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depends if you can find something

Posted By: better on 2006-08-30
In Reply to: Working for 9 cpl, not paid for spaces - hillbillymt

one of the oldest tricks in the book in the MT field is to change the way the work is counted...used to be a line was a line was a line, even if it was a line in between the address and the salutation. So first they took away blank lines, then they took away incomplete lines, now they are taking away spaces... so if you can find something better AND you can figure out how they are actually counting the lines.....might be good to move on. Depends? do you know the dictators well on this account and can you get good production. I bet the next place you go to will have more ESL's and switch you around on the accounts... think about it.

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I find it really depends on the account.
I really lucked out that I am on an account that has been doing VR for a while and the docs all speak pretty clearly. The reports come to me pretty clean. I only have to verify demographics and make minor changes to the report and I can get pretty good line counts.

On the other hand, I know MTs who aren't so lucky and end up having to transcribe many of their reports because they are so bad and end up making less money.

I love my VR account. I decided to do VR to save my wrists. I have had problems with carpal tunnel, but not since switching to VR.

depends on what you find threatening
I personally hate VR and would find a steady diet of it exhausting and boring, but then I've been transcribing for years and am worn out anyway and about ready to get out of transcription and into some kind of hourly-paid job. I'm truly tired of never being able to produce enough to make my company happy and am trying to find a smaller local outfit to work for where I don't have to do VR. I'd quit my company in a heart beat if I were closer to retirement. I'm tired of mentors' reminders of all the little classes I can sit in on to help pick up my speed. I tune it out but I do feel threatened even though I'm a dependable worker.

I'd advise any newbie to get very good at VR. I can certainly see where it could be near perfected, especially if there is a way to get the docs more cooperative with how to dictate and get them to submit more standards. I sure would if I were a doctor and hated to dictate; just think how quick it could go for most of them (and the transcriber) if they had sense enough to just dictate specifics for each patient, then say "do my standard HP or discharge." I do believe VR will be perfected down the road. The job is changing.
go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
I find most of my abbreviations here. Scroll all the way down until you find the abbreviation box.
I didn't find an 800 number, but I did find this number...
1 650-253-0000


I have one female who sounds as if she has cotton stuffed up her nose and she has just returned from the local pub.  Instead of correcting, she just rambles and you have to figure it out. For example:  "Social history is significant for review of systems noncontributory and mother with diabetes.  Pt has never had this before." 

I do find the female ESLs easier than the male ESLs however.

depends on where oh where you are now. nm
It depends - please SM
I'm not sure what you were hired to do but I've always had the worktypes I was hired to do specifically outlined to me. As well, different accounts have different workpools containing specific worktypes. I know when I work on a specific workpool that I will only get certain worktypes; when they ask me to change workpools, the worktypes will change.

It SHOULD work so that you know the variety of worktypes you will get and you should be masked to get them. However, a great part of the time there are cherrypickers who will reject worktypes they do not want to do, dictators they do not want to do until they find a report that they want. Lots of cherrypickers don't like ESLs, so they throw them back.
Is that with or without spaces? Is that full audio, read-throughs, or blanks only? Are the MTs experienced or newbies? Are the MTs Indian or domestic? Will you be required to provide feedback for each document or each MT?

If your offer is 5 cents without spaces and you are editing inexperienced or offshore MTs and providing feedback for each document, then 5 cents is too low. If, on the other hand, you were offered 5 cents WITH spaces, are editing experienced MTs, filling in blanks and providing little to no feedback, then 5 cents is fair.

ALWAYS ask these questions ahead of time. Editing on a production basis is no different than transcribing on a production basis--every little detail will affect your paycheck.
It all depends on what they say
constitutes a line.  If it is 65 characters includes, spaces, headers, footers then that is decent.  Being a newbie you are probably looking at the 8 cpl.  Keep in mind if this is an IC position you will be responsible for paying all taxes, no benefits.  If it is an employee position it is a good rate of pay these days. 
it all depends upon

which of my cats is looking for attention. 

Otherwise ... around 90 minutes, I suppose. It's up to my fingers.

Well, that depends on you
My golly, you gals make it difficult for a man to sit still here. All these questions and you gals want answers.

It truly depends upon you as an individual what you make. I usually have a very personal interview with you and usually can let you know at that time. Would you like to schedule something?

We always look to hire, even if you are new to this profession.

