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did everyone graduate MQs "Code fo Conduct" course? -- what a crock

Posted By: MadamX on 2005-09-06
In Reply to:

that's like you stealing my purse and then sending me to class on how not to steal purses....

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How long does it take for a graduate to get a job? It all depends on the graduate!?
Code of Conduct
This thing is REALLY for the ones that got all the lawsuits started, now WE have to suffer. At least we get paid for probably the most boring hour on earth!!
Code of Conduct Training Course

Has any other MQ MTs gotten an email to complete this training course?  It says  "MQ has always prided itselt in doing business ethically." Since when??  What a joke!!

Geez. We can't even conduct civil communications in this country
...or have civil discourse or intelligent argument. It goes to name calling every time. That is SO embarassing to our country.

The "troll" name calling and other such juvenile antics/responses and the like. Embarassing. People should try and engage in respectful disagreement. No one will listen to you if you're calling them names like an ignoramous. (Note the use of word "LIKE", implying "similar to", not saying you are ignorant.) Have some self respect and do better than that.

And NO one was "attacking" anyone. Lighten UP. If you're that miserable, for God's sake, change careers.
I did just graduate and... sm
from one of the "big 3." I got hired right away, but no matter where you go initially, the pay sucks. Only those with experience make very good money because no doctors will give a newbie a chance, hospitals won't, and the national companies know this and pay poorly. It's a catch 22, no experience=no hire, no hire=no experience. As far as having "certification," only after 2 years experience are you actually certified. If the school you checked out told you otherwise, they are just after your money.
CS graduate
Yes, that is true. I am a Career Step graduate and was hired at Spheris immediately upon passing my final exam. Spheris is an "industry partner" to CS as well as many other companies.

The course was very thorough and prepared me well for employment. Your friend made an excellent decision!
AHP MT graduate here...
It took me 5 years, but Im working 1 full-time and 1 part-time IC and making about 45,000+ and do get praised on my work... Thank you very much. LOL They never once said it was easy work and stress that working at home is not for everybody. I think some people hear what they want to hear. I could make more, but sometimes I question my career choice as it just seems too close to factory work for my taste sometimes.
You have to graduate from
a GA high school to qualify for the Hope Scholarship.  Graduates with at least a B average get tuition paid for (not room/board).  You also must maintain a B average through college in order to maintain it.
did u not graduate HS? curious...nm
What year did you graduate? nm
recent graduate

I just finished school back in Nov. of 2005. I've been looking and looking for a job online and still have had no luck. The only response I seem to get bac from anyone is that I don't have enough experience. Does anyone have any pointers on what I should I do, or how I should approach this field? Please help me!!! I don't know what to do anymore!!

recent graduate

I graduated this year from a community college which used the Career Step program in addition to some other courses.  It was all done online.  I have been working for 3 months, and have learned almost as much from working as from school so far.  The difference is that you are doing 800-1200 lines a day so you are exposed to a lot more information.  However, I don't believe I would have passed the entrance exams without everything I did pick up with the schooling. 

I would definitely encourage formal training of some sort because it is such a competitive industry.  I honestly don't think you could get hired from home, or pass an entrance exam without a good deal of training.  The 98% accuracy they are looking for on their tests is tough to hit without very strong grammar, med terminology, and AAMT/AHDI standards knowledge.  I am not making much money now, but I know within a year it will be different.  I am home and that is invaluable to me!

Good luck! 


Not sure when doctors graduate their patients but
I have boys and we stopped when my oldest was 11 because they always made them strip down to their undies for checkups and checked their privates and I didn't feel that was necessary and my boys hated it. 
Lots of doctors graduate with $200,000 in

student loans and a rural setting normally will not pay as much.  Maybe the practice is small and enough patient's don't come in, maybe lots of them done have insurance or the insurance companies don't have a set fee across the country that they will approve, but what is the norm for a particular region.  More and more larger practices are adding hospitalists so that doctors aren't having to make rounds now, but there was a need to have the office close to a hospital before.  If doctors do surgery or don't have hospitalists, being close to a hospital is important so they can get there quickly in the event of an emergency.  Some docs want to specialize and there might not be enough interest in rural areas.   I also living in a rural setting, though the doctors in our area aren't very good and I would never go to one of them.   I think there are still doctors who want to practice in a rural setting, but they just can't afford to. 


Some people get jobs even if they don't graduate because
they can't pass their school final. I've seen some that have the poorest grammar skills I've ever seen, yet they still find someone to hire them, even though some of the MTs in India do better work.
Sue, I'm inviting YOU when I graduate from nursing school...LOL
What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Re: What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Malvern High School, Malvern, Arkansas, Class of 1971!
I remember when I learned the keyboard-in-lap trick from a new graduate . . .
I was horrified to watch this 20 year in a reclining chair with the keyboard in her lap. I learned old school, of course: Sit up straight, elbows at side, blah blah. Well, it was immediate relief when I plopped that thing in my lap.

