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doctor names

Posted By: help please! on 2006-02-04
In Reply to:

Does anyone know a website where I can type in the name of a doctor with a "sounds like" feature to try and find the correct spelling of a doctor's name? AMA wants the doctor's last name ('required' it says). IF I KNEW THAT I WOULDN'T NEED THE DARN WEBSITE NOW WOULD I??!!! But it allows you to do a "sounds like" for the first name, which is not particularly helpful AT ALL. If anyone knows of any websites that allow this would you please enlighten me? I thank you so much!!

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doctor names
Thanks to you all very much for your help. I've made note of all these sites.
doctor names
Try this link - http://www.dr-411.com/doctorsearch.asp
Hope this helps you.....
doctor names


AMA's website - from here, click on patients, and follow the instructions. It has sound-alike feature
Good place to search for doctor names?
I work an account that the doctor names scare you half the death, sm
all foreign names, but the voices are pure heaven - very clear and good enunciation, even the one that have a tangible accident. I feel lucky to have an ESL account like that.

I know a PA from South Carolina at a hospital I used to work at that would bring you to tears. ESL is not necessarily a bad thing.

When people use last names for first names.
You can't tell what sex the person is, and it just sounds so pretentious and stupid.

Hunter, Tyler, Taylor, Cameron, Morgan, Parker, Porter.

Really soap-operaish and annoying.
Call your doctor - this is not a doctor forum! nm
You know the difference between God and a doctor? God doesn't think he's a doctor. nm
Well they DO have different last names. nm
re: looking up names
If the doctors do not bother to spell the patient names and the offices do not bother to provide me with a patient list for the visit date, they get a verbatim spelling of the name and a note to please check the spelling of all names. I don't have the time to dig around on the internet looking for their patients names and I do not feel it is my job and I do not expect my subs to do it. If they provide us with a list, yes, I expect them to use the list but otherwise they get what they say for names and the office has to verify the names. If the company you work for pings you for QA issues by doing this, then I honestly would find someone else to work for.
looking up names
oh, believe me I do get caught with that all the time and it sucks!!
Let's not name names, please.
I'm applying to several presently...any chance you could tell me which bad ones those are?
first names sm
I am called Grammy by my grandchilden and "Mom" by my sons. However, my daughters-in-law were told they could call me by name as they have their own Moms. One does and the other one doesn't call me anything. I always sign cards, etc., "Mom and Dad and then our last name, so they will still be part of us, but these girls obviously are not as close to me as their own moms. If they did call me Mom it would be okay, but I don't think they think of me in this way, I would be honored if they did. It's difficult. Most of my son's older friends call me by Mrs. and a few, very few by our first names and it's okay. I don't like being too formal. You'll find with grandchildren at some point they will try to use the first name and we always snicker at it,it's just something each of them tried very, very briefly, perhaps once or twice; don't make a lot of it and it's a phase, they get over it quickly if you take it lightly and go right back to "Grammy and Grampy." As long as they don't make derogatory remarks and show respect, I think you have to play it by ear. It's not always easy.I prefer professionals to call me by my first name, a lot ask you on their forms what you wish to be called. I always use my first name, as I think Mrs..... is too stuffy. To each their own, I guess.
first names
I don't care what they call me as long as they are respectful which they all are. I have four girls and we have a house full all the time.
pet names
Shadow is Lab/Golden retriever mix (looks like a black lab)

Sugarbear is Golden retriever/collie mix.

Mr.Whiskers is a stray wire-haired terrier.

Callie is the Queen of All - our calico cat.

cat, Simon
cat, sushi, nickname, shooshoo
dog, spanky
I keep a log of every job and their names...nm

We have those names in our town too.
Blame the names
on the 911 system. To help keep dispatchers from having to deal with sound alike names and sending emergency services to the wrong street the 911 center in most areas gets the final say so on whether a street name is okay or not.

