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Typing. This is NOT typing, it is transcribing. There is a BIG difference. sm

Posted By: your first mistake on 2006-11-28
In Reply to: QA response to flying fingers - gee

Transcription includes typing, but so much more.

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Transcribing is not typing. sm
It includes typing, but so much more.  It absolutely includes tools of the trade, especially word expansion programs, and normals, and sample of difficult doctors.  Typing wpm actually has nothing to to with transcribing lph.  If you think of it as typing, you will always be slow at transcribing.
I find no difference in straight transcribing
and VR. I donít understand about your saying staying same since last visit. I do not do clinic notes. This might be what you are talking about. I do acute care so the reports are usually really good. Of course, you have the occasional dictator who uses was instead of were but then again on eScription that I work on, it underlines in red, really easy for me to see and when I am listening myself to the dictated report, easy to catch. The medications are usually ok also. I love VR and would hopefully never return to all straight typing. That is me, there are some who do not like it though. The electronic medical records really does not impact me as a transcriptionist.
OMG...yep! Air typing!!! it's like

don't even think of typing before you get
80+ and still typing.

A great woman crossed into the arm's of God this morning.  She was 80+ years of age and still doing medical transcription up to the day earlier this year when she was diagnosed with cancer and even then she came to the office just until recently.  She loved her job and everyone loved her.  She will be greatly missed in the world of transcription as well as among family and friends. 

Until we meet again. 

80 and still typing
did she live in NJ?
When I had typing in H.S. (sm)
we had those little pieces of chalky paper that you would have to slip down behind that little "thing" on the platin, and type on that.  Can't even remember what it was called it was so long ago.  Boy, were we thrilled when white out, yellow out, and pink out came along.  LOL
Will you be actually typing them?
If you are then they are ripping you off.  I for one refuse to work unless I get paid for everything I type.  It all adds up over time!
Typing Fun
Hee, I do that all the time.  I like to see how fast I can make them speak and still type along. 
anyone know how to go from typing
To search Google for terms without using the painful mouse?  Thanks.
I did something while typing
that changed my settings on my IE. Now I do not have my toolbar at the top and my icons on the bottom do not show for the programs I have up, but this only is when I am on the internet page. When I am using other programs, my icons show at the bottom. Now my favorites show at the side instead of being able to use the pull down through my toolbar. I do not see anything I can use to fix this. Any ideas?! Thanks...
You will still have some typing with VR.
You'll get more done with the VR, but he'll pay you less for the editing. What type of VR is he wanting to use?
I found that I make out better typing than doing VR. I make half.
What are you typing???

Too broad of a question --  is is a seminar, deposition, insurance statement or what.  I have done a lot and for 60 minutes per tape it has averaged out to over $100 at 10 to 11 cpl -- many years ago.  Again depends on what you are typing and the quality of the tape.  Lost my shirt one time on a planning meeting, too hard to understand, etc.   Took many hours to do and not enough pay.   More details and could answer you better.

Are you first typing what you
want to save, as in "-year-old," highlighting that,and then choosing "Autocorrect"? If so, you should have both choices of "plain" and "formatted text" available. If you then choose "formatted text," it should work. I had that same problem a long time ago and it was explained to me this way. Talk about easy! Good luck! :)
$40/1h rec = 4h typing = $10/h pay only? nm

Just typing, typing, typing.....
Can you do this every day, 8 hours long, with only a total of 40 minute break?
No talking, no emails, no telephone, no nothing? When do you eat and pee?
Don't you have a husband or children, who want to interact with you? What's the advantage of working at home, if you work like this?
This is a 'sweatshop', what a life! No, thanks!
What's going to happen to your blood circulation, your veins and arteries??? Your health? How long can you keep this up?
Are you trying to lure MTs back to this profession under even harder conditions?
No, thanks!
I would call putting in Expanders and normals manual work. Actually, also typing is a manual job.
also, (something different), typing in -- SM
CAPS is YELLING. just plain rude.

you'll be fine.

Typing on your lap

I just moved and my new desk setup is a built-in desk which is too high for comfort for typing on the keyboard.  I can adjust my office chair up, but then it's too high to comfortably reach the pedal.  I have been typing on the keyboard on my lap for two days but my shoulders are sore and so are my calves apparently from flexing when I wasn't aware of it all day.