If you would like to schedule an interview, call me at 1-800-BIG-DING
Depends on which it is. nm


depends on where you are
We have a store called Freds in the midwest and I found the exact same bedspread and curtains Penney's wanted (at a price of 300.00) for 70! I also use www.brylanehome.com

At times Big Lots will have good stuff as well.
Better buy a box or learn to hold it.
I taught myself html and have my site through avahost. They are incredibly cheap. I have thousands of pages on mine due to it being a geneaology site. You could contact them about your files and such. It can be expensive to build a website, generally 1000 and up, so that is why I taught myself.
It depends on the age it happens...

I was divorced at 30 and remarried at 31.  No, I wasn't looking, but along he came and he was only 26 and had never been married, fresh out of college and ready to settle down.  I'm glad it happened then because at 31 you can still get a good guy quite easily.  I had a 3yo and it has worked out magnificently.  She's almost 18 now and he has been Dad for a very long time, as her father moved across country and she only visits a couple times a year.  But blended families more often than not are rocky.  I was very lucky.  If my kids were older than 3, say school age, I would be more inclined to wait until they are raised.  It's too hard for them to adjust at that point.  As for remarrying now in my 40s?  Probably not.  There's not much out there except all the leftover and discarded "toads" I'm afraid.  A few lucky ones find a great guy in middle age, but I'm afraid your chances of getting struck by lightening are probably higher.

Depends on the doc (sm)

I actually prefer doing consult letters over all other kinds of dictation.  Some doctors are concise and to the point, and some are long-winded (just like anything else).  I have found that there they mostly say the same things over and over, so it is a good way to use a lot of Instant Text and boost your LPH.  You still have the basics (CC, HPI, PH, SH, FH, Meds, etc.) but you are working in paragraph format instead of using all the headings.  Remember to ask for a sample of how they want them done in particular.   

The only downside is that you will have to edit them for grammar and tense issues rather than just do verbatim transcription, but it's not a hassle by any means. 

I've known other transcriptionists who hate letters, but I really enjoy them!  Good luck!

It depends
I had an account that paid gross lines and thought that I got a great deal, until I realized that the page margins were really wide and I would have made more $$ with a 65-character count....watch those side margins!
That depends.....
Were they paying you 12 cpl for a 65 char line count or less than 65? If so, 65 characters is the same, regardless of margins.
It depends on who the cc is..
Are you working on a hospital account or your own accout? Please provide more info.

It is usually justifiable if the cc is involved in the patient's care is some form or fashion and this cc's involvement is documented in the patient's record.
Depends what you consider to be a hot job
I love these people who say they're making 50 grand like it's really good money. Where I live 50 grand is enough to live on - period - and no one would brag about making that, so a job that "tops out" at 50 is nothing to brag about. Only someone who has never had the ability to make really good money would make a statement like that because to them that's something to be proud of.

To answer your question, this is not a hot job. I have been doing this for over a quarter of a century and people look at you like you're an idiot if you tell them this is your job. Some have laughed and said, "Oh, a typist!" or "Oh, you're a secretary!" Neither of which are HOT jobs.

If you want respect for what you do, go to an accredited college and get a real degree - a bachelor's or beyond. Then you're qualified for a HOT job.

Best of luck. Just being honest.
Well it all depends on the method of line counting; whether it is gross lines or character lines.  Gross lines at that rate is excellent hourly for someone with experience.  I.E., You can type 1000 gross lines in roughly two hours on average.  Here is the math:  1,000 lines x .05 = 50.00  (two hours).  Anyone get it?
it could be, it really depends on the dog
It all depends of course, but I can usually
average 1600 lpd on average for an 8-hour day. When I am part time (4 hours a day), I can get about 850.
As a QA person, to me it depends on the skill level. If someone his hired on and say they have 15 years experience yet leave blanks for general terms, yes I would track them. If I have a person who has been working doing clinic work and wants to crossover, no I don't. I give them adequate time to actually learn. If I can't get a blank either, it most certainly is not counted. Mostly what I watch for are the major errors, medication guessing, gross lab errors, etc. I don't see a need to go crazy on people. They are better served to be taught....if there is a new word they do not know, I send them the meaning. I teach them what the labs mean. I give endless references from books, websites, etc.
Just depends...
I think it depends on what company you work for. I work at home for a large clinic and it is wonderful. I get full benefits, overtime pay, quarterly bonuses and also have great ladies to work with and we go out together once a month. We have department meetings and parties, so I don't feel isolated at all. But I can understand how it would be awful without these things and how isolated I would feel. Good luck to you!
It depends. I use both. See below.

