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My job pays by the keystroke!

Posted By: nm on 2006-08-30
In Reply to: I would move on. I think it is so unfair not to be paid for spaces! I think we should get paid - MissouriMT


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VR pays half of what typing pays...
If you would read her post more closely she said she does VR, which pays half of what straight typing does.  I do VR and have made 4 cpl, so 5 is actually good and 4-5 is an industry standard, and may be even less if you are an employee.  The problem is that you have to double your line counts in order to make decent money, which is not always easy.  I embrace VR because I like it better than straight typing, but it is not productive for everyone, no matter how hard you try.
...keystroke (I was cut off, I tell ya!) nm
Keystroke book

Someone told me there is a book called Keystrokes which tells you short cuts/auto corrects. Is that book worth the money, and where to get if it is? 

keystroke to macro
Hi, I tried to look at my old "jump" macro, but in XP I cannot do this.  Assuming you are using an Expander (I used PRD back then) you create the name of the macro (mine was ALT-J) by inserting a "find" (so it will find @ or ? or whatever you call your place for the insert) and there the key is to create a destructive backspace so that your work will be without extra space/spaces.  This destructive backspace will remove your @ or ? or whatever you use on your template and allow you to insert your data.  If I could pull mine up (and wish I could do this more easily) I would just paste it here for you.  Good luck!  If I manage to get mine out of its "resting place" I will post it to you. 
But - a space IS a keystroke, unless you only get

Keystroke lag problem. Please see message

My computer is bogging down terribly causing keystroke screen appearance delays, input hesitation and delay, and lags in moving anything on screen with the mouse. 

I use Instant Text and when the continuations go into the screen or if I cut and paste from Wordpad, the Keystrokes are randomly lagging / hesitating for seconds before they appear on the screen.

This is really frustrating. It is difficult to type cause you don't see what your typing appearing on the monitor.

This only happens in Meditech.  Not in Wordpad.  And it occurs at 3 PM or about that time after I have been typing since 8 AM

It is so bad, it is impossible to do a report.  I did a search and found similar problem but no solution except that "Citrix and Meditech hate each other." 

Comcast is my ISP.  Help Desk increased speed on the VPN but that seemed to only make it worse.  Has anyone experienced this and then fixed it?

Thanks!  I am desperate (money is going out the window).

Think twice before you agree to be paid by the keystroke. sm
If you agree to be paid by the keystroke, you probably won't be being paid for any macros or IT entries. For example, if your IT entry for COPD is copdx, you'll only get paid for 5 Keystrokes and not the 37 that it would normally be if you're being paid by the character, like on a 65-character line, when the whole "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease" counts. From what I understand, you only get paid for the actual letters your fingers type in.
Yes, keystroke lag is sending me over the edge.
NDMT, to record your own keystroke macros, SM
in SH: While you're typing, hit ALT+Insert, type a name for your macro on the first line that says "keyword," then hit ALT+R to turn on record (or hit the record function on the right side with the mouse).

Then just type the Keystrokes of your correction. When you're done, use your mouse to hit "stop" on the little window that's waiting in the upper right of your screen. Or hit cancel if you goof up, and you'll be able to try again.

Here's one to try: To back up, insert a period, space, and type "The" to start a new sentence (how many times do you do THAT to break up runons in a day): Turn on "record," position your cursor at the beginning of any word and type those keystrokes (back up to the word behind, hit period, space bar, and type "The"). Then hit "stop." I named mine ".t" (one guess why).

The only trick to remember with this is one more thing. After you hit "stop" it takes you to the first box you started with. With your cursor still positioned at the very end of your new macro string, use your mouse to open "tags" on the bottom left and choose "nospace." That keeps it from auto-adding a space at the end because you already usually have one there.

In case your system doesn't provide you with a macro for changing the case of a letter, here's one you'll find very helpful to copy into your macro text box instead of recording it:

{@NoSpace}{@KEY Shift+Right}{@KEY Ctrl+Alt+C}{@KEY Left} I named this one "F" because it's right under my index finger. Flicking that key (and activating by hitting "Enter" or whatever key you're using) changes the case of the letter it's to the left of--lower case becomes upper, upper becomes lower.

