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Hold up a sec.

Posted By: sm on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: one thing at a time - Snow Bunny

You dictate your own VR as an IC?  I don't think that's what the original poster was asking about.  I think what the OP was talking about was a company that has VR and only pays 55% to 70% of regular line rate.  Most companies' platforms aren't technically enabled to allow the MT to redictate the VR.  In fact I've never heard of that before. 

If you make money doing VR you're way, more power to ya.  But I don't think that's what the OP was talking about.

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how hold
married at 18....wouldn't change a thing even if I could go back in time. Our marriage grows stronger each year...
Hold out for more.....7 cpl is way too low...sm
I just had the same experience, was offered that amount by one company. I held out and got something part time with a good company at 9 cpl on weekdays and 10 cpl on weekends.
Hold on........think about this. sm
First, you need to make up a pay rate to compensate you for your hard work. Re-negotiate your contract if you have one. If you do not have one, I suggest getting one.

You need to set your pay date/pay period in writing and the ramifications to the client if pay is late. Either charge 15% as a late fee, etc.

Next, you can either charge piecemeal for STAT work, faxes, etc or you can include everything in one line rate. That is up to you.

After everything is in writing, have the client/doctor/office manage, whoever it may be, meet with you and go over all of the details. If they agree, than continue on doing the acocunt. If they do not agree, and it is a well-paying account, when you get paid, try to work a few things out. If all fails, then move on.

But, don't just get frustrated and let the account go. The office just may not be aware of all the extra things you are doing and may think it is included in your line rate.

You need to either spell it out to them in writing or just raise your line rate to include everything.

Believe me, in my younger years, I was where you are now. On looking back, I would have done some things differently. Now, I can say I know things from experience that you can not learn in a textbook or college classroom.

Good luck to you.
I'd put it on hold it too. You are being
very smart right now.  Hang tight.  If it goes well-WONDERFUL.  If it turns bad, you won't have to kick yourself in the a$$ because of buying a new house. 
okay hold on I think we are...
talking about two different certifications!

I mean certification as in going to school. I mean we should have to have a CERTIFICATE from a school saying that we took the courses and have passed. To heck with AAMT, I've heard plenty about them promoting overseas transcription!

I just mean that there needs to be a standard for MTs. That way it isn't so easy to get into the profession. Besides outsourcing overseas, our next biggest problem is that there are people who are getting MT positions just by the luck of passing a test or are taking jobs at 4-5 cpl which is why someone like me who has spent a year going to an actual college, actually going to campus each night, now has to start off at 6 cpl. That type of pay is ridiculous for a professional. I can make more working at Burger King.

That's why I was saying that for those that are already proven MTs who have experience there should be some type of quick certification for them. Maybe a test, or three verifiable references that they have been MTs for such a time, or something. I don't know.

But that is what I meant by certification. CMT/RMT has just become a way for AAMT to make money off of us. There needs to be a mandatory, BY LAW requirement to be an MT. Just like a doctor absolutely has to go to and graduate from med school or a police officer has to graduate from the police academy, etc.
i would hold
off until about 3 (her time). then you could call her or if you have her email address just send her an email and just say you were wondering if they had made a decision yet. I would not worry about the ad being gone.
May want to hold off on cashing it

One of the attorneys handling the lawsuit or an associate of, suggested I hold off on cashing the check that came to me from MQ.  This is the one that came with a letter saying basically the reason they robbed us of so much money over time was a system error.  Yeah, right.  The  attorneys want to check into the true purpose of the checks.  So listen to your gut on this one   If this has already been said on the boards, sorry, I haven't read them lately.

To my goodness-You can hold your own
here! Hats off to you!
Capitalization will not hold!

I need to type  VENTILATION PERFUSION SCAN as a heading.  But when the capital letter lock key is on and I type in vps to bring up the three words in all caps, my IT changes it to small case.

Does anyone out there know how to make all caps remain all caps?  I have auto capitalization check marked already. 

Thanks soooo much if you can answer this!

Don't hold your breath
Never has for anyone I know anyway (myself included)
If I were you, I'd hold off on purchasing anything sm
until you find a position with a company as many (if not most) companies will supply you with the pedal and software. All you would need to do is plug the pedal into your computer. The companies usually will install the software for you via your phone line or will send you a CD, whatever.

USB is the type of "plug." It's small, about a quarter-inch wide and has a little design on it with a circle, an arrow that points to the plug, and a little square.

The other type of pedal outlet has the little pins inside. You will need to count the little pins to find out what kind you have.

Good luck to you!

