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Dictation Systems

Posted By: Crissy Harmon on 2007-05-15
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I'm looking at going from the good ol' tapes to digital dictation.  What is the best choice for the $$? 


Thank you

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Dictation systems
Can anyone recommend any good Internet based call in phone systems for doctors to utilize without spending a lot of money on phone line based/computer systems.  Thanks
Dictation systems - all input welcome

Hi.  Please let me know if I should post this on a different board. The hospital I work for is looking to change dictating/transcribing systems.  We have dictaphone extext and are looking at WinScribe, Escription, or really we are wide open. 

Does anyone know of a good internet resource that compares the pros and cons? 

Would any of you be willing to share your experience, good or bad, with any software you have used? 

Is there a forum or a thread that has already covered this you can direct me to to research?


I need some advice on digital dictation systems
I am talking to a psychotherapist about possibly doing her transcription.  She does not dictate presently, but is interested in getting started. I am thinking of asking her to go digital, but I don't know the first thing about getting started, what equipment we'll need, etc.  I currently work for a national, so they sent me the PC and footpedal, and that was it. Any advice would be so appreciated.  I don't wanna sound like a dummy when we talk...thanks y'all!
I don't know about other systems.
I use Express Scribe sometimes but I only work on eScription. I know with a connection that slow you aren't going to be able to use EditScript. I think that the only way you are going to be able to get around that, if you are doing strictly QA, is to use EMON and not use EditScript, although I'm not sure you'll be able to get the voice file to download that way either.
I don't know if different VR systems
But, I have been doing VR for only a month, and I have noticed that the system DOES learn. Mistakes that it made before or phrases it didn't pick up before, it is now getting much better. I used to not want to believe it, but now that I have seen it with my own eyes, I know that it will only be a matter of time before it replaces MTs. Since I have over another 30 years in whatever career I choose, I have decided to get out. No sense in going down a road that leads to nowhere.
I have wireless for 3 systems but I believe you
will have to have DSL coming in on a router. From my understanding (and goodness knows I could be wrong) I don't think you can have "wireless" internet without a router from another source. The router is attached to your phone line for DSL and sends out the signal for other wireless adaptors to pickup.

Reminds me of systems
I've worked on that used Citrix; not being computer savvy, I don't know if they called it a Citrix server or what, but apparently it was a company that they used for some part of the process, and it was not compatible with the software. They I think they had to switch to some other company to speed things up.

That should be about as clear as mud. Sorry.
How about under classification systems in
AAMT BOS(assuming you have this/if not, you can get free through MQ). Hope this helps!
Call-in systems
I've tried out 4 so far. What are the good/bad points of the system you are using?

digital systems
I would go with a DVR and have the docs load it on their computer.  Sounds great!
Are systems capitalized in ROS?
no msg
Some companies' systems are not
compatible with the "new" software, just like a lot do not use Vista. You have to buy what is required to work.
How hard is it to network 2 systems
I would like these 2 systems to talk with each other and have no idea of how to do it?
Systems are not down for long these days.
Call-in phone systems
What is the best call in phone system out there. I do not want call in on tapes though. I appreciate your input. Deb
So right about the Huge Health Systems - sm
in fact, that was 99.9% of the problem at my hospital. Once it got gobbled by a greedy HMO, everything went downhill fast. They got their fancy new campus at the expense of quality medical care and ethical treatment of its employees.

The run-'em-in and run-'em-out style of practicing medicine puts a lot of pressure on the MDs to see patients quickly, but it's SO not thorough! I saw this not only in the rushed, often mistake-filled reports they dictated, but in my own care as well. They lost a lot of their top-notch MDs because they refused to practice that superficial style of 'Mc Medicine'.

When I see all the greed in the HMOs, and the overspending on upper management and not enough on the nuts-and-bolts of what makes a good hospital, it's easy to see that although they're high-on-the-hog right now, alot of those pompous U-no-whats are riding for a BIG fall someday. I hope I'm still around to see it - it'll make my day.
Rosemarie is right on for trained VR systems. SM
You are obviously currently working with a new system that is still learning how to do its job. The first typewriters were undoubtedly really a pain to use, too. The poor clerks of those days must have begged just to be allowed to use their pen and ink as they always had.

