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My son was diagnosed as an infant. Prevacid helped tremendously! Hope she gets better. nm

Posted By: Lynn on 2005-09-03
In Reply to: Does anyone have a child with pediatric GERD? sm - mt mama

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Setting goals helped me tremendously
I have had burnout in the past and when I did usually tried to take a day or two off. Do not have it now but I just got tired of making a low salary like I was doing so decided I would increase my speed as far as blocking out everything else during the day in order for me to achieve my goal. This last paycheck really paid off. It was $400 more dollars than the time before and I am staying at the increased line count. I like the money and that is more than enough to put some speed in my production. I do not like those lousy paychecks at all.
that helps tremendously..thank you both!
Wow.. we have an infant amongst us.. nm
I used infant onesies
When my Shih Tzu was neutered, I bought infant onesies that go up to pretty large size but I am not sure if they are big enough to fit your cocker. Also, my now 11 y/o dog, 20#, Shih Tzu (who I unfortunately never got neutered and will never make that mistake again), wears a Huggies size 4 diaper (the ones that have stretchy material and seem to last the best for us) as a "belly band" as he decided to start marking in the house for this past year. I feel he is too old now to be put through anesthesia/neutering so we opt for diapers instead inside the house. Of course, it depends on whether you have a dog that would tear it off as soon as you put it on whereas mine fortunately doesn't touch the diaper.

Another thing, should others encounter neutering in the future, you can ask to have them "glued" I do believe as my middle Shih Tzu was when he was neutered a few years ago. Same with my tiny female when she was spayed.
being productive with an infant...?
Hi everyone!! I have a 6-week-old beautiful baby girl who LOVES to be held all of the time (she is breastfed). I've really been struggling with making production, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on this. I do not want to have to pay a sitter, as I feel I can work this out. Sometimes she is content to lay across my lap, propped against the arm of the couch. This works pretty well (although I'm at a funky angle and make more typing errors)...since she doesn't tolerate the swing or the bouncy seat for very long....
Infant Circumcision
Can anyone direct me to a sample male infant circumcision sample report?  Of all the things to sound simple, I have never done one of these and this is an ESL doc and I can't understand hardly a word...lol...Thanks!!!
Many thanks to my OP on infant seizures. sm

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I went on a mini-vacation the afternoon that I posted my original message and lo and behold, I found things to do that didn't have to do with being on my computer.

One thing I'm happy to report is that my grandson laughed the other day.  First time we've heard him laugh in a couple of months, which was before he started having the seizures..  My 11-year-old daughter has a stuffed monkey that makes kissy noises and then squeals like a monkey when you push a button.  We tried it and he smiled, laughed and kicked his little feet.

He doesn't just sit and stare like he used to, so I guess we're making progress.

At any rate, thank you all so much for your input.  It is very much appreciated.

Could use some personal input on infant seizures. sm

If any you are dealing with or have dealt with seizures with infants, I could sure use some help. 

My grandson is now 8 months old.  He started having seizures a few months ago. (Incidentally after having the usual immunizations).  We all knew something was "wrong," but all that he did at first was roll his eyes back and was referred to pedi ophthalmology and was diagnosed as normal.

Then he started rolling his eyes and tensing his whole body up and then it got worse.  He stopped smiling, stopped making eye contact, etc.  It wasn't until he had a seizure in front of the pedi that something was done.  Supposedly.

After being admitted to the hospital and undergoing EEGs, he was diagnosed with seizures and sent to a pedi neuro specialist.  He's on meds and he's better, but he still has them and there is no way to pinpoint why, where or when he is going to have them.

The poor little guy just suffers so during his episodes.  There is no warning.  He just starts crying in a strange cry.  If I have him with me, I go grab him, hold him close and talk to him and rub his little head and tell him "almost done, almost done." He cries and I cry and then 2 minutes later it's all over.

I hate this.  It breaks my heart, as well as his mom and dad's.

Sorry to be so long, but any input outside of a medical professional standpoint would be helpful and I would  very much appreciate it.



You can't take care of an infant all day and work full time.
Diagnosed w/deQuervain's
I've just been diagnosed this week with deQuervain's tenosynovitis.  I've gotten a splint (very awkward!) and have been prescribed anti-inflammatories.  Are there any exercises to do to help w/this?   My doctor mentioned PT, but I wasn't ready to go just yet.  Surely don't want to have to undergo surgery--thanks very much for any information or personal experiences!
Have you been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia?
I have been diagnosed with every headache there is. I have had 7 surgeries this last 1 1/2 years plus am on multiple medications. I even went so far as to have a C2 neurectomy, which was unsuccessful. My next surgery is hopefully my last. I have an occipital stimulator placed, which works wonders for the headaches and pain in the back of my head. I have to have it hooked up agan, as they removed the wires due to an 8-month long postop infection when I had the wire revised. For frontal ones, I get Botox injections every few months. Not only am I a sufferer but I transcribe for a headache and pain clinic. Feel free to post to me.

