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What you describe is not unique to MT

Posted By: BST on 2007-01-10
In Reply to: This is a second job - pony

I've worked in manufacturing (production control & customer service) for many years and realized that EVERY company, EVERY manager can do a better job at motivating and communicating with their employees. However, many managers do not know what to do or how to. They have their own managerial style and they “apply” that to everyone they supervise. A good manager will figure out each person working for them and determine what novitiates that person. Some like to be praised in public. Others want a private encouraging word. Each person is different and has different expectations. The grass is not always greener on the other side. I’ve learned that too many times in my career! BTW, I am considering enrolling in an MT course and read this board and others for information to help make my decision. This was a topic I just HAD to chime in on because this is true of ALL companies… Wal-Mart, GE, Walgreen’s, Ford, Kroger etc. Looking at the big picture, doesn’t it all boil down to how good are you at relationships and making them work?????

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How unique and to have it made FOR you!
We are one of a kind, very unique, not just
anyone can do our jobs.  No matter what your situation, children, caring for aging parents, raising animals, raising crops, tending to another at-home business at the samee time, we are definitely jugglers, no matter how you slice it.  Sometimes I get on this board and think, ahhh, I know I have been there, done that, and seen it all, but I really haven't.  Hayseed, I think you are a riot!  There are so many others as well with just great informative posts that I'm glad they took the time out of their day to share, whether it be a funny or just to vent because it gives you a place to call "the water cooler" when no one else can really truly relate!  Thanks coerts, friends, and fellow MTs for all of your input.  I always new good things happen in numbers!  Here's to ya'...    Back to the  now!
Unique situation

I have two part-time jobs, one for doctors I worked for before in another setting - now I am doing their overflow work. The second part-time job is with a local MTSO. It is the only account they have with my specialty.

No, I don't think I could do autopsies, although I love watching "Dr. G., Medical Examiner" on Discovery Health. I close my eyes during the gross parts, though.

I think it is unique - not offensive at all nm
I am not sure, I have a unique situation, but sm
My problem was no mortgage and being an IC. In October of 2007 I filed my taxes for 2006 (had an extension) and I got sucked for $7500 and then another $400 for penalties. In April of 2008, I got sucked for another $7600 and another $350 in penalties. There went my new car. There went paying off a debt I have been years working on. So, no I don't know how you do it and pay your taxes!

In 2008, I went to work as an employee. They will pay part of my taxes, they pay a fair portion of my health insurance premium, I have PTO and everything else. I was thrilled to work for only one place, till my tax accountant told me that in my circumstance, I would not be able to deduct any of my expenses because I can't itemize my taxes! He told me to work at least PT as an IC. I did for a time Jan-March and then quit. By May 1,2008 I knew I had to look for something. I ended up going back to work for the place I had quit in December 2007 to work for my employer. It turns out it is a 6-hour day on top of my 8-hour day. That was not the agreement, but it is the reality. I will be able to file as an employee and a Schedule C as an IC. I'll have my cake and eat it too.

I am saving 1/3 of after tax income, but I have very little free time and only one day off a week, if I have that much. I will meet my goals for a newer vehicle and paying off my debt next year, and that is great, but I will have had very little fun otherwise. I don't even have time to grocery shop most months, but I'd have money if I could get there. I am known for being a total workaholic and it is true.

The only thing I can tell you about making it all work is to scale down, down, DOWN! I went from a 2400 sq ft house in a large city, to an 1100 sq ft mobile home in a small town that has DSL. I bought the mobile home outright for a paltry $3K and while I don't own the land, my rent for that is only $75 (hence my tax problems). Where I live, it is so rural that the nearest Walmart is 60 miles each way, but it is best that Walmart and I should be parted that way. I get there perhaps 3 times a year, which is plenty. I eat at home. I make my clothing. I clean my own home. I do my own laundry. I pinch every penny I can figure out how to pinch, and then I pinch it harder. I gave away much of my furniture in this move and replaced it with second hand furniture that fits my new smaller home. The house was a real fixer upper and I have almost completed it...on a shoestring doing most of the work myself (but not this year). I grew up poor, I was poor when I was married and raised my kids poor. I am no longer poor, by the standards of where I live I am quite well off, but you would never know this by how I live. I run around in comfy sweats that are old, that is why they are so comfy! I live in a tin can and in a dirty little town full of wonderful people. I happen to be in love with my tin can which I have transformed into a very cozy, inviting home where guests love to visit...for tea in cups and saucers from the thrift store.

It is hard to make more money. I knew my energy limits and what I could and could not do. I made a conscious decision to work the money equation from BOTH sides...spend far less and make as much more as I felt I could. The end result has been better than I had anticipated.

As for getting out of MT, we are all pretty well in the same boat if we have been doing this for a long time. You might try a job center through where you live. Have them help you brush up your face to face interview skills, and see about how to present yourself as professional and capable. We have all been out of the fix your hair and makeup, actually get dressed and leave the house mode for a long time. I know if I were going out the door to work, I would need to follow this advice myself. I need some fine tuning, possibly so do you.

