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best position and board for typing

Posted By: getting old on 2007-10-18
In Reply to:

I find my hands getting tired and shoulders hurt from typing so much.  What keyboards do you use and how do you have it positioned?  I type with my keyboard in my lap, just a straight keyboard, but still am not as productive as I would like to be and find my fingers not responding as quickly as I'd like.  Also noticed I have a lot of pain in my ankle some time from the foot pedal and my knee hurts too.  I have my seat positioned low so my monitor is directly ahead.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I'm going to buy a new keyboard on ebay because I work 2 accounts, one on a desktop and one on my laptop, keep having to unplug my keyboard from my desktop to place on my keyboard, is getting to be a hassle.



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The ideal typing position...
is demonstrated at this website:

Typing. This is NOT typing, it is transcribing. There is a BIG difference. sm
Transcription includes typing, but so much more.
They won't get you any better $$ or position than you can get on your

own.   They recruit for companies that already post here.    I didn't accept the position because I had heard too many bad things about the company, had interviewed with the company myself previously and been offered the same thing as what TM was able to get for me and it was no better than what I am making now.  The testing is very easy with TM, though you may have to also test with the company, so it wouldn't hurt to try, but don't get expectations too high.


I too am in this position but am not quite sure what to do.

Others such as myself (from the non-paying company we worked for) have done a lot of investigating and this is what they told me--The Department of Labor doesn't care because I wasn't an "employee"--only an IC (basically an "Accounts Payable" with no real rights).  I personally haven't tried the Better Business Bureau.  I did think about contacting the accounts I was working for, but, after reviewing my contract with my ex-MT company, decided I would be in violation of the contract if I contacted the client.....it's a Catch 22.....I would be in violation of the contract, but they are in violation of the contract by not paying me.....I decided not to work a two-week notice (which I did feel badly about at the time), but, if I had, I would now be owed six weeks of pay, not four!

Please post if you get any satisfaction through any of these actions.  I would dearly love to get my $1000+.  I've never been in a situation where I had to deal with some psycho who won't pay me what is due.

Would be interested in finding out which hospitals in NY are hiring.  I have been seeking a position in any hospital in Nassau County on Long Island for a while now.  Any leads would be appreciated.
Thank you for that info. In fact, I work at home with a company that uses the Sten-Tel platform. I also just moved back to LI from New Jersey so I am familiar with the hospital in Manahawkin you are referring to. I think I will definitely give it a shot. You never know. Thanks again!
TRX IC Position
Depending on which accounts you are assigned, and how adaptable you are to ESL doctors in an Acute Care setting (80%), this might be a great fit for you.  I have found the flexibility to be incredible as I have a 2nd grader who is my main priority.  Yes, there is a fair amount of work to go around now, but between the middle of November and last Wednesday, the well was beyond dry . . . The platform is very user friendly.  I started as a newbie in April, and am still at 6 cents/65 character line, so just your starting rate is a plus! Their bonuses are quite generous and attainable when there's too much work to go around. They are a small MTSO, so at times their resources (QA questions, etc...) are stretched a little thin, but they have always answered my questions.  I've had some bumps along the road, but I'll chalk that up to newbie ignorance as opposed to TRX negligence.  Hope this helps.
Same here. Lap is definitely the best position
I need some help. I am looking for IC position (have been

transcribing for 15 years), but I'm confused about something.  I purchased an Infinity IN-USB-1foot pedal.  My question is this.  Some ads say a wav-player is required.  Is this the same thing?  I didn't get software with my foot pedal.  Also, some ads say it needs to be version 5.  This is the same foot pedal I used when I worked for a company recently with an internet-based platform.  I have DSL, Windows XP and Word 2002.  Can anyone help me understand the nomenclature here? - USB foot pedal - wav-player, etc.  I'm well over 50 and am not 100% "with the program" on the technical end of things, but I'm hanging in there. 

Thanks so much!

If it is that particular one, the position has
I interviewed yesterday and she emailed me this morning.
Yes, I have been in same position

If you can prove a hardship and your new income, you should be able to do a repay plan with some money down.  They will just divide the amount you are overdue and add it to your regular monthly payments, sometimes up to a year. 

MAC - about the position

Thanks for asking. I seem to have narrowed it down to 3 or 4 people tops. Problem is that it requires a C-phone and some wanted to hear samples, so I had to record my own telephone dictations as wave files. The quality is not great, however some of the applicants did extremely well considering. This dictator and I am sure they will attest if they read this, is off the chart in difficulty. His speaking skills are very poor. He is sloppy and fast and gravelly!  I received a fantastic response. It was overwhelming. I think there will be 2 or 3 people I will be able to work with. Some of the resumes were extremely outstanding.  Thank you for this board!



NEVER take a QA position for CPL
QA is a very time consuming job. I have been doing it for 10 years now and I would NEVER take a position where I was paid by the line. Especially if you have to do 100% on them all. That takes forever and you won't make many lines in a day. Some of the work I get is so bad it somes takes me an hour (or more) to clean up one single report(correct errors, research to make sure they ARE errors, fill in the blanks and provide feedback, etc.) Now, if I was getting paid by the line, and this was a 200 line report, that's only $10 for over an hour's worth of work. I would not take any QA job unless they pay you hourly. With 10 years of experience, you should have no trouble finding a decent QA position, but stay away from the cpl offerings. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do. We can always use good help in QA. :-)
You have let your QA position
go to your head.  You need to deflate before you explode and can't fit through the door.      
It's a P/T position and was just...

wondering how long it might take to do?

