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Posted By: Okay? on 2005-07-18
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I only change those if the subject is clear (sm)
It sounds as if in the transcript you're talking about, the subject isn't clear and I agree it wouldn't be appropriate to add it.

The MT is probably putting it because s/he is (a) trying to make a complete sentence and (b) thinking of the rule of always putting "The patient" and not "Patient" to start a sentence, which is commonly taught. It might be tough to get the idea across, but I would agree in trying!
Not to change the subject but any info on Amphion?
you don't, but you can start a new thread and
for others to reference.
You should start a new thread
you just replied to a very old thread. nobody is going to see this once a message replaces yours in the 'most recent post' box.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Ask the Dr. board. OP please repost on that board. Thread locked.
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. OP, respost on that board. Thread locked.
I remember when.... let's start a new thread. It will

This will be fun, but we'll be showing our age. It must be things y ou actually remember. List as many as you want and you can separate into 'as a child' or 'as a teenager' but be truthful.  I'll begin:

As a child I remember when:

TV's were big boxes that sat on the floor.  Only black and white picture - no color.

Cars were all manual shift (my mom drove)

As a teen I remember when:

Gas was 25 cents a gallon, then the 'oil crisis' hit and it doubled to 50 cents - cost more to fill up my '65 mustang.

Bread was 35 cents a loaf.

Oh for the good ol days!

Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. See that board. Thread locked.
Not to change the subject.. but in Medical Phrase Index, debride doesn't have an accent mark. nm
Start with a battery change.
This really sounds like a battery problem. They start wearing out and the sound drops off well before they die.

Just change the battery. Don't worry about being thought weird . . . you can't do good work on his reports if you can't hear them. It's ok for you to let him know that something is wrong.

If a new battery doesn't help, try a new tape. Old tapes get icky.

The Main board is fine for this subject. (SM)
Non-MT topics are fine here.

If you would like to take this up with the Administrator, you can e-mail her at admin@mtstars.com.


That's probably so she can change her "company name" and start the cycle all over again! n
There is another thread on the board...
about this somewhere.  The people discussing it there said that the boss was very full of herself.  One of them even got hired, but she was just very difficult to work with--pushy and rude, etc.  Maybe that is where the line in the ad "Someone who is easy to work with" comes from.  That's a two way street.  Anyway, I work ophthalmology, but not for three years.  I would say those who have specialized in such a specialization would be few and far between and those who have would be making more than .07 cpl. 
Look down this board and read the thread titled
"How to make money MT'ing" by Dano. It is excellent advice. It should help you a lot. Also on about page 4 or so there are a couple of threads that discuss how some of the higher producers get their production, hints and tips on expanders, macros, etc.

You can do very well at this line of work if you want to and really appy yourself!!
Interesting thread on Word Board.
This belongs on Company board; thread locked.
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This belongs on Equipment board; thread locked.
This thread belongs on Technical board; locked.
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This belongs on Company board; thread locked.
Not just in this thread but hostile people on this board always, WHYYYY
It's depressing.
Someone please post the name of a board where I might have to pay to be a member but don't have to listen to all the mean people.
Thread on Jax Transcription is actually on the company board and not deleted.
Apparently no one has any information, just speculation.
Schiavo thread has been moved to the Pressure Valve board
Link below
Post belongs on Company board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Productivity board. Thread locked.
Shouldn't this thread be locked - supposed to be on the Scientology Board. nm
Don't know if she changed her name here or why she would leave this board. nm
Don't let them make you leave this board...sm

My favorite person in this business is a QA person who always helps me.  I have never had any badness with QA people, I'm an MT/ME.  Maybe that person who posted the nasty post about QA-ers had a bad experience but to condemn ALL QA-ers is NOT RIGHT AND NOT FAIR.

I thank QA people, especially the communicative ones, for all their help over the years!!!

Kathy - See inside; belongs on Word board; thread locked.

E-mail myself or the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) and tell us what the error message says. We will resolve this problem for you.

Posting policies are posted clearly. If you have problems with posting on one of the specialty boards, you should notify us.

Why does the admin of this board leave the impression that I

I replied to the post above that says I have lied.

My post where I replied with information to show I had not lied was removed - I figured because I put the recruiter's name and phone number (which the rude poster had requested) so I reposted and gave directions on how to reach that same information/recruiter I received the information from.

Now that second post has been removed where I reposted and only put that it was a specific state recruiter of MQ who told me such information.

So why is MTStars administrator wanting to give the readers of this board the impression that it is a lie that MQ cuts off work to SE when work is low, yet does not tell the SEs? 

I have not lied.  It is what I was told when I called.  I think it's information people considering that company should know and probably do not know.

I have not been ugly to MQ and I have not been inappropriate.  I merely shared a policy I found quite interesting and important.

I hope you give explanation here for your action.  I thought this board was for transcriptionists.

Thank you.

Why not start your own board just for your friends?
I have never cared for the way this whole site is set up. I would rather see a post move to the top when someone posts something new to it because a post can get lost real quick when it doesn't. However, I just frequent a different site that is more suited to my tastes and only stop by here now and again to see what's going on.

If enough of you don't like the new rules (and I certainly understand your complaints), maybe you could look into start a Yahoo group or something. I think it's free (though don't quote me on that!) and that way you could still talk to everyone you like to here but you don't have to worry about the cumbersome rules and how you post and whether a post will be deleted or locked.

Just an idea. :)
There is a job on the job board - start Immediately.
Check out Transform also, I think they want someone immediately.
She can start with the control freak from hell board
I feel so sorry for anyone who has to live with this woman on a daily basis.
Main Board is for any topic. Don't start the flaming. NM
I agree, you need to a lot of research. I would start with the job seeker's board and see who S

is advertising and research the companies that seem to have the best to offer and find out if they truly are the ones with the best to offer.  In this business, there are a lot more considerations when looking for a job than just cents per line.

Good Luck!

You could start by reading other posts re: laptops on this board.
Click on "See Related Messages" in your OP.
This thread belongs on Offshore Concerns; thread locked. (NM)