Do they think you will hold reports for
being delusional seems to hold


have a nice day and I will be sure to do an additional dance just for you when impeachment begins.......within the next year or two. 

Want to hold my hand.
I agree, insulting a fellow MT is uncalled for, let alone a PS to imply this is unprofessional. I guess the word "brain" "dense" and "childish" are your words for the week! That makes what now, ? MTs you are wondering whether they have brains or not, are dense or childish. Oh, and please stop YELLING at people posting on this site. We are not children nor do we act like a child. Be kind as if we were your children, because you obviously are not around adults often enough. Geez!!!!!!! PS: Congrats to making fantastic money. I'm sure you are very dedicated.
Hold the train, here!
You actually feel justified to stoop to this level of vile hatred against Tinks personally?

Not nice, not nice at all.
Hold on before you take that survey!
I have seen this lady before. I could swear when we first checked out her "pay me to take surveys" MLM scam site before she had previously worked at Bloomingdale's, but I do not recall that she had worked there for 20 years or had worked anywhere for 20 years. Seems to me she had references from several people she had supposedly worked with from several different places all swearing up and down what a wonderful and qualified employee she was (too much so, if you get my drift). I don't recall ANY of those said jobs being QA positions, more like sales or clerical. She seems to have had a lot of jobs for someone her age who worked for 1 company for 20+ years.

My point here is that this gal was operating a pyramid scheme just a couple months ago. Her original site was "Join here and pay $20 to take survey's about our MT business, and then refer people to me and you will get $5.00 per person who signs up under your name." I don't believe she is interested in any of this information being factual, she just wants to collect it (along with our personal data) so she can make money by selling it to God only knows whom, probably costing us our jobs or at the very least a whole lot of aggravation with e-mail boxes being filled with spam from other companies. Her only goal (in my opinion) is to make money in a marketing scheme. I guess she thinks the national MT companies are going to pay her for this data just because she collected it? She will claim its accuracy because she did a survey? I also find it odd that while she talks about QA this and QA that, it seems to me what she really means is quality control - and that is a big difference, odd she would not know the difference, isn't it?

Being a former Spheris employee myself, if she was as "all that" in the QA field, she should have started with them. I do wonder if she is still with them and, if not, then my guess is this is how she thinks she can make a living since, apparently, no other companies will have her?

One thing we all noted before, and it is rather apparent on her new site too, is that for someone who has been an MT for 3+ years and is supposedly as good as she claims herself to be, she sure makes a whole lot of errors.
I hold the pedal always. NM
I've always had to hold it down
And I've been transcribing since 1974. I think you'll get used to it pretty quickly. I once had to work with a machine where it wouldn't back up a word or two every time I stopped the dictation - It made me nuts at first, but I soon didn't even notice it.

Hold your head up. It will get better.
Going to Acute Care from clinic can be a headache, because you are getting more detailed dictations. Just take the QA feedback and learn from it. I have been doing this for 30+ years and my income have decreased from 48,000 in the early 90s to roughtly 30-35,000 in the late 2000s. You have a Degree, in my honest opinion, if I were you right now and at your age, I would definitely go into another field. Since you like health care, why not try a coding position. They make good money depending on the state in which you live, and some hospitals are allowing their coders to work from home too.
As an IC, your employer does NOT hold
out any taxes whatsoever, you are responsible for paying them. ALso, as an IC you set your own hours with a company. They do not set a schedule for you, you tell them when you can work, how long you will work, or how much dictation you can take, and transcribe that within a specified amount of time (my IC job requires all work from one day be sent in by 6 a.m. the next morning). No benefits from employer; i.e., no insurance, vacation, or holiday pay if not working, and even if working on holiday, do not necessarily get the "extra" pay a FT person probably does.

As an employee, your employer deducts your taxes and you work a set schedule and, if FT, are usually eligible for benefits.
and you can hold your head sm
high because you have been honest. This poster is more than disgusting and I can't even think of a word bad enough for it.

Please hang in there. I have been at the very very bottom with illness in the past and thought I would never dig my way out, but it can be done. I admire you!
Too low. I'd hold out for hourly anyway.
hold down your control key. While
doing this, you can make the font bigger or smaller with your mouse wheel. I found this out by accident. It changes back to the normal font after you change the report, but is so easy to do it is almost effortless.
At that time was trying to hold onto my job
and with the physician calling me at home, in a very intimidating manner, hostile, I just thought no way to keep my job there with his being the head of the plastic's department. When I took the evidence of the falsified record to the head of medical records, not once was I told to take it any further, no mention made of the different depts you named above, only told I could put in a note in the record stating I was saying the procedure not done. Oh, had I known at that time the steps I should have taken and I would have. When he would call he would always say Miss...., not from his office, from him personally from another hospital that was affiliated with the one where the surgery was done. I was not a MS Jones or Ms Smith but an unusual name and I know after all the months he waited to falsify the record, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.
Today I got hired to hold

I don't have to own a computer, don't have to update a computer, keep paying for equipment upgrades, virus protection, pay for internet.

