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Sue, I'm inviting YOU when I graduate from nursing school...LOL

Posted By: nm on 2006-07-09
In Reply to: My rule of thumb is a $100 minimum - Sue


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if a high school graduate was correcting my transcibed
Nursing school
I am a RN. I went to school with a lady in her 50's. She did just fine. I taught aid classes for a while and always encouraged my students to get LVN first then go for RN so you are on the right track. Besides, RN just do alot of paperwork.
I am in nursing school right now...

to get a BSN. I've been in the health care field, including paramedic, medical assistant, etc., and doing MT off and on throughout the past 25 years.  However, seeing the handwriting on the wall re: the future of MT, I decided not to wait until I didn't have a job to try to find one. I own an MTSO, so I make plenty of money now, probably more than I would make as an RN, but I'm not stupid-- that's only going to last another 5 years...so in the meantime I'm in school! I am in a four year program, it was extremely competitive to get in (1000 applicants, took 70). If you didn't have a GPA of 3.5 you didn't get it. So you will have to take that into consideration. There are long waiting lists at all schools though If you go to a community college 2 year program probably the grades won't be such an issue. You will also have to take plenty of prerequesites, which will keep you busy for 1-2 years. The good news is hopefully your MT job will be flexible enough so you can work around a changing school schedule, plus it's not like you have to drive somewhere to work. With your experience in medical records, you will be very strong in charting and every one in your class, including your teachers, will ask you how to spell words. You will at least be familiar with drugs and their uses, i.e. Aricept is for Alzheimer's.

Although it will be very difficult, know that at least you have a future ahead of you that can't be outsourced to India. My friend just finished the same program 2 years ago and she is working 32 hours per week, 3-11 shift at the community hospital and making over $50K plus benefits. That ought to help you get through school!


I am in nursing school too...sm
I had an associate of science degree from community college, but then had to take some more prerequisites, including developmental psychology, nutrition and organic chem. I am going for a BSN initially. It took me 2 semesters to get my pre-req's done, then my program is 5 semesters (no summer school). However, I would caution you-- the admit to nursing programs can be quite competitive esp at university level. We had 1000 applicants and they only took 70. If you didn't have a 3.5 GPA, you didn't get it. In addition, nursing school is GRUELING. They only have a full time program. I asked about part time and they said, if you don't want to go full time, get out of the way because 933 other people want your spot. Although all my classmates are straight A students (which you would have to be to get in), some are even failing classes -- that's how hard it is. Not only do you have to attend class, you have to write papers and do a whole bunch of other work outside the classroom. I study all day when I am not in school. My husband does all the cooking and we just skip cleaning for now (LOL). I will be going on for my master's straight out of the BSN class because I already have medical experience (was a medical assistant for years and also a paramedic). So good luck to you and email me if you have any more questions...
Does anyone think 41 is too old to go to nursing school to become a LPN? I love MT, but have
an interest in helping people.  Money is not the issue at all.  I would love to be involved and help in the medical world, but I am worried about my age?
If you want to go back to school for nursing, go for it -
I'm doing it too. I discovered there is quite a chunk of money out there for grants, loans, scholarships, et cetera for nursing students.

I can't keep sitting back and watching my income slide off in giant chunks with every new change in the platform and editing.

Once upon a time, I was making almost 30.00 per hour on average and now I'm lucky if I get 20.00 per hour. BIG difference.

I was considering going back to school for nursing...
I originally planned on doing that many years ago before I got sidetracked into transcribing. I just wonder if I'm too old to start over again (44).

