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Geesh! What's up with you people who refuse to work holidays?

Posted By: Hard working on 2006-01-01
In Reply to: Pressured to work Holiday - Anon

Don't you think people get sick, have accidents, etc on holidays too? What about the doctors and nurses that have to work holidays? Did you forget about them too?

How about police officers, firemen, paramedics...

Do you think you are the ONLY people out there with family and would like to spend time with them during holidays? We would all love to do that but this chosen career requires some sacrifices.

If you can't give a little you should have never started doing this kind of work.

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Actually one now, but some people refuse to let go of the old way. SM
It took me forever to train myself! I finally made a macro.
Good advice but some people refuse to
split "amicably." I know for a fact in my case it would be a blame game and a huge mess. Been there many times and resorted to other ways of handling it. I wonder if what you suggested would still work for me?

Not the OP but helped by your advice.

I refuse to go to Imail...I've gotten a virus from there and so have many other people. nm
REFUSE to do QA work for CPL
Notice to all greedy MTSOs out there: I will NOT work for cents per line in QA. You will not be making money off of my knowledge and painful hours I have put into this profession.

I will be a Wal-Mart greeter before I let you make another dime off of my back and I hope all experienced QA people do the same.

This is ridiculous and insulting!!
And when the US MTs refuse to work for that guess
where the work will go? 
no and I would refuse to work for that company. nm
You mean they work OUR holidays. They just had a big one that lasted 5 days and WE had work for a w

You think Indians don't get sick?  They have to be constantly sick in that disgusting place. 

Maybe it would work with deadbeat ex-spouses who refuse
to pay child support.
I work holidays and I am an IC
dont blame it on that

I take my job very seriously and worked all Thanksgiving week, the day of, the day after, and will work all Christmas week, the night before, the day of, the night after, ETc etc etc

I value my job and I do a good job, it just sucks that there is no loyalty or respect for that from some companies.
I used to work all holidays but came
up with an idea that has worked for several years now. Even though I am on an account with only one other person, I was stuck with all the holidays. I now work Thanksgiving and have Christmas off. All the other holidays we take turns rotating. Good luck to you!
I refuse to work for a company who outsources. Period.
Are you getting extra for weekend work and holidays.
I always volunteer to work holidays, weekends, etc. because my husband is off
so he can watch the kids while I earn incentive and holiday pay.  Plus, I'm the one who has to cover so the childless women can go on cruises with their latest boyfriends or husbands, or they didn't show up for work because they met a guy at a bar and have the bottle flu.  Oh, poor you.  Life's unfair.  Suck it up and get over yourself.
Work some holidays - don't really mind during the winter months, but
when summer rolls around, I am at the beach on the holidays and do not work them. As an IC, we get nothing extra as far as $$ just the extra work.

Can't complain - have plenty of work all of the time.
I would charge more per line for working holidays or if asked to work scheduled days off. SM
But did you address that in your contract? 
they don't REFUSE to hire new MT's. They REFUSE to hire them at 6-8 cents per line.

mostly because you can now hire experienced MT's at 6-8 cpl. In the near future, you will be able to hire experienced MT's at 5 cpl. Then people will start getting out of this business and new people will stop trying to get in. I had a job opening and asked people to bid what they wanted per line. One very smart young lady was a new grad and bid 3 cpl. I hired her a year and a half ago, she has been terrific! and I was willing to spend my time training her because a) time is money and she saved me money so I could spend my time and b) she had definite potential!. In another six months, she will be the MT with 2 years experience applying for jobs. AND she will get them because she will test well and essentially "bought" her experience. So use Economics 101...


