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Talk about anger...anyone who posts a high IQ score is a pathological liar.....

Posted By: me on 2006-03-14
In Reply to: and those who don't feel any need to impress anyone because they aren't pathological liars - nm

So, are you saying that no MTs can have high IQ scores?? Just because you don't, we all have to be pathological liars? Sorry.

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Talk about anger
Nan didn't sound angry at all to me. It was a very thoughtful, well written post. You sound like you got up on the wrong side of the bed.

BTW, just because someone has the title of QA doesn't mean they are qualified for the job. Of the last 9 "feedback" reports I have received from QA, I have a challenge on 8 of them!!
Maybe your experience and a high test score - sm
is perceived as a *threat* - i.e., that they may soon need to pay you closer to what you're WORTH, in order to retain your services. Maybe some MTSOs think they can make more of a profit by hiring the less-skilled and "bringing them up to speed", so to speak, within the company while at the same time keeping their wages ridiculously low. Hmmmmm....
Talk about anger management! SM
I work for that famous company that has 70% of the work done in India. Well, those Indian MT's must be great at ESL's, because I have been getting less of those and more of American doctors going a mile a minute. When I receive them, they sound like they are on fast forward. I can slow them down some, but that distorts the sound. I have never had a problem and I have been doing this for close to 20 years. I feel I have been emotionally machine gunned with dictation.

I would love to borrow (from below) anyone's dog, hatchet, margarita or, for that matter, anyone's ESL report. Thanks for letting me vent.
I have heard the test is a joke and you don't need a high score
basically because they're desperate and need to keep up with TAT. Now this is just what I've heard but by the looks of what is being hired, I truly believe this!
jeeze louise, lady! Talk about ANGER?

and those who don't feel any need to impress anyone because they aren't pathological liars
No one said liar ...
that's not the word "I" chose, ladies! You must be mis-reading. Have a nice day!
and I'm a liar it would seem
Vista does work with DQS (I just read it on the Medquist board). That's cool to know. :)
Oh, and let me tell you about another liar
I went to another physician for some lipo and he noticed the nasolabial folds and he guaranteed that inserting Gore-Tex inside underneath these would smooth them out. The procedure did not work and when I asked him about it and told him guaranteed he said just my word against his. I then reminded him of what my father always said - a man is no better than his word. Total lies once again and can you believe his answer- my word against his? I have lost most respect I ever had for so called doctors.
I would ask her to show you how she is accomplishing this!  I honestly do not think this is humanly possible.  I have a friend who had claimed she was doing 500 to 600 on average, turns out that was with HUGE templates!
MQ lover-liar
If you have to say you don't lie, you are a liar.
And you are assuming I am a liar when you don't know


and how do you spot a liar??
just wondering. I have a bridge for sale.
I am definately not a liar and I can
honestly say that I've been doing VR on the eScription platform for over 4 years now, 2 years at my current employer, and at 0.04 a line I can easily do 500+ lines an hour. I have a great primary account that I have been on those 2 years and sometimes if I get the few dictators that have templates I can even do 700+ an hour. It most certainly can be done!
Not saying you are crazy or a liar.
Saying the state you live in is crazy though.

How does that have anything to do with a person's ability to operate a vehicle? That seems kinda outrageous if you ask me.
Great for you!!! I am not here to call anyone a liar...
I started this thread and I just wanted to see if I have anything to look forward to in the future. I would love to make even 3,000-4,000 a month. That is still a good figure for me! As of right now I am making about $1000 a month, but I have kids to tend to also.
You don't think calling someone a liar is hateful? lol
You need a copy of your report. Whatever bad stuff you can pay, pay it and get a receipt. But let a medical collection be the last priority. Do not let anyone else pull your credit report. Pay everything you have on time. Dispute things that are incorrect. Email me. This will take a while.
Since you say you are just starting out and you are a small operation, I assume that you do not have a lot of capital to invest up front.  When I was getting started in my business I learned of a FREE service that you can consult with and get all the answers you need.  It is called SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives).  They are a volunteer organization and specialize in consulting small businesses.  Look in your local yellow pages or Google SCORE and find a local office.  Unless you have money to invest in an accountant right now, this is what I recommend.  It was the best decision I ever made.
My score was 31--
I guessed on quite a few (not the US or England, though) and even got some of the cities right.  I didn't think I'd get even half.  Cool game!
Mine is totally incompetent as well as liar.
Well, I have a 99% or higher QA score.
I make between $45K and $48K doing this.