I learned the terminology in nursing school;
I learned the transcription end of things on the job. I was taught well by ladies with 20+ years of experience. They taught me how to do the job correctly and I now do my job well. You don't always have to go to college or take a course to learn how to this job and do it well.
I'm 47 and in nursing school full time...sm

but I only work a few hours a week running my MTSO. I would guess you could work full time while doing your pre-reqs part-time but when you actually get into PT school, it probably is almost as grueling as nursing. Your best bet is to SAVE SAVE SAVE over the next few years so you can do full time school when you need to. Speech pathology is a master's program, so you will need to be in school for quite a while. Plus you need to see how competitive the program is. Nursing schools lose 50% of their classes by graduation, and only take the best 10% of applicants, so not an easy task. That being said, there is practically no future in MT and when 100 MT's are competing for the same job, it's going to be sad. So go for Speech Pathology - absolutely!

I'm in nursing school and doing a paper on ADHD...here's what I found...what an eyeopener...

Peter Jensen, who is head of psychiatry at Columbia:  At least half the children who fit the criteria for ADHD are not diagnosed. Half of the kids diagnosed are not treated (parents get too much flak for "drugging their kids"). ADHD is in 3-5% of population, found in some third world countries too though their survival skills are different from ours so testing doesn't always translate into another culture.  Taking sugar and food additives out of diet (i.e. Feingold diet) only makes a difference for 3 months- then no difference (placebo effect). Interestingly, if ADHD is not treated, those kids have a much higher risk of accidents, drug and other substance abuse, drop out of school, and being arrested for a felony. Oh and one more note for all the folks who say it's from being overstimulated...we don't have a TV in our house and my boy still has ADHD - it's genetic. Plus after an appropriate evaluation by a pediatrician who specializes in ADHD, a social worker and an audiologist, he has been treated with medication and behavior modification since second grade. In the challenge program in every subject possible now (middle school) including Algebra II. Reads at post college level. 

Bottom line is 4 years old is too early to make a diagnosis. Keep her home another year and let her develop at her own rate, but keep an eye on how she is able to compensate at school later. As I said, ADHD is a genetic disease and it could be possible for her to have it. It could also be possible that you tend to be negative towards whatever your ex says, so don't let that sink your daughter's ship...

same way in nursing - men in nursing make more on average than women in nursing and quickly
move into management. Just what we needed.
How long does it take for a graduate to get a job? It all depends on the graduate!?
Gack! Is nursing your idea or his? Nursing is highly demanding and long hours.

I'd check with a college counselor/advisor on programs they have for women over 30 to return to academia and enter new careers.  Then I'd ask to take some career tests to see what your interests are and what you'd be be suited for.  Also, there is scholarship money available for women over 30.  Ask about it.  

Since I've already raised my kids, I'd also like to state that jr. high and high school are the years our kids need us at home the most.  Those are the years they can get into the most trouble if left to themselves.  If he's already 9, why not just enter college part-time to finish in about 6 to 7 years?  But definitely go talk to a college counselor.

I've tried inviting my fam 2 my house...
but unfortunately no one came. I just can't compete with Big Sister's fancy home and Corvette! Oh well, its only once a year. I'll simply have 2 suck it up and go - for the grandchildren! Sounds like my Mom - she did a lot of things she didn't want to do "for the children"!
POLL: Home School vs. Charter School vs. Public School vs. Priv ate School...
Pros and cons of each too. I have two little ones that will be starting school soon and I would like opinions on all. Thanks in advance! :)
I did just graduate and... sm
from one of the "big 3." I got hired right away, but no matter where you go initially, the pay sucks. Only those with experience make very good money because no doctors will give a newbie a chance, hospitals won't, and the national companies know this and pay poorly. It's a catch 22, no experience=no hire, no hire=no experience. As far as having "certification," only after 2 years experience are you actually certified. If the school you checked out told you otherwise, they are just after your money.
CS graduate
Yes, that is true. I am a Career Step graduate and was hired at Spheris immediately upon passing my final exam. Spheris is an "industry partner" to CS as well as many other companies.