If I were in your position... SM
I would follow your account to the new MTSO who snatched up the contract... :-))
in same position
I'm being used as an employee but am an IC.  If I confront them they will "terminate contract" I guess I should say because technically they can't "fire me."  I'm getting fed up with the IC @#$# and you end up being an employee without benefits.  So any advice please on how to avoid this????  I know I should find another job but from what I read on this board it seems like this is a common problem and at least I have work here -- for the moment. 
IC position--sm
I would be glad to send you a copy of the contract I use. I also recommend calling the IRS and requesting some pamphlets for small business owner's. Let me know what you need.

We have a football game tonight and have a child on color guard so it may be tomorrow before I get back to you.

In the meantime, go to the IRS website and see if there is anything useful there.
QA Position
Can you possible tell me what company pays this kind of money?
QA Position -

Thank you to all .......I decided to take the position.   To finally not have to worry about being paid solely on production was the convincing factor.

I do appreciate everyone's opinions and feedback.  Thank you so much!!

I will let you know how it goes.

QA Position
Good move. Hope it works out for you. Like the others, I'm curious about the company.  I do QA for a couple and while my hourly is good, it's not great like yours.  Always wondering who the big spenders are.  Good luck!
I did go through that with my last inhouse position ...
and after I quit and went home to work for my present employers, I realized what the most significant factor was for my burnout: Working with the absolutely rancid attitude of unhappy coworkers. True, I should not have allowed them to get to me but they were unhappy over ANYTHING. Nothing could make them happy and all they did was gripe and b****.

I eventually quit going to lunch and breaks with them because I just didn't want to hear anymore negative spin on whatever was going on. Of course, then I was Miss Goody-Two-Shoes because I wouldn't fraternize with them. There was already tension enough over production. I got to where I would drive around and around the block before parking...then I would be late a lot because I could hardly bring myself to drive to work. I felt sick at my stomach as I got up, knowing I was going to walk in that office where such emotional poison was.

On their own, I liked these women - they could be funny, were intelligent, had a lot on their plates. But as coworkers, they were unhappy about anything that happened and just could not leave any topic alone. At lunch and breaks, they so horribly bad-mouthed the superv, the QA person, the management, the hospital policies, the equipment, the software, the incentive plan, anyone who wasn't sitting there's production, other people's dress and how they handled their family life, etc. I mean it was HORRIBLE. When I started back to college, they were mad as h*** because I got "special treatment" in their eyes. They worked whatever schedules THEY set, but apparently I wasn't allowed to do the same. I see now that they were angry because I was doing something different and progressive in my life.

Then, when I announced I was leaving I thought they would cheer because, after all, I was the outsider. Instead, they got angry. They were angry because I was leaving and they were left behind. They emailed and left voice messages a few times after I had left, asking how I was, and talking trash still about that hospital. I never called any of them back.

I'm done with that attitude. I literally cannot take it. The same issues were happening to me but I chose to look at it differently.

Making a radical change of quitting and going home into a completely different setting and controlling my own environment, pay, etc., was the key to recovery for me.

I also know that I won't be doing this much longer...THAT HELPS A LOT...LOL.

I appreciate the advice.

I just accepted a position
and don't want to leave it up right now.  I things don't work out I will repost it.
I can't say that I've ever been in that position or that
I even know what you're talking about.  All I know is that money issues can tear a family apart.  I'm sorry you're feeling down.  {{{{hugs}}}}
About in your same position, and I plan on
working until I get out of debt, or until MT goes "under" as you say.  As a poster said in this thread, a degree doesn't mean more money or any money, but all the best to you in your endeavors!! 
Part IC position
Ok, I've had enough of suboptimal voice files, dumping one account. I know this has been discussed, so please excuse this post, but I haven't had much luck retrieving from archives. I'm looking for a "small" company that hires preferably IC MTs. Looking only for 15 to 20 hours a week to supplement my other account that I'll keep. I don't really want to spend big $$$ to get a piece of equipment and more $$$ on long distance bills. Anyone working for or have worked for a company this description might fit. Or, where I can post my resume and what I'm looking for. Thanks so much ahead!
RE: Part IC position
Give Transcend a try.
I have been offered a position yet...sm
But I have an interview with them this week. Not sure what I'll do either, especially given the time clock. That's a real issue for me. I have a baby at home and can't imaging trying to clock in and out every time he starts to fuss.

I also sent a resume to Medware too, just to cover my bases, but I just sent it this weekend and haven't heard anything yet.