So stay in or get out, that is up to you. I thought I would give you why I have stayed in and how I did it.
HOW is it different? Please describe. nm
Since that would be unique to each company, I don't know how anybody here would even have a clue.
We used to get all sorts of unique things from QT (sm)

The enthusiam isn't there anymore.  Still a good company.

Describe your workspace!

Big desk, small desk, filing cabinets, books on shelf, books in drawers?


Organizational tips?

thanks for helping to describe
what I cannot - and Jim is the guy that I talked to, also.  I wanted to jump through the phone and kiss him when I finally found one to replace my old one.  I am so glad someone knows what I am talking about.
The way you describe your situation ...

is just as if you had a crystal ball and were describing mine.  I can't see where it's possible at all any more to make a decent living in this profession without working yourself to a frazzle ... and it's only going to get worse. 

I love this type of work, but I can no longer sit by and make little better than minimum wage chained to this computer for hours on end after having paid my dues with over 20 years of experience. 

There's just got to be a better way ...

Describe your workstation!
Hi, All,

I thought it would be fun to describe workstations. I get extremely bored with work sometimes. At various times in my career I've had different ways to combat this--once my office area (bedroom) looked out on beautiful woods. At another time I had a small TV on my desk which was usually tuned to QVC (usually muted) during work (that was a deadly habit that had to go!). Yesterday I bought a 2-1/2-gallon fish tank and have had fun filling it with gravel, plastic plants, a bridge and two creatures--a male betta fish and a golden apple snail. During the workday it's nice to kind of glance over and see what the critters are up to. The drama currently is that the betta is no too keen on having a snail in his tank, even though the pet store reassured me that he wouldn't mind and that there was enough space for the two of them.

As for the rest of my workstation, I keep it pretty clear of clutter. I have a river stone that has JOY carved on it, purchased at a fair trade shop. I have a few fortunes from fortune cookies promising nice things about money. There's a small black-and-white cat figurine that's supposed to be a creative muse. He looks just like my tuxedo cat, so I liked him right away. To the right is a mug that has the Chinese symbol for "fortune;" I've filled this with highlighters. And there's a card holder (a piece of wood with a carved slit in it) that I place inspirational cards in. Usually before work I'll draw a card and place it there. Sometimes I'll glance over and take a look at it. I figure if my mind picks up some good messages subliminally during the day, it's a good thing!

So...please share! What do you have on your desk? Pictures welcome!
Maybe my hospital is unique, but they require their MTs to be fairly
Can you describe the wallpaper ;-) Not for any other reason than...
I'll describe the packaging for you (sm)
These are just little no-frills ear buds (black). The packaging is about the size of a soda can and is primarily yellow and red with black lettering and says "Stereo Ear Buds" on the front. The Maxell brand is listed on the back.
I think each case is unique. I had a "no changer" and he changed (sm)
We went for counseling and boy did things change!!!! We now listen to each other. We talk more than we ever have. We do things as a couple, for each other. We learned to openly appreciate each other for little things. We learned to love each other in ways that we never did before.

Believe me, my DH came from living at home with momma into our marriage and he expected me to take the place of his mom. That worked for a little while until I grew tired of being his maid and his bedroom companion.
but if the same scenario you describe existed 30 years ago, you would not know because
Unfortunately, the situation you describe is TRUE IC status.

Did you commit to working xx lines per day or accepting xx minutes of dictation each day? If so, it's not the company's problem if your daily routine changes and you have to work hours that are not convenient to you. A true IC gets the work done in a timely manner, no excuses. Your vent is exactly what gives WAH such a bad rap.

What makes this story so unique is that she disappeared while vacationing and has not been seen sinc
I read that this story is so unique which is why it is getting so much coverage, and her parentes are talking to the media which a lot of grieving familes won't/don't do. Think about Jessica Lunsford's dad and how much you saw him on the news talking all the time to try to help his case. Which is what Beth Holloway Twitty is doing.
I truly think that if this Holloway gal was black and her parents were willing to talk to the media and give interviews all the time, I'm sure there would be coverage.

It's not about a rich white thing. Get over that. I am Hispanic and I don't even believe that. If you had a family member disappear and you were willing to talk to the media and had a good "story" you would get coverage. Trust me.
Is it your shift or work type that makes your job unique? Autopsies maybe? nm
Could you share a link? I looked there and didn't see what you describe.
Contact Start/Stop at their website and describe your pedal and ask them. They were very helpful
Cumbersome is a good word here to describe Meditech. The designer obviously doesn't type.
Describe your dream job in one sentence. (anything goes; it's a dream job.)

My dream job would be straight transcribing half oncology and half psychiatry on a flexible schedule Monday through Friday as a statutory employee for a reputable company with decent dictators at 11 cents per line (a fair living wage for 17 years' experience), first shift.