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Posted By: catsxoxo on 2009-04-16
In Reply to: Snippy MTSO Ads - Zippymt

Who in their right mind would apply?  Maybe its our good friend Tonya at 6 cpl again...

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Just turn it off and wait for the electricity to dissipate and then clean it and turn it back on. nm
Turn down such low low offers, turn industry around. sm
The way to figure is how many lines an hour do you do. There are 13 lines characters in a line (65 line length)
So say you TRY to average 4 pages an hour say 34 lines a page equal 139 lines, times your line rate.
139 X 4 cents a line = $5.56 an hour

and what if you don't do 4 pages even less.

MTing hourly hourly output is not very predictablel, so ya never know and predict what you can put out each hour.

If the MTs continue to accept, that is what the going rate will continue to be. Yes, Yes, it will. Just keep looking. Email for general lowest to highest line rate prior to testing and resume, just say it saves time on both sides and it DOES. Why waste time. Soon, the message will get out there.
Turn off puter, wait a min, turn on with delete key pressed down, then hit delete key NUMEROUS times
turn it down some more
We usually keep it at 67 in the winter, 78 in the summer, but this winter will move it to 64 or 65 during the day and probably cooler at night. We live down south so that's not that bad. If we lived up north those thermostat settings would cost us way too much money! I remember keeping it low to stretch out the heating oil a little bit more. Good luck to all of you up there.
had to turn them down
I got a job offer from them, but I only have been in this business for about 9 mos now, so all they could offer me was their mentoring program at 6.5 cpl. they have a mandatory 12-week training program which sounds great for the all the feedback and communication. However, the biggest drawback for me (besides the paycut) was that after you become an employee you have to SIGN a piece of paper statng that you will stay employed with them for 1 year following their training, and no chance of any raise until 6 mos after you sign on. Too many negatives for my life right now.
why not turn it into a little bit ot fun for you?
When I get that call from India (where they usually insist they are calling from one of the states), I assume a very thick accent and ask questions.

Why, suga, you don't know my nahim? I cuda sworn I gave it to ya laest tyme! Tell you whayat...let me talk to someone without an Indyian accent who can hear me, wontcha do thayat for me, hunnee?

There is always the northeast accent.

Yo, youse want my name? For wat? Wyse do youse think I wanna talk to you today? Eh? Whatcha gonna do 'bout it, eh? You're in New York? Get Out! Me too! You uptown or midtown? Which rail you ride to work?

They usually hang up at that point pffttt!! :}
Can you turn off

the abbreviation Expander in Bayscribe?  I use ShortHand and have to do that in ChartScript.  SH works great when I do that. 

I should have also said we are to turn off
the automatic numbering because it also causes problems for our software.
Turn down
the hate volume. Going to pop a cork!

Tell your supervisor to talk to the QA person about excessive nagging. Do something about it.
Turn off
Any screensavers you may have set to start.

Ctrl+Alt+Del will start task manager, where you can see any programs or processes that are running.

you can also turn off
While you're there, UNcheck the *allow indexing service* box. If you need to find a file on your computer, use Google Desktop. The chances of having to search for something by suffix are slim, not worth the performance cost of allowing indexing. If you need to do this, run it while you're asleep.
Yes it is something I can turn off...sm
When I come on the message board or am sendng emails to friends, I don't sit there and take the time to do everything "proper" and all. I do things "proper" all day. I proofread all day. When I come on here I am not worried about my message if it isn't perfect. I know proper English but sometimes you just get tired of being so perfect all day. I can and do turn it off and when I need it turn it on.
my turn!

The doctor dictates
In the midst of screams and clunks
... Recovery Room!

Okay - here's my reply - Your turn!
You really are in serious need of psychiatric attention/medication, but I have a life to lead and am leaving you to post your reply and move on with your delusional life.

Awaiting your witty and egocentric reply! :)
Okay, here's my posting. Your turn!

Maybe your multitude of friends you go out socializing with aren't available today and that's why you're trolling MT boards on Saturday afternoon?

Saturday's my day off and I come to these boards to check in. I no longer do MT because I saw what happens to people who have no life away from their computer. I have a career outside the home and have people to talk to that aren't behind a monitor wolfing down a bag of Cheetos. You're a perfect example.

Now, before your imaginary entourage of social butterflies stops by to take you to the country club, hurry up and post your angry response. This is actually amusing, and makes me so glad that I don't have to deal with the mentally ill on message boards to take up time before my next shift.

I have better things to do than argue with the socially retarded, but do enjoy the board today and have fun! Clearly that's all you have. 

Actually, if you did turn around and sell

the computer and stole the SS numbers, don't you think you would be arrested and maybe go to jail or even be fined. 

Sure, ya could, but would ya!