I use the net a lot, but couldn't live without my Quick Look Drug Book.  I have found it to be the best.

The two sites I've found the most helpful on the net are Medline Plus and Drugs@FDA.


depends on how much (sm)
Mine wanted an iPod. Laptop is a good idea, but very expensive. Is she in a dorm or apartment? Something for her place like a microwave or another appliance or a small TV. Portable DVD player. A nice bookbag or sachel of some sort for her books. Or maybe a family picture enlarged and framed.

My daughter's best friend's mom made her a scrapbook of her high school years. It was so beautiful and my daughter cherishes it. Wish I could have been crafty enough to make her something sentimental. She cherishes the iPod, but in a different way ;-)

Good luck to you!! My daughter's senior year was very, very special to both of us. Enjoy her while she's still at home!

It depends.

If the only thing you will be doing is logging into the hospital system and transcribing, your line rate will probably be more than with a national, but less than what a company would charge the hospital. 

Depends on if you are doing it as a
service for your church or has the community itself asked you to take it on?

If the community has engaged your church to help with this, I wouldn't do too much promotion of my own church in it.

Otherwise, I'd have a city map with any brochures about parks and recreational areas; maybe a few coupons to local restaurants; a restaurant guide; information on the school system(s); an area guide on all churches; any information on fine arts and clubs, etc.

I guess it depends on what their ASAP means and how much additional it is to the regular work you receive.  If I usually receive 30 minutes from a client daily and they tend to do only 20 minutes on three days and add it onto the last day, I would chargre usual rate for the first 30 and then you could add on a surcharge after that.  But I would first run it by them as if you do it without their knowledge they could get nasty with you.   Also do you specify TAT of 24 hours, my accounts know that I have 24 hr TAT but it is for a days worth of dictation and if they do back dictation it is usually an additional 24 hours.   Also depends on how much you want this account.   You can do what you usually do in a day and then quit and fimish up on the other day that the workload is lighter.  There are several alternatives and choices and I would certainly outline them all out for the client and let them chose which one they prefer doing.  ASAP to some does not mean immediate rush but as soon as you can within normal guidelines.  Again, your call but run whatever you chose to do by the client. 
But I think very experienced QA people should not be making 34000 a year! I have a friend who does payroll and makes almost 50000, doing just payroll, no degree, no special title, just lots of experience and good at her skill. And please. Some customer service jobs pay 14.00 an hour nowadays! Don't sell yourselves short. A skilled QA professional with lots of experience should make at least 40000 per year or more.
Depends on what you are looking for
My docs seem to always leave off zip codes when dictating insurance carrier or other doctors addresses. I found the website below to be extremely helpful in locating a zip code, particularly for a PO Box:

Depends on where you are going

If Southwest services the city you are goint to or from, they give the best price on one-way tickets if you buy far enough out in advance.   Try them.  Patti

If paid for all text including demos/letterhead/sig lines/CCs, a lot of short ones. If not getting paid for all that, the longer ones. : )

It depends on the circumstances.  Cheating itself is a sign of a severe character flaw.  It is a complete disregard for your partner's feelings and safety (STDs) and extremely self-centered.  If this same self-centeredness and lack of regard for you is going on in other areas of your marriage, I'd advise you to leave.  If it was a one-time thing and he is extremely remorseful and unlikely to do it again, I'd give him a chance, but only under those circumstances. 

We women have a huge problem with how we deal with men.  We fall in love with who we want them to be and not who they really are.  If you decide to forgive, make sure it is because he is the kind of person who deserves you, not because you see "potential" in him to change into something else. 



If you have real estate and credit card debt you really need to seek the advice of an attorney because if you handle it yourselves and do not word something correctly, one of you can be damanged or unprotected for a long time.  See if you can find a legal aide that will guide or give you some advice.  If you both agree to everything you can use only one attorney.  But have a consultation at least as you have a lot of "things" that need to be divided up.  If it is uncontested, it really won't cost you that much as it becomes expensive when one of you disagrees.   Sit down, talk and divide it up how you see is fair and then go into an attorney and seek a consultation.  Or at least a paralegal.  You can do it yourself, buy the forms but again if one thing is not worded correctly or included, it can come back and bite you.