My current system isn't as learned/advanced as my last one, so lots of corrections. It's about as much fun as doing QA cleaning up after a pack of new and sloppy MTs. But it's a temporary situation. And my current pay rate reflects the time needed for all those corrections. Does yours?

Over time, though, more and more reports do start coming through in good condition until most of them just require some general cleanup here and there.

Editing does shift emphasis from one skill to another.
I can see how the very fastest of typists might not make more editing than typing--they always speeded the dictation up to match them, and how people with little talent for editing might make less, but most people should do just as well editing as typing and many do make more at it.
Nuance or OPUS systems

Is anyone out there in transcription land familiar with either of these systems?  I'm starting work for a new client (Pathology) and find them inefficient and require too much non-transcription work to look up doctor's names and demographics.  I'm wondering if I'm missing "something".  Thank you to anyone who can give me a clue.    d

voice reginition systems
If you get dragon and have it listen to the dss files that come in will it automatically start typing the doctors dictation or does it have to be the same voice over and over?
Brinker Information Systems
Has anyone heard of Brinker Information Systems, LLC?  I can't seem to find them on the web or anywhere.  They are based out of Center City, MN.  They have sent me papers to be faxed to them for IC work, but they did not ask me to test for them or anything.  I am leary to send them anything.  If anyone knows anything it would be helpful.
Brinker Information Systems
I am in the same situation. I would like some information too if anybody has some. Thanks
I agree, we train the VR systems and when
they are perfect (maybe this will never happen), then VR replaces us. Duh?
How can this be an incentive for MTs?
Front-end/back-end systems...

"Front-end" SR means that the original dictator's speech is turned into text. "Back-end" SR means that someone listens to the original dictator, redictating and "cleaning up" the original dication.  This "sanitized" redictation is then fed into the SR engine. 

The main disadvantage of "front-end" systems in the healthcare setting is that they must try to adapt to the speech peculiarities of many different dictators, whereas a "back-end" system only has to deal with the speech patterns of one dictator, namely the person who does the redictation.

Back-end dictation adds a layer of human intelligence to the conversion of speech to text because the person redictating presumably catches errors, eliminates hesitations and miscues, squares up ambiguous sentence structures, etc. - things that front-end dictation cannot do or does very poorly.  As such, while the back-end speech engine might still cause some errors that require keyboard correction, there should not be nearly as many as front-end systems produce.  And, a back-end SR application can be less sophisticated than a front-end system because it is not being required to deal with so many vagaries of human speech.  In fact, a back-end SR application does not need artificial intelligence at all, whereas front-end SR really does.




CHS is Community Health Systems
Typing and backwards, what systems do you use?
Point of Care systems

Anyone here had experience with doctors going to Point of Care systems (Pulse)? My doctors are trying this now and I'm wondering if it will be too difficult and time consuming for them. Sure is cutting way back on my work. Thanks. Teri.

Point of Care Systems
It's my own account. They use the Pulse EHR.
can't she just do a systems restore to the day before she downloaded it? nm
Yes, the icon is in the systems tray. nm
Prison systems in this state use in-house MTs, I am almost certain of.
I don't think the present Voice Systems will improve
I believe it is best not to name names, as others have pointed out in this message board. So, instead, I will simply post the job as listed on MTjobs.com and say that the same person is posting this job as when I was bilked. 'Nuff said.

