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What is the difference between PRO and Standard?

Posted By: NM on 2009-02-01
In Reply to: My vote is for Instant Text. nm - ex-Shorthand User

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There is no standard and most of us are not
privy to that information. 
There is no standard.
It will depend on how much experience you have and how well you are doing with the work. My first company kept me on QA for 6 weeks, although they typically kept new MTs on QA for the first 12. My second company kept me on QA for 2 days, and for my current company I sent 3 reports through QA and then was released.
Definitely not the standard. I would not
work anywhere where I had to pay to use their software. Keep looking, there are good jobs out there.
the pay seemed standard
BUT good luck getting on. I was hired, given a start date, and 3 weeks later finally quit because I had 3 different people asking for the exact same paperwork that had been sent. 
Me too. It's always been the standard for a
reason, because it makes it easier to read. It's a crock & I don't plan to quit putting 2 spaces after a period.
Unfortunately, this is the standard.

If 4 cpl is the VR rate, then you are getting paid, but if they had stated a certain number of hours or days for training pay, then you should receive that amount specified as training pay.  If they simply said you're paid for training, that could very well mean that you will be paid your training rate for your 1.5 hours of training.  What company is it?

these tests are standard for this age and despite what sm
poster below said; they are usually done with routine pap smears and sometimes no mention is ever made from doc about what they are doing. fight ins company.
That's kind of standard, isn't it? I mean (SM)
every hospital and every MT company I've ever worked for, to be a full-time employee you had to account for 40 hours a week, either by working it, or taking PTO, unless you were covered under FMLA.

I think sometimes we expect even more flexibility working from home and forget the fact that working from home IS flexibility -- not having to go into the office, being in the comfort of our home (if we want our children or family around us, that is our option--not so in an office), etc.

The 40-hour expectation is very standard, in my experience. You have PTO to use for when you cannot make up your absence. My guess is they will offer more PTO with this new plan coming up.

Try not to panic or be upset. No one knows what the new plan will be. We will each have to decide if the new plan is what we need or not. If it isn't, thank goodness there are other companies to work for out there.

Please try to relax.
Wow. That's quite contrary to the standard.
Usually, 32 hours is part-time and 37 starts full-time.

You've been quite fortunate!