Awhile back I read here that some MT's type on their keyboards on their laps.  Please give me any feedback how it works for you and also do you know of any products out there or things around the house to support the keyboard and make it easier to balance on your legs.  I kind of like typing like this other than the strain on my neck and legs from trying to keep it balanced and from sliding off.

Thanks in advance! 

always typing

My kids say that is all I ever do anymore---MT work at my computer. When I am home I type! Sometimes 10 or more hours per day........

But, I tell them I could be at work someplace for 8 hours and that is what I would do there.

Typing IME's

Just trying to get a few ideas for obtaining more work.....probably like a lot of other starving MTs!

Does anyone type strictly IME's?  If so, is the pay any better than traditional transcription?  Any info greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

Sometimes I feel like actually typing exactly...

what they say so they can see it for themselves - or someone who knows the difference can see it!  Some of my faves today:

"Jackson-Pratt draining removed..."

"Muscle strength 4+ on right upper extremities..."  - Pt has more than 1?!

"There was depressed of right scalp secondary to miss of scalp."  (Patient had a laceration and underlying skull fracture)

Could go on and on - but one of my favorites is when they spell a word or a drug for you and it's TOTALLY WRONG!! 

Some though, I have to say, are very aware of how difficult it is to understand them and actually end up being better than some of my American dictators.  Those ESLs I prefer over all others.

150 wpm straight typing.....sm
In high school 1st quarter typing I was doing 70 wpm, by the end of the 1st year of typing in high school I was at 100 wpm.  At the end of the 2nd year of typing I was averaging 140 wpm. 
If it is typing on the screen, then it should not
be a problem, just the same as if you use AutoCorrect or an abreviation expander.  You are NOT after all bringing in text from another word processer...you are creating text on the screen you see.
Maybe someone else in another country is typing it?

Correct typing

Please tell me if I am right or not. On a recent dictation a doctor was giving current medicationa and he said "p.r.n. ibuprofen", I typed Ibuprofen p.r.n., because I was taught that this is the correct way. She informed me to type it the way he said it. I looked at another transciptionist work on this same doctor and she typed PRN Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is not capitalized unless it is in the beginning of the sentence. I do not want to compromise my work or correct transcribing, what do I do? She also informed me that the Book Of Style is not always right. Well, I was taught that it was the final authority. Help!!!!!

speed typing
Okay, ladies.  I have been working for 8 months now as an MT and my typing accuracy still is lacking quite a bit.  I have the typer shark program that I use sometimes.  I type about 50 WPM.  Not good enough for me.  I was hoping that somebody could give me suggestions or hope that it will come with time.  I seem to be a little bit better lately, but I keep hearing about MTs who type 300+ lines per hour.  It takes me a couple hours or more to do that.  Depending on the dictator, of course.  One woman said she used to type the news and that seemed to help her.  I just need some encouragement that I will get better, or maybe some people don't. 
Faster typing
Well, my mother insisted I know how to type, so I took 2 years (yes 2 years) of typing in high school, so my typing speed was pretty fast to begin with (though I graduated high school over 20 years ago!) I have a friend who did the "Mavis Bacon" or whatever it is called typing software and that really helped her pick up speed.

I use Instant Text and try to put in everything. I have been an MT for just under 2 years. I do acute care, and I average 260 lph. On days I'm lucky enough to get a good run of ER reports - I can easily do 350+ plus per hour because most of it is canned, and I have jump codes in my expander, so I can whiz through a lot.

Good luck!
speed typing
I also use IT, as it is through the company I work for. I am still getting to know the program. I tried Mavis. I found her to be cute, but annoying. I think am just being impatient. I really like the typer shark program. It's actually fun. I think I will take the time to work on understanding IT, so I can get it to work for me.

Thanks your input. It did make me feel hopeful!
speed typing
Will do! Thank you for the encouragement.
I used to be a typing teacher...
I used to be a typing teacher and also had long nails at the time. I got one of those split keyboards (ergonomic) and it helped. Having my hands in that position allowed me to type a lot easier with my longer nails. You might give that a try. Keyboards are really cheap.
Because typing pathology from
rare. I would love to do pathology again, but I will never go back to an office environment again.
RU typing in code??? nm
have u tried typing in google just that?...nm
exercise while typing
Need a work out during your typing day?  Get a Yoga ball ans use it instead of your chair the simple act of keeping you body center on the ball will work your abs. while sitting in your chair, do leg lifts by simply lifting your heel off of the floor.  Instead of ittinf for lunch, stand up at the counter or walk while having a sandwhich or what ever it is that you eat.
Typing ages
I've seen several different styles on this: Do I type 32-year-old male or 32 year old male. Seems dumb to put all those hypens in the sentence but I've seen it done both ways.  How about 11-pound weight loss instead of 11 pound weight loss? I've always typed these without hypens but then did not use BOS, just what the docs wanted. Is there a right or wrong???
Typing as written