I will have health insurance, holidays, PTO, retirement,


I have worked for M!Q for 6 years with them never giving

an iota more.  I have 20+ years of acute care experience.

What does this say for medical transcription??????????

It says I can be an idiot ...holding a SLOW/STOP sign and otherwise

sitting on my arse and make more money and have benefits than knowing the equivalent

of a first year resident and typing my brains out for a company who is

making zillions off my back.  MQ has done this to me....

My head hurts!  My pocketbook hurts.  You know what is unbelievable, they

don't even try to compromise.  They act as if they are the only game in the

world.   Frankly I don't think people can survive on the money they are willing to

pay for ANY of the work they are offering any more.  Let them eat cake.

buh bye 

Your argument does not hold water.
A hurricane in those areas of Texas may indeed have never been so far inland, but that's the nature of natural disasters. For 4 years now Homeland Security has been trying to drill it into the minds of the American people that you need to be prepared for ANYTHING. Maybe next time it will be a terrorist hit. Maybe an earthquake along New Madrid. Don't you believe your survival should be dependent on yourself? Or do you expect the govt to swoop in and take care of it for you? The sheeple need to wake up. Get prepared and stay prepared!
This may not hold true if the company is
I believe there was a ruling in the last few months that changed this for the state of New York but since no one answering you (including myself) so far is a tax accountant, you should ask a professional.
sorry but reaons don't hold water...

"Leasing also allows you to get more car for the money "  nooooo...leasing allows you to drive more car than you can actually afford. It's a version of living beyond your means.

"Lease payments are much lower than buying"  talk about needing instant gratification!  Leasing per mile is always more expensive than ownership. You forget, at the end of the lease, you give the car back. At the end of the same $$ spent in car payments, you could sell the car and get MONEY back.

"You will always have a car payment (which we would anyway)." And you will always live paycheck to paycheck, but then maybe you would anyway!

"Always be within warranty and only pay for gas and basic maintenance." There's other ways to do this. You can buy a car and trade it in every five years and only pay for gas, maintenance and be within warranty.

"Then again, you will always have a new car" - yea, that someone else owns, not you.

Not flaming, but the rationale behind some of these comments just burns me up. Buying a new car from a dealer is the worse way to do it - except leasing a new car from a dealer. For Pete's sake, think about it! Obviously they are making a ton of money off of you-- otherwise they wouldn't do it!!!

Save your money, watch for a cream puff in the classifieds, buy something with 30,000 miles or less, with cash. Then you can laugh all the way to your garage.

Just to mention why I think I'm in a position to give this advice? We own our home free and clear (7 years old, worth $500,000), own 2 cars and a truck that's paid for. Our latest vehicle is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma pick up. $33,000, paid $14,500 cash for it.  Have over 200,000 in our IRA's. And guess what. I'm an MT and he's a machinist. No corporate paychecks here. There's a way to manage your money, or your money will manage you.

yeah, shall we hold our breath? *lol*..sm

it said there - they would be choosing only TWO winners.....*lol* - we probably were NOT the first two to do the test, eh?  *giggles*

No, I tend to hold grudges though I have become - nm
more tolerant in my old age (40, ha, ha). I told my husband only 2 things would ever make me divorce him, (1) he cheated, (2) he ever hit me/abuse. So far so good, though some verbal abuse has happened though much of it is due to circumstances at present but if it continues or grows worse I will seriously consider leaving and I suspect a nasty divorce would ensue (2 kids involved) and I'd be entitled to over $100K....money is what he loves most so it would get dirty I am sure. But hopefully it will never come to that.
Hold control and scroll up or down.
If you quit without notice they may hold your last pay - sm
so you may want to rethink that or look at your contract if you have one and see what it says about quiting, etc.
I donít think I would hold yourself as a good person
and putting God into the subject (you said above you gave to the church- I find that questionable, doubt you attend church and if you do not doing you any good)- back to the subject though- you are a devious person who probably would stop at nothing to get what they want, including knocking folks off for their insurance money.
Hold Shift and press F3 twice
F3 cycles through sentence case, uppercase, then all lowercase.
EditScript does not always hold corrections
I've been there and had this happen. I wound up getting a new computer with more memory (though I had a good bit already). It seems EditScript is a large program and takes other programs working also to support it. It was frustrating to take all the time to edit reports and upload them, only to get nasty feedback in return that I should have made the corrections I made. A new computer with lots of memory solved that problem for me.
they are just looking for ways to get hold of our work
I actually got a phone call from a guy with an Indian company looking to do work for me. He got my numbe off of Monster. I had my resume posted LOOKING for a job, not looking for someone to do my work for me. He actually had the nerve to ask me why I didn't start my own business so I could give work to him. Needless to say, I was not very nice by the end of our very short conversation.
I hold New Orleans totally to blame

They knew they had a city under sea level. They knew the levees could only withstand a Category 3 hurricane. They had three days to get enough food and water into the Superdome.

