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Where can I find the web site for getting thru to companies without waiting for hours?

Posted By: Needing to call on 2007-12-12
In Reply to:

I used to have it and really need again. Thanks!

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WHAT did you do? I've been waiting to find out!
I right clicked and dragged a file from my desktop into ExpressScribe but it played back very distorted. Just wondering if there was a better way to do it.
She was a big help and I miss her too. I guess she is waiting for the new site or
does not know this one is back, but she probably does. I miss her help.
Several companies still train on site. In fact, we are piloting an on-site training sm
program, where everyone would come in to the Keystrokes office to train for 1 or 2 weeks. We have a large training room and feel that this may be a way to cover all aspects of an account, be right there to answer questions as they come up and have one-on-one contact.

It will be optional at this point and may not be more effective as remote training, but some people have expressed that they miss the training that you get when you start at a hospital.

We are trying to bridge that gap between working in-house somewhere and working at home.

It may seem out-dated in many ways, but sometimes going back to basics is a good step to take!
go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
MQ and many other companies hire people for 40 hours
a week with a minimum production amount, but still required to work 40 hours a week, some say 32 hours a week, but a minimum number of hours either way.
Any companies out there that allow you to work 5-10 hours a week?

I posted this on the company board, but didn't get any responses, so I'm hoping there will be some help here.  work full time outside the home and I am looking for something for just 5-8 hours a week to supplement my income.  I worked for MQ for 6 years, but certain things led me to quit.  Is there a good company out there where I can work 5-8 hours?  Back at the Q I think now you have to commit to 24 hours and I just can't swing that.  Is there such an option out there anywhere?  Any input would be very much appreciated.



find a teen in your neighborhood to sit for a few hours (nm)
I find that difficult to believe -- not the money but the hours.
That would leave only 6 hours a day to sleep, bathe, eat, do housework, errands, LIVE.

Naaaaa. That's a legend. LOL

Which companies allow you to work under 40 hours and still qualify for benefits?
Thanks for any and all help.
Well, some companies want to categorize you as an IC, but dictate what hours you work. sm
That is illegal. If you are an IC, companies can not tell you what hours to work; however, they can tell you we need these hours covered on such and such day. You can either agree or disagree.

Personally, I will not commit to any set hours. I am an IC solely for that reason. I will give you 2000 lines a day in a 12 or 14 hour period or whatever period you need it in, but I will not tell them I will sit at my keyboard from 9-5.

Companies want you as an IC but they want employee schedules. Most companies are trying to do that nowadays. It is up to you, the individual MT, to accept or decline. Everyone's needs, including companies and MTs, are different.

Quite frankly, you really do need to ask the company what they expect from you, the IC MT, to really make informed decisions and choices.

I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck!
there is no way you can work 8 hours for 2 companies at the same time. My current
job requires 8 hours a day period, not a specific line count. Granted if you are working a job that does not require 8 hours, but only a minimum line count then fine, but not if you are REQUIRED 8 hours a day.
I can't find anything about this on the Shorthand site.
you might find some help or info on this site sm
he needs help...but it's tough to make them see they have a problem...feel for you...

Here is a site I find helpful....sm
copy and paste the link below. Hope it helps.