You can get rebound headaches, especially if you are using Excedrin Migraine or more than two Fioricet a day. For other people like me, it is a combination of things that are causing them.

Good luck!
Just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes...sm
I would really love to hear from others who have diabetes and any tips on how to live with it.  I just got my testing supplies, a diet guidelines, but now have no idea what to do from here.  Of course my health insurance as of tonight at midnight ends for two months, as I had to switch companies, so hope that does not cause any problems, but we will have to see.  Please feel free to email me or post here.  Thanks. 
Prevacid/Protonix Reaction. Anyone ever had a reaction to these mediciations? (sm))

My dad was placed on Prevacid/Protonix for chronic Coumadin anaphylaxis and it makes him very agitated or tearful.  Anyone ever experience this?

Thanks for the article. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have been...sm
having trouble adjusting and trouble finding a doctor who understands. If others with fibromyalgia wish to correspond, I will post my email address. There are no fibromyalgia support groups in my area and corresponding with someone who understands would be great!
Coffee is a stimulant. My oldest was diagnosed with

severe ADHD.  Meds didn't work and made his heart race to the point that he was very uncomfortable.   He is now 16 and learned coping skills, but he has been off meds since he was 8.   I always tells parents of newly diagnosed children to try giving their child coffee or Mountain Dew on a weekend when they have nothing else going on.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it makes the kids bouncing balls, which is why you don't want to have any other plans that day.  

The drugs are so bad if you can come up with an alternative it would be so much better.  The nurse at our doctor's office told me to take a pill one time to see what my child was experiencing and it was not pleasant.




In time past my child was diagnosed
with a disease that is catastrophic. He was in college and quit that day. I was employed in hospital setting and immediately sat up Cobra, and carried it for about 4 months I think until which time he got a job and got his own medical insurance. My insurance covered as long as the child was in college. I knew with the disease if no insurance bridge would never be able to be covered again and with the cost of the medications needed just an overwhelming thought and even though I have money, would never be able to cover the costs of thousands every month to be paid out.
I have diagnosed myself with motivation necrosis, possibly secondary to DQS. SM
I hope it's not terminal.  Not old enough to retire yet.  Anyone else with this sickness?
Has anyone noticed lately that there has been a lot of people diagnosed with breast cancer?
or is it just my imagination?
I'm wondering how you came to the conclusion that she has manic depression. Was she diagnosed

with this?  From what I read, it doesn't sound like manic depression to me.  Sure, she has some issues going on there, major depression would be a pretty good guess, but does she have any manic episodes?

My ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law were both bipolar which is the new and improved way to say manic depressive and they were the exact opposite of hypochondria.  During the manic phase, they felt like they ruled the world.  According to them, they had never felt better, thought more clearly, or got more done, but the exact opposite was true.  They never slept.  They never finished anything they started.  They were incoherent at times, basically jumping from one subject to the next so you could not carry on any kind of coherent conversation with them.  Sometimes they were even delusional - my mother-in-law thought she was in love with a televangelist and divorced her husband and moved to be closer to the televangelist.  My ex-husband thought he was the victim racism when he got a speeding ticket.  He claimed the officer had something against Hispanics.  Nevermind that my husband was maybe one-eight Mexican on his mother's side and has a German last name.

Those are just a couple of examples of manic behavior.  It can even be more bizarre.  I could write a book based on what I've seen first hand and it can be very scary.

Cold fingers often - diagnosed with Raynaud syndrome many years ago.
I usually try warm water first - if that doesn't help, I have these little packets, normally found in the camping section of stores called hand warmers. One is called Hothands-2(up to 10 hrs of heat), another one called MEGA warmer(12+ hours). One you shake to activate, the other just expose to air - then place them in a pocket or glove. I wear sweats with pockets - put them in my pockets and warm up my hands.

Found these several years ago as we go camping; however, hubby loves going out in late Sept & I'll swear would go all winter if he could. When he's comfortable, I'm turning blue!! He found these for me - and, they also have foot warmers (6 hrs heat), which sometimes I will use in the winter if I'm wearing my moccasins - with socks - while transcribing!!

I hope this applies to companies like Medquist. I hope there
isn't a way they can get around it. I REALLY hope.
what helped me

I had to stay away from situations or places where I tended to smoke. 

I know you cannot quit work just to quit smoking but maybe rearranging your home office/work area could help. 

I also agree with finding a substitute.  For me, it was the holding of the cigarette, not the oral contact, that was a tough one.  I need to have something to do with my hands - try a stress ball if you find your hands feel empty during your breaks.

I quit in 1997 and still crave a cigarette from time to time but the feeling passes quickly.  The first 4 years were really difficult, though.  Good luck.