And here's the one you asked for to copy the preoperative diagnosis under a postoperative diagnosis heading:

{@KEY Enter}{@KEY Up}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEY Right}{@KEY Right}{@KEY Right}{@KEYUP Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Shift}{@KEYDOWN Shift}{@KEYDOWN Shift}{@KEY End}{@KEYUP Shift}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}c{@KEYUP Ctrl}{@KEY Right}{@KEY Enter}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYUP Ctrl}{@KEY Ctrl+B}{@KEY Caps}postoperative diagnosis{@KEYDOWN Shift}{@KEY Ctrl+B}:{@KEYUP Shift}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}{@KEYDOWN Ctrl}b{@KEYUP Ctrl} {@KEYDOWN Ctrl}v{@KEYUP Ctrl}{@KEY Caps}{@NOSPACE}

You use this with the cursor positioned at the end of the preoperative diagnosis. It only works if the heading is "preoperative diagnosis:" I'm pretty sure there are better ones available for copying if you look.

Have fun trying a couple out. I think you'll find them addictive. :)
Easy enough to use but keystroke lag was my main complaint. (nm)
THANK YOU! That is my point. She still pays taxes, her DH still pays taxes...

so who exactly is getting cheated?  And just who are you talking about when you talk about whether it is "fair" or not.  I don't give a crap how much taxes my neighbor pays.  It's none of my business.  And if I found out they were paying less in taxes than me, I would ask them how they heck are they doing it so I can do it too!

I just want ask, is it necessary to get personal and insult?  You disagree with me, fine.  But I've been called a liar, a cheat, a no-ingetrity thief, my intelligence has been insulted, and I have had my parenting skills questioned.  That is a little over the top.  If you cannot debate an issue without resulting to personal attacks, then YOU are the stunted one!

It is a very good thing that some of you work at home, ALONE!  You are sorely lacking in people skills and diplomacy.  Let me guess, when you worked in the office you were one of those girls who didn't like to share her desk, griped if someone dropped a crumb on your desk, and kept track of everyone's breaks, lunches, and line counts just so you could tattle to the supervisor!  I've worked women like you, it was like working with kindergarteners.  That's why I came home to work.  Do us all a favor, looking in the mirror, count your wrinkles, and realize that this isn't high school anymore!

who pays 40% tax?

I'm an IC and keep track on my gross income and taxes on an Excel spreadsheet. I use this link to calculate my taxes:  http://www.pensoft.com/taxcalc.asp

I claim married status, one dependent. I'm paid semi-monthly. I make certain to double the SS tax at the bottom of the page.

My taxes are between 22% and 25% of my gross earnings, depending upon what the gross pay is. Never had a problem with the IRS yet.

So, if 40% of your gross earnings goes for taxes ... something is WRONG!!!!

What do to if the company you work for doesn't pay for two months and stops answering mails and work is stopped as well? I am in a different state than Ohio.

Here is their web site:  www.prioritymedicalresource.net

Please send me suggestions how to get this woman behind bars?  Is it a very long process?  She is not responding to phone calls, e-mails, faxes.

VR - Who Pays The Best?
My hands hurt and I am thinking about getting into VR.  Who pays the best for VR these days?  Are slow typist more productive with VR than straight typing? Thanks
IC with two accounts, one pays 20+ cpl

Mine currently pays .13

Which MDI pays 10 to 11? MDI-MD told me
What company pays this much
Would love to know who pays this much for VR editing.
Whoever pays you, you do what they want. If you don't like it find a job where they do it your wa
Yes, transcription actually pays them better...sm
but that doesn't mean we should be sending confidential, private information over to them, where it can be spread all over the Internet and used in whatever way they choose, not to mention taking jobs away from U.S. workers. Frankly, I'm SICK TO DEATH OF IT!!!

