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You might try exercise daily to help you stay awake. sm

Posted By: Exercising MT on 2006-02-20
In Reply to: Need some advice - tk

When I was a slug, I used to fight sleep all the time while transcribing. Then I started daily exercise, and now I don't fight sleep at all. I also went low carb, too - carbs make you sleepy.

This will also help your productivity.

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Any suggestions on how to stay awake and alert w/o No-Doz ? - sm
Got totally dumped on tonight with work--- about 120 minutes between 2 jobs---- would like to get at a good portion of it done tonight but tend to start falling asleep typing at 10 or so these days.  Hate pills, especially hate No-Doz, hate coffee too, like capaccino but out right now.......so any quick fixes to staying awake, or should I just work until sleepy and get up after 5 hours of sleep? (i.e. 4 or 5 a.m.).  TIA.
I use laptop outdoors. Only problem is trying to stay awake,
I am awake but don't want to be
It looks okay to me. If that is what he/she is saying. Maybe after the artery pressures no comma before 39.

anybody awake?
Come on, you guys, surely somebody is still/already awake?
Aside from coffee and sleeping, how do you keep yourself awake?
I'm so very, very tired and sleep deprived this week from everything that's going on.  My eyelids keep drooping and I can't get motivated, but I have to get this work done.  I know if I try a little catnap, I'll be out like a light for the rest of the day.  Any tips?
Anyone awake yet? Can someone take a look and tell me if I 'm typing this correctly?

There was no evidence of significant

in-stent restenosis of the RCA.  A right heart catheterization was done as well.  Right atrial pressures were 16, 12, and 11.  Right ventricular pressures were 40, 7, and 15.  Pulmonary artery pressures, 39 and 21.  Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure is 21, 19, and 17 with left ventricular pressures of 132, 17, and 26.

oops, you said pasta sorry not awake yet
Mine was never awake long enough to try to help him.
He drank daily until he passed out and that was early. I decided I did not love him enough to put me or my son through it and asked him to leave. He did. I left too and never looked back. Do not know whatever became of him. Never saw my ex-husband again. Just had lawyer file for divorce and signed my divorce papers, which included taking my former name back, and moved on. Never remarried. It is so degrading living with someone like that. It makes you second guess yourself and your abilities too. I did not love him enough to hang in there. If I had, I guess the story would have some other ending, but I just didn't. Very sad but true for him and for me.
Help staying awake and productive
I have real problems staying awake, focused and productive.  I am alone all day, I think I get enough sleep, and I keep the TV on in the other room for another voice, but I get bored and can't keep my concentration and then I start web surfing and my productivity goes in the hopper.  Any suggestions on staying awake and focused?
does anyone have a problem staying awake while typing?
even when I dont feel tired, I sit down to type and my eyes start dropping.  HELP. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!
Nice cold Pepsi keeps me awake (NM)

What? Do you really think those parents or their friends thought the child would be awake and roami
Glad you are not awake - I wanted a potato salad recipe!
sounds yummy
Did a whole 388 today....this is why I try not to work when the kids are home/awake - basically impo
He is a healthy-appearing male, awake, alert, and in no apparent distress.

Exercise helps.  After doing a few annoyingly hard reports, I go over to my stationary bicycle and ride for about three miles, then go back and do a few reports, get up and ride a few more miles.
Regarding exercise
I believe the original poster said that she had a mini-dachsund.  Those are really small, as in mini, so 30 minutes is probably more than enough exercise.
Exercise sm

Denise Austin's videos/DVDs are really good.  There are different levels, low impact, high impact, etc.  I lost 30 lbs using her videos (and with a healthy diet, of course).  I started with the low impact and eventually worked my way up to high impact.

She came out with a children's DVD and now I have my 6-year-old using it to get exercise, especially in the winter and also during rainy days. 

Hope that helps!

I noticed a few posts down that you all were discusing exercise programs.  I am looking for some exercise DVD  with mild music.  I can't stand loud, "rock-style" music.  I did locate an aerobic exercise VHS through Bob Jones University to Celtic music which is great -- but they do not offer it on a DVD.  Are there any suggestions with milder music?  Someone mentioned Pilates.  Is this to music also?
You could probably lose 10 lb. just from exercise. SM

Go to www.collage.com. There are hundreds of good exercise videos.

I could not get into t pep rally thing of WW.