BTW, I never did get my invention off the ground - it was going to be a transcriber recliner, especially helpful for those with circulation problems. I wanted to retrofit a recliner so that the foot pedal could fit onto the footrest. Of course, being able to see the monitor might be an issue now that I wear bifocals!
if a high school graduate was correcting my transcibed
Who IS this gung-ho recent graduate of the Board Police Academy? Lordamercy! nm
I had a crock years ago, that was a 'crock'. So, I've never replaced it. I know lots of people who love theirs, and am starting to think about getting one. I need a small one (I'm single and have a roomie, and we're neither one very big eaters). If anyone has any ideas, feel free to forward them (I don't need a shrink - they've already thrown me back, but other suggestions are welcome hehe)
crock pot
I have used them twice, what a blessing!
It is definitely a crock and a rip off....
Not just them either........BOS - what a crock!!!
What a crock!.....nm
BOS is a crock!

The only reason the AAMT (or whatever they call themselves now) changes the BOS is to make money-- plain and simple!  They think by changing commas, abbreviations, etc., they can call the previous BOS "outdated", so of course you have to spend money on buying a new one.  The AAMT was ALWAYS about making money for themselves in any way possible instead of sticking up for the MTs that are supposed to keep up with all these changes while our paychecks get smaller every year.  They want to certify foreigner MTs just so they can keep the money coming in.  I dropped my CMT a long time ago because they kept changing the requirements for the CEs and I got tired of paying their ridiculous dues when they had done absolutely nothing for me in the 20 years I was certified.  Who says the BOS is the "bible" of transcription anyway?  Who died and left the power-hungry women of AAMT in charge anyway?  

The whole thing is a crock!
crock pot stuff, one more
This is something I made when my kids were growing up. SO EASY! A blade pot roast is what I always used. Put IN crockpot...sprinkle on a package of taco seasoning mix, NO LIQUIDS. Cook eight to 10 hours. Shred meat and serve on tortillas, put out chopped onions, chopped green chili peppers, avacado, chopped tomato, actually anything the kids like...let them make their own soft tacos. Enjoy.
cooking in crock pot right now
Either beef stew meat OR a chuck, whatever.  One can cream of celery, one can cream of mushroom and one can french onion.  Don't have do do a thing.  Delicious
This is a crock - here are the facts about IQ

Okay, here are the facts for those who care (like me).

There are many standardized IQ  tests.  Some only go to 140.  Some tests can go up to 180.  So basically it depends on what IQ test was given just how relatively smart these people are.  I seriously doubt any of these folks actually published something as personal as an IQ score and even if they did, I would question the validity.   You cannot make a blanket statement when comparing IQs.  One more time (for those who didn't read my last post) -- think about high IQs like this -- it is simply processing speed, just like your computer.  Many IQ tests are auditory memory and/or processing skills -- i.e. you have $1.75 and three of the coins are dimes -- what are the other coins and how many of each. ..that type of thing.  I stress that while IQ is important -- what is more important are other qualities such as character, learning from experience, attitude, resiliency, etc.    I would also add that unfortunately research shows neurocognitive diseases such AD, etc. are very unkind to the extremely intelligent.

I have been a member of American Mensa for years....and find it to be a very valuable wealth of information -- ESPECIALLY  in regard to the testing and studies they have done on gifted children.  Very interesting research and publishing in their magazines of information on smart kiddos (like yours I am sure.) 

: I left Houston and moved to Chicago increasing the average IQ of both places :)

AND if you are going to dis MENSA -- there is another organization called Intertel of which I am also a member whose IQ requirement is 99.9.   What we actually do is covert -- but I am at last relieved that they can no longer harvest my eggs :)


Other crock pot food -
I have done a lasagna that turned out pretty good, I sometimes throw in some boneless skinless chicken breasts with some homemade BBQ sauce, have done chicken and dumplings which was good, spaghetti sauce. I would actually love some new recipes. The crock pot is so handy - I like to just throw stuff in and forget about it. My husband also works late a lot so he just lets me know when he is on the way and I can just throw on some veggies to go with whatever is in the crock pot.
What a crock! They don't really care what MTs
Their goal is to change the organization so it is open to IT professionals, vendors and others in order to gain larger membership numbers.  The staff and leaders have realized the organization has such a lowsy reputation with MTs that we're not going to join and they've given up on us.  They are not a professional organization for professionals.  They consider themselves a professional organization for the finished product of the profession (the healthcare record), not for the workers they were incorporated to support.  Any list will be totally useless to them.  They've simply assigned you busy work that they don't really care about.
This whole organization is a crock
Someone has to pay for all their travel, first class all the way.