When a country can't pay their own doctors, dentists, nurses, etc. a living wage, this is why they need a new government, a new way of running their country, not the old ORDER OF CRAP they have had for so long.
how can they both be union and one pays so much more?
MedQuist pays more. They pay 80% of your
I know a doc in FL that pays 4.5 CPL to India

Editing pays less. sm
The VR is crap and ever since we started it, WMX, I have continued to make more by typing from scratch. VR only helps the people who usually do a low line count, less than 150 lph. That is with my company. Some people love it, make more. I am sure it has to do with the VR software. Ours is crap.

Editing Pays More
Without a doubt, I can make more money by editing. I can edit more than twice as fast as I type. Also, I can edit longer without taking a break. The editing process is not as physically demanding as typing.

I get 3.9 cents per line for editing and 8 cents per line for typing.
MQ pays 70% of your MT rate, much more than
Yes, there is. SE the employer pays 1/2 of your SS tax. sm
As IC, you pay all of your SS tax.
MDI Maryland pays 10+ cpl
Their range is 9-11 cpl, statutory.  I've been with them for a year and a half and they're a good company.  By the way, that's not "incentive" based - the rate is the rate.  Peace of mind for those days when you just can't crank out line number 1701 LOL.
So you're saying someone pays you
around $50/hr, HOURLY not production, to MT? So a hospital, doctor's office, or MTSO, pays you $50/hr for an hourly position? Whaaaaat?
My national pays .11 cpl (nm)
Guess it just pays for everything if
you just sit and watch the screen long enough.
Though there are not that many to be had right now ... in a large city, in the late 80s to 90s, paid $16-$17/hr.
Though there are not that many to be had right now ... in a large city, in the late 80s to 90s, paid $16-$17/hr.
YES, MQ pays shift diff but you have to ask for it. SM
I complained bitterly about it and they gave me half a cent per line for nights and weekends. Adds up to about $75 per check and YES, it is paid on my bimonthly check.
i have 1 account that pays by report
and one that pays by the line. it depends on the day on which is better and if you are able to 'definitely' know what your line count is. if you have lots of normals then per report is better, for me anyway
Who pays for your phone lines?
I am thinking about letting a couple of my transcriptionists go home....I have opened a new business and am doing so well I am running out of space here in the office.  I can do more business if they go home, but call into my main account, who uses Lanier voicewriter and is still (unbelievably) on Medword......to those of you who type from home, who pays the monthly expense for your phone lines....and do you have one or two lines?
mine pays after 10,000 lines
I work for eTransPlus and as soon as you reach 10,000 lines per pay period, your insurance starts, AND they pay half of it for every pay period you make your 10,000.
wow .. which national pays 11 cpl? Thanks for the info!
Thanks ~
Transhealth pays for holiday pay
You have to work if it falls on your day but you have the option of asking off. You get holiday pay (if you are off as well) plus you get your line count that day.
Transcend pays 3 cpl for all work done....sm
on the 6 major holidays.
To SandyGirl: MDI pays 10-11 cpl 65 char., sm
Spheris pays 10 cpl + incentive.

FC pays 10 cpl and 11 cpl on weekends - IC status.

QT pays 9 cpl - gross line, IC status.

JLG pays 10 to 12 cpl 65 char.

As you can see, there are companies out there who will pay 10 to 12 cpl, albeit IC status mostly, but they are out there.

I hope this helps you find the right company that pays the "big bucks"!

Merry Christmas!
And you have a company that pays this? or do you work on your own?
Gov. pays 44.5 cents a mile, will probably....sm
go up to 48.5 cents over the summer. That's what we claim on travel vouchers.
So what? 8 cpl is what the market will bear. If you don't want 8, don't take a job that pays
who pays attention to those initials anyway?

But I still know what you mean.  I sometimes type things that I don't agree with.  But his opinions, his take, I am just the MT. 

Please point me to a company that pays more
for ESL transcription. The one I work for certainly doesn't.
NEMT pays weekly. nm

Not to me. My MTSO pays me at CMT level and says
my work is better than any CMT she has ever seen.  I'm not one of those people who need initials after their name. 
If acct pays for spaces, do 2. Every little bit
Usually not Dr. who pays, but facility/hosp that