Do something that is FUN and exercise at the same time. For myself,
I love to go for walks, rollerblading, biking, almost anything outside, etc., with my dogs, and like keeping in shape, but if I try to just "exercise" inside my home or on any machine, I simply won't stick with it. To me, "exercise" is something you have to make yourself do, whereas if it's something you consider "fun," it's something you look forward to doing and don't have to make yourself do it--it's a reward for hard work! And, congrats to you as well. (I'm still smoking).  
Question: What exercise(s) do you do to keep from getting....

"secretary's butt"?????

I was warned when I started transcribing at 19 that it would appear. I'm 39 and here it is.  LOL.  But then again I do have 3 kids and a frig readily accessible 24/7 

Just wondering what everyone does to stay in shape.  I need to get into a program or you'll see me on "The Biggest Loser" TV show next season. 

My exercise routine
Walk to the fridge, open door (works arms), lift food (good strength training, lifting weights), put in mouth, close door, walk back to desk while lifting cup of coffee to lips.  I gave my legs and arms a good workout, also my mouth.  Transcription is hard.  But I know if I keep up my exercise routine, I will be buff.
Breathing exercise
I think I read this somewhere a long time ago, but it has always worked for me.

Inhale to the count of 3, hold it to the count of 3, exhale to the count of 3. You can gradually increase the counts.

What happens is you get focused on counting and breathing and eventually conk out.
I agree with you about the exercise sm
I've had elevated BP for 13 years due to a vascular condition and I used to work as a CNA for many years so got plenty of exercise. The minute I went to a desk job, boom. Big ankles and hands, along with a bigger rear. Started walking for 30 minutes daily and watching the salt (I can't stand it now, I never salt my food) and 8 glasses of water a day. Really does seem to help. It seems I can knock off 5 pounds by just drinking the water.
exercise programs (sm)

For about three years, I had suffered with severe asthma and allergies.  I could not ever get any of it under control.  I had to take a lot of steroids during that time and everytime I tried to get in an exercise routine it would just exacerbate my symptoms.  It turned out we had a black mold problem.  I was the only one with symptoms though.

We moved though and now I am in total recovery.  My asthma is completely under control.  I might only take it now once or twice a month, if at all (used to take it 4-6 times a day).  Doctors say I may always have it now. 

I have put on a significant amount of though and really would like to get it off.  I don't feel good about myself anymore.  I eat very well and I am maintaining my current weight.  I just do not get the exercise I need. 

I was really active into Taebo before all of this began, but I don't feel like I can just jump back into that right away.  I need something that would slowly work me back into shape.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help!

exercise while typing
Need a work out during your typing day?  Get a Yoga ball ans use it instead of your chair the simple act of keeping you body center on the ball will work your abs. while sitting in your chair, do leg lifts by simply lifting your heel off of the floor.  Instead of ittinf for lunch, stand up at the counter or walk while having a sandwhich or what ever it is that you eat.
Do you exercise periodically throughout
the day? Seems like an obvious suggestion but not everyone would think of it.

Been scribin for 20 years and my father suffered from carpal tunnel, so I wanted to make sure I practiced preventative measures.

I am fairly regularly flexing my wrists (make a ball and flex inward)then spread fingers wide like a jazz dancer...

Also interlock the fingers and "wiggle the fingers" around (should feel pressure on the joints -like a massage).

These are ones I just made up. You can develope your own of course, or find recommended exercises. Just use common sense and dont force anything.

One last thing that works great for me is one hand massages the other - and try putting your thumb in the webspace of the other thumb (outside of hand) and give a rounded firm pressure.

If these work for you (et al) let me know where to send a bill.

But do you have a LIFE? Do you get any exercise?
DID anyone ever sit on an exercise ball?
DO any of you ever sit on an exercise ball?
Is that better?! !!
Me too, what is it? Craft or exercise? I enjoy
Does anyone take dance classes for exercise?
I'd like to get out of the house once in a while and can't stand the gym.  I just don't want to be the only adult student among children.  LOL
exercise bike.. tv news
What I have been doing is get on my exercise bike and turn on CNN for 10 mins, I get my heart rate up and wake up and feel better and am more clear headed to work after that.  Its working so far! Also, worry beads are good, sugar free lemon drops, sunflower seeds, etc.
Do you use an exercise ball for a chair?
I know some transcriptionists do, and I think the wine and the ball would make a really fun combination to watch.
Can you exercise with light weights?
If you don't have a problem with a disc or something serious like that, working the upper body with light free weights may be just the ticket. It improves the posture and strengthens the muscles you use to hold up your arms while working.
I exercise my gray matter more than most..sm

so I believe it's from having TOO MUCH ON YOUR PLATE.....*l* - really, more responsibilities, more things to remember......all that stuff.....so who would remember typing the report.