As for you not hearing back from FN last week after sending a resume to them, I seriously doubt they are hiring right now given they recently overhired and the workflow is so low. Thus the reason I've been floating resumes all week. LOL!!!
You are changing your position.
I breed Yorkies and was in the pet care business for over 30 years.  Of course, you love your pets and they have a place in your family but you do not let a dog growl at you, as you stated.  One of your original posts you said if a dog growled or bit, oh well, dogs have bad days, too.  That gives a very different impression than the one you are trying to make now.
i think I'm going to turn the position down
because something just doesn't feel right about it.  I can't find current info on them and nobody's is posting anything but making it mandatory for me to be signed in to i.m. and mandatory for me to check my email when I'm not working (nights and weekends) I think is a little bizarre.  I've worked as an ic for many years and have never heard of that. 
Take the position, prove yourself and
expect an increase within only a few weeks.  Good luck!
In my position I have to care
about the client .. my job is to see that everyone is on the same page and our work is correctly done in accordance with account specifics for the client.  Additionally, I do not look at AAMT as a union .. an association really is in no position to negotiate wages.  The idea is for them to be neutral .. and I know what you are going to say and I wish it were different but the barn door has been open to offshoring for a long time and now we just have to work smarter, not harder, although I can pretty much say I don't see me retiring any time soon .. blah.
I took a position as IC in March
and first time ever for me also.

I was told by my accountant to take about 20% of my pay each pay period and submit it quartly. I have printed out payment vouchers,
Form 1040-ES which I then send to the US Treasury.

I was told the 20% should be enough. We will see at this end of the year and then I can adjust things as I go.

Good Luck and hope this helps.
can we ask what is the pay for your new position? any benefits?
Just offered an IC position at 7 cpl, lol....
Could be worse, I saw one advertise at 6 cpl
It sounds as if you have let them put you in this position
because the things you say are exactly the things you are scared about, first job, having to work all those extra hours, you do feel guilty regardless of whether you say you do or donít. If your most important job is your family then do that. There are mothers who sacrifice, cut down on costs and stay home, do just that and donít worry about it. If for 1 minute I thought something more important, my job would be out the window on this end. I have never had a job where I was running scared something would go wrong if I took off for vacation. It sounds pretty much like the job has you snowed.
just took a position an co. uses emdat..sm
i have never used this before.  i have been using smarttype for years and very nervous about starting a new job without my expander.  any ideas from anyone regarding this system and Expanders (if any) that work with it?  i appreciate all your input. 
QA position better option?

I know this was discussed to some degree recenty, but I can't seem to find the posts now.

For someone having trouble making line counts, is a QA position a better option?

What is the pay like, and are there any quotas?  What all (typically) comes with this type of position?  It would seem that it might be very stressful as far as all the blanks left due to horrible dictators and such.

Due to various circumstances, my MT position is very stressful and nonlucrative right now.  I really need a mental and financial break of some sort before I crack, and a QA position might be an option.

Information and advice greatly appreciated!  


pay for inhouse position??
I have an interview in the morning for a part-time inhouse position.  What is the pay looking like working by the hour with no incentives?  I don't know what a fair offer would be and don't want to sell myself short.
That is how I approach my position as QA as well...
not my problem to find missing commas, et cetera...it is my job to listen to the blank, plain and simple...
Different Test than Position

Does anyone else get frustrated when a company advertises a Cardiology studies position yet sends a general 6 minute OP note for the test?  Why don't they send an actual cardiology test of some type since that is what I would be hired for?  Instead they say if you can't pass this OP note for an acute care account to which we are needing a cardio MT and you will not do anything but cardio....i am sorry you cannot have the position.

Anyone else run into this?  Also anyone know of anyone hiring just cardio BESIDES cardioscribes (i didn't like the platform)? 

Position of chair
seems to give me problems sometimes. If I have it too close or a bit too far to one side, I will get shoulder pain. It's tricky sometimes.
It is an entry position.
I wouldn't consider it a crap job. It is an entry position. There is not a lot of stress unless you work in ICU. If someone codes then the unit clerk has to take notes while the patient is being worked on (at least where I worked). Other than that I enjoyed it. A lot of paper work, keeping the charts in order, answering phones, that type of stuff.
Entry-level position

Hi, I received my MT diploma in August of 2004 from The Career Development Institute.  My average grade was 97%.  I was very excited about finding an MT position but soon discovered that I was in a catch-22 situation.  I had the training and medical terminology education but no experience.  Every advertisement that I found required at least two years of working experience.  Is there any advice anyone could give me to get my foot in the door?  How do MT's begin working when they are new to the field?

Any info. would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jane L. Creppel

Entry-level Position
Thanks so much! I appreciate the info.

Entry-level position
Thank you. I will contact the school. Hopefully they can help.
did they offer you the position? Which office? sm
If you don't mind my askin'!
is that a good lucrative position or just fun?
it's kind of like scrapbooking isn't it? like cherished memories?
I always felt like it was a support position

and would, if it was appropriate, perhaps give hints on how I use my macros to avoid that particular pitfall, so I was not just handing them what was wrong, but was actively working on helping out with tools, instead of just citicism.  Some folks dig it, some not so much. 

I was offered a position with them a couple of
months ago.  I don't remember much about what they offered, but the pay wasn't very good.  I have 20 years' experience and what they offered me was an insult. 
What position does the Governator have on this issue?