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Wow.. we have an infant amongst us.. nm

Posted By: and you're it JJ on 2006-05-11
In Reply to: Chris got the boot. - JJ


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I used infant onesies
When my Shih Tzu was neutered, I bought infant onesies that go up to pretty large size but I am not sure if they are big enough to fit your cocker. Also, my now 11 y/o dog, 20#, Shih Tzu (who I unfortunately never got neutered and will never make that mistake again), wears a Huggies size 4 diaper (the ones that have stretchy material and seem to last the best for us) as a "belly band" as he decided to start marking in the house for this past year. I feel he is too old now to be put through anesthesia/neutering so we opt for diapers instead inside the house. Of course, it depends on whether you have a dog that would tear it off as soon as you put it on whereas mine fortunately doesn't touch the diaper.

Another thing, should others encounter neutering in the future, you can ask to have them "glued" I do believe as my middle Shih Tzu was when he was neutered a few years ago. Same with my tiny female when she was spayed.
being productive with an infant...?
Hi everyone!! I have a 6-week-old beautiful baby girl who LOVES to be held all of the time (she is breastfed). I've really been struggling with making production, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on this. I do not want to have to pay a sitter, as I feel I can work this out. Sometimes she is content to lay across my lap, propped against the arm of the couch. This works pretty well (although I'm at a funky angle and make more typing errors)...since she doesn't tolerate the swing or the bouncy seat for very long....
Infant Circumcision
Can anyone direct me to a sample male infant circumcision sample report?  Of all the things to sound simple, I have never done one of these and this is an ESL doc and I can't understand hardly a word...lol...Thanks!!!
Many thanks to my OP on infant seizures. sm

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I went on a mini-vacation the afternoon that I posted my original message and lo and behold, I found things to do that didn't have to do with being on my computer.

One thing I'm happy to report is that my grandson laughed the other day.  First time we've heard him laugh in a couple of months, which was before he started having the seizures..  My 11-year-old daughter has a stuffed monkey that makes kissy noises and then squeals like a monkey when you push a button.  We tried it and he smiled, laughed and kicked his little feet.

He doesn't just sit and stare like he used to, so I guess we're making progress.

At any rate, thank you all so much for your input.  It is very much appreciated.

Could use some personal input on infant seizures. sm

If any you are dealing with or have dealt with seizures with infants, I could sure use some help. 

My grandson is now 8 months old.  He started having seizures a few months ago. (Incidentally after having the usual immunizations).  We all knew something was "wrong," but all that he did at first was roll his eyes back and was referred to pedi ophthalmology and was diagnosed as normal.

Then he started rolling his eyes and tensing his whole body up and then it got worse.  He stopped smiling, stopped making eye contact, etc.  It wasn't until he had a seizure in front of the pedi that something was done.  Supposedly.

After being admitted to the hospital and undergoing EEGs, he was diagnosed with seizures and sent to a pedi neuro specialist.  He's on meds and he's better, but he still has them and there is no way to pinpoint why, where or when he is going to have them.

The poor little guy just suffers so during his episodes.  There is no warning.  He just starts crying in a strange cry.  If I have him with me, I go grab him, hold him close and talk to him and rub his little head and tell him "almost done, almost done." He cries and I cry and then 2 minutes later it's all over.

I hate this.  It breaks my heart, as well as his mom and dad's.

Sorry to be so long, but any input outside of a medical professional standpoint would be helpful and I would  very much appreciate it.



You can't take care of an infant all day and work full time.
My son was diagnosed as an infant. Prevacid helped tremendously! Hope she gets better. nm