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An operation involves cutting, procedures do not.

Posted By: x on 2006-02-20
In Reply to: operative report vs procedure - confused


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10% to 15% MTs are cutting pay cuts or thats how much they are cutting from everyone's pay?
Know any good companys that are hiring? LOL
It involves all of the fingers from about the mid-palm to fingertips. I also have
stiffness and pain in the knuckle of my middle finger, same hand. No swelling, redness, or warmth of the joint, though. Thanks!
This story involves a rude physician, as well.
He was dictating along, never pausing. I heard a door open and then close, a clunk (toilet seat being lifted) and well, the sound of rushing stream of water. He never stopped dictating, even while zipping up and leaving the restroom.

Like you, I was highly insulted, especially since he seemed to have a smile on his face when he was dictating - like he knew I would hear this - I never made eye contact with him after than unless he asked a question.
This also involves AHDI, so I think it should be discussed here on the Main Board, not just MQ's
Daughter's Eye Operation

We just found out that my 3-year-old has to have her eye operated on on August 24th.  Her eye turns in and glasses therapy hasn't helped.  They're going to cut the muscle in her eye so that it's not as tight and can move the eye straight.  I was wondering if anyone else had to go through this?  I had the choice between our local hospital or nearby surgery center and I chose the surgery center thinking it may not look as frightening to a 3-year-old. 

Operation Christmas Child
Just wanted to say that I commend you, MT STARS, for the efforts put forth in bringing Operation Christmas Child to so many children who, otherwise, might not have a very merry Christmas. We often forget those less fortunate, but you seem to rise to the occasion every time to help those less fortunate. I hope everyone will support this extremely worth cause and help MT Stars in the effort to bless a lot more children at this very special time of the year.  KUDOS to you, MT Stars. Merry Christmas to All.
Do you want to have employees or a 1-woman operation? nm
How does one become a candidate for Operation Christmas Child? sm
I have a friend who is in dire need this Christmas and she just let us know.
The actual operation you're performing is Fill Down.
I should have mentioned that before. It's a shortcut that eliminates the need to copy and paste. It's one of many and is located under the Edit menu. For example, series can be used to increase in increments, like for dates.
MTStars partners with Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child and
Salvation Army's Christmas Angel program annually.
ortho procedures
 It sounds like the MD is saying "oatsi"  this is on a patellofemoral procedure. Can anyone help?
If the clinic does procedures or is SM

accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of HEALTHCARE Organizations, they have to comply.

I think gynecologic procedures
get me- it makes me sick to my stomach to hear some of the stuff they do, like I can feel it myself. And could there be a creepier term than uterine cry???
I have them for routine procedures for
the same doc -- T&A, cholecystectomies, appy's, and a lot of my orthopedic doctors. I also have them for ROS and PE exams. I just leave jump markers for values, right/left, and things like that.
Mayor NO followed NONE of the procedures he was supposed to
Heard this on the radio.  There are certain steps in the city emergency procedures that are to be followed on a local level, state level, national level.   The mayor of NO for all his complaining about the Federal Government, did not follow any of the procedures he was required to.  Interesting.
I like procedures/ops, because of not fooling with grammar much or Sm
drugs, new stuff. I am lazy and don't like to work very long in the day!
Ask your QA what the account considers procedures sm
and make a list.

This really CAN be confusing at times.
What types of procedures? I love doing

cardiac caths because most docs will say the same thing over and over, same for bypass grafting, just different grafts and locations.  All in all the procedures stay basically the same.  This also works for cardioverting, just change the joules where appropriate.  When I do a cath or other procedure for the first time. I will make a normal for it then make changes as they come along.  These procedures can be good for the line count!.  Also, in your short keys, make short cuts for left and right anterior descending, ejection fraction, end diastolic pressure, etc., you get the picture.  They will use these a lot. 

I have found that most of the time the more difficult dictators are the ones that will basically go word for word in dictating their reports.  Good luck! 

Most vet. meds/procedures/techniques are
Link to watch live OR procedures


Fascinating stuff! 

Need tips on being productive with cardiology procedures
If the cutting you take is - sm
woody (stiff and tree-like), then you really should dip the end in some rooting hormone and start it in dirt under a plastic bag until you see new growth. Woody cuttings are hard to start in water, and sometimes just rot. English Ivy has woody branches, unless you cut the very last inch or two off a branch, which may root in water. Hope this helps.
MT not cutting it
Most places allow a 90 day probationary period.  I would think half way thru that a new MT should be able to at least be fairly proficient with at least one work type and the easier dictators.  There has to be an equal upward progression in both speed and quality.  I have learned from experience though it's better to dismiss someone that you can tell just is not going to get it - no matter how much time you give them.
QA, pay not cutting it
I accidentally posted a (whinier) version of this to the Medquist board, oops. Sorry if anyone is seeing this as a double post.

I have a community college certification in medical transcription, but have only been able to find work as QA. I've been working QA for about 9 months and now do oncology exclusively - I had transcription work for a while, but then the account went over to an electronic system and that went out the window.