When a small rural county I lived in went with the 911 system those of us who lived in the small cities had to rename some of the existing streets since there were streets in the rural areas of the county over 50 miles away with the same names.
Not street names, but how about....
the STUPID names they give the different models of new homes... When we bought ours, they were things like El Capitan, El Sonoro..... etc.  We bought the smallest and cheapest model and my DH always said that we bought the EL CHEAPO!
street names
Used to work on Blue Rock STREET...lived with my folks on Blue Rock ROAD...which has about 3 blocks of what people think are Cheviot Road...goes back to Blue Rock Road....then 5 miles away, next street over is OLD Blue Rock Road Road....creates havoc for delivery people
Street names
We have Easy Street and Boardwalk in our subdivision.
I use Superpages to look names up.
Same as checking in a phonebook..no other personal info.
patient names
This is a problem that I am currently struggling with. My accounts are not 'searchable' and some docs don't spell out the patient's names. I have QC'd these many times with a note AND my e-mail address asking QC if I should be sending all these reports to them minus the patient's name, or send it to them GUESSING the spelling, or just spell the names phonetically and NOT QC them. About 15 requests now, and NO REPLY!! Very frustrating!!! Otherwise, the account is really good. I am new, so did not realize that other platforms gave credit for footers, headers, etc. I know on DQS you get a fair line count on just the body of the report. Don't know about the rest.
Patient Names
You'd be surprised how many facilities have the patient's name on the report. Its not that uncommon. Depends on the facility and the company you work for.
the names are usually bleeped out...sm
for privacy reasons, as are dates, hospital names, etc.  Anything identifying would be bleeped out...at least in my experience...
names bleeped
It is a test run so I am just not sure what they would want me to do. I have worked for several companies that use the doctor's names in reports but not the patients. Even at the local hospital they used the doctor's names but not the patient's name. What would you do on a test run for employment?
There are quite a few names that come to mind
for people like you. Who are you to try to slam me?

My income knocks me out of getting a lot of the "breaks" you are implying. I'm not taking advantage of any of you, period. I earn my way and always have. My children and I have never been on any type of assistance, EVER, and only 2 years have I ever qualified for EIC.

My income alone is more than most couples in this area. I see 2-wage-earner homes taking advantage of MY tax dollars, thank you very much.

You can just shut your foul mouth and stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!!
At least we have stuck to our names
and people know who we are unlike most posters on this board who change their name on every single post! I guess they like to be easily forgotten.
Funny Names
Harry Butts - I used to work with him - but he died. This was not the Harry Butts proctologist from Houston, though, it was another one from the Tarrant County Hospital District (Fort Worth)
We need to know the names of these companies.
There are too many that pay late or do not pay on time and some are very popular services
Thanks for update. I don't know any of those names, only
saw a few minutes of it, but I'll be watching or taping from now on. 
The ugliest names...

Bertha, Gertrude, Janet, Janice, Harriett are horrendus.

The prettiest?  Kiersten, Mandy, Natalie, Ursula, Natasha, Lana, Kiersti.....

ugly names
I used to work with a woman named GayDonna -- yes, that was her REAL name!!!
Spelling of MD names?
If you have a clue of what state they are in, I like: http://www.dr-411.com/doctorsearch.asp
my cats' names are
Tinker, Algebra, and Katrina. I also have a peach-faced lovebird named Pretty Bird.
I know she's posting under different names!
And Patti REALLY needs to stop that, too!
It will help you learn MD names and
I think help you get a realistic idea of your nursing career. I don't have kids though. I hope you have a good support system.

Good luck to you.
Unusual names

I feel your pain, but they don't have to be foreign.  What about Dakota?  Is that a boy, a girl or the family truck?  I know I shouldn't laugh.  A dear friend has a lovely little boy with that name.  It's just that when you're typing a report without a genital exam, how can you tell?

