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You have to graduate from

Posted By: mt33 on 2008-10-16
In Reply to: Free college in GA? - could you tell more about that?

a GA high school to qualify for the Hope Scholarship.  Graduates with at least a B average get tuition paid for (not room/board).  You also must maintain a B average through college in order to maintain it.

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How long does it take for a graduate to get a job? It all depends on the graduate!?
I did just graduate and... sm
from one of the "big 3." I got hired right away, but no matter where you go initially, the pay sucks. Only those with experience make very good money because no doctors will give a newbie a chance, hospitals won't, and the national companies know this and pay poorly. It's a catch 22, no experience=no hire, no hire=no experience. As far as having "certification," only after 2 years experience are you actually certified. If the school you checked out told you otherwise, they are just after your money.
CS graduate
Yes, that is true. I am a Career Step graduate and was hired at Spheris immediately upon passing my final exam. Spheris is an "industry partner" to CS as well as many other companies.

The course was very thorough and prepared me well for employment. Your friend made an excellent decision!
AHP MT graduate here...
It took me 5 years, but Im working 1 full-time and 1 part-time IC and making about 45,000+ and do get praised on my work... Thank you very much. LOL They never once said it was easy work and stress that working at home is not for everybody. I think some people hear what they want to hear. I could make more, but sometimes I question my career choice as it just seems too close to factory work for my taste sometimes.
did u not graduate HS? curious...nm
What year did you graduate? nm
recent graduate

I just finished school back in Nov. of 2005. I've been looking and looking for a job online and still have had no luck. The only response I seem to get bac from anyone is that I don't have enough experience. Does anyone have any pointers on what I should I do, or how I should approach this field? Please help me!!! I don't know what to do anymore!!

recent graduate

I graduated this year from a community college which used the Career Step program in addition to some other courses.  It was all done online.  I have been working for 3 months, and have learned almost as much from working as from school so far.  The difference is that you are doing 800-1200 lines a day so you are exposed to a lot more information.  However, I don't believe I would have passed the entrance exams without everything I did pick up with the schooling. 

I would definitely encourage formal training of some sort because it is such a competitive industry.  I honestly don't think you could get hired from home, or pass an entrance exam without a good deal of training.  The 98% accuracy they are looking for on their tests is tough to hit without very strong grammar, med terminology, and AAMT/AHDI standards knowledge.  I am not making much money now, but I know within a year it will be different.  I am home and that is invaluable to me!

Good luck! 


Not sure when doctors graduate their patients but
I have boys and we stopped when my oldest was 11 because they always made them strip down to their undies for checkups and checked their privates and I didn't feel that was necessary and my boys hated it. 
Lots of doctors graduate with $200,000 in

student loans and a rural setting normally will not pay as much.  Maybe the practice is small and enough patient's don't come in, maybe lots of them done have insurance or the insurance companies don't have a set fee across the country that they will approve, but what is the norm for a particular region.  More and more larger practices are adding hospitalists so that doctors aren't having to make rounds now, but there was a need to have the office close to a hospital before.  If doctors do surgery or don't have hospitalists, being close to a hospital is important so they can get there quickly in the event of an emergency.  Some docs want to specialize and there might not be enough interest in rural areas.   I also living in a rural setting, though the doctors in our area aren't very good and I would never go to one of them.   I think there are still doctors who want to practice in a rural setting, but they just can't afford to. 


Some people get jobs even if they don't graduate because
they can't pass their school final. I've seen some that have the poorest grammar skills I've ever seen, yet they still find someone to hire them, even though some of the MTs in India do better work.
did everyone graduate MQs "Code fo Conduct" course? -- what a crock
that's like you stealing my purse and then sending me to class on how not to steal purses....
Sue, I'm inviting YOU when I graduate from nursing school...LOL
What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Re: What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Malvern High School, Malvern, Arkansas, Class of 1971!
I remember when I learned the keyboard-in-lap trick from a new graduate . . .
I was horrified to watch this 20 year in a reclining chair with the keyboard in her lap. I learned old school, of course: Sit up straight, elbows at side, blah blah. Well, it was immediate relief when I plopped that thing in my lap.

BTW, I never did get my invention off the ground - it was going to be a transcriber recliner, especially helpful for those with circulation problems. I wanted to retrofit a recliner so that the foot pedal could fit onto the footrest. Of course, being able to see the monitor might be an issue now that I wear bifocals!
if a high school graduate was correcting my transcibed
Who IS this gung-ho recent graduate of the Board Police Academy? Lordamercy! nm