First of all, let me explain that I work not from dictation but a handwritten template that I fill in--typewritten "transcription" in turn.   The physician fills out the form while in the treatment room, circles correct choice from a list, etc.; sometimes the nurse does this.  I've been instructed for the third time to "type as written" when I've questioned meds or inconsistencies.  This goes against my training and principles (if that sounds sanctimonious, so be it)--when I can't reference things. I've had as much as half with questions and blanks where information was simply skipped. I don't have the patient charts to consult--just a stack of forms.  I have respect for the doctor professionally; her patients, many of whom have been coming to her for years, seem to love her.  Never had this experience before, either with transcription or as a secretary.  Most of the time my supervisors have been happy that I caught errors.  Please let me say these aren't nitpicky things--it is misspelled drugs like Demedex rather than Demadex!

The last time I said I wouldn't put my initials on the reports I questioned and was told I must put my initials "to tell who to return work to," even though I'm the only one doing transcription.  Furthermore, the office manager told me the doctor takes ultimate responsibility because it's her signature on the notes.  I'm going to comply while looking for other work, because this is one of many things we just don't see eye-to-eye on!  What do you all think?  How to deal with this?  TIA!


Help...Whie typing...sm

I must've hit something, but I've no idea what.  My upper toolbar is all messed up and my font keeps going from big to small when I scroll!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just not a typing machine??
Then I would say you definitely have the wrong job. The raises are hardly ever there for MTs now days, you just type faster if you want to make a decent pay. The pay is down, really down from 20 years ago. You do turn into a typing machine if you want to earn a living.
Are you asking for VR or straight typing?
VR will give you much higher line counts but not at 7-10 cpl.
Straight typing please (nm)
For those who have gone from straight typing to VR...
What sort of training did you get?  What sorts of things did you wish you'd gotten for training?  Thanks :-)
Typing person
You bet! I wanted to share that people do listen. I also agree with your 60 Minutes idea. Any clue as to how to get in contact with them? I think 20/20 would be another great show to air this issue. Good ole John S.
What module are you typing?
i.e. Radiology, OE...
Sorry -- got busy with typing
Thank goodness I still have some . . . LOL!

Anyway, I think it has suffered, in my case anyway. The doc just really does not have time for ME, the way I see it. This particular group is a practice that was locally owned by one physician, here in the Atlanta area, and was bought by a company that also owns a group in Pennsylvania. I feel tension all over that office, and my feeling is that it is the pressure associated with be driven (by someone else) toward the almighty dollar (for someone else, mostly). Forget patient care. Just my take.
I have straight typing in there as well
so that pay is higher and I have speed on fast forward. If you have the speed, probably can do the 3000 or better a day. I set the goal for myself at 3000 so I would bring home what I wanted every 2 weeks.
VBC - my new typing method

After a 27.5-minute ESL dictation that took me an hour to type and netted me $12, I'm going to embrace the new visible black character counting method by redefining  "verbatim."  Here's a transcript the way it will look in the future ....

"... I mean, no go back, delete that, okay and the admitting diagnosis was uh ... sepsis, number 2,  ... no, number 1,  no that is number 2 ... change in mental status.  (flip pages flip pages flip pages ... put phone down) Number 4 ... diabetes.  Long pause (... the nurses are talking about a baby shower).  Go back up to the labs and insert a chest x-ray with left lower lobe infiltrate ... no, it's normal.  Now, go back down ..."

Can't wait for that next check! 

VR versus typing
For straight typing I get 8.5 and for VR I get 4.8 with 6 years experience.  I usually produce around 170-200/hour typing and 150-200/hour VR.  I loath VR. 
What is your typing speed? - sm
Though most of being a great MT involves excellent listening skills, to make the most of production, IMHO, you have type like the wind and use macros, including macro sentences rather than words only.  Just a thought - when was the last time you took a typing test?  I think there is a free Web based typing test...
Is this straight typing....
What exactly are you typing?