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What is the going rate for ESL dictation?

Posted By: NM on 2006-05-23
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Charge him an hourly rate. The current rate is
between $15-21/hr. according to your location. If he had to use an independent secretarial service, he would be charged much more. You can look in the Yellow Pages in your area under Secretarial Service and ask them what they charge, then charge accordingly knowing you can back it up.
ME rate 80% of baseline MT rate
are you happy with the 20% cut to do ME work or are you going to just do MT work (which will be those dictators that ASR can't do) at your baseline rate?
Cross off old rate, put in your new rate, (nt)

Employee rate/IC rate......
I work at home for a hospital account that I make .11 cpl on 60-character line. I also do IC work for a clinic where I make .14 cpl. I am from Missouri.
take a cent of their rate and a cent of your mom's rate. I'd do it to keep the account or the

You already charge a fairly low line rate, but I'd definitely cut it to keep the account.  JMO

It's THEIR dictation. They want what THEY are
dictating. If they use poor grammar, etc., that's not the MT's fault!!

Many don't trust the MT to make appropriate corrections and I can certainly understand that.

dictation by doc's
you're absolute right about the hospitals doing something about how doctors dictate and it probably wouldn't take that much effort to do it, but they're not going to do it. If the dictation is wrong, the MT will get the blame regardless.
low dictation
This is several hours of time just disappearing.
? min. of dictation per day

What is considered the average amount of minutes for 7.5 hour day.  I'm thinking 45 to 60 minutes???

PA dictation
You must be lucky! Our group had two PA's and they literally "outdid" each other to see who could dictate the fastest. I got used to them, of course, listening to them all the time but many times had to stop and look up a med to be sure of the dosage because I couldn't tell if they were dictating 5 mg. 50 mg. or whatever! They seem to have an "attitude" too; we had one female one who really thought she was hot stuff. If they were that good, why didn't they spend the extra time and $$ to go to med school???
RE; Dictation
Kept forever. Chart is microfilmed and kept. Regular transcription is kept for 10 years supposedly at hospital I worked for.
I just had a dictation where
he stopped dictating mid sentence in the chief complaint and I Iistened to silence for about seven minutes (maybe he fell asleep, I dunno) and then he says, "hello? hello?" and hangs up!  Gotta luv this job! 
60 min of dictation

How long should it take someone to do about 60 minutes of dictation on average.

Thanks you.

60 min of dictation?
My own personal average is about 1 hour for each 15 minutes of dictation.
Can't help with the dictation but...


Hope that helped. 

The problem is that MTs are rarely in the workplace any longer.  When I originally started in transcription years ago, we were in-house and accessible to the doctors. I would tell the the speeders to slow down.  We had one ER doc who loved to look through reference books for words to use.  I would tell him nicely, "If you have to look it up, spell it and save both of us the hassle."  That usually worked.  But now, most of the time, they have no idea who is transcribing their work and as long as it gets done, that's all they care about.
Ever think that maybe 15% is going to QA because of LOUSY DICTATION? nm
You never listened to the dictation to know.

No, decent dictators can form complete sentences.  They don't erase every single word interlaced with ah, um, er, then sit there so long that a 15 minute dictation only has 43 lines.  If a person can't complain about having a bad day to her fellow MTs without getting jumped on, what does that say about your personality?  The only B**** I see here is YOU.

Same here. Give me the dictation, I do it - sm
I return the reports, give me the money. End of story.

Worrying about a friendly supervisor is pointless. Just do the work and take the money.
80-100 minutes of dictation
Can anyone tell me approximately how long 80-100 minutes of dictation takes to do with variables I know of a good or bad dictator but on average.  A 60 minute microcassette tape on both sides of 120 minutes, is that something to compare this to? Thank you.
235 seconds of dictation...sm
and less than 20 lines!!!!   And he ends the dictation at 200 seconds, then proceeds to shuffle papers and say "end dictation" 50 times...come on already, END THE DICTATION!  No respect!
re:243 seconds of dictation
I actually have a picture of my cat laying on my Dorland's sound asleep...he was looking for the definition of "uhmm"
Bad quality dictation
What in heavens name do you do after starting work with a company and the dictation is so lousy qualitywise with static and the voice fading in and out.  Is this normal? Left lines in every report.  ??? Help?
Dumb dictation
Review of systems was not obtainable from the baby, obviously, due to the baby's age of one month.  Review was obtained from parents.  DUH!!!!
dumb dictation
Don't you just love these..I had one with the 11 MO understanding the assessment and agrees with the treatment!
Specialty dictation

Just wondering how many lines within 8 hours do you "speciality" transcriptionists type?  Not acute care, not SOAP notes, just the specialty accounts?

I type for 11 different specialities that just feed into my "pool" of dictation randomly and am lucky to accomplish 1000 to 1200 lines within 8 hours -- any suggestions on how I can increase this number of lines would be greatly appreciated. 

Oh, it wasn't in his dictation, it was an aside to his PA sm
I think he just had never seen that size before, nothing indecent intended.
I don't think it's the dictation itself that's the problem, it's the SM
kissing of individual arses and making 300 MTs remember which cheek you're supposed to kiss on Doc A and which on Doc B. :(
dictation funny
Mitral valve with moderate anus calcification.  What was calcified?  LOL
Doc asking for instructions on dictation
A wounderful young man at my church is in his 2nd year of general surgery residency. When he found out what I did for a living, he asked me if I would please help him with his dictation and give him some pointers so that he could do better on his dictation. No one had critiqued him and he wanted to be sure it was o.k. Now THAT'S a good guy. He's a good Christian, he'll be a good doctor, and I know he won't ever change. You cynical so and so's just keep your opinion to yourselves. This was so refreshing to be asked for help like this. It made my day.
No, I'm not dialing in for dictation...