I am unable to find that anywhere on the site...sm
can you post exactly where one should look for this? thanks
experienced MTs need to find companies
I just went with a company that will not hire with less than 5 years experience. They pay better.
Can't find anything on a net search. Is there an ad up? New companies
For most companies how many hours may part time employees work. What is the minimum and maximum
I cant get into Medquist site or companies. Did something happen to them.
Check the enclosed site. May be able to find what you need there--sm
You'd find links to some good ones on this site
looking for a web site to find listing of psychiatrists.
Bytescribe is one of the most crooked companies you can find..they have
screwed me over a number of times. It is all about the money and half the time the damn program wont work. Do you think i can get adequate tech support? UM NO! They copy and paste a prewritten message to any of it until you YELL at them, then they half-way solve the problem!!
Have you tried the AMA Doctor Find site? Link inside.
Does anyone know of a good site to find sample op/procedure reports
I have found very few sites that have sample op reports.  Anything would be appreciated.  Thanks
A good MT is hard to find. Check back with those 2 companies
Maybe try to find a good web site to refer to! Good luck NM
For us slow pkes---my best would be 3 hours, worst 6 hours - just depends on the dictator ,
I have to look up (i.e. Dr. names, addresses)...I have to do a lot of that and it majorly slows me down, without all that and good not too horrible dicators, in 1 hour I can do anywhere from 15-20 minutes of dictation.
But in transcription, if you are good at what you do, you can do 8 hours of work in 4 hours. So eit

you slice it, both companies will still get 8 hours worth of work out of you.

That is the problem I've been having lately being an MT.  Companies want to pay us on production and they set minimum productivity standards, but want us timed in for 8 hours a day.  My thinking is, if they want 8 hours of work out of me, pay me hourly with production incentive.  If they want to pay me on production and tell how much I have to produce in an 8 hour period, then when I hit that mark, I should be able to call it a day even if I've only worked 4 hours.

Seems these companies want it both ways and it is simply not fair to us MTs.  JMO, tho.

If it's my fav doc with lots of shortcuts, 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours max
I see, we sit at the keyboard for 40 hours and then throw on 20 more hours
Is this how you do it? Me? I got a PT job so that if my FT job didn't have enough work to meet my needs financially, the two jobs together would.

They hired me to work a specific shift and that is what I am working. If they want me to type after I clock out, then I will happily do so.
I must say, I work long hours, sometimes 12-14 hours a day.
I thought it was important to mention that. However many hours it takes to get the work done is what I do. Some days 12 hours, other days 6 hours and sometimes 14 hours. So, I guess there really is no easy answer.
I do 2000 lines in 6 hours - so maybe 3 hours - nm
typing 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week
on my wrists I mean.
and not getting any benefits... and for a salary of less than 30K? not really worth it...
I'm still waiting for the
coming in the spring."  Anybody remember that?  I think spring has come and gone. 
Don't keep waiting around...
so what are you waiting for?
I am waiting for an internship, I have given up trying to find a job! I decided that everyone is right, you have to do the internship or mentoring program and that is the way to go!!! I think it is the way to get my foot in the door so to speak. Thank you for all who have given me good advice. I think this is the way to go! There is no other way to go, that is my belief anyway...
I totally understand....
What are waiting for?

Wouldn't it be fabulous if all of us young chicks in our 50s formed our own business together?  I don't know what business it would be, but we'd sure have fun!  I think we should all audition for Deal or No Deal, and whichever one wins, we split the winnings between us.  Wouldn't that be a gas? 

I'm waiting too....
I have 25 years experience and have been posting on this site and one other..I want to be able to start PT and then when my full-time job stops Radiology Overtime, then I'll be free to do more at home. Is it the economy? I love being at home and dread having to pound the pavement and work somewhere at night!
I'll be waiting to see
those Keystrokes links.
Agree and waiting until we all will have to pay for
I kept waiting to be scared on that one
but it never happened. The ending was SO incredibly stupid that I can't believe I wasted $2.99 renting it.
Nope....not new.....still waiting!!
Just like when you have call waiting, you hit the
Take the one waiting for or try to work both sm
for short term to see which is really the one you want. Ya never can tell. If need be, be up front with current employer, tell them you want to be fair and say working both places to SEE rather than just quit them.
I am not sure about the waiting lists here yet,
but I do know that the program only takes so many students. That will probably be another thing I will have to factor in too. Great tip on taking the electives while waiting though. I am only going for the associate's degree as well. Are you interested in going into psych too?
what if I have call waiting?
Will the call waiting interfere with it?
Ha, sitting here waiting
for work!
waiting for work
just curious - who do you work for?