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I had the exact same issues! sm

Posted By: IT user on 2009-02-02
In Reply to: I tried SmartType sm - ITMT

Maybe I'm an old dog. I started out with PRD and basically use IT the same way. I don't utilize all the bells and whistles that IT has. It really got overwhelming when I tried to use every aspect of the program. I basically just use it like the old PRD program and it works for me!

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I am looking at the exact same car!
I can get a 2006 Toyota Prius for about $24,000. That is not much more than I paid for my 2004 Ford Taurus that also accepts ethanol but where I live they don't make ethanol. :(

I have to get on a waiting list at the dealer. Also, I read too that there is a $3000 tax credit which would help to offset the price which I don't think is too bad anyway. :)

Please let us know if you get one and how you like it. :)
I'm doing the exact same as you. sm
I got out of MT for about 3 years and just recently started again part-time at the hospital so that I can put myself through college. So I'm just using and doing this as a means to the end to start all over again doing something I want to do.

Best of luck to you MTBlab.
This is my exact complaint

The looking up of addresses is ridiculous. I don't care HOW fast you type or HOW many macros and shortcuts you have, nothing will prepare you for that! The platform is user friendly where I work also. Most of the time with this company, I'm making less than $10 an hour because of this... and this job is my overtime job!

It's a small MTS and I really don't want to work for a national (from all that I hear on this board), so what does one do? How does one find the smaller companies to work for?



the exact words were

"Most are not even MTs anymore, bunch of redneck southerners mostly. Lost of dirty talk."

It it wasn't about people in the south, there would have been no need to inject term "redneck southerners." The poster could simply have said "people."

So, it seems to me YOU have the problem with reading comprehension.   

Would you share the exact name -sm
of this keyboard? I'd like to find one with wrist rests like you describe. I have one that is split, but the wrist rests are quite right. TIA.
I tried Prozac for the same exact
thing. Can't remember what its called, but when the OB/GYN gives it out, its in a pretty floral package...different package, same drug. I LOVED it. It worked nearly immediately to lighten my mood and improved my sleep. About 4 days into it, I developed complete urinary retention, which turns out to be a very common side effect. I was crushed...Now I alternate and take Lunesta every other night or so to sleep. Very mild and works great! Love that butterfly! Good luck to you!
I am going ot be 40 soon and the same exact thing!
Glad to hear it's normal. For me I think it is from always having a lot on my mind and stress can probably do it too.
Do you have the exact web address? Please em it to me. Thanks! nm
I once saw your exact symptoms on a PBS
show about these families who were sent out west to live in cabins..."Pioneer House" I think was the name of it.  Anywhoo, one lady, a nurse, thought she had a blood clot in her arm because it was going numb and cold.  She was on the pill too and that worried her even more.  So, she saw the doctor and it turned out to be bursitis, although she didn't notice any pain!  Weird, huh?  But yeah, you should have someone check it out just to be on the safe side.  Hope it gets better soon!
Does anyone know the exact ruling on...Please help
What is the exact HIPPA ruling on turn around for H&P?  Over the years I have heard different rules.  The report has to be on the chart within 24 hours of admission.  What is the Transcriptionist to do if the doctor dictates it the 24th hour?  Is there any leeway here?
Exact same boat for me 2 !!! nm
just had the same exact problem.
The newer version of Express Scribe 4.16 does not support dss files. She needs to go to the express scribe forums page and look for the file to download version 4.15. Once that is done. If she is running XP, go to the help and support section on her computer start menu. Run the compatibility wizard but make she she chooses no previous compatibility. This fixed mine in a flash. Then try to reload files and it hopefully should work. you can email me too if you like
I have run into the exact same thing

Where I trained (OJT training) it was always disc.  The second job I had, my primary used disc and all the secondaries wanted disk.  At my current job every client (so far) uses disk.  It can drive you crazy learning to do something a different way for each client and trying to remember it all, switching between them all day!

This is why flexibility is key.  AAMT rules don't mean squat to many doctors, and some insist on their eccentricities so THEY can tell its their own report and not someone else dictating under their name (which happens plenty, and isn't always caught).  I've had many literally make up words which cannot be found in any dictionary, but they insist you put them in their reports because its their product and up to them what they want it to say.

