympathize with folks with serious bills but sure don't believe in playing around with credit cards for stuff nobody really needs.
is anyone hiring out there, desperate
I am currently working for MXsecure and it is well, less than what was promised, or should I say way less. DESPERATE
desperate for keyboard
I had two NMB Right-Touch keyboards that were wonderful.  The last one just died.  I tried to order another and it seems there are no NMB models for sale anymore.  Can someone suggest an excellent keyboard for a transcriptionist?
desperate - re radiology
Is there any website out there that has radiology terminology like all the other medical dictionaries out there?  I know Stedmans has a great radiology book, but was wondering if anyone knows of a good comprehensive site for radiology terminology.  I have checked a few but when I put in contrast items, it always comes up blank.  Any help appreciated.  Thank you!
Absolutely, will have it set up by this evening.
the last wedding I went to was in the evening and...sm

most of the guests were wearing black.  Of course, it was elegant dresses, with sequins and sparkles.  It actually made the pictures turn out wonderful, very classy looking. Black can be fun, if you dress it up. If you are wearing say a black skirt, pair it with a flashy top, sequins, etc, if the wedding is at night.  As for daytime, I think I'd steer clear of black and opt for something bright or neutral.  Of course, this is JMHO, of course.  Anyhow, the most important thing is to be there to support the new couple and, most of all, have fun! Best wishes to the bride and groom!


*too pushy or desperate... I meant
LOL. I think it's more desperate minds than great ones. :)
great - i will email you later this evening
and let's see if we can find a match for you!
Hey DP/No Whining...whoever your alter ego is this evening....

.....I guess you really don't have a life...on here all day and now all night...what a


Take her out for an evening, dinner and whatever she likes to do.
I think 12 cpl is reasonable...plus they're desperate, that helps...sm
try to get the work into a digital format though. Don't do the tape running around thing. It will kill your profit. Look at Bytescribe's web site and see about using an Olympus recorder and transferring files via Bytescribe. Many advantages including tracking files, duplicate file posting (files never get lost!), flagging to indicate status of files, digital files have superior audio quality, STAT capability, on and on and on
My Golden does that same exact thing every evening at the
exact same time, 9:30 p.m. This usually happens after she is finished eating. We leave her bowl down 24/7 and she eats whenever she is hungry, so food never became an issue. She tends to eat mostly in the evening around 9 PM and she gets energy spurts right after. How funny is that!

She is 4 years old and still plenty active. She is my best buddy though. Awesome breed, would never want any other.

Labs and retrievers must have exercise every day. We walk for at least 30 minutes with at least 15 minutes of free run for her in an open field.

Love my Golden!

Why is it that when I work evening here/there, all reports are 15-min. ESL dictations that no one fe


The secret to making a long evening of - sm

transcribing go a LOT easier:

A big bowl full of freshly-made, sweet, kettle-corn popcorn!

Oh....... YEAHHHHH !!!!  

Black IS proper evening formal attire. Sounds gorgeous.
People have no patience anymore. I gave a $10.00 donation and I got an email the next evening.

I think since these people also have a transcription service, no one should expect an instant response.  Besides, it's more about giving than getting anyway. 

Mostly anatomy
It helps to remember that most of what they dictate is anatomy, and those terms change a lot less than other terminology. However, an anatomical transcription blunder is probably the dumbest kind!
You have to know your anatomy very well, as it (sm)
takes you all over the body as you do Rad. reports. Plus it seems they are always getting new contrast media and imaging machines. BUT! The biggest problem with Radiology, and probably a good reason why they're always looking for Rad-MT's, is that it seems to be a royal pain-in-the-posterior department to work for. No matter what hospital you work for, they want everything YESTERDAY. Lots of crummy dictators, even when ESL is not an issue. They nit-pick about the tiniest differences (not even errors!) that occur in work from one MT to the next. They often change their minds about what they want on an almost-daily basis, and frequently don't bother to inform the MT company's supervisors of these changes. Then they see red when it isn't implemented immediately.

Finally, the reports are usually short, and not great for generating line counts. Some hospitals have different softward for Radiology than for the rest of their depts., and what I've encountered in the past has been ABYSALLY badly written and hard-to-use.

Needless to say, even with many, many years of Rad. experience, I gave it up and won't type it even if it does pay more. The headache of typing Rad. just isn't worth it.
I was fuzzy on the Ellis Grey situation too. Apparently back in the day, she and chief had something. Must have been in the 60s, took the low/safe road and married a professor or something but she hated him. When she was admitted, chief visited her and it was like her Alzheimer's went away for a minute. I missed the first few episodes because I was like, who can top ER, but I am hooked. I have not been so hooked on a show since I was in college (can you say "I pity the fool")
I haven't seen it yet.  I taped it though--will watch tomorrow.  I watched part of first episode and wasn't really interested.  Accidentally taped the whole thing after taping Desparate Housewives a couple of months ago.  Decided to watch the whole episode that night and now I watch every one!  Love it!  Can't wait to watch it on tape!
Meredith wound up with her hand in the guy, bomb had not gone off. EMT had run out of the room Derek was told that Dr. Grey's was now the hand holding the bomb which seemed to be a shock to him, Makes you wonder what will happen next week.. Bailey's husband was in surgery following his accident. Derek performing surgery, patient's brain exposed and he would not leave him. Derek's wife taking care of Bailey.
No, I just was finished with my break and had to
get back to work. VPN is not connecting and I'm on hold with tech support.

There are a few things that would make me leave: A really harsh line rate cut for the same work; being forced to be an employee with a set schedule are two reasons that come to mind immediately.
OMG! Just finished listening to a doc with the -
next thing to laryngitis!  What a treat that was!
oops - sent before I finished ...
Now for 2007, they are planning to start sending 20% of our local plant's work overseas. Twenty percent of my little town's factory workers from this place will be out of a job. This is just the start.

Gray's Anatomy
I have not watched it yet, I did tape it.  I will watch tonight.  I understand, I am totally addicted to that show.  I never want it to end!
Brush up on your anatomy

Radiology/diagnostic imaging is all about anatomy. If you're going to be transcribing CTs, MRIs, nuclear medicine studies, or PET CTs, go online and look up contrast material and radiopharmaceuticals. The most commonly used ones for CTs are Omnipaque and Visipaque, and gadolinium for MRIs, although they may give a brand name for gadolinium such as OptiRay or OptiMARK. There are dozens of radiopharmaceuticals, however. But it's unlikely they would test you on more than one nuclear medicine or PET study.

Good luck!

wikipedia for anatomy
Wikipedia has images and diagrams from Gray's Anatomy and links to related body parts.
Grey's Encore
Just saw where ABC is airing an encore of Sunday's episode.  Yay!  I missed the last part.  It comes on here tonight at 9:30 EST.
African Grey
I have had an African Grey for about 10 years, but he is about 25 years old. He belonged to my grandmother and she left him to me when she passed away. They are wonderful pets. He is a great talker. He can mimic voices and sounds. He still talks in my grandmothers voice sometimes...
I would definately recommend an African Grey to anyone. The only con that I can really think of is that they can be quite messy. But if you can put up with some mess an African Grey would make a wonderful pet!!
I second that - African Grey
They are sooo amazing. Get one! Let us know!
My African Grey

Rings like the telephone. Then in my voice says,
"Hello....yup...yup...uh huh...yes...ok then, talk to you soon...bye!

Too funny!
Finally finished, no dead air.