NEver been in trouble for QA. Never lost a job for QA. Have been hired for every single job I have ever applied for.

Anyone I've ever worked for has been sad to see me go. People I work for now are very happy with me. I make good money and have a good QA score.

All with no PROPER EDUCATION but just on-the-job training.

I love my QA score and even like my QAs
I am trying to prove a point to "I-type-fast" girl.
QA score formula
Can anyone post formula for figuring QA score.  Thanks!
CMT pass score

Can anyone tell me what is the score required to pass the CMT exam?

You said you "joined" the lawsuit. You did NO such thing! You're a liar!
How's that for spin? Didn't want to say it before, but you're right, why be polite? There is NO LAWSUIT TO JOIN NOW.  Only 3 employees are suing and we're NOT ALLOWED to join it yet.  So banter and pound your chest all you want, you joined in your dreams, sister!!
Eewwww... you don't talk like an MT, you talk like mangement. Ick. (n/m)
What was your QA score for acct?How long did
Monthly audits = QA score. sm
Usually companies audit your work monthly. They will pull 5 or 10 reports you have transcribed and do a random QA check on them. If you have critical errors, they will deduct whole points, noncritical errors usually a half point.

If you total QA score is below 98% three or more times in a row, some companies will do what they can to help you, put you back on QA review for a while so every report will go to QA. Other companies may just fire you or let you go.

Is this the answer your were looking for?

Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
That's funny because after we went through CCCS our score went up significantly. nm
The older the account, the higher the score . . .
so they are the ones to keep.  :)
Where's best place to obtain credit score?
I know I see Free Credit Report all the time on the internet, but they are not really free, right? Don't you have to sign some sort of protection coverage and pay a monthly fee? Is the best place straight through the Equifax, TransUnion and that other place? (Can't think of the name of it right now). I'm in the market for a new house and want to make sure everything is okay. Any advise?  Thanks in Advance.
Execuscribe On-Line Test Score
No, they didn't tell me what score was passing before I tested. They invited me to test based on my resume. I don't know about having to use a C-phone once hired but no I did not need one to test.
How is QA score measured? Is there a standard scale? sm

Is it per report?  Is by the number of characters in the report?  I am guessing that a missed comma is counted differently than a wrongly used medical term...

Thanks for any help!

not a liar, not an old person, I make waaaaay over $20/hour, probably double (CA, .15-.17 line) sm

I have two accounts of my own and do vacation coverage for a few other MTs as well as occassional work for a lawyer and a psychologist.  I charge .15 for one clinic and .17 for the other clinic... clinic #2 is a husband/wife neurologist team, and the husband was a major A&& at first... with a very strong accent and every possible bad dictator habit you can imagine.  I told wife I would transcribe for her, but not for him, I had plenty of business.  She said charge whatever you want, have whatever turnaround time you want, just please don't leave.  At the time they were at .12... so I upped them to .17.  That was 5 years ago and now after having gotten to know him and his *quirks* I adore them both.  I am an IC, but they give me very large gift cards for Christmas, kind of in lieu of a bonus, I guess. 

Clinic #2... just this week took on another physician and I told them point blank it was too much for me to provide quick service and they may want to consider a service.  They said no way, we changed the turnaround time to one week with stats as needed.  I even asked them if they considered voice recognition and the office manager laughed and laughed. 

I am just now putting both clinics on digital, and after the initial cost, this will increase my estimated hourly wage as it will take away my delivery time and cost, and my paper and ink printing cost and time.  Though I still plan to visit each office on a regular basis for customer service and because I know my customer service is what got me here in the first place.

For the *occasional* work, the lawyer and pysch I charge $50/transcription hour. 

I know you will all doubt me.  But I work extremely hard, have put in my time with my education - not just learning MT but learning the ropes of running a business and how to do everything smarter, faster, and in the most efficient and sensible way possible.  I also have another business I do in a totally different field!  I am very blessed.  Well, I also know the fields I have chosen were perfect for me, and also I've had good luck.  You know what I think though?  I think my sense of humor and just being as honest and open and observant as possible has made this possible. 

First, don't say anything to her in anger - sm
Let it simmer, give yourself a few days to think about what you want to convey to your MIL AND your son, then call her over for a sit down.

I have had to do this more than once with my MIL. Scary for sure the first time, irritating the second, and third time was okay. Hopefully there won't be a fourth.