Need I go on?

And, does what you have hubby hold out extra count
for you as far as the IRS is concerned. My DH and I have battled over this because he doesn't think that they will credit it to me and that we'll still owe big bucks and have to pay for not setting aside my own money. I think he's nuts. So tell me, do you know for sure you're covered?
I should explain that I had to do this because of an account that would hold the invoices until they
I was under the impression that a floppy can't hold much. I like the thought ...sm
that I can take this with me. Has anyone here been able to put all their expansions on just a floppy?  Thank you once again.  Also, the price I read is about 199.00 for shorthand.  Is there anywhere where I could be buy this for less?  thanks.
hold that thought. also known as fool's paradise. nm
I wouldn't hold Stedmans accountable for
not being able to open zip files.  Do you have a zip program on your computer?  If so, just use it to unzip the files.  WinZip can be downloaded for an initial free trial.  When you unzip it, save the .exe file to the Stedmans folder, then click "run" if prompted.  If not prompted to run, click your start button, click run, and browse for the Stedmans folder and select its .exe file to run.  It should then begin to install and you should follow the prompts of questions it will ask you.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on their
I have a glitch with mine and waited a month and a half, not wanting to be pushy. This was after I telephoned and spoke with the girl from Textware that posts here sometimes, told her what my problem was and that I had sent an e-mail through their website and not heard back within a few days. She told me to send her the glossary I was having trouble with, and I e-mailed it both as a reply to her, in accordance with her instructions for sending, and also e-mailed again to tech support through my own e-mail provider. Anyway, I finally contacted again and she was going to be out for a couple of days, and though another person did try to help, I have been too busy to mess with it, but was irritated that I was told they did not receive my e-mails (I still have them in my box) and Kristen did not bother to call and let me know they did not receive it, even though I had taken the time to call her and explain my problem after the first unsuccessful e-mail. Sorry, I guess I needed to vent about that . . .

Anyway, if you have your glossaries saved and are sure you won't lose anything, I would uninstall and reinstall if it were me.
Thanks so much. I see the hold, but don't understand the flash button. nm
I put mine on hold and hit the flash button
I hold it in the air, turn it upside down, & slam
it face down on the desk once, turn over and off I go!  Its amazing what tumbles to the floor............I've had the same IBM keyboard for at least 10 years now! Its great!
Will not hold my breath on being acknowledged for the years
and really I am to the age where I really donít mind, just the money I make is fine. My hubby works union for a company and has some seniority so that is a good thing, at least does not have to buy his gas nor pay for repairs, etc. on his vehicle. At my present job if the work is down low, I am at a point where now I can take off some and usually do, knowing there are people like me who in the past really needed to work and I defer to their needs. Like I said, been there. One difference I see with these jobs now is in the past we did not run out of work all the time but now these companies do. I would never enter a business like this now because so iffy. Took a while for my training and glad I made living at it but it is not really good now. I probably would have 6 or 7 jobs going now to make what I did with full and part in the past.
Put it this way..we obviously go TOO much LOL. We actually hold a player's card for Harrah's p
at Caeser's Palace, Bally's, Harrah's, Paris, Flamingo, Rio etc..which is fine with us. They have a lot of nice properties and in July we're off to San Diego on vacation and we'll stay for free there a few nights too.
Hold down CTL key & scroll up/down with wheel on mouse.
You are wise to hold off on a major purchase until sm
you see how the system is going to pay. Eight years ago our hospital outsourced their department and I went with the account to a large national. I went from making $24-26 an hour to making $8-10 an hour. It has taken me 8 years to get back up to $16-18 an hour. One of the girls that I worked with had just built a new house. I'm not positive, but I believe she lost it.

This change may not affect you much, so I wouldn't worry about it. Just wait until you see how it turns out. It may not make much difference at all to your salary. But you can always look for a house when you're sure of your financial situation. Good luck.
Didn't YOG use WordPerfect 5.1? Hold still my heart.