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Black IS proper evening formal attire. Sounds gorgeous.

Posted By: Simple but classy. nm on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: I attended a wedding where even - the bridesmaids wore black


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and you're gorgeous? pot/kettle/black...............NM
What about if you came the evening before and Thanksgiving day later in the evening? sm
This way it wouldn't interfere too much with the actual holiday and their plans.  Just an idea on how to compromise.
Black widows are shiny black, females have red spot
There aren't many males around. After the mate, the females eat them lol.

We have black widows galore here in Calif. I actually keep frogs in my yard (provide ponds for them) and they have made a big impact on the insect population.

Remember to always wear shoes (something I try to do).
Wedding attire
You could pick up one of the Bride magazines and see dozens of options for wedding attire. According to tradition, the veil symbolizes virginity, while a white dress symbolizes a first wedding. Neither is required for a bride on her wedding day. Someone where I work wore a pink wedding dress despite it being her first marriage. There really are no rules these days, and most wedding directors are just hoping to convince brides to cover all tattoos for their big day!
I've never taken a course and never had any formal
training, just kind of fell into it by accident and turned out I was good at it.   That was nearly 20 years ago though.  I know people who have gotten on-site positions in a doctor's office w/o having any schooling/prior experience.  If a company offers you a work at home position w/o the above I'd be very cautious. 
Interview attire
I left the corporate world less than two years ago to be at home with my kids, but when I left pant suits were very much the norm, and I think that would be very appropriate for a job interview, even if there won't be a dress code. I think the days are gone where you have to wear a skirt to be professional. There are so many nice looking, professional pant suits now. Good luck to you!
wedding attire sm
Dress any way you please, I hate it when people say I'm "overdressed". I love to dress up, just be sure your shoes are comfortable and like the others said, outside can get very cold, so bring a nice sweater, shawl or whatever. Just have fun!!! However, sounds like these people could care less what you wear, they sound like they have their own minds, good for them!
Interview Attire
I just finished with an in-house interview a month ago. I wore a nice black skirt, a white blouse, and a nice blazer over the blouse. To complete the outfit, I had on black pantyhose and black shoes.
If no formal ed., would probably need mentor.
I don't have certificate or formal training and
clarification-had no formal training in....

working for MDs/transcription but came fully experienced into the medical and then MT field by working years prior in secretarial/typing/administrative assistant work....

not like I came into the MT biz with no training whatsoever...hence, I needed to clarify my original post...


my interview attire suggestions paid off (sm)
At least, I think they did.  Recap:  16-year-old son had interview with K-Mart.  DH was going to send him in shorts.  I said nice pants, nice shoes, and nice shirt.  DH caved (although didn't say that I was right - husbands are NEVER WRONG, you know!) and gave him one of his collared shirts, his Dickies, and went and bought him a nice pair of shoes.  Interview went well.  Interviewer told my son that he was the only one (of three others) who was dressed nicely and complimented him on his attire.  I'm assuming that he got the job because he has orientation tomorrow morning.  (Would they have one come to orientation if one hadn't been hired?)  Thank you for all your suggestions.
Never had any formal training here and never had a problem getting hired.
The only training I had was on the job. I started in a multi-physician OB practice, then went to the clinic pool when the docs sold out to the hospital clinic management, then into Hospital Radiology and finally acute care.
Same here. The weather outside is gorgeous, though.

I have almost everything caught up around the house now.  Gee, should I go clean something else or read a book outside?

The gorgeous baby
One solution may be one of those swinging bassinet (some vibrate and play music also) or, what I used to do with my boys, propping in a baby swing so that the baby can see you and feels less ignored. If you put receiving blankets on either side and in the front by their stomach they really will stay put. They may also sell props just for this use. Good luck
OMG "Wind in His Hair" - one gorgeous man!!.
Canyon Lake is gorgeous. We go there
to go swimming a lot. My grandparents had just bought some land out in Burnet right before they died and had about 35 acres. It is gorgeous out there too. If I moved, I am pretty sure we would move further North in that area....probably close to Austin, but on some land.
Go ahead and file a formal complaint. Then it is on record this dog is a hazard and if it happens
Not only is he gorgeous, but eccentric, intelligent, and seems non "Hollywood"

absolutely gorgeous and charming. love him.
so glad he got out of that ashley/jessica/joe family mess. nick was too smart and classy for that obscenely creepy family. Loved seeing Nick cheer on Drew in the audience. Sweet brothers. Love them both but Nick is way cuter.

We have such gorgeous weather here today, Easter Sunday!

What about where you are?! 



Absolutely, will have it set up by this evening.
the last wedding I went to was in the evening and...sm

most of the guests were wearing black.  Of course, it was elegant dresses, with sequins and sparkles.  It actually made the pictures turn out wonderful, very classy looking. Black can be fun, if you dress it up. If you are wearing say a black skirt, pair it with a flashy top, sequins, etc, if the wedding is at night.  As for daytime, I think I'd steer clear of black and opt for something bright or neutral.  Of course, this is JMHO, of course.  Anyhow, the most important thing is to be there to support the new couple and, most of all, have fun! Best wishes to the bride and groom!


great - i will email you later this evening
and let's see if we can find a match for you!
Hey DP/No Whining...whoever your alter ego is this evening....