I HAVE to get to work now. I don't wanna. LOL I'd rather stay and play! LOL

I think the standard now is use numbers (6)
I only took the standard deductions
and it still happened to me. What I couldn't understand was that I was supposed to be in a less likely audit bracket because that year I was an employee, an IC and an SE. (they were trying to see if I met employee status on my SE account).
Isn't the standard deduction much more than $2K? nm
Double standard
So we expect MDs to always have their complete attention on every word out of their mouths, which would be nice, but some of them put in 70 or more hours a week at the office/hospital, and have mountains of dictation to complete each week. But we expect them to never make a misspeak, even though on these boards we have a heart attack if one poster points out another poster's spelling or grammar error. Never mind that we are supposed to be better at English than the MDs, but we don't have to use our skills in writing posts (which is MUCH easier to do well than never making a misspeak), even if the post has to do with getting a job. That's quite a double standard, if you ask me.
What is the industry standard...sm
Tried to post this on Wednesday, will try again...I need to know what is the industry standard conversion for minutes dictated to minutes typed?  Not how much do you do - but what is average for one hour dictation - how many hours typed.  Bosses think we're taking too long but we do not get automatic demographics and need to look on log sheets (if they arrive and if they're correct) for everything from patient name to referring doctors, addresses, patient #'s, etc. So I need to give him an "average" number of hours dictated equal "X" amount of hours typed taking into consideration the lack of information, the searching we must do and the various typing speeds.  I'm not going to "judge" anyone's advice  - just need some input from those that have been there.  Thanks for sharing.
AAMT is only the standard on
That account would be the one I type online.  The other accounts, that are much more profitable than the typing I do online could give a rat's crap whether I'm certified.  They think I'm great, and they pay me for it.  No QA (don't need it), and my TAT is great.  I'm very reliable, accountable, and have a lot of social grace.  Not a machine here....  typing out those lines for the almight online MTSO's.  Just type for one, and thank goodness they are fair, and I don't feel like I'm "doin' time".  I get raises, and they don't hassle me all day through IM or nitpicky QA issues.  Spent 1-3 days in QA when I first started, and now whatever they give me, I type, and do not require QA.  
There is a standard scale!
I know this is an old post, but I just ran across it.  There absolutely is a standard scale.  The AAMT website has it under an article titled Metrics for Measuring Quality in Medical Transcription (2005).  I wish I could give you the exact page, but I only have the .pdf of that article - but it was only downloaded last week, so it'll still be there. 
That's not a standard description, so
you can only be sure by asking the person who used it.
Industry Standard for VR Pay?
What is the industry standard for VR pay? Specifically for someone just starting out.
Agreed, standard set, so
who would that be? When can we start? Who wants to help? What about a committe appointed and administered through a university with Merriam-Webster, Stedmans, NIH, etc. on the committee. I once met the man (on the phone) who started Sno-Med. Wish I could find his phone number. Maybe he could help us all. All this middle-man stuff and uncertainty has to stop. Thanks for your post.
yea but it is industry standard!
and also as i put in my email to my doc... the templates and macros BENEFIT YOU!
The old standard used to be three times the sm
length of the dictation is the typing time so 30 minutes would be 90 minutes. I'm not sure with Expander programs on one end and then horrible ESL and sometimes horrible audio - what the "standard" is now - I definitely struggle with it though :)
Standard is to allow 3 to 5 minutes of
transcription time per 1 minute of dictation.
Your standard deduction -
Do you have other things to count such as mortgage interest, etc? If you don't, then yes, your standard deduction would be the better deal.

I just finished a personal income tax preparation class in my accounting program in college. I always thought I was doing something with those deductions too until I took this class. Went back and looked at my old returns and lo and behold, always just took the standard deduction.

Personally, I am just upset that I took so much time keeping up with all those receipts and so forth!!!
is the standard for medical transcription. nt
HELP! S/L BEA or VEA standard anastomosis??nmTIA!!
Is the layout the same as for a standard keyboard? sm
Also, have you ever used a Goldtouch or Microsoft Natural?  What would be the pros and cons?
Comfort Standard keyboard
SM lead me to the website that sells several different keyboards. The one I'd be ordering (if I had any money...ha-ha!) would be the Comfort Standard. Check out www.sforh.com/keyboards/split and you'll see which one I'm talking about. It's $$350, so I guess I'll just have my old one fixed and save up the money for the Comfort Standard. :)
The double standard existed before
we got involved, i.e. they supposedly have more education and certainly make more money than we do, so why should we be expected to not only be perfect, but to fix their mistakes too??
I prefer standard typing...
I cannot stand a new account to VR. Such a waste of $! The system tries to learn the doc and you have to retype the entire report. When the system knows a doc well, it is a piece of cake though. Especially when the system knows an ESL doc....now THAT is amazing!
each co. sets their own % to deduct, there is no standard
You would need to check the QA policy at your company to see what they deduct in points or percentage for each type of error. What Spheris does versus TTS or Medquist or whoever, it's all different.
No it is just a standard pedal, I just plugged it into - sm
the USB port on the front of my computer since they were easier to get to than the ones on the back. I have never heard of any where you plug your keyboard into the footpedal.
Stedman's. www.stedmans.com, and get the Standard
Try using a standard-sized bed pillow

instead of a board.  I put the pillow on my keyboard tray or I prop it against my desk.  My posture is better and you aren't banging on a hard surface.  It helps with wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

It may take a day or two to get used to.  I found a sort of quishy pillow works better than a very firm pillow.  I don't have problems with the keyboard bouncing off.  I've also had the pillow up again my chest (I have a large ledge - LOL) and I type with the keyboard angled down sometimes.  The pillow supports my forearms that way and relieves the stress on my shoulders/back. 