I am still shaking my head i amazement about the one biggie in the organization who got his CMT with only 1 year of at home training doing office notes - no hospital experience, etc. This shows how truly worthless the whole certification process is. Credentialing should reflect adequate training in all areas of the profession, and it certainly degrades the title if someone was able to get certified by doing doctor office/clinic notes.

lemon crock pot chicken

21/2 # chicken, cut up, 1/4 cup flour, 2 T cooking oil, 1 6 oz frozen lemonade,

thawed. 3 T brown sugar, 3 T catsup, 1 T vinegard, 2 T cold water, 2 T cornstarch. Combine flour with 1-1/4 tsp. salt. Coat chicken and brown thoroughly in hot oil. Place in crock pot. Stir together lemonade, brown sugar, catsup and vinegar. Pour over chicken. Cover and cook on high heat 3 to 4 hours. Remove chicken. Pour liquid into saucepan. Return chicken to crock pot and cover to keep warm. Skim fat from liquid. Blend cold water into cornstarch and stir into hot liquid. Cook, stirring until thickened and bubbly. Serve chicken with gravy over hot cooked rice, noodles, or whatever you like.



"Happy MQer" What a crock!

 I totally agree with MQMT2 about how you should "spend" your check. 

40 clove chicken in the crock pot
Boy would I (and I am sure lots of us) love to have that recipe for 40 clove garlic chicken in the crock pot.  My mouth is watering.  hope it was good.
40 clove chicken in the crock pot
Big thank you....I can smell it now...tutu
Crock pot recipe with milk
Months ago there was a recipe for something and onions and milk -- It wasn't chicken but that's what I substituted and it was awesome.  I can't find the recipe.  If the original poster will reproduce it, I won't lose it again -- promise!!!
what a crock, using lies on your kids like that
you are an unscrupulous mt/mtso

BOS is a crock, but commas are still important!

Especially as demonstrated in the post above.  I think we all know (or should know) when a comma will change the meaning of a sentence.  I agree that is very important.  I believe in the AHDI BOS, Third Edition, it states that comma punctuation points are not deducted on audits because most of them are open to interpretation anyway.  Some sentences could take them or leave them, doesn't matter.

Somebody please tell me why these stupid hyphens are so important!!!!  How can they change the meaning of a sentence?  And another thing, who has the right to change the title punctuation in M.D. to MD.  We tried that on our account, HA, HA, HA.  Heard from those doctors right away and they did not like it one bit.  These things are why I say BOS is designed to cut an MT's pay, make more money for the MTSOs, and to give QA something to do! 

anyone have a good crock pot chicken recipe?

Anyone want to share their favorite crock pot recipe?

Put it in the crockpot and forget about it. It's a pan recipe but can be done in the crock pot ju
Roast, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot...yum!
In my most humble opinion, I think credentialing is a crock. SM

You hit the nail on the head - its a test created by a group that requires you pay $100 or so for membership (I haven't checked what their fees are for a while), $80 for their rule book, and then $300 to take their test.  And for what?  A penny more per line, maybe? 

Not to mention, the organization which is supposed to be setting the tone and the standards in the medical transcription industry continually and consistently subverts the interests of the American MTs that were the life's blood of their association at its inception back in the good 'ol days.  Without us, their little club would not have grown as it did.  Instead of focusing on the needs of the American MTs and championing causes that would improve our industry and our pay checks, they have embraced offshoring, calling it the globalization of the workforce and say it the wave of the future and its progress.  And as they ride this wave of the future, they leave the American MT in their wake betrayed and alone and poor.

I have have a deep moral objection to giving one cent of my hard earned money to the AHDI.  They can keep their credentials and their membership dues.  Seeing "CMT" behind someone's name doesn't make me respect them anymore that them not being a CMT.  Quite the contrary, I start thinking their $300 sold out another American MT.  Good Job!  You're a CMT, yay! 

crock pot. seach for recipe on google for specifics.
i'm not even thining about dinner.
just put the 20 garlic chicken in the crock pot. Smells GREAT!
smoked picnic in crock pot...no muss, no fuss
Add to crockpot (no water needed). Cook high 4 to 5 hours and lo 11 to 12 hours.
What a crock. I've solved it by starting to put in commas
more Keystrokes for me, and hey - QA just LOVES their commas! The more the better, in their eyes.
Thank god for crock pots. 'cept the smell drives you crazy all day.