.....I guess you really don't have a life...on here all day and now all night...what a


Take her out for an evening, dinner and whatever she likes to do.
My Golden does that same exact thing every evening at the
exact same time, 9:30 p.m. This usually happens after she is finished eating. We leave her bowl down 24/7 and she eats whenever she is hungry, so food never became an issue. She tends to eat mostly in the evening around 9 PM and she gets energy spurts right after. How funny is that!

She is 4 years old and still plenty active. She is my best buddy though. Awesome breed, would never want any other.

Labs and retrievers must have exercise every day. We walk for at least 30 minutes with at least 15 minutes of free run for her in an open field.

Love my Golden!

Why is it that when I work evening here/there, all reports are 15-min. ESL dictations that no one fe


The secret to making a long evening of - sm

transcribing go a LOT easier:

A big bowl full of freshly-made, sweet, kettle-corn popcorn!

Oh....... YEAHHHHH !!!!  

Well I just finished watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. How that for an evening. N
People have no patience anymore. I gave a $10.00 donation and I got an email the next evening.

I think since these people also have a transcription service, no one should expect an instant response.  Besides, it's more about giving than getting anyway. 

Proper education? LOL
This is not a regulated or licensed industry. There is no "proper education".

MT schools give a beginner level of knowledge and maybe a little touch on doing dictation but there's no "proper education" to be had here.

I've done this 25 years. I've never had "proper education". I was trained on the job. I was an EMT when I started my first MT job.

And please, stop comparing MTs and nurses like attorneys and paralegals. Those ARE regulated industries. Certification is necessary and a degree necessary.

Get over yourself. ROFL
and maybe some proper spelling
Proper way to write
There was a post with the proper
That's all.  Nothing real juicy or anything. 
I would spell it out; don't know what is proper

what's so funny about proper transcription? nm
Learn proper English...
YOU BE HAPPY THERE - Perhaps you be stupid?
How about constructing some proper sentences?
med-surg floor. It's not a proper name. NM
people who are attracted to something that is not proper.
Instincts are not always in one's best interest and to follow those interests doesn't make it right.
Who decides proper? If these two cowboys sm
lived alone with each other and didn't get married and pretend they weren't gay they still wouldn't be proper, right? They couldn't win for losing your book,right? It's views like your that push gay kids to committ suicide rather than live in YOUR world and deny how they were born. And they are BORN that way and here's how I know-who would CHOOSE such a behavior knowing how half of society would shun them??? Who would CHOOSE to be ridiculed and made fun of? Who would CHOOSE to be judged the rest of their lives not on who they are but who they live with???? I know a lot of women married to creeps who I don't judge because of their husbands, judgement by association is cowardly. Why don't you get to know PEOPLE and judge them accordingly based on WHO they are not WHAT they are??
Proper way to submit resignation?
How much information does one have to include in a resignation? Just the date effective? Do you need to give the reasons in the resignation?  TIA!
proper diagnosis!!! for my exhusband too...LOL...sm
but it isn't really funny and I'm not really laughing.....it was him or my sanity, as I posted below, and my sanity won out but you have put the proper diagnosis on it because I've been saying for 20 years, he was/is a passive aggressive.....always pointing the finger, placing blame and never looking inside himself as maybe it's him who is/was the problem......(also a triple virgo male *LOL* sun, moon, rising-ascendant). 
Proper nouns get capitalized...sm
I know, I know, they all have their opinion; but as far as I know, the correct way is if they don't say the "Proper" name of the area then it is just a common noun, which does not get capitalized.

St. Mary's Emergency Room
The emergency Room

West Central Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic
Referred to an ear, nose, and throat clinic.

The account specifics might say different.

Here's one for you:

When you are typing your resume, and you want to say you have experience in clinic notes, do we capitalize Clinic Notes? I'm seeing it both ways. I would say "no" but want to make sure.

Either you know proper English or you don't. It's not something you turn on and off. nm
...your E-mails have to have proper English and punctuation.
Am I alone?
Well, this is America and the proper spelling is check.
they don't move the post to proper board....sm

the moderators may remove a post/thread but they don't replace it on the proper board - that would be your own thing to do. 

HTH (hope that helps!) 

I agree with capitalizing proper nouns only. sm
That is the proper way in the English language. Unfortunately, that may not be what BOS recommends. :(
I have a theory about grammar, proper English going the way of
the dinosaur.  I am beginning to think that with all the ESLs who cannot speak English, that everyone else has totally forgotten how to conjugate verbs, have no idea what sentence syntax means, understand the relationships of nouns to verbs, etc.  I am wondering how long it will take before no one makes much sense and it really bothers me.  I see paragraphs where truly, it is difficult to tell exactly what is being said, what relates to what.  I long for the days when I had an ESL who wanted me to correct her, even to the point of completely reworking her sentences to sound better.