Yes, 65-character line is standard. You
were lucky if being paid by the line still, including blank lines.
I assume that they are told what is ASR and what is Standard...
and they know exactly what each one means.
I am sure tht also over there a different cpl rate applies.
Industry standard also means no pay sm
for headers or footers and no pay for spaces.  Make sure you know exactly what they are no longer paying for.  It probably will be those 2 items, which is why you are having trouble reaching incentive.
Eventually, VR will be the industry standard.
The way I see it, the options are:
A. Learn it now; find a platform and a company where you can make decent money.
B. Keep job hopping for the next few years as straight transcription is phased out bit by bit, company by company.
C. Find another profession.

Eventually, the straight transcription will only be available when creating speech models for new dictators.
What Book of Style is standard use now? sm

I haven't worked actively since June of 2007.  At that time I used the AAMT Book of Style 2nd Edition.  Is that what is being used now or is there another book I need to invest in? 


Are you held to a standard of lines per day.
If so, what is that standard.  We have 1200 lines a day or 150 lines an hour.  Is this the average out there?
Line padding is not using standard abbreviations and
It is also standard not to type out liters, in other words 6 L nm
Standard Occupational Code is 31-9094.
Is this what you are asking for?
Shouldn't standard material like this be in a header anyway?sm
I mean it sounds like it is their letterhead, and you're not typing it anyway...Originally it should have been in the header where it would not have been included in the line count. But since it didn't start that way, you better just keep quiet about it. It's only 36c a page anyway.
How is QA score measured? Is there a standard scale? sm

Is it per report?  Is by the number of characters in the report?  I am guessing that a missed comma is counted differently than a wrongly used medical term...

Thanks for any help!

That's not the standard rate. I'd keep that job. I've had to beg practically to get 4.5 cpl
might get 5 cpl as a IC but that's about it. If there are more companies out there paying over that, sign me up and give me names LOL
Under view, toolbards, standard buttons
not OP, but what is standard font for gross line that most are using? sm
how would you go about it if the acct suddenly decreased font size from 12 to 10, but expects to pay the same? to me it is kinda like a decrease in my pay!!!! well it is technically because i am doing the same amount of work for less money and i am not happy.
The standard line the office gives me -grrr
Whenever I run out of work, I call the office.  It's a waste of time.  They have a standard answer which is "umm, umm, let me check, um, can you check back later in an hour?" Which later became "um, um, let me check, um can you check back in two hours?"  If there is no work, can they not just say it's slow or there will likely not be much work today? I find this insulting.  I never know how to respond since I can't really say to them "Liar, liar...."  Lol.  What would a better response be? I have stopped calling now.  It's frustrating!
Are you talking standard cassettes or micro? (sm)

If you mean micro, then the transcribers are fairly cheap on ebay (under $60).  If you mean standard cassettes, then I have no idea.  :)

As for rates, you could charge a line rate and then a mileage fee if that would work for you.

I do all my standard maintenance religiously at least monthly. sm
Thinks like Diskclean and Defrag.  Keeping all those temporary Intervet files off your computer makes a huge difference in performance.  I have McAfee because it comes with my Comcast service.  Used to have Norton -- hated it because it made my computer do all sorts of weird things, and then had a he!! of a time trying to uninstall it.  I have an MQ computer that I have had for over 3 years and a couple of months ago it started running really slow, no matter what I did to it.  So I called tech,support thinking maybe I needed a new one, and they suggested a free antispyware called Superantispyware, so I downloaded it and run it regularly and it has made a marked improvement.
Standard text lines are credited to you.
But there are many lines in the report that are either not credited to you or credited to you at a reduced rate. The Qualified Text is credited to you at a reduced rate.

So, in other words, many words on the templates are not credited to you at all. This is being touted to MTSOs as a way to increase their profit margin and thus cheat the poor lowly MT out of more dough. Crappy, isn't it? I do not know how they sleep at night!