My people skills are just fine. I just want to hire people who want to work.
I've not been ugly, I've asked questions, legitimate ones.  Please tell me what is wrong with that.  This site is not just for MTs, it is for QA Editors, Supervisors, Service Owners, there's even sections for Billers, Coders, and Nurses.   
2 people to do that amount of work, is she nuts? More like 20+ people - nm
Geesh, yourself! Who says I did?
As it is, I went to the website and cashed out the account.  I'm only dealing with my local agent on my other policy.  I told the company I didn't agree with offshoring the customer service positions.  I just find it hard to believe that all of my information is in Panama.  They have everything on me from my date of birth, my parents' information, banking information, my social security number, everything.  I don't like that one bit.
Hope he doesn't dictate while in the bathroom.
I think my self-esteem has gone out the window today.  I just read my post after I sent it.  I meant to say "looks promising".  Maybe I do need to go back to school
about an AI contestant, not sex changes-geesh..nm
much to=too confusing...geesh....nm
Geesh, send me some gas please...
We're still paying $2.69 around here in Idaho, at least in my town.
Geesh, yes, that is superficial. He has come a long way
since I first saw him. He did start having work done on his teeth. Being from a single parent home with limited means obviously didn't offer him the pleasure of having perfect teeth before going on Idol.

Kat is only great when? She has had a couple good moments, thinks she can sing songs that she can't because she has pitch problems, but has the "look" that obviously moved her through to the finals. Now that's superficial.

Anyway, I'm a Elliott fan who agrees with below, if Kat wins I lose respect for the show and truly believe it's all rigged for ratings. Taylor is a true, well-rounded performer and should be the next American Idol.
I posted right below that that one got close. Geesh.
When I was with MQ I typed 350-400 lph on MTS. With my bonuses and incentives, yes I would have made $100,000, instead I chose to work 15 hours a week and make $33,000 as I posted. With the changes, my average pay was cut in half. I will probably not make that much for quite a while, but I'm close enough to make me happy.
Geesh, probably only problem is he gives resp.
Geesh, you get flamed for being blunt and you
geesh yourself. I wasn't being rude, just pointing out that

the people I worked for, over the years 4 different chiropractic offices in different states, and they all had cases filed against them for various complaints regarding treatment.  So, in MY opinion, I do consider them bone crunchers and I would never go to one for treatment. 

Sciatica affects the nerves and acupuncture is HIGHLY effective in the treatment of sciatica because they treat the nerve not the spine.  Acupuncture for sciatica is the better way to go than by treatment of a chiropractor. 

Geesh..hope this gave you your daily shot of self worth.
FT people usually get work before it goes to PT
people and that is probably the situation here.  You could ask but you'll probably get a response similar to above, that FT get the work first.  
Do you MDI-MD people have enough work? sm
I saw an ad on one of the other boards, thought I had seen mention here not too long ago of not enough work for those who were there.  Just wanted to find out what the situation is now before I go any further in pursuing anything with them.  TIA!
People really do think we don't have to work don't they? LOL
I have a friend who is off this week and she called assuming I could just go do stuff with her...no wonder she always asks me for so many favors...apparently people think we get paid for doing nothing!  I bet they wonder why my house is such a mess if that's the case! LOL
I refuse
I have a second job and their information is on there as well. I could see it if it were company provided email, but to randomly want to look through email and files. I have medical information on my computer for my family and they have no business looking at anything. As a requirement of employment, we had to show we have antivirus and spybot protection or we had to download theirs. They delete work done about about 10 days, so no files remain and during that period of time, nobody could access those files without the proper log in as they are part of their own designed typing system. I don't believe for a minute this is regards to protecting their information as the statement mentioned sending out information about the company via email.
I know people who went to work for Cymed.....
The ones who say they are happy are the ones that don't really need a good pay check (older ladies who basically work for the insurance and a little extra cash). The others say that they can definitely tell a big difference with them not paying for spaces. They all say the people are nice though and offer good bonuses for extra work on the weekend at times. I've also heard that there are a lot of ESL doctors. I tested and was offered 9.5 cents with them, but everyone else I've heard says they were offered 8 to 8.5 cpl????
Too bad for all the people that go there and have no work. I am not the least bit impressed with
Dixie. Maybe she had better refer people to offices of MQ where there is work before she tells everyone how great MQ is across the broad. Maybe we all have gone and gotten other jobs because we have no work at MQ. Maybe you if you arent Dixie can enlighten that lady about the other side of MQ she seems unwilling to talk about. How about that.
People don't tell because they like having enough work, I imagine - also, sm
Josie Blowsie over there may not make the same line rate I make. That's subbing, of course. I don't tell what I charge my local contracts because I don't want to be underbid.
DH has one through his work, but he's in charge of over 100 people. Can't see
Obviously these people don't have to wake up and go to work EVER
If you don't want to work for 8 or 9 cpl, don't. But people know what they will be making when
I'm with you! So I work the hours people don't want
to work. Much too stressful to fight for work. Life is too short for me to take the money I already earn to spend on a physician prescribing nerve pills.
If we all would refuse to do bad dictators - what can they do about it?