What's great is....if someone down the road ASKED you about that certain report(s), MQ, QA, or an MD's office....you'd most certainly remember it......*LOL*

So, it's only the short-term memory that is affected FIRST *l* - that and the eyes.......first to go *rofl* 

Exercise Ball at Desk
I sat on my ball at the desk a lot during my third pregnancy. It really seemed to help with some of the back problems I was having.

My brother gave me the idea - apparently many people with office jobs in Europe sit on balls all day at their desks.

I am using a regular chair now because my ball sprung a leak, but I plan on replacing it very soon.
First exercise link inside!

Sorry, I had the cleaned up versions before on another post, but it got wiped out when the kindly mod moved my post!

Hopefully this will work! 


And I always thought the idea of walking the dog was for exercise! - nm
they do not work - try a sensible diet, exercise and then go in for liposuction - sm
best thing I ever ever ever did. I wear a perfect size 2 now with a flat tummy! Was a size 8!
SmartGlove, Cat's Paw, rest, exercise, expander sm
I've been diagnosed with bilateral CTS. I had laparoscopic surgery on the right one, and would recommend that you either never get surgery, or if you do, don't go the laparoscopic route. I learned later that the open is better.

Ok, after a few years away from MT, I came back and invested in the Smart Glove. I don't wear them all the time, but I put them on with my wrists start bothering me. The relief is instantaneous.

Another thing that's great is called a Cat's Paw. It's inexpensive and does wonders. Before surgery, I found that physical therapy was hugely helpful. Unfortunately, insurance companies won't pay for unlimited physical therapy. The Cat's Paw mimics several of the exercises I did in PT.

I take rest breaks every 1 to 1-1/4 hour. A break is at least 5 minutes. A good exercise for the break is to go to a table or other surface that is about hip height, put your palm down on it and really feel that pull. You want to lean into it. Do it for a few seconds and switch hands.

I used to have an ergo keyboard, but don't anymore.

I've also made it a priority to work SMARTER not harder. One way to do this is make learning about productivity your hobby. I have ShortHand as my expander, have read the manual, know how to do a lot of the extras that many MTs either don't know or don't learn til they've been doing this a while. I've also studied what I could find on the web on MT sites about productivity. There are lots of tips and hints. I'm not working so hard these days and usually save at least 45% of my Keystrokes through Shorthand. That's like transcribing 500 lines a day and getting paid for 1000!

Hope this helps! ;)
An exercise ball can be a great thing!
I know at least a few MTs who exercise on the ball for five minutes or so every hour or so.  Your schedule sounds very tight, so I guess this would be better than nothing!
And.:.......We do not have to exercise to lose weight and get in shape!..nm
Exercise, cutting down on sugar, and Prozac helps me. nm
Go, you chicken fat, go! Used to be our exercise music in elemntary school! LOL nm
Thanks for the info. I'll have to crank up the exercise machine...

A short-cut would have been nice though. 


Thanks again.

You have to schedule a time for 1/2 hr of walking or aerobic exercise once a day. It's the
But exercise restores youthful hormones - proven. nm
Deliver newspapers. I do. Good $$$, great exercise.

I do approximately one hour each morning (walking).  This past week I made $160 tax free  for 7 hours of "exercise." :)

My theory is why get up early and walk the dog when you can walk the dog and make money while you're at it.

My sister and her husband did a motor route together and made $500+ a week.

And the Christmas tips?  CHA CHING!!!  I made almost $600 last year with 65 customers.  My sister and her husband made close to $2000.00.


Anyone ever type while sitting on stability/exercise ball? sm
Working on getting back in shape.  My Theraband ball is about the same height as my work chair so thinking about using it part of the day to sit on while transcribing.  Wondering if anyone has every done this and how it went.  Even if only for part of a day or an hour, I think it would be a great way to gain core body strength.  Anyone tried this or even thought about it.