Go turn on the TV then and leave us alone
without your almight permission.
Turn it off and unplug everything!
No NEVER! I believe at MQ if you lose your equiptment because you left it plugged in during a storm, they won't pay to replace it. Atleast that is what I was told a few years back. Needless to say, they used to send out e-mails saying this is thunderstorm season and make sure you unplug both your computer AND your phone lines if a storm approaches!
turn off and unplug
Unplug from the wall, even your protector, and be sure to unplug your phone line if you use one for the computer, your router if you have one, or your high speed modem. The surge protectors fail. We have one that was nearly 200. and during a storm it got fried along with the tv that was plugged to it.
In turn, I agree with you. LOL!
Now, granted, my first response today was a bit testy, but I was not calling names in the other topic and I wanted to make that particular point clear. :)

Everyone has to make their own moral and ethical decisions in life, and just because someone makes a different decision than mine does not mean they're an evil person or deserve to be insulted, called names, aspersions cast on their character, etc. It does NOT necessarily mean that I'm going to remain silent and reserve my opinion on the issue, though.

Decisions with an element of risk are made every day, and most of them turn out fine. I'm not comfortable with drinking on the job and would not employ anyone I discovered doing it, but if someone else is, then that's their choice and may they never regret it.
So how many lines did it turn out to be?
Well technically they can't turn it off here unless the
Turn the tables
This is why I don't like working at home (and don't anymore). In person, you can use facial expressions and tone of voice, and take them totally by surprise. What you do when they accuse you of something is squint your eyes a little, turn your head a bit as if wondering what on earth they are talking about, with just the slightest hint that you might be questioning their sanity. Then you calmly explain what actually happened. When they fail to apologize, you kind of lean forward, turn your head a little, make a forehead frown, and ask something like, "Is there some reason you thought I might have done something like that? Sometimes it seems almost like you are questioning my ethics ..." and you look very calm, but concerned about them. This usually causes them to stammer and backpedal in a most satisfying way. :oD

i think I'm going to turn the position down
because something just doesn't feel right about it.  I can't find current info on them and nobody's is posting anything but making it mandatory for me to be signed in to i.m. and mandatory for me to check my email when I'm not working (nights and weekends) I think is a little bizarre.  I've worked as an ic for many years and have never heard of that. 
I turn off every night.
Turn-around-time...that's what you are looking for.
Yes, 3x TAT is good.
Okay, here's my posting - your turn
LOL - angry people are so predictable, yet amusing! :)
When you turn 18 here in Oregon....sm
the check automatically gets sent to the child by the state. My husband has paid over $1000 a month in support for over 8 years, now down to $700 a month because one child dropped off at 21. All CS is now a garnishment, so the state cuts a check. When the support obligation ends whoever is paying the support has to notify the court that the child has turned 21 or whatever age is in the divorce decree and then the court will issue an end to the child support. My husband's decree says to age 21 and they must be attending college full-time, at least 14 credits. If my step-daughter doesn't carry 14 credits for even one term the support ends and she has to petition to get it back, but only if her dad agrees to it.
Turn-around Time (nm)
Turn around time

My husband had an evaluation on 5/8 with a referral to a radiologist for an epidural. I called this office today and was told that it usually takes up to 8 days for the referring doctor to send the consult and then several weeks to schedule the injection. My problem is that it takes up to 8 days to send the consult - the radiologist is in the same practice, a doorway away.

Does HIPPA regulate turn around time?

How a pain management doctor's office can delay the care of a patient who is in obvious pain is beyond me. Does this sound fair to you?

Thanks, Barb



So why turn your kids into that, as well? nm
turn her into an artist...
I hated that my preschool daughter was going to be watching so much TV, when I got an idea. She liked to draw, so I would sit her down to watch her favorite cartoons, and tell her you can only watch these if you will draw them for me, so I can look at them later with you. I'd leave a big stack of drawing paper,pens, colored pencils, paints, and she'd get totally engrossed. So every TV show or cartoon she watched, she had to illustrate it for me. Or sometimes she wouldn't even be in front of the TV, just sitting next to me on the computer, drawing me, the cat, whatever. These days, she's 14 and has won some awards for her art work. All kids are creative in some way. Find out what they like to create. Good luck!
I have too been scared to turn them in....sm
Some reports just have to have some blanks if you aren't clear what they are saying. But it still makes you feel like you are like you are just not adequate and you hate to send it in. You know, also they may want to see if you are gonna guess to try to figure it out and guessing is worse than the blank. When you aren't familiar with a doctor to begin with and he is slurring and unclear they can't expect you to just know what he is saying.
She came here to turn out the lights.
Ok, how bout this? She came here turn off the
My gut feeling on this is to turn

your paperwork into the MTSO as if you never applied for that job.  It sounds like you need some income ASAP, and holding off on the paperwork would only delay that.  As for the MTSOs, I have a hard time feeling loyalty to most as many don't feel any loyalty to us.  One day you have work with them, the next you don't.  One day you have a job, the next you don't. 