...I'm in QA.  They want the at-home QA team to train new MTs over the phone, call MTs regarding stats or if work is missing, call the clinics to follow up on any issues, conference calls, and call the home office with daily issues that pop up.  We were told their clinic contact people and the front desk staff have too many other duties so feel QA should do this now.  I'm fine with that responcibility, just found it odd that they will not reimburse us. 

Perhaps it's not a big issue but as an employee I was curious if there were laws regarding these issues.  And this is a new protocol they are implementing so it's not like I recently accepted the job knowing this is how it would be.  The at-home QA team never had to do this before.  I do realize there are pros and cons to working at home but there seems to be a fine line where an employer can take advantage of an employee 

If I were an IC I would completely understand this.

How do you do dictation from a wav file?sm
How do you receive and send dictation on a wav file????  I know that may be a silly question, just wondering.  Thanks!
late dictation
Sounds like joint commission is coming to call!
Practice dictation
Does anyone out there know of a website where I could get some practice dictation?  Have been away from transcription for a few years and want to get my "ear" back and some speed before trying to get back into it.  Thanks for your help.
nasal dictation
Do they teach doctors to dictate in a flat, monotone robotic-like voice on purpose?  He's got the same flat tone through the whole thing !Doubled with the fact that it is rainy and gloomy here, I am about to fall asleep with this guy !
Wow! If you do 240 minutes of dictation in...
8 hours, that is great!  Congratulations!
winscribe dictation

My company is currently using the Winscribe Dictation system.  Its quite pricey but overall it is good.  You can set it up to do most anything. 

Job id#, dictator, type of report, etc and you can also put a spot for chart number to find things easier.  I just wish my docs would use the PC dictate part, as its less combersome then punching numbers on the phone, but overall it is a good product.  Just be sure you get it from someone reliable.

Practice dictation sm
This is a crazy question but I've had to take time off and feel really out of the loop. Never worked from home before. Is there any company who would forward some sample dication to let you kind of play with for awhile before you formally test for them? At this point, I don't think I'd pass the test although I've had plenty of acute care and specialty experience. I know it sounds really unprofessional but I thought I would at least ask. Hate to fail, spent too many years being a perfectionist, I guess. Are there any sites you could recommend for someone returning to the profession after a few years taking care of family business?
Funny ESL dictation

Thanks!  I laughed so hard at your what s/l, that tears ran down my eyes. I might print it and hang it up on the kitchen bulletin board at work.


60 minutes of dictation
I take about 60 minutes of dictation each day and make between 50-60 dollars each day so yes, to me that is low.
60 minutes of dictation for $40
worth it or not?
longest dictation.
Mine was probably around an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half. The doc was awesome, best dictator ever and his H&Ps and DS were anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes long. Boy I sure miss him! He was at a local hospital I used to work at.
Formula of dictation
Depending on the dictation and your experience, the formula I have always used is: 4 minutes for every 1 minute of dictation or 225 lines minimum an hour.  It is usually required that a Transcriptionist do 100 minutes of dictation or 1,000 lines a day if you are working full-time.  I know some do less and some do quite a bit more.  I do anywhere from 1500+ lines a day.  I hope this helps.
Does anyone know of a dictation software....
that I can purchase that is not too costly?  A local doctor that I do tapes for, yes tapes, is wondering if there is a dictation software out there that is not too costly. I know there are some that are very expensive BUT you still have to pay a service fee for each cpl. Can anyone direct me to where I can find this type of software and what would be the best one to purchase? TIA.
Surgery dictation


A friend passed along my name to a lady who does medical billing for a surgeons office, and they are looking for a Transcriptionist also.  This person asked me if I knew of the following:  Do you know of any good toll free services to use for dictation?  I'm not sure what she means?? Any input would be greatly appreciated.



PDA dictation software

You can check out the NCH website, home of Express Scribe. They have two programs, one for Pocket PCs and another for Palm PCs, that are used for dictation using a PDA. I believe they are called (surprisingly) Pocket Dictate and Palm Dictate, respectively. If you do decide to go with this, please let us me know how it works as I had one doc initially inquire about this but then he never followed through. I would be interested in knowing if it works well.

The website is www.nch.com.au (just in case my link below doesn't work).

Two hours of dictation....

Hi, Can anyone give me an estimate of how long two hours worth of dictation might take to type?  This will be a meeting type format.  I typically only type reports so this is something new to me and not sure of what to expect.  Can anyone offer insight into my question?  Thank you


But this is not your typical dictation

I usually do 30 minutes in 45 minutes to an hour also but this is something completely different and it almost gets to the point you pull your hair out when you cannot hear what they are saying during this meeting or several talk at once, etc.  So you cannot use this rule of thumb -- believe me I have been there many times.

Again I would guess between 8 to 12 hours and feel good if you get it done in 8.

I just had to listen to a dictation
that the doctor finished the dictation but forgot to disconnect or upload or whatever and some office workers or nurses or someone were in there talking about sex and different guys in the office and what they can do to themselves!!!  I have had my laugh for today!! 
Dictation Systems

I'm looking at going from the good ol' tapes to digital dictation.  What is the best choice for the $$? 


Thank you

If Drs would listen to their own dictation, they would know