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does any one have a GATEWAY----

Posted By: my input on 2006-06-10
In Reply to:

notebook.   Are you happy with it? 

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Gateway from BestBuy a year ago--XP, though--Gateway Media Ctr computer
Has been great, really great. Fast. Was $579. and you can purchase an extended warranty to get work done at Best Buy, although I haven't used it at all.

Gateway was bought by somebody else, so don't know if their quality is going to suffer. I have really been impressed with the Gateway I bought. It had AMD processor, but everything's been fine.

It comes with a great restore disk--I used it once, when I tried to UNINSTALL the TRIAL PROGRAM of MICROSOFT WORD. So--- IF you get a computer that has MIcrosoft Trial Versions on, just KEEP THEM ON, becuase like all things Microsoft, it cannot be uninstalled with the uninstall program like any other program-- it has to ** up the computer (would not boot up at all, wouldn't do anything). SO, just keep the Microsoft Trial junk on if it comes with. And, as an aside, don't ever buy the license to the trial if you want it. Buy a real copy and get the disk.

Do not buy a Gateway from HSN

All I can say is do not ever buy a Gateway from HSN.  I bought one last March and have regreted it ever since.  After a couple of weeks, I had been having problems with programs.  I called HSN and they said to call Gateway.  Okay.  I called Gateway and they have a deal with HSN in order to get the computers to them at a reduced price that they do not send any  back up or program disks with the computer, like the ones that came with my Dell-I might add.  Well, they asked me if I made backup disks with the blank ones that came with the computer, and I had.  The only problem is is that my computer was faulty when I got it so I made a backup disk of a faulty computer, so they didn't know what to do and HSN didn't know what to do.  HSN did not honor it at all and didn't give me a discount or anything to buy new Microsoft XP or any programs to format my computer and start from scratch.  I was screwed and spent 1,600 on a computer that has been giving me nothing but grief since.  I never had that problem with my Dell and I also have a Sony laptop that has been good.  I told HSN that I would never do business with them or Gateway ever again.  It has been a nightmare!! Now they say that it is too late to help me with anything because, "Good grief, you bought this system in March!"  Aarghhhhhhh!  I said, "Exactly,  that is how long I have been having problems?!?!?"  Anyway, I hope you take my advice.  I heard about some problems with both of these companies before but I didn't take heed.  Norton will not load, I have continuous virus problems, Oh boy, it never ends.

Actually, its the other way around, Gateway
We have Gateway and IBM....
and no problems with either one, though the Gateway is only a couple of months old and the IBM is 2 years old.
I bought my boyfriend one from Best Buy and he absolutely loves it.
Gateway makes emachines. Bought a cheapie one at Best Buy and works great!
Gateway lap top question

I bought my son a Gateway laptop three weeks ago to take to college.  He has already seen the "blue screen of death" and has barely used it.  Because I am computer illiterate and I know some of you are much more informed about these things, is this a MAJOR problem, i.e. take it back and get a completely different brand or is this something I can easily get fixed? 

Thanks for your help!

I have always loved Gateway also but -
they were bought by Acer and I am not sure that helpful midwest technical support still exists there.