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My previous employer gave me

Posted By: PMBB on 2009-02-01
In Reply to: Is IT really worth $189? - NM

Instant Text and I didn't like it at all.  I've always used Stedman's Smartype and I absolutely LOVE it.  I tried and tried to get used to Instant Text b/c everyone says its the best and it did nothing but slow me down.  I just couldn't get used to it.  I gave it a fair try and my boss gave me a lesson on it, gave me short cuts, etc, and I tried to get used to it.  It was just awful IMO. 

It was given to me and I don't use it.  I went back to Smartype and I can easily type 300 lines per hour with it.

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Who was your previous employer? I'm more
interested in making "insane amounts of money" than if an employer is nice to me. That's my personal preference.

Mind telling me who your previous was?

Don't put them down as a previous employer
etc.  Same thing happened to me and I had no problem as soon as I took them off my resume.  Good luck
Yes. My current employer and previous

for what god gave her in beauty, the devil gave her in insanity.
she is one scary chick to be raising kids.
I just gave notice at my job and all I gave them was when my last day would be. SM

I don't think they even cared why I was quitting.  I called the supervisor to tell her in person and she simple said "I need it in writing and when will your last day be".  Personally, I like things quick and painless. 

No you wouldn't. You wouldn't like being required to work 7 days per week, mandatory, just like a sweat shop. Of course YOU can make huge amounts of money too if you work 18 hour days.
Of course, I should add that the previous pay was MQ and after the changes that
I have an HP...my previous one was also
an HP and I loved it. My main problem is getting sound to record. I have found that most of my programs work well with Vista. I did speak to HP today and they told me to uninstall sound card and reinstall but I have not tried it yet. They said if it did not work I would have to send it in :(
not this job, but previous one did.
Given her previous behavior
she would probably accuse you of molesting her if you did try to hug her.
My previous HIM director was sm
a true psychowitch.  One day nice as pie and would give you the world. The next day, a bug would bite her and you would spend the next two weeks on all the garbage reports, worst ESL's.  I got out. She liked me but didn't like the fact that I didn't suck up or tattle.  She hid in a meeting on my last day of work.  I went on call but got so busy with my new job that I wasn't able to come in three times when she called so she fired me. How's that for being a witch. She had one other gal on call for a year that didn't come in when she was called and as far as I know, she is still on call. Go figure.
previous posts
I did read all the previous posts, as you indicated. You did give a lot of information. I will let you know in a week or two what I think.

No the previous poster, but I have one...
I like this one. Not sure if you have it or not. The nice thing is that it covers all the states and you can do a sound a like search as well. If you don't find what you are looking for in the AMA results you can just click below the results on "View Non Members" and that will take you to another listing of physicians. I love this site.

Previous DQS uster
That would depend on the new program.  I went from DQS last November to MedRite XL and my count plumeted from 260 an hour to about 100 an hour the first few weeks, but keep in mind I was learning three new accounts at the time.  Right now I am at about 220 lines per hour unless I get five 10-minute ESL docs in a row.  Just a very cumbersome program. 
see previous message above
"Pled" is an American term. The correct word is actually "pleaded."
sm to previous thanx message
Just went back to previous

job at a doctors practice for a lunch with past co-workers and friends... after that I'm always glad that I left for transcribing at home.  Love alot the people I worked with and even my bosses but hated the rest of the crap that goes with an office, every day a new crisis, etc.  When I'm feeling down about transcribing and all the junk that can get you bogged down at home, I just need to make a visit back to the old job site and it makes me realize how lucky I am... not that there aren't things that could be better in the MT at home world, but it sure beats what I would have still been doing if I didn't make the move home.  Just wish I could bring a few of my friends with me, but I was the only Transcriptionist in that bunch.   Just trying to keep smiling!

One of the ones in the previous post.
There in no guarantee with any of the options that you will have service everywhere you go.   If you travel mostly in major cities an air card might be an option.  The monthly fee is usually $60+ and I don't know if you have to sign a contract.   If you have to be connected to the internet all the time now to work (can't download work and then get off-line) then working in the car isn't going to be an option. 
Per this and your previous posts, you have no
set up by previous owner
wasn't it???
They pulled that on me at my previous job. I could
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Sounds like you might as well be FT with those #s-- at a previous job the min. for PT was 5000
lines every 2 weeks.  Granted it got to a point where there was no work so it was impossible to meet quota, but if there was work you had better meet it.....then we had a landslide of work, about 90% ESL.....all the good stuff apparently went up in smoke  (they outsourced to the Phillipines).
Did you READ the previous message
I was being sarcastic about being called a "typist". After all, isn't patient care enhanced by ACCURATE and COMPLETE medical records? I would like to think I contribute, albeit modestly, to a patient's care. Don't you ever ask to see your records and check them for accuracy? Couldn't an omission or error result in a problem down the line? It HAS happened!

