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about an AI contestant, not sex changes-geesh..nm

Posted By: oh lawdy - lighten up - they were talking on 2006-01-19
In Reply to: Do you think it's appropriate - ???


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Did you see the last contestant on
the show last night.   (ZACHARY).   I wondering if he is going through a sex change. He claims he is a man.  The show was so funny last night.  
Youtube.com...then enter contestant's name...
The biggest overrated Idol contestant right now is Kellie Pickler.
Geesh, yourself! Who says I did?
As it is, I went to the website and cashed out the account.  I'm only dealing with my local agent on my other policy.  I told the company I didn't agree with offshoring the customer service positions.  I just find it hard to believe that all of my information is in Panama.  They have everything on me from my date of birth, my parents' information, banking information, my social security number, everything.  I don't like that one bit.
Hope he doesn't dictate while in the bathroom.
I think my self-esteem has gone out the window today.  I just read my post after I sent it.  I meant to say "looks promising".  Maybe I do need to go back to school
much to=too confusing...geesh....nm
Geesh, send me some gas please...
We're still paying $2.69 around here in Idaho, at least in my town.
Geesh, yes, that is superficial. He has come a long way
since I first saw him. He did start having work done on his teeth. Being from a single parent home with limited means obviously didn't offer him the pleasure of having perfect teeth before going on Idol.

Kat is only great when? She has had a couple good moments, thinks she can sing songs that she can't because she has pitch problems, but has the "look" that obviously moved her through to the finals. Now that's superficial.

Anyway, I'm a Elliott fan who agrees with below, if Kat wins I lose respect for the show and truly believe it's all rigged for ratings. Taylor is a true, well-rounded performer and should be the next American Idol.
I posted right below that that one got close. Geesh.
When I was with MQ I typed 350-400 lph on MTS. With my bonuses and incentives, yes I would have made $100,000, instead I chose to work 15 hours a week and make $33,000 as I posted. With the changes, my average pay was cut in half. I will probably not make that much for quite a while, but I'm close enough to make me happy.
Geesh, probably only problem is he gives resp.
Geesh, you get flamed for being blunt and you
geesh yourself. I wasn't being rude, just pointing out that

the people I worked for, over the years 4 different chiropractic offices in different states, and they all had cases filed against them for various complaints regarding treatment.  So, in MY opinion, I do consider them bone crunchers and I would never go to one for treatment. 

Sciatica affects the nerves and acupuncture is HIGHLY effective in the treatment of sciatica because they treat the nerve not the spine.  Acupuncture for sciatica is the better way to go than by treatment of a chiropractor. 

Geesh! What's up with you people who refuse to work holidays?
Don't you think people get sick, have accidents, etc on holidays too? What about the doctors and nurses that have to work holidays? Did you forget about them too?

How about police officers, firemen, paramedics...

Do you think you are the ONLY people out there with family and would like to spend time with them during holidays? We would all love to do that but this chosen career requires some sacrifices.

If you can't give a little you should have never started doing this kind of work.
Geesh..hope this gave you your daily shot of self worth.