The course was very thorough and prepared me well for employment. Your friend made an excellent decision!
AHP MT graduate here...
It took me 5 years, but Im working 1 full-time and 1 part-time IC and making about 45,000+ and do get praised on my work... Thank you very much. LOL They never once said it was easy work and stress that working at home is not for everybody. I think some people hear what they want to hear. I could make more, but sometimes I question my career choice as it just seems too close to factory work for my taste sometimes.
You have to graduate from
a GA high school to qualify for the Hope Scholarship.  Graduates with at least a B average get tuition paid for (not room/board).  You also must maintain a B average through college in order to maintain it.
did u not graduate HS? curious...nm
What year did you graduate? nm
recent graduate

I just finished school back in Nov. of 2005. I've been looking and looking for a job online and still have had no luck. The only response I seem to get bac from anyone is that I don't have enough experience. Does anyone have any pointers on what I should I do, or how I should approach this field? Please help me!!! I don't know what to do anymore!!

recent graduate

I graduated this year from a community college which used the Career Step program in addition to some other courses.  It was all done online.  I have been working for 3 months, and have learned almost as much from working as from school so far.  The difference is that you are doing 800-1200 lines a day so you are exposed to a lot more information.  However, I don't believe I would have passed the entrance exams without everything I did pick up with the schooling. 

I would definitely encourage formal training of some sort because it is such a competitive industry.  I honestly don't think you could get hired from home, or pass an entrance exam without a good deal of training.  The 98% accuracy they are looking for on their tests is tough to hit without very strong grammar, med terminology, and AAMT/AHDI standards knowledge.  I am not making much money now, but I know within a year it will be different.  I am home and that is invaluable to me!

Good luck! 


Not sure when doctors graduate their patients but
I have boys and we stopped when my oldest was 11 because they always made them strip down to their undies for checkups and checked their privates and I didn't feel that was necessary and my boys hated it. 
Lots of doctors graduate with $200,000 in

student loans and a rural setting normally will not pay as much.  Maybe the practice is small and enough patient's don't come in, maybe lots of them done have insurance or the insurance companies don't have a set fee across the country that they will approve, but what is the norm for a particular region.  More and more larger practices are adding hospitalists so that doctors aren't having to make rounds now, but there was a need to have the office close to a hospital before.  If doctors do surgery or don't have hospitalists, being close to a hospital is important so they can get there quickly in the event of an emergency.  Some docs want to specialize and there might not be enough interest in rural areas.   I also living in a rural setting, though the doctors in our area aren't very good and I would never go to one of them.   I think there are still doctors who want to practice in a rural setting, but they just can't afford to. 


Some people get jobs even if they don't graduate because
they can't pass their school final. I've seen some that have the poorest grammar skills I've ever seen, yet they still find someone to hire them, even though some of the MTs in India do better work.
did everyone graduate MQs "Code fo Conduct" course? -- what a crock
that's like you stealing my purse and then sending me to class on how not to steal purses....
What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Re: What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Malvern High School, Malvern, Arkansas, Class of 1971!
I remember when I learned the keyboard-in-lap trick from a new graduate . . .
I was horrified to watch this 20 year in a reclining chair with the keyboard in her lap. I learned old school, of course: Sit up straight, elbows at side, blah blah. Well, it was immediate relief when I plopped that thing in my lap.

BTW, I never did get my invention off the ground - it was going to be a transcriber recliner, especially helpful for those with circulation problems. I wanted to retrofit a recliner so that the foot pedal could fit onto the footrest. Of course, being able to see the monitor might be an issue now that I wear bifocals!
I did that with 2 kids with time mgmt and a high school girl who babysat 3 days a week after school
Who IS this gung-ho recent graduate of the Board Police Academy? Lordamercy! nm
The cost of running a private school or any school is expensive....
Why do you think public schools are so run down and can't find good teachers?  Because the government and people to not put forth the effort or $$$$ to improve the educational system.
The School of Hard Knocks is the best MT school
or maybe nursing? lol. j/k nm
Nursing to MT?
Has anyone gone from being a nurse to being an MT or know someone who has? Someone asked me about it and I am not sure what to tell them.