Thank you to everyone below who helped (sm)
me with the PTO question.  I got an answer so am a happy camper again

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You helped me figure it out...I knew I needed to change something with the field codes but could not find it!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Something good will happen to you for helping me!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you to all who helped me!

Yes, it helped!!! Thanks so much. nm
Me too. She always helped me when
I was helping out on OPs! Now I do them quite a bit, but still need some help here and there!
helped me a lot
I thought the book was very helpful. I think it increased my speed at least by half. For me, it was a worthwhile investment.
I did try all that and it helped some sm
and it definitely made my computer speed up but the dragging is still there.
It's about time someone helped US out
You believe the people being helped are the same ones...

shooting, raping, etc.???  Perhaps some are, but the majority are ordinary working people, and probably some who aren't working.  So what?  They are human beings and deserve to be treated decently.  Who are you to judge that they aren't worthy of help???

As others have mentioned, I hope when you need help you are able to get it.  What a despicable attitude.  I feel sorry for you. 

Thanks for your tips, they helped! NM
Yes, thanks a lot - helped greatly!! NM
I wanted to thank everyone who helped below
about DHs red blotches.  He is feeling fine this morning.  I did tell him the signs of anaphylaxis and to go to the ER if he has any of those symptoms.  We may never know what caused those blotches.  Thanks again!!!  You all rock!
Thanks. A different speaker helped--
Thanks so much. But, it is the sound quality from my company, it is just bad. They have the good system and then a bad system, is how I interpret it. When it is coming from the bad part, it is bad. That's what I think. Don't know, though. Changing speakers helped, and I did not think of that, so thanks so much.
Yes - it helped w/abbreviations, etc.
I think it helps to broaden your knowledge of certain standards if you're job hunting, even if you've never used them.  For example, you won't be surprised when you get a different job or client and someone chews you out about starting a sentence as "27-year-old patient comes in today" (versus "This 27-year-old..." or "Twenty-seven-year-old...").  JMHO and IME
I finally helped someone. Yea!! (nm)

natural products helped me - sm
I feel for you. Different story, (though same in that tubes tied, PMS-crazy 10 out of 30 day each month, teens) but maybe this might help you. I could not opt for hormone tx (diabetic)after hysterectomy (for other changes in cycle; light, then very heavy, then not there) and opted for surgery when fibroids were found.)Immediate surgical menopause resulted in symptoms even though before this my FSH and estradiol levels came back I was not peri.

Researched websites and found natural progesterone cream (bought at local health store)helped me a lot, but wound up on Lexapro (calming) too. Taken together, this was the optimum fix for me.
A mouth guard helped me
Good luck.
Split shift helped me a LOT! Was
getting very painful to type eight hours straight.  It has helped to the point where I barely realize any pain anymore.  Also, I can seem to go "great guns" the first hour or two of my shift, and then slow down some after that. This way, with split shift, I have two sets of "two hours" of gungho, at least as gungho as I can get...LOL. 
I wanted to thank the person that helped me. sm
That Turtle Beach Audio Advantage is really the ticket. I can't believe I was living with such bad sound quality for so long. THANKS SO MUCH! This is really helping immensely.
I'm happy my post helped you....sm

and I NEVER lie!!  It's the truth!!  My only thing today is I don't want to go back out there and re-solicit (I still work for the BIG national part time for now but the day I leave there, I'm hitting the streets again...*LOL*)

Best of luck!!!  You'll do fine!!!  Meeting them all in person to me, where they can see your face, what you emanate in public, one's honesty and directness...I believe the doctors ALL like this!!  And if the office is busy and they cannot see you or interview you, you come back another time - made an appointment.  *S*


Thank you everyone for the input. It helped with my decision.
I have been feeling quite used for years by her, but have been putting up with it because she IS family. My mom did tell me years ago that she hates cooking holiday meals, so she has basically invited herself every year since 1999. We do always have a good time, but I do nearly all the cooking and cleaning up. Sometimes she and her husband show up in time to eat, gather the leftovers, and leave. I go all out for holiday dinners too. I have decided NO more. We cannot be used unless we allow ourselves to be a doormat. Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear, especially those of you who have also dealt with this.
yes, and I found it really helped for awhile sm
then I hit some life situations where I just could not cope. My doctor put me on Lexapro, and it was a life saver. If your depression is mild, 5HTP is a really good start. St. John's Wort barely took the edge off for me, but the 5HTP was quite good.

Thank you so much, I lost a days work not knowing how to do it as the account requires indented numbers. 

Your very welcome Hayseed! glad it helped someone, LOL! sm
is your volume low now too?
I just did a system restore and that seems to have helped. nm
I want to thank everyone that helped with the C-phone question, got another one for ya now.

Okay.. another strange question.  I'm used to just specifying my typing speed on a wpm basis, how do I convert my wpm over to lph?

Thanks again, everyone's been so helpful.

I'm against outsourcing, too. It's helped to ruin a lot of
Mouth guard helped me too. $500 and insurance did not pay, but