It depends on how it is set up for you...sm
System set ups are different.  On one system you may press next report and the next one will come up.  Who ever sets up the main system can stop you from skipping over reports.
It depends...
...on where the Editor works. Some accounts (or if the editor is working with a brand new MT, new-hire, etc.) do require listening to the sound while reading the report at the same time, which can be time consuming if there are many errors.

Will you be doing typing or transcribing?  If it is transcribing, it depends on the type of work, what constitutes a line, and how much they are willing to pay. Of course, you want to bid low enough to get the work but high enough to make it worth your while.

Could you give us any more info? 

Are you comfortable enough with the work type that you could turn in a perfect, or near-perfect, product?

Have you done a search on these boards?  You will get an idea of what newbies are being paid.   

And don't forget that if you are an independent contractor, you have to pay 20% to 35% in taxes.  Again, if you search this board you will see that is what ICs have posted as paying.

Without more information from you, it is hard to give a cpl charge. 

Maybe someone else will post with a different opinion.

Good luck to you.  Sounds like it may be a way to get your foot in the door.

on how tired I am and what time of day or night
I am an MTSO and am allowed more to be put away in my SEPP and not married.  It is not an IRA or a 401K.  It depends on what you make.   It is from my business. 
So much depends...
I have an account that is by gross lines and the pay is great because there are lots of short lines that are part of the header and closing lines. But it really depends. I'm finding that even though I'm paid 1 cpl more with one of the companies I work for, I'm making less money per hour on all of those accounts. The line counting is done fair, it's just that the work is harder somehow. I would try to weigh all the other factors if I were you. Best advice - ask God to open the right door and close the wrong one!
If you have a contract, termination requirements should be specified.

It is always the professional behavior to demonstrate, giving notice when your services will no longer be available.

Depends on the doc really.
My old office used a 3:1 ratio, 3 hours to do 1 hour of dictation.
It all depends how you look at it.
I had an account for many years that decided to go the EMR/VR way, so they decided that my services would no longer be needed as the VR would do it all. Well, after a year of them playing around with the thing, they found out the reality of VR, and ended up hiring 2 part-time girls to "edit" their work. Yes, a word is inserted here and there in the EMR, and then there are the paragraphs that would have to be edited, especially if you get a doc with "porky pig syndrome" that can't speak and repeats over and over, eats his/her entire lunch while dictating, can't start a sentence without having to go back to whatever, slamming charts or everything else in hand, or can't open up his/her mouth to speak because is is too much trouble and effort.
I average 2:1 for transcribing and sometimes a little less and a little more but usually allow 2:1 on accounts that I know, clinic notes, consults, etc.  Some say 3:1 and some say 4:1 and I really think on newer accounts I would allow  3:1 and really think that is closer to the average.  Again I have had my accounts for 5 to 8 years so I really know them.  
Depends on the no. of...

...speakers/attendees, no. of microphones, type of recording medium, etc.  In my experience, it can take anywhere from four to ten hours to transcribe, re-review and edit two hours of meeting dictation.  It is best to charge an hourly rate based on the above (example - $25/hour for 2-3 attendeees/speakers, $30/hour for 3-5, $35/hour for 6-10, $40/hour for 10+, for a minimum 7-day TAT).  I also charge a separate hourly rate to edit a meeting transcript if it requires more than one set of edits and/or more than one person edits it.  And these rates are based on meetings with non-technical/medical content.  I charge a bit more if they involve technical/medical content.

Also - and this is just me - I no longer accept meeting transcription jobs if I cannot be present at the meeting. It is just not worth it otherwise!

Hope this helps...

I also say depends
On one of my accounts it could take me about an hour, another 1.5 hours.  But if on a new account 2 hours. 
depends --
It partly depends on how much you are going to plug into it. Check the volage/wattage you are using with the equipment you will be plugging into it and check to see how many outlets on it are actually battery backed up (usually only about half of them are) and buy appropriately. If you are talking about just your tower and screen, then check out store brands at Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. that run for about $50 and you should get about 3 to 7 minutes. Make sure it is a UPS (universal power supply)with a short response time (time meaning how long it takes for your battery to activate) so that you are protected from both brownouts and blackouts. Brownouts are harder on electronics than a blackout because they can and frequently happen all day long and weaken your electronics components (CMOS drive in a your computer or your router, just examples). Good Luck