So I'd say if you want to blame anybody for any bad habits MTs have picked up in their years of experience - point the finger straight at the clients!  With effort we CAN unlearn bad habits, but who's to say the next client won't insist we learn a few more?

my exact thoughts on this..
No gas expense, type in shorts, and have the windows wide open to hear the birds singing...
I had exact experience... sm
I did fine on the test questions but the transcription was muffled and I listened to it over and over for hours and still failed that portion of the test.  I was not allowed to make excuses or to retake.  The test was the most in-depth I had ever run into.  Anyway, I took a test for one of the companies the matchmaker was testing me for, and I'm now working for them. 
Not sure your exact situation but if it were me
directly.  What company is this?  I live in Iowa and had a similar situation about 6 months ago with a company I'm hoping will be shut down by the end of the year!
I have the exact same problem with CS.net
I am in the exact situation you are in...sm
except it isn't that I am bored with clinic. I don't have near enough work and it is just getting worse. I cannot find another job because I do not have acute care exp. Well I do but only like 2 months. I need this exp if I am to have a good job I think. At least it seems that way.
I'm going thru the same exact thing right now....
I live on a busy road AND they are building a 3-story building across the street. I just ordered a sleep mask (hope it works). Right now, I just blacken the room with black/out curtains (still not perfect, slivers of light still peek thru and I need black.

I hate ear plugs, uncomfortable and don't really work.

However, what I have found that does work is one of those sound maskers (I use waterfall sound). I also have a box fan running (if it's too cold I just face it somewhere it won't blow directly on me. These too things, along with the room-darkening curtain liners seem to do the trick pretty well. I'm hoping the mask will help some more.

I've also heard people had good luck with those air-whooshing-type sound machines. Right now I just have one of those little ones that play a variety of sounds...waterfall, rain, tropical forest, etc.

Good luck!
I think I'm going through this exact thing now

I've been with this current company for over a year now, and suddenly I have been having a lot of 'strange' things happening lately.  The queues seem manipulated, I get jobs pulled back when I'm more than halfway through, my pay has been short, etc.  They say these are all mistakes or accidents, so they're making me feel like it's all in my imagination.  Can you tell me through email the name of the company he was talking about?  I would really, really appreciate it just for some peace of mind that I'm not totally paranoid here.

And you think I have the issues!
You have a pretty vivid imagination. The only way you could think up all of that is if you went through it. I am sorry all of that happened to YOU! I really, truly am!
See? There you go with your issues.
If you weren't calling names or belittling people, why are you arguing with me?  No, I don't have to put up with verbal abuse from you or anyone.  I have no problems with differing opinions, so say whatever you want.  For someone who never did any of those things, you're sure coming back to this post to continue arguing about it.
She had issues
Yeah, I belive that's what it was. By no means do I feel repsonsible for what was going on with her. She had marital problems, 2 children at home that she couldn't bear to be without and was just confused about what she wanted to do with her marriage, not to mention the stress of working b/c she was used to the MT world.  But nevertheless, I'm kind of glad she's gone b/c she always came in with some sort of sob story.
I had issues with that one.
I have yet to be able to get my foot pedal to work with escribe. I finally downloaded transcription-buddy and it worked for me.
I have issues with this also .....sm
Some times I am so focused, no interruptions, stick to my schedule.....other times it is interruption after another, inability to focus, house to take care of....

It is pretty much Life and I just roll with it...

MS having issues
Yes, I have the same issues
I have the same issues at my company, and the bad thing is, once they make their changes, whether they be right or wrong...our initials are still on that report.  I had an issue with a QA person saying I had the wrong word...well the first time I let it go because I thought, maybe I heard it wrong...the next time I got a report from that doc, he clearly said the word that I had typed previously, so I emailed the QA person and told her NOT to change my word..this is what he is saying, and besides, I confirmed it through Google and other transcriptionists that I trust...she said, that is not the write use of that word, and I told her, that's not my problem, call the doctor and tell him it's not the right use of the word...I'm typing what HE says, he's the doctor....who are we to change what he wants...but I was really frustrated, and she told me she would look into it and let me know...I asked her all day about it, but she never did tell me what she ended up doing, probably changed it....It really makes me mad!  So, I'm right there with ya, and like you said there are some fair QA people out there, but the company I work for have a few that just drive me crazy!
SS issues
Please contact the Director of HR by email and the HR team will see to it that this issues are handled. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will looking at where the previous emails have gone and how (or if) they were handled properly.
no pay issues
do you think maybe you need to go to the source before believing all the negativity? the people posting these ads are likely disgruntled people fired for poor performance. i have worked for this company for quite some time and have not had my car repo'd! i wouldn't stay around if i wasn't happy.
Pay issues.