As for your decision on whether or not to take the job, something to consider might be whether or not they're just hiring someone to clean up the mess and once it goes EMR, will you have a job? 

Please Do Not Turn My Words Around
Or try to make me look stupid, or that I am **part of the problem.**  I personally do not have a problem as I stated before.  You do not know me, how I work, or anything about the MT business at all - by your own admission.  I am not WISHING for rock bottom.  I am HOPING we are already there and that things will start improving now (thought I doubt it).  Do you really know how many MTs  or Companies you are talking about?  I think you give yourself and your **solutions** a little bit too much credit.  As everyone else has posted, nice try - but it will not work.  We know what we are talking about.  Yes MTs will quit their jobs, not accept low pay, and leave over poor working conditions.  This will happen gradually and therefore changes will EVOLVE. 
Don't turn this into a Bush bashing


I always turn mine off - for several reasons...

mainly because my computer guy told me it's better for the machine to cool off (I think of it as "resting").  Also, we have LOTS of thunder storms here, so I completely unplug it, including the DSL phone line and router, as well as the cord to the surge protector.  I've learned surge protectors don't help with near lightning strikes...fried my computer about 3-4 years ago when lightning hit a pole near our house.

As far as the cat hair (4 cats here), I blow out everything every few weeks or so with compressed air. 

I turn mine off every night.

Surge protectors don't always protect, settings need to be refreshed, cools the components down, lower power bill, less wear and tear on components,

Yeah, I've heard the urban legend that turning a computer on and off is worse for it than leaving it on all the time.  Not true.

The memory will refresh when you turn it off
so you have better computer performance.  Also, unless you have very good heat sinks in the machine, it is best to turn it off to let it cool down.  The temperature inside the machine is hotter than the Mojave desert in the middle of summer (and that's darned hot) and heat will do more damage to a computer than anything else. 
Turn it around on them. Ask them for a mailing label

wait for their reply.  If they tell you they're going to hold your check, tell them again that if you'll be more than happy to return the equipment if they send a mailing label or arrange for pickup.  In that letter / email, mention also that after 30 days you will be charging them for storage and after 60 days you will be forced to sell the equipment to recoup your losses for your last paycheck and will send them the remainder of the sale profits.  Keep sending them letters every week or so to show good faith in trying to contact them and work out a solution to the problem.

It doesn't mean that's what you have to do, but tell them it's one of your options and see how they respond.  If they threaten you with court, tell them that you have copies of all correspondence regarding return of the equipment, but they have been unreasonable.  If they really want their equipment bad enough, they'll pay to get it back.  This expense should not fall on the shoulders of the MT.

Turn them in to the BBB and the Department of Labor.
They're scamming people.  Somebody needs to stop them before they hose over any other new MTs.  Parents magazine even had an article about TranScam.
He, he, turn out all lights, disconnect
sprinkler, AND put the dog out. Maybe you will be safe. You could also hang a sign out front, real big, that reads "GONE TO BED, PLEASE DO NOT AWAKEN." Let us know what you end up doing and good luck.
Yes, they will turn the electricity off in New England sm

if you get behind and aren't at poverty level.  They raised our electric rates about 10% this year and there is another increase coming at us next month 15%, not to mention the increased heating oil (which most regions don't have to pay for) plus the increased gasoline.  Isn't that special!  Meanwhile, they are threatening us with rolling electric blackouts when it gets cold.  They are really setting us up. 

most people have to turn off AutoCorrect.
Turn it over and see if the screws are screwed in.
and then and then I have trouble with it - but I can't say that it's stopped working COMPLETELY before from that.
Keystrokes made me turn and run...(sm)
If Keystrokes just received 500 resumes for 25 positions, why are they now advertising again? Is it because their at-home account manager finally calls you back as her baby is having a personal meltdown? Is it because they offer things they either do not, or cannot deliver on? Is it because their testing procedures require you to change PC configurations and download software from a website? Is it because they love to tell you they have over 200 MTs and bill in the millions of lines per month, yet their starting wage is so low, anyone with experience would be insulted? I encourage everyone to take the bad signs, the uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, the sloppy hiring practices of some of these companies, and spend your time elsewhere. That way in the end, if it doesn't work out, you don't  have to blame yourself.
Turn up the speed of the dictation a tad.
Try to keep up the dictation at a higher speed and you'll have to type faster.  Sometimes I can get in a groove and just fly, other times it seems like I don't type very fast, though when I keep up with my lph I'm doing 280+, so I'm not typing as slow as a I thought.  I nearly flunked typing in jr. high.  I had a hard time not looking at the keys and I could barely type 35 wpm.   Never thought I'd be making a living typing - of course I do more than that, but you know what I mean. 
When I am not transcribing, I turn the volume all the way down.
This way when I'm just talking on the phone I don't hear the speaker.
breast will turn into mush? lol