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Yes, I'm sure an any problem always involves hundreds of ants, but it's still an ant problem.

Posted By: Ha! on 2006-04-21
In Reply to: Ant? As in ants? - try boric.....nm - boric acid.............

How funny.

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Ants are drawn to water and some ants sugar/grease.

We have had professional exterminators and it didn't phase them.  Get Terro.  You are more likely to find it at Home Depot/Lowes than at the grocery store.  I got traps this year, put them in the places where we had the biggest problem with ants and they are gone, gone, gone.    You can mix sugar and borax with water to dissolve it and then soak cotton balls in it and place around too.  I haven't tried this, though lots of people I know have said it works.   

We had ivy growing up one side of our house and the exterminator told us to get rid of it and that would help, we did and it didn't.  


An operation involves cutting, procedures do not.
It involves all of the fingers from about the mid-palm to fingertips. I also have
stiffness and pain in the knuckle of my middle finger, same hand. No swelling, redness, or warmth of the joint, though. Thanks!
This story involves a rude physician, as well.
He was dictating along, never pausing. I heard a door open and then close, a clunk (toilet seat being lifted) and well, the sound of rushing stream of water. He never stopped dictating, even while zipping up and leaving the restroom.

Like you, I was highly insulted, especially since he seemed to have a smile on his face when he was dictating - like he knew I would hear this - I never made eye contact with him after than unless he asked a question.
This also involves AHDI, so I think it should be discussed here on the Main Board, not just MQ's
Hundreds of thousands
Told to us by this lying administration that has been discredited, this administration who has lied to us many times in the past five years..Yes, Saddams administration did kill but so have we..We are worse than Saddam..We have killed tens of thousands of INNOCENT Iraqis, we have invaded a soverign state which caused no harm to us, we also due to our immoral illegal war have caused over 1,700+ Americans to die, also thousands more maimed and emotionally destroyed..We are the monster we removed..Bush equals Saddam..They are equal..They are in essence brothers.. 
Hundreds of docs
Me, too!  I just want to cry when people talk about being able to set up templates because I may not get the same doc again for weeks, if not months, let alone skipping from immunology to hepatology to dermatology to cardiology to neurology (pant pant pant, too much skipping) and then to several other specialities as well.  Jack of all specialities, master of none.  Sigh.
I am on only 2 accounts, I have hundreds
of expanders, and create templates for the doctors that say the same things (physicals, op notes, etc) and I try to work for 2 hours at a time without taking a break. Plus, my MTSO has an excellent platform to work with.
Nope, me and hundreds of other MTs. You obviously no not what you're
posting about! Compare me to Clinton, fine with me! I'm not sticking my neck out for hanging by explaining anything in detail to you! If I did, I would be "nutz"! Again, nuff said. You are STILL alone out here!  Bye!
I do hundreds of different docs. Not a problem.

Maybe because I've always had a knack for understanding foreign accents since I was a kid.  Why I don't know. Maybe because I was an "Army brat" until I was about 6 years old and my dad would always tell stories and jokes in different accents and I have relatives in Canada, both French and Scottish.

Whatever it is that makes me understand, I still have a problem with the docs that sound as if they're halfway through a bottle of scotch and then get to ROS and turn into Speedy Gonzales and do the whole ROS in one breath.

If you've been an MT as long as I have (going on 20 years, ugh) you can pretty much figure out what they're going to say anyway and know enough to leave the "S" of  "Patient(s) is a 20-year(s) old male.


Oh really? I did it twice AND got employee of the month out of hundreds of MTs. nm
Hundreds - all acute care too! nm
California has the most ants I have ever seen in any other part of the country, LOL.  Its amazing.  My cousin in Brooklyn told me to put Bounce sheets and bounce liquid wherever ants are and they will not cross it, they will be gone.  Well, I bought the Bounce sheets and put them under my cat and dog bowls as my cats and dogs do not eat all right away, they like to leave the bowls half full and come back later which means millions of ants in their bowls.  The Bounce works pretty good.  Has to be a fresh sheet under the bowl each day.  Also I finally bought the Bounce liquid and poured a little around the bowl and repeat it each day.  Seems to keep the ants away out here in the desert..and let me tell ya, nothing keeps these ants away.  Last year I had two lizards, they were my pets.  They were in their tank and the next day I opened the tank and ants had gotten into the tank and they were dead with hundreds of ants eating them.  My sweet lizards.  What an awful site.  I hate ants..
 My best weapon so far for ants in the house is my stupid cat!  He loves to swat at them, then play with them for a bit, then dinner time.  He's always been a bit off lol.
you know spring is here when the ants arrive!
Go to a catalog online for GARDENS ALIVE. They sell safe ant "killer" for less than $10.00. It's some kind of goop they eat and take back to nest to share with others. Works for me every spring!
Go to Walmart and buy Terro (sp?). You place a drop of it on a piece of the cardboard of the box it came in. We had a serious problem with ants and this is what we used. The ants would line up to eat it and take it back to the colony. After a week, they were all gone.
Try Terro Ant Baits.  It's a liquid bait that they have to crawl into and they carry it back to the rest.  You just let the ants run in and out of the bait and don't disturb them, but sometimes for a bad ant infestation it takes about 3 weeks.  They are extremely attracted to the bait and it works really well.  It will get rid of the entire bunch.  I don't know where you live but I usually find them at Walgreens, Walmart, True Value Hardware stores, etc.  Good luck!
when I post a job, I get literally hundreds of responses
- that's without offshore-- and people with good skills and experience are willing to work anywhere from 18 cpl to 12 cpl to 6 cpl. So I would say yes, the field is becoming increasingly more competitive
Ant? As in ants? - try boric.....nm

ants remedy
I know this sounds ridiculous, but it works.  Used to have terrible ants, especially around by cat bowls because cat food contains protine which ants like.  Found this on line.  Simply use laundry dryer sheets - they hate the smell.  Also bay leaves from the spice department.  It works too.
ants on the table
I have heard that if you have ants and can't get rid of them you also have termites. Hate to scare you, but you might want to hve it checked out to be sure. I worked for us at one place we lived. Good luck, hope it is nothing bad.
That was hundreds of thousands of WELL-WRITTEN and WELL EDITED letters
Lots of ants this year
We have a ton of ants in our potted plants on the patio.  We're moving and don't want to move all the ants with us when we go.  Any suggestions on how to kill the ants but not the plants?
ants on the kitchen table
Anybody else have a problem with ants on the table.  We even fogged the house, used raid and still they come back.  Any suggestions?
Tarro for ants (keep away for Children and Pets)
Worked great for me - like nothing else!
You seem to forget the HUNDREDS of thousands Saddam killed, execution style.
Trick for keeping ants off picnic tables
I know you're asking about anywhere but when we would have picnics, we would use old tuna or catfood cans and wipe them all over, inside and out, with vegetable oil or mineral oil and then set the legs of the table in them. The ants couldn't climb the slippery outsides of the cans to get onto the table. It really worked.

You might try looking up the types of birds and beatles that eat ants and keeping a few natural predators around the flowerbeds.