Although my situations were not quite the same, the same resolution could work for you.

AFTER you calm down, and I know this is hard to swallow, make a list of the parenting rules that YOU lay down and expect to be followed by everyone, including grandma.

Next, explain your reasoning behind those rules.

Explain how upset you were that those rules were not enforced by someone you trusted with your children and how it makes you hesitant to leave her with that responsibility again. They are YOUR children. Hers to love but yours to teach and raise to be responsible adults.

Explain to her that her role as a grandparent is just as important as a parent but you have the ultimate responsibility of making sure that your children grow up to respect authority and any time she goes against your wishes, that it teaching them that your word does not matter in the end.

Once you clear the air with your MIL. Sit your kids down and have the same chat.

I have always told my kids that if they get into ANY kind of trouble, minor or major, I had better hear it from THEIR mouths FIRST. If I have to hear about it from someone else, the $1*% is gonna hit the fan!

Punishment will doled out accordingly but I gaurantee that the punishment will be much more severe if I hear about anything second hand. PERIOD!

By the way... grandma is still sometimes difficult to get through to on the parenting thing but... I promise you that my kids DO tell me if they are in trouble. Even for things they really aren't in trouble for but aren't sure. They tell me EVERYTHING.

Good luck Sista!

Even if they anger you.....sm
try to keep your cool and don't respond.  If they know they're getting a rise out of you, they'll just keep coming back.  Ignore them.  If they make you mad, you've let them win.
I have so much anger in me towards the
people on this board I am going to unleash it on you guys.
Why the anger?
You didn't mention that you were waiting a year but we were supposed to know that?

You were given advice about what to do and how to go about doing it. What more do you want?
What anger?
I don't see any anger in her post . . . she even put a smiley! No YELLING or anything. It seems she is just looking for advice.

Why are you angry?
ESL Anger
Yes, I relate. When I get really angry I have a margarita! I can't do that too often because basically I am a nondrinker. This ESL anger comes on for me every day and I would be an alcoholic, so I kick back in my chair and imagine what the reports would look like if I typed them "verbatim" - this in turn cracks me up and I laugh. I guess the bottom line is to try to find a way to laugh, because that is all you can do. Sometimes I give them names (ESLs). My favorite one is the one that sounds like that guy from Taxi, remember Andy? Swear I have one who sounds just like that. I have others as bad or worse. I also try to imagine what they look like and dress them up in strange costumes sometimes. If all that fails, run a mile. I did that once and it almost killed me, so now I just go to my ruminations and nicknames. See what happens when we are anal retentive about blanks? I have one that I have a fantasy of driving over to his hospital and luring him onto a boat headed back to his native country! He is screaming for help while I wave joyfully from the pier.
I think I agree. I haven't even started working and I find this great website where I can talk to new people (MTs)and get some feedback but lately everything I have been reading is people lashing out! I am getting a little discouraged with this site.
That was a little harsh wouldn't you say? Unless you've been there then don't judge!
I believe the original poster is the one doing the scoring, and she is SHOCKED at how low the score
is for the MT, and she doesn't even know what to say to the MT under comments. I can certainly relate - lately, its abysmal in my company.  How, oh how, do these MTs get hired?  To me, that is the BIGGEST mystery. 
Expecially if you can try to impress strangers with a bogus IQ score
There is so much anger in all parts of the (sm)
transcription community, that I'm seriously surprised that it hasn't resulted in something really terrible.
anger management
I really think that humor is a good tool for anger management! Friends will send some really funny emails that will just crack me up even when I am in the worst mood ever, it always helps...or sometimes just going for a good run to burn off some steam? There are a lot of things, also I like to look up at the big guy and ask for some help there, that helps me quite abit!!
anger management
I love it!!! What a fun game!
Anger management
Just get away and go out for a brisk walk and possibly a swim in a pool if one is available. Go for a hike in the woods. I can sympathize with you. We do not have an easy job and it can really test our metal at times.
look, i understand our anger, but not
where it is directed. The workers don't deserve our wrath! it's the companies that send our work abroad, it's the clients that just want the bottom price, it's the government policy that makes it lucrative for same. Those MTs are just like yourself, trying to make a living. If the tables were turned, would you decline a job saying, "no, i'm not going to take it away from the MTs across the pond"...of course not. At the MT level, we're just all trying to keep our heads above water.