I'm looking into nursing as well...sm.
Already have the basic A&P, terminology, medications and proper doses and welcome the chance to try a hands on job now. Plus a recent confidence boost gave me the kick I needed to finally make a decision. Good luck in whatever you decide.
My brother in law has 3 degrees (in medicine), is 51 years old, and is in nursing school..

Niece is 30 and just finished up nursing school, as did her fiance, who is 33.

Never too late if that's why ya wanna do!! Good luck to you!!!
How about medical research as an RN? That sounds good to me.
Nursing is your problem

Nursing, well there is your problem.  I have interviewed and tested many nurses who wanted to change careers to MT and not one of them could do it.  Nursing is way different than MT.  Nursing terms and medical terms are different.

Way more notches than I will ever see, LOL..whew..well, guess I better just step back, hun..dont want to mess with a super-super-duper-duper MT.


When I looked into nursing ...
When I looked into nursing, you had to get at least your LPN or RN training at a real school where you could get the hands-on training. The part you could do on-line would be the more advanced book parts, like getting your BS or masters.
Does anyone know if Nursing Homes have MTs? Thanks.

Nursing Homes
I used to work for a clinic consisting of 6 doctors and they dictated their nursing home visits along the rest of their dictation once a week. Good luck:)
Transcription to Nursing
My mom went to nursing school after a divorce when she was in her early 50s.  She was afraid she was too old; I pointed out to her that she was going to continue to age whether or not she got her degree.  She had quite a good career but retired to take care of her (new) husband when he became ill.  She's in her late 60s, and hospitals are offering her incentives to come out of retirement.
Transcription to Nursing

Steph, I had the same questions you did. I am 43 and returned to school this past January to pursue a career in nursing. I posted on the nursing board, check there to see the answers I got. I have decided that it is never too late to do what you really want to. You are only going to live once. I too worried about the future of MT. I decided that if the profession did continue for another 20 years or so that I needed to work, the direction things were going were not for me. I won't kid you, going to school is harder when you are older. The memory is not what it used to be. However, I guarantee you that you will have a better attitude and better study habits because of your age, and your experience in transcription will give you an edge over other students. You will be amazed at how much you really know because of your transcribing. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Where are the nursing forums?
I cant find them :(
rethink nursing
Went from MT to nurse in the 90s only back to MT because made more as MT.  Hopefully for you sake things have changed.  Wasted a lot of time getting my RN (plus got hepatits from a splash).  Not tryng to discourage you - you're young - go for it.
Why I didn't go into nursing!
Nursing Notes

I have been having an awful time getting straight with my company whether to use parenthesis for (Please see nursing notes.) etc.  I get corrected back and forth whether the word "see" has to be involved or if "per" is enough or even just (Nursing notes.) because it is implied to look there.  (No matter how I do it, eventually someone says it should be done the other way.)

To top it off, now someone else has totally not answered that part of the question but has said it has to be more specific, such as (See nursing notes dated 02/12/2008.)  That, see nursing notes is too vague, so not to used (  ).  I switched to doing it that way, and got corrected again!!

I end up feeling like a pain in the butt because I keep trying to get an answer, but I get so stressed out by constantly being told by a different QA person to do it a different way.

Anyone else with an issue like this?  And, how do you all handle this particular issue? 

re nursing notes and QA
That's really the pits.  My suggestion would be to document all of these ridiculous inconsistencies.  Another idea might be a source such as this board.  While I don't know who you work for, another thing that may be worth your time is to inquire to find out if other MTs are getting this mess as well.  Geez, nothing like feeling like a human yoyo!
nursing notes and QA

When I was told by QA to do it one way and the next QA a different way, I copied the e-mail and sent it to the other QA and the QA manager, and asked them point blank, which way is correct.  So from then on they asked everyone to save their messages from QA to make sure everyone was working on the same page so to speak, and that stopped that, because they were told do it this way.   Because, found out different QA people have been taught one way and the next QA person the other.  They all have to get on the same page, choose one way or the other and not stress anyone out.  Hope this will stop for you.