Voice Systems, LLC
Contact: Cindy Adams
PO Box 72046
Albany, Georgia 31721
Telephone: NO CALLS, Fax: 877-883-9873

Title of position: Transcriptionist
Experience: 10 years as a transcriptionist.
Location of position: Georgia
At home or company: Work from home
Full or Part time: Full-time position
Type of Transcription: Many types of transcription.
Specialty: Orthopedics
Job Description: 10 years experience with orthopedic operative notes and discharge summaries.
Hardware/Software: High speed internet, Pentium IV computer, XP Pro, Word platform, familiary with VXP player, and typing into hospital system.
Method of sending/receiving dictation: Internet based
Compensation Information: competitive, 65 cpl, IC status only, great opportunity
Date Posted: 2005-10-17 12:49:12

Try opening up ShortHand before log in. Works with other systems like that. nm
He is an informations systems analyst at the university here. nm
They have always done well by me. I don't trust the computer phone systems. sm
If my computer goes out, them my phone goes out and how will I call them?  I prefer to have my eggs in several baskets.  Computer and TV cable on the same line.  Phone on a land line, Verizon.
You can still buy some computers with the choice of operating systems.
I know for a fact that you can do this on the Dell website, although not all models offer that option. Your best bet is to find someone who can buy a computer that does what you need it do to, no more and no less. That way you can pay for only what you want/need.
Looking for call-in systems with editing and electronic sign.
Do you guys know of any that are good and reasonably priced?  Thanks for the info and if you have other advice I am willing to listen. I have an office that wants a call-in system with the ability to edit online and use an electronic signature if possible. I use DocShuttle right now with handheld recorders and this is new so any help is appreciated.
Sick of slow systems that cheat you out of lines!

I am just so sick and tired of going to the trouble of testing and listening to recruiters tell you how wonderful the company is to work for only to learn later that the system is slower than molasses, has a sub-rate spell checker and knocks you off after each report you transcribe.  I haven’t come across a user friendly platform yet.  My current job cheated me out of 63 lines the other week and the new job I just started says in the contract they pay for spaces.  I checked the numbers and used my own line counting software – guess what . . . screwed again.  Are there any small companies left in the world, which allow you type in Word and pay on time? 

Most Dictaphone stuff is proprietary and won't work with other systems.
If there's an adapter out there, I'm not aware of it. Hope you can return your purchase.
MTSOs who work with call-in dictating systems. See inside.

If you work with a call in system, would you be willing to share if you like it/don't like it, how your transcriptionists acess their work (internet or through the call in system), where did you buy your system and is it efficient, etc.  Thanks.

Ditto on Voice Systems. I have a friend who worked for them and ended up being owed .... SM
way more than $1000 when the first company went bankrupt. Also I had applied but decided not to take the job, and the MTSO literally begged me to come to work for them. I'm sure glad I didn't. Maybe this present company they've started will be better, but so far, it doesn't sound like it.
C-phone used to call in to dictating systems to receive work. A special phone. nm
I think you can dial into most systems that require C-phone without having a C-phone nm
It's THEIR dictation. They want what THEY are
dictating. If they use poor grammar, etc., that's not the MT's fault!!

Many don't trust the MT to make appropriate corrections and I can certainly understand that.

dictation by doc's
you're absolute right about the hospitals doing something about how doctors dictate and it probably wouldn't take that much effort to do it, but they're not going to do it. If the dictation is wrong, the MT will get the blame regardless.
low dictation
This is several hours of time just disappearing.
? min. of dictation per day

What is considered the average amount of minutes for 7.5 hour day.  I'm thinking 45 to 60 minutes???

PA dictation
You must be lucky! Our group had two PA's and they literally "outdid" each other to see who could dictate the fastest. I got used to them, of course, listening to them all the time but many times had to stop and look up a med to be sure of the dosage because I couldn't tell if they were dictating 5 mg. 50 mg. or whatever! They seem to have an "attitude" too; we had one female one who really thought she was hot stuff. If they were that good, why didn't they spend the extra time and $$ to go to med school???
RE; Dictation
Kept forever. Chart is microfilmed and kept. Regular transcription is kept for 10 years supposedly at hospital I worked for.
I just had a dictation where
he stopped dictating mid sentence in the chief complaint and I Iistened to silence for about seven minutes (maybe he fell asleep, I dunno) and then he says, "hello? hello?" and hangs up!  Gotta luv this job! 
60 min of dictation

How long should it take someone to do about 60 minutes of dictation on average.

Thanks you.

60 min of dictation?
My own personal average is about 1 hour for each 15 minutes of dictation.