curious - to you and previous poster
Is there any particular reason why you would not want to use the computer they supply for their work and would rather use your own?  I am contemplating a similar job change, and thought I would use the computer the company supplies and keep my own for my personal use.  Less wear and tear on mine.  - no?
Accesss previous reports
Sounds like your user settings are set up so that you are not allowed to remotely review your previous reports.  I'd suggestyou speak with your account manager to see if this could be enabled for you, or if there is another reason.
Is there a way for me to go back and see what actions from the previous
week went for?   I have something identical to an auction and I had been watching it, although had not marked it, and it ended today and I want to go back and see what the final bid was and then also would like to go back a week or so and see if there were similar items auctioned and the final bids. 
I didn't get any of what you said from the previous post
I think the poster was just saying that nationals do those things mentioned.  Nowhere was it said in her post that nationals are crooks.  Those are your words and you're trying to put them in her post because she she contradicted your theory. 
Still INFJ. We had to take these at a few of my previous employers.
I actually got denied promotion for being an INFJ. Go figure. Then another supervisor told me I was the exact type of employee they were trying to avoid because INFJs are two-faced backstabbers. I've never been like that. If I have a problem with someone, I'll measure the severity of the situation then tell them to their face. Nothing two-faced there. I don't think those personality tests are an accurate projection of a person's future actions or successes. They shouldn't be used in employment or managerial decisions.
Please read previous posts..You will be
tortured to death with IMs. They do not listen to you. Bad Communication with your tech and supervisors on IM from India. Your check is penalized for errors and they will change paydays on your often so your check is shortened all the time. That and you will work yourself to death and notice in 12 hours you maybe have made an average of $8 an hour. There is no way that they pay for footers and headers or spaces as they claim. It never adds up. Dont do it.
any previous nurses MTing now?

Hi there, I have been an MT for 4 1/2 years now, and I enjoy it for the most part, but I've really been thinking of finishing my BSN degree.  I had started college as a nursing major back in 1988, but dropped out after two years of completion of the prerequisite classes.  I have always had an interest in the medical field so MT'ing has been interesting, but I've really been wanting to finish up my nursing degree though, I have always regretted not finishing it.  Especially when I do the operative eports I really would like to be in the operating room working.  So, anyway, I have put my application in for the BSN program again and waiting to see if I get readmitted.  Are there are any former nurses out there who are MT'ing on this board, or perhaps any nurses doing MT'ing too who have any opinions?  Or are there any other fellow MT's going to nursing school on here and have any input about it?  If you are a previous nurse who is now a MT how come, and vice versa, if there are any MT's who are presently in nursing school please let me know how it is going for you. 

If your DD has previous skills she can post
resume on the on-line sites like monster.com.   There are few jobs that are legit.  If they require $$ upfront you can bet they are a scam. 
What happened to the previous responses??? -sm
Nothing was offensive, peoples names were not listed.....so why delete what was helpful information to a lot of us with a debt problem?
as a previous dial up user--sm
and I too had earthlink with accelerator...I found nothing that would make it go any faster. It is not just your computer, it is their servers, as well. If they don't have the server capacity, it does not matter how much processor speed your computer has, it just will not go any faster. I am sorry. I gave up on it and got cable. much happier.
I think that both previous posters are wrong.

The IRS specifically states that if your company is dictating the hours that you work, then you are considered an employee; your tax preparer has every right to ask you this as they are signing your return as the preparer and will be "called on the carpet" if your return is audited. They are trying to make sure that you really are an IC by the IRS's definition.

If your company states that their is work avaialble between certain hours of the day and you have a required TAT, then the hours you work to get that done and still meet the required TAT are yours to decide. If that is not your case, then I would say tha tyou are NOT an IC but rather than employee.

First, check with your previous references.

See if they're still willing to be a reference for you. If so, use them. Make sure you've updated their contact information as well.

I had a past prospective employer contact my then-current employer for a reference and that got ugly. The current employer had no idea I was looking and the reference check forced my hand. I would suggest that you not supply reference contact information for your current company, even if they ask. This will make sure that they do not spring any surprises on you or your employer.

previous dictation, to make changes. Not all
Sorry about the typos in my previous message!
I am so livid with the 'suits' I can't even type straight, lol - anyone else there feel that management should only include someone who actually did the dirty deed of being an MT before the they think that they can 'manage us'?! I love the companies where the owners are previous MTs - now there is a company that is run intelligently in my opinion and the company that you would want to trust and put your efforts in.
There were no video ads for 8 years previous
The previous dictation was not about leaving
obvious "wrong" dictation, it was concerning using one's opinion on whether something in the dictation was "politically" correct or incorrect. IMO, that is not our determination to make.
How about QA staff from previous jobs?
Do you know any other transcriptionists? Those are the only two I can think of for you. I have always been IC and have had individual doctors to give, also, if that applies to you. Good luck.
I congratulate you, that's what I meant in my previous
post, you had a lucky star and you sure deserve it, all the best in your new job!
I used to not mind at previous jobs
when I did maybe 2 or 3 corrections a day, but 40% of the dictation are corrections. Not too much to ask someone who has years and years of education to show some consideration. I'm an MT, not a hired-hand secretary.
The above are confirming my previous statements
Cannot leave the children but yet going down the drain unable to make a living. Sounds really smart to me.
Previous owners were jerks....dog got hit by a car, by the time they took it - sm
to the vet it had gangrene. They told the vet to put the dog down (a year old)...vet called a Husky rescue organization who "rescued" him and had the necessary surgery done. My family adopted him about 2 years ago....great dog, keeps our lab company too. He can run like the wind which is pretty amazing.
I'm sorry you're so upset about this, but previous poster is right.
She is going to make choices, and if YOU make the choices for her, you will bear responsibility with her, for them. I know that may not coincide with your feelings and your stance on this issue. But as long as you can BE there for her, even when her choices are insanely bad, when she finally comes to her senses, she would be able to turn to you without feeling judged, or put down, or rejected. I guess your prayers for her, whether you agree with her or not, would at least please God. He can't be displeased by your loving her very much.
I was replying to a previous post about Bucky.
One poster said that Kellie made Southerners look stupid and one poster said Bucky might get the boot. I was responding to them in my post.
quit my previous job in JUNE, not Sept!
I must have September-on-the-brain!
Previous posts say at the least charge $2 per minute
Previous reports, meaning another MTs work?