I don't understand.  I hear people complaining about their wages.  Yes, I know we aren't exactly paid that great of an amount, but seriously.  I see people complianing about making $20/hr or more.  I am lucky if I make $11.50 an hour right now (including shift differential and 5 years experience), but I don't care.  I have the luxury of being at home so that I can work while my son is sleeping (thus not paying $500/mo for day care).  I don't have to pay for gas to get to and from work.  I don't know about most of your situations, but I would be forking out at least $100/mo with gas prices at $2/gal in order to get to and from an outside of the home position.  And, I even qualify for benefits.  Add all that up, and it is more than worth it.  Why can't we just be happy that we have a job and can make money?  I am the sole supporter of my family right now, and $11.50/hr, I still can make it.  Yeah, I don't even have an extra $5 at the end of the month, but I can make all my payments, provide a roof over my family, and provide food and clothing.  I have a nice house (only 4 years old and +2300 sq ft), with a nice chunk of land, so it isn't like I am living poorly.  I don't understand how those of you making $20+/hr can sit here and complain that you aren't making enough and can't pay your bills.  I think instead of complaining about your wages, you should reevaluate how you are living.  I know different parts of the country are more expensive to live in, but I could easily make it on my income alone in most of the country.  Every position is suffering right now.  Our business is not the only business where people are taking pay cuts.  Why can't you just be happy with what you have? 

you certainly have other issues with sm
"abuse" besides your husband! T his is not abuse, this is the "norm" for medical transcription. The company you worked with last, probably didn't have enough work to give you a second account. Most MTs would love to be in thep osition of having more than one account. some barely get anything.
I think you should tell Dell that exact same thing
that you posted here ... about getting some guy named Bobby that can't even speak English! Let's not forget the hours of time you spend on the phone repeating sentences and questions over and over again.
I've had the exact same week...
I just choked down 2 more Motrin and 4 Tums. What is going on this week? I've been extremely nauseous, sore and achy, and completely exhausted and barely transcribing. I can't seem to focus on it. I just started with this company a few weeks ago, but I just hate the job. They monitor every little thing and have so many passwords on this system that I can barely get into a rhythm. Even to use Google, I have to plug in a password multiple times each shift as it times out. I'm supposed to email them when I start, stop, break for lunch, etc. I feel like Big Brother is watching me constantly. What's weird is that it's sort of backfiring, because I feel paralyzed or something! Anyway, I'm down in the gutter and don't feel well and have been living in my bath robe all week and haven't put on makeup, fixed myself up, etc... I am so discouraged. I keep trying to snap out of it, but I feel too lousy. Ugh. I need to find a better company, but after reading the boards, I don't think one exists.
Yes, exact same person in my life. sm
I have a similar situation with my mother. She is just so negative and miserable all of the time. Snide remarks always and lives in the past. It is very painful, but I have distanced myself. I love my mother, but I can not keep her close any longer. It is just too painful. She disrupts my inner peace most times.

Instead of talking to her every day, I now call once a week, and soon it will be once a month. I am one of 6, and the others call once a month or stop in to see her once a month if that, and that is just so wonderful....So, I figure, if it is okay for them than it is okay for me. It actually feels good to have my own life without negative energy feeding into it.

Always love your mother, but you do not need to have her in your daily life. That is my philosophy. Good luck.

That is the exact same thing that happened
to me at MQ.
Yes, and FEMA went through this exact scenario
for this storm with the same demographics and destruction level almost a year ago with NO and they were told they would not survive, given a list of procedures and policies to put into place, etc., and a hefty grant to initiate all the action...almost a YEAR ago. Nothing was done by NO authorities. Nothing.