The pay I'm getting right now ($0.02 a line as an independent contractor) really isn't cutting it. I know I'm relatively new, but I just don't have 5-10 years to spend making this kind of money to get enough experience for a company that will pay me enough money to live on!

After losing the transcription work I had, I don't have much faith in transcription itself for a career. I think editing would be best, since presumably even doctors/hospitals utilizing an electronic program need someone to edit/proofread the reports generated. So, is it possible to find a QA position that pays adequately? Do salaried QA positons exist? What's the difference between QA and a transcription editor, if any, and how does one make that transition?

Should I just go back to school and become a coder instead?

I would also appreciate links to any QA/transcription Editor message boards.

I want to specify that I am grateful for my job. I like my supervisor and I greatly appreciate that someone gave me a chance. It's just that I can't live off it!

Thank you so much for any input.
Repetative procedures you can template for faster lines..easy $$ nm
I don't think cutting wages is against the law.
Not paying overtime for employees, inappropriate classification of statutory employees, etc., those items fall under DOL.

If cutting wages was a crime, then the airlines, factories, hospitals, virtually all businesses would be under "investigation" and in grave trouble.

What are you trying to accomplish with your post? Just put information out there about a company you won't name? Wanting advice? Truly, I don't understand what you are wanting in reply.

Cutting back.
My whole point in saying that some might need to reevaluate how they are living is that those complaining shouldn't be. Coming on these boards to complain about making money is quite disrespectful to those who are struggling to make half of what they make or are watching their family members struggle to survive because they don't have a job anymore. Does that make sense?
Don't forget the "good Mayor" who did not follow standard emergency procedures
But he sure is quick to throw blame on everyone else. 
I understand that cutting back on
caffeine helps. If you work alone (as I do), try to use your speakers instead of headphones as much as you can.

Better no word than the company cutting you off before
Try cutting out soda and replace with
Green tea. I don't know if it will work but I cut out all diet pop this week and have been drinking diet green tea...Arizona brand, Lipton Citrus, and I've been making my own just with tea bags. I'm also 43, lost my dad in October, really depressed here in the Wisconsin winter, and a week ago I was at my highest nonpregnant weight. Well, let's see, actually I weighed about the same as I did at the end of my pregnancy with my first child back at age 21...and I gained 50 pounds during that pregnancy! So...not so good. I can't go all the way on induction again, but I have been watching my carbs this week, although I really believe that even without that, this green tea is helping curb my appetite. I used to sit here and grab a snack and always be munching on something all day long. I haven't been as hungry and have hardly been snacking during the day. I'm also not falling asleep in my chair at 2-3 every day. It might be a little change you could try and see if it works for you. One other thing I've done...I've actually gone outside and walked. I work all the time and never make time to exercise, but I was feeling at my wits end and very depressed at getting to that weight. So, on Sunday before anyone got up, I went outside and actually walked for nearly an hour..and it was 32 degrees, although sunny. I've done that 4 more times this past week, when weather has permitted, and I mentally feel better. I've lost 8 pounds this week with these little changes, but mentally feel much better and am just taking it one day at a time to keep it up.
Are you still cutting and pasting normals? I can't do
Cutting and pasting from Word....
...was grounds for immediate dismissal at one place I worked.  So what I did was put an icon for the clipboard on my Toolbar so it was easy to clear the clipboard after every report.  That way there was no danger of accidently cutting and pasting onto the wrong report.
Sounds like they are cutting wages.
They want us to type for free.
Yes, I'm sure an any problem always involves hundreds of ants, but it's still an ant problem.
How funny.
Medical institutions are going to feel it as well. They WILL be cutting
Single spaces when cutting and pasting.
I was told when we first went on that platform that even though it looks different when you cut and paste, when it prints out, it matches the other part of the report.  I was never able to verify that by printing it myself, but that's what my manager told me. 
editing/cutting/pasting charging

Would like to know what to charge a potential client that is using voice recog for their discharge summeries, but they want me to cut and paste it into the form on their system. 

Any suggests on how to charge for this since I will not be listening to the actual dictation and doing it.


thanx for any help


typing in MEditech and cutting and pasting - here's how I do it
When you are in Meditech, and it says something like - I can't remember what it asks, but it says something along the lines of Y/N RTF Editor or something like that - ... type yes, and it brings you into Word. Type your report, and then click on the RED X in the corner of your page and HIT YES. This will cross the report OVER INTO Meditech. Then proceed with finalizing your report the way you do.

Hope this helps
Exercise, cutting down on sugar, and Prozac helps me. nm
Could anyone recommend a good headset and where they got it. Mine keeps cutting out.
I have had a heck of a time finding a good set of ear phones.. Everytime I buy a pair they either break, cord isnt long enough or sound quality isnt good.. HELP...
Hey, it you arent cutting me a check, dont edit
I love procedures, colonscopes, EGDs, cardiac caths - this stuff earns me the good money, ESL or no!

As long as you are cutting and pasting inside DQS, its okay. Just don't try to paste from a Word
The company cutting cpl, the company stopping paying for headers