I used to be director of medical records in a tiny rural hospital, so I typed up the birth certificates.  Here are some of my all-time personal favorites:

Caboose.  A little boy, the 8th child.  Mom didn't care what the Pope said, this was it and she had a tubal.

Princess Leia.  The original Star Wars had just come out.

Vagina.  Yeah, you read that right!  A little girl.  Nobody could change mom's mind.  That was an interesting call from the Health Department!

Bambi.  I know, it's more common than I thought.  Great for a little kid who can't talk yet, but I have no picture of her 98 and in a nursing home.

Actually, my coworkers weren't any better.  We threatened to provide a "name your baby service" for the parents who just couldn't come up with a name after 8-9 months of thinking about it.  The Wolf twins were going to be Timber and Gray.  The Fruit triplets were going to be Grape, Passion and Juicy.  No, we never really did that, but we were tempted. 

Hope you had a good laugh.  You deserve it!

baby names
I had a neighbor who had 2 little boys - their names were Levi and Steele. Cute boys, too.
Names in dictation

My accounts don't allow pt. names in dictation, following AAMT recommendations, but what about names of family members?  They could certainly be used to identify the pt. 

My accounts all use names
All my accounts use names especially if I am doing IME's or WC or Voc Rehab, Social security disability reports, etc.  Also on chart notes, office OP notes names are always on them if they are not EMR's.  In occupational history they always state where the patient works especially in the IME's and Social security.   This privacy deal is going too far.   Shoot I would much rather have my name on my records so that they don't get attached to someone else's records.  Without a name and a one stroke mistake in the MR number, they could be attempting a prostatectomy  instead of doing a blepharoplasty on me.    Wouldn't that be a shock to them.   All my docs call patient's by their name in their dictation instead of he/she or patient.   Pretty soon we will all just be a number and not a name or a person.    
Patient's names
Especially when the name has a funny spellling and I keep going back to the header to see how to spell it!!
PHI ? about first names in report
Hi all... I recently switched companies and am now working on an account where we substitute "the patient" for the patient's first name, etc. For the last 5 years, I've been on verbatim accounts that used names and specifics in the reports (a more protected employer, security wise too, so that probably had something to do with it). Anyway, I can't remember whether it is okay to specifically use first names of the patient's family members, people accompanying the patient, etc. I do psych work, so this information is frequently detailed and though I've been bypassing names, I've had a few reports where it is hard to get around because of the subject matter.

Guidance is appreciated...
Please do not call names. sm

I am only stating what I know from prior experience to be true.  How would you like to be owed $2500 by some little MTSO?  No, you wouldn't.  I no longer advise people to take a chance with anything involving money.  I do not care how reliable someone has been in the past - these days, a company can go bust very quickly, and certainly before anyone would be paid on the schedule you have described.

Continue searching locally, then.  I find it very hard to believe that you personally do not know anyone you can refer to take advantage of the **glorious** opportunity you describe. 

I have one like that. He'll spell names like
Ann, Smith or Bob, but not Janczykowski, Myreshnikov or Filipowicz.  Of course, it's a big city so everyone named their kid some twisted spelling of a normal name.  It can't be Cindy, but Syndee.
We do have our QA fill in names & addresses
All of our clients provide us names and addresses of referring physicians. Our QA maintains the lists, and we only ask that our MTs spell them phonetically. QA then corrects any mistakes.

As far as patient names, some doctors spell them for us and some do not. For those that don't, they get their reports back with their patient names spelled phonetically, and it's up to them to correct any mistakes.
get rid of any man who calls your children names!

Let alone call you names in front of them.  He sounds like a true control freak and slob to boot.  Your 16yo needs to NOT be exposed to this kind of behavior from a man...she'll end up getting into relationships thinking this is "the way I grew up" mode.

Keep your faith and get out and into living your own life for you and your own children.

POLL: What do U think R the ugliest first names ever?
Mildred, Edna, Bertha, Doris and Gladys top my list!
Sorry you feel that way. I have my kids' names on my leg.