He will have his share of blame for this, I'm sure.
I was told that exact same thing.
Even got it in writting. Very difficult account (marjority ESL) and changed my work types completely. However, 13 days later they sent out an e-mail (to the entire office - not just me) that if quota was not met then the benefits were gone. When I confronted them with this, I was told there was no exceptions. Needless to say, I spent approximately 8 hours of OT getting my quota (of course not paid OT, just the lines), as I also have got to have the insurance. If you have a good supervisor though, they probably will work with you.
To be EXACT 1024 bytes = 1KB.
I do not see how everyone can stick to an exact schedule.
I have been doing this for years, and in my experience MT is feast or famine.  Only in instances where incoming work is totally even every day can you work a set schedule and everybody have work all the time.  Some companies require you to work a scheduled shift, and for the life of me I do not know how they distribute the work evenly.   I have been an employee and an IC and in both instances had to work when the work was there.  I call taking the "good" work and skipping the "bad" cherry picking.  The company should never allow this.  Even if I had the ability to log in on someone else's account when I knew that was work meant for that person, and they could get it done in TAT, I think that is simply stealing lines.  However, if a person is willing or able to work outside their "schedule", and the company is okay with this, I do not see that is taking away work from someone else.  Blame whoever distributes the work, because they should have the technology in place to block your access to unauthorized accounts. 
YES YES ! Same exact thing. On the worst day you can't even
The big thing with them seems to be that it MUST BE in the EXACT same CONDITION as
purchase. I was on the end of returning and did get a timely refund.
I can't remember the exact model, but.....
We go the one that would go into a waterbed frame (as that is what we have), but it wil also go onto a regular frame. We also got a king size(it is great. We also chose the dual chamber model (I don't think it is any more expensive) so that I can set my number and my husband can set his. We have a friend who only got the single chamber and when his wife gets in or out of bed the number isn't the same any more. So I would highly recommend the dual chamber if you share a bed. As far as the exact model number I can't remember...but with it having to fit into the waterbed frame and wanting a King there was only 1 model number to choose from and I think it was the 5000. Good luck...you will absolutely love this bed!
I know how you feel. i did the exact same thing. sm
i recently took employee job too for the benefits and PTO but i am so used to not having a schedule that it has been really, really hard and also extremely hard to be productive with both accts. i am at the point i am not making either happy.

if with the employee job if you think you could earn more there in the long run and have more stability, i'd talk to them about your difficulties sticking to a schedule. if they found you to be a good employee, most will work with you on strictness with schedules.

if not and you are not really getting PTO and benes, the reason you took it to start with, why stay there when it sounds like you want the flexibility more? you didn't give reasons why you were treated unfairly. where they unhappy with your TAT or work or something to that matter that you could eliminate that happening in the future and consider how long ago that was. if it was a long time ago, i'd forget about it and stay there and make them happy.
Lori, I'm in the same exact boat.
I get awesome lines in Medrite but struggle to make lines on the Apex platform. I asked about this, and they said management is aware and looking into it, but I'm wondering how long. I honestly feel for you. I'm considering looking for work elsewhere. It's a struggle just to make the minimum lines on that platform.
I had the same exact problem 2 years ago, also. sm
I had to overhaul my entire hard drive. After spending 1 week trying to uninstall, download, etc, I just finally formatted my hard drive and started from scratch! Not exactly the answer, but it worked for me. Have had no problems since then and ES has been great to me!

Good luck. I am so sorry I can't be of any more help to you.

Every word you said is my exact same story.
I've been having insomnia because I lie awake at night (after working a 14+ hour day, not counting any breaks)and wonder what else is out there that I can do. I began at-home work for the flexibility, but find that when you work all day and half of the night, the 6 or so hours that are left don't really sound all that 'flexible' to me.

Back in 1975 I had all kinds of 'marketable' skills, but now I have only this one, and no matter how hard I work to produce accurate, timely reports in a multitude of specialties, I keep making less and less every year.

I read the local community college class lists every semester, but what few classes I could take without going back to complete umpteen million high school prerequisite credits, I'm not interested in. And vice-versa. Other careers that used to interest me as a 20-to-30-something, I no longer have the energy to even DO, let alone train for.

Since I started working for a national, EVERY CENT I make goes into the bare-bones necessities, and I haven't put a dime into my 401K for almost 2 years.

Have looked into writing jobs, but most require at least a B.A. Degree, and all I have is a skin-of-my-teeth A.A. Have wondered about retail, but don't know if I have the patience to deal with all those customers. Plus I know zip about retail, anyway.

Being a dog-walker or pet-sitter would suit me temperamentally, since I prefer animals to people, but that field is so totally saturated in my area that (you guessed it) they're undercutting each other right and left, price-wise.

Have searched the 'net countless nights, but much of what *appears* to be a way to earn a living with a home computer or online is nothing but a scam.

Isn't there any part of the business world out there that needs 'word technicians' anymore?
Not sure if I've had that exact problem, but (sm)
FYI, you can open the minimized SH window with F10, in case you didn't know that quick key.

I had this exact same thing - what worked for me SM

Just like the other poster suggested - I got another wrist gel pad and put it on the floor in front of my pedal - WORKED GREAT!  My heel was simply sore from rubbing on the hard floor and this has worked wonders for me.

I actually bought the long one, the one that goes in front of my keyboard so I don't have to worry about the little one sliding around and it has been one of the best things I've done.  No more heel pain for me!

I do the exact same thing... take breaks often..nm
Same exact thing happened with me too...sm
Last week and this week.
I was just looking on this site for the EXACT same thing!!