Let them do them themselves or have their fair-haired Indians do them. 

Let the mush-mouthed doctors get back mush-typed dictation.  It would be fair.

Tonight I had so many questionable lab values it made me sick.  I also got a non-ending stack of bad, foreign, indistinct, unable to speak English doctors --- you know the guys who end up at the bottom on last day of the payperiod.

I have gotten to the point that I want them to say "This isn't right!" and stomp their feet, because I want to go nose-to-nose with these jerks.  Just mess with me suckers!  I'm ready.  I'm premenstrual and I'm ready.

If you have 25 years of exp and refuse SM

to be on the supervisory side of things, that's your problem and not your service's problem.  You sure think you are important if you expect the management to consult you on every supervisory hire they make to see if it meets your requirements.


Do you honestly think that you can get MTs to refuse to go to
People have enough problems getting to the physician of their choice due to insurance hurdles!

Your idea is very admirable but in today's economy (especially with all the moaning and groaning about NOT making enough money to live), you are more than unrealistic. Perhaps a handful, literally a handful, of those MTs who have husbands who provide very well might opt to do that but who/what is that going to serve? The well-supported MT club?! lol

You've waited too late. Besides, what are you going to use for your platform to reach the masses? These message boards where only God knows who visits (ID and numbers) -- eventually the owners will tire of your use of their services and probably charge you. Of course, you have television - a very, very expensive medium. Perhaps some trade magazines, again advertising costs. And what will the members who live far away get in return for their hard-earned dollars?

What product/service are you going to offer?

Everyone's just full of these ideas but no one is putting a reality in there anywhere.

You are wrong. An IC can refuse
someone else.  The OP should not have to make-up work.  Also, anyone who is committing to lines or hours should then be paid as an employee.  I don't get how these companies can force an IC to type a certain amount of lines.  That is wrong.  An IC has every right to do as much or as little as he/she wants to do.  I know these companies don't like that and some MTs allow it, but I for one am an IC and am not expected to transcribe any amount of lines and when there is no work, there's no work.  That's it.  If there's work, and I want to type, I type.  I can also refuse even the accounts I am so-called expected to be doing without any problem.  There are other ICs that work for the same company that are able to do the work if I cannot.  This is how it should be.  The OP is not wrong in her thinking and no she is not overloaded due to her own fault.  A contract that states a certain amount of lines in a certain amount of time is considered employee.  Check the IRS site if you think I'm wrong.  There should be no control in that form at all. 
Maybe if refuse to do bad dictators, they will
refuse to quit
I told him of some of the posts on this board, even the few that were leaning in favor of him, and he says I am not painting a true picure of his concerns. He said that I have given up a good job with benefits and healthcare to now be a contractor and have to pay more for benefits and not even have a retirement plan with the company to fall back on. His company does not offer much in the way of benefits to spouses, so I had to get my own. I admit, I did have better benefits in my old job and this business is not as stable. He feels he is only being concerned for my welfare and that I am misjudging him. We just do not agree on the situation. But even if I go back to my old field, I will still do MT on the side because I love it. I have worked too hard to give up now.
Be honest.
people sometimes goof off at work, nothing wrong with that
 It doesnt take up THAT much time.
Most people don't have that many backups for no reason if they have enough work so I wonder about
your response.
You can work those machines harder than a lot of people do