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double click the glossary that the error is in; sm

Posted By: helper on 2005-08-10
In Reply to: How do I delete entries in InstaText that were made in error? - Anybody know? (NM)

when it brings up the box, find the word/phrase you want to delete or change. once your cursor is on the line in the error, hit the delete button. FYI, you can also edit it rather than delete it.

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With IT open, right mouse click on the glossary in the IT box that you want to save. sm
Choose from the pop-up menu, either Save As or Save active glossary list.
P.S. You should be able to just double click on the header.
You don't need to export. Just double-click the glo file in Windows Explorer
You turned tracking on. Double-click the TRK icon down on the status bar.
E-mailed glossary from work computer to PC but glossary isn't readable.

After literally two days of working on this, finally got my glossary to my personal computer and into IT V Pro which I upgraded (thank you Christina!!!).  But my entries are all garbled. 

I hope this isn't some safety feature used by my national to keep us from using company glossaries though I did create this myself over three years.  

Job starts in three days (radiology) and I so need this glossary.  Hate to start over again...as you well know.

Anyone?  TIA :)

error.error.error, should be a bad home life, sorry (nm)
What is acceptable error rate (i.e. error ratio to line count).
Your error made me chuckle, which is, ya know, fitting for the error. Not a big deal, and no we ALL
make mistakes! Heavens! I remember starting out, I actually typed CABBAGE! Can you imagine?  Scary thing, though, is when you get an MT out 10 years and they type cabbage.  There are errors like yours, and there are major-absolutely-no-clue-of-our profession errors, which are mind boggling when you see them in print.  I've been on both sides, typing and proofing, and I never dreamed of the quantity and quality of errors some MTs make - HUGE errors.  That said, yes, we all make them, but its the ones who are unlearned and then arrogant when you point out the error - we have to, ya know, and its done kindly, so that they learn, and still that type of MT flips out and has a hissy! No win situation for both parties, really, as the MT really can't grow in the field if they aren't accountable to themselves even for their work.  I can't give more specific examples, as I could potentially hurt some MTs who would recognize their errors, but I assure you, some are unbelievable. 
No, it just freezes and I get an error box that says "printer error". nm
One of my PAs constantly rides the microphone, click, fuzz, missing word, chew, click,

Left click on the taskbar and drag it back to the bottom. Once you've done that, right click on


Click the office button and then click word options. It's under proofing.
click on Tags, then Keystrokes, then click on the control box and the letter b
that should work!
Click at the top of the column you want to order, then click on the AZ button in top toolbar.
Click on tools, AutoCorrect, and click on tab that says
AutoFormat as you type and uncheck the ordinals option.
If it's installed, click or F10 to open it, click on...sm
the little white piece of paper icon to bring up the window where you ADD your new entries to, type your abbreviation in the Keyword box, then drop down to the Text to Type box and put in what you need it to say, then click Okay. You're done! If you want to delete your entry, arrow down to it, then click on the Trash Can icon. It'll ask if you want to put it on the clipboard, say yes and hit okay. If you want to modify it, use the little hand on the piece of paper icon. I like to click on the Disk icon to save stuff once I enter it, too, as a backup. If you're working and want to enter a paragraph or a page, you'll hightlight your stuff, bring up the ADD window, copy and paste it into the Text to Type area using the commands on the bottom of that box, name it, and hit okay. To use hot keys and stuff, you'll have to read the instructions in the help file. Good luck! ..nm
Your glossary

I'm always looking for ways to expand my production, I'd love the share ideas.

Please e-mail me at mtmpwork@aol.com.

Thakns in advance!
I would be glad for you to share your glossary with me. I am in my first year at this and I need all the help I can get.
I am a newbie and I have Smartype. I would love to have a copy of your glossary too. :)
If you need a glossary for IT...sm

Email me, and I'll send you a copy of mine.  If you send me your phone number, I'll call you and help you get it set up as well. 

I have used this glossary for 9+ years.  I started using it when I had been an MT for about 2.5 years.  It has helped me make a lot of money over time and every year I have used it I do a bit better than the previous year, income wise.  I am happy to share it and anything else I know about expanders.

Can I add glossary from V Pro to III Pro>

I work for a national that put IT V Pro on my system and it contains all my expanders.  I have just taken a PT job and will be using my other computer and IT III pro.  Is it possible to insert the IT III PRO floppy into my national's computer and transfer the glossary onto it?

And, in worst case scenario, I will be purchasing IT V Pro.  I have scanned the site but do not see where "Buy Now" is an option.  The forum doesn't appear to have a sales section either.

Thank you for your help - starting a new job is both exciting and challenging. 

If I do all of the drs in 1 glossary
Because it seems like when I compile all of the doctors into one big glossary, Instant Text misses a lot of the common phrases.  If I compile a separate glossary for each doctor then I have to constantly switch glossaries.  I occasionally get a doctor several times in a row but not often enough.  I am wondering if there are certain settings like when you do the compilation where you put in the maximum words per phrase, that I should be doing differently?  Anyone know anything about that? 
I would go to productivitytalk.com. They have lots of lists!
That's in the singles glossary
Whichever singles glossary you are using is the one you have to alter. Be careful not to corrupt the directory structure!

You might check the IT forums, I think there are some threads there about the proper way to do this if you haven't modified this before.
I transferred my glossary, etc to a new
computer.  I found out how to do it by Googling "copying Expander to new computer" or something like that.  I'm sorry I cannot tell you exactly what it says as they are printed at home and I'm on the road.  This works for your dictionary as well.
This is how I did it starting with no glossary at all.
I am in Radiology. I created my own glossary by pulling in the glossaries that would be utilized and then added my own phrases and words as I did not have a glossary created to import.

I love IT now. It is easy and fast. Be patient. I hated it at first, too, as I was constantly ~reading~ but it does get better. The IT site has very helpful and comprehensive information for each trouble you encouter.
I keep a main glossary
for english phrases like "There was no" and phrases that would be used in any medical report like "The patient was". I keep a separate glossary for each medical specialty. I put each docs phrases into their specialty glossary rather than giving each doc their own glossary. So all ortho docs phrases go into my ortho glossary, etc. Then I just include my main glossary and my drug glossary with the specialty glossary. I do one doctor who repeats the same sentences in each report, so I do have a glossary just for him, but he is an exception. I can usually do a 40 line report for him and never had to type a complete sentence. He is awesome!
Did you convert your SH glossary to IT? sm
I think you can do that. If you can, that means you already know your shortcuts. Also, IT has some extra glossaries that may be making it more difficult for you. Please email me if you need some help on this and I'll try to help you. IT is not what I use on a regular basis, but it has been.
Will my IT glossary export to Shorthand? Thanks! nm
Glossary conversion question...would appreciate ANY help! sm

I have been using Instant Text for quite a few years, but wanted to switch to Stedman's Smart Type.  My co-worker uses it on the same account and is doing on average 50 lines per hour more than me.  She and I type about the same speed so I'd at least like to give it a try. 

Does anyone know if it is possible to convert my IT glossary into Smart Type?  I guess I'm an old dog, but I just can't bring myself to  start from scratch with a new glossary.  Thank you!

Instant text glossary

I was reading the board and saw the mention of using your glossary.  I did a dumb thing....My hard drive crashed and I had not backed up my glossary so I am trying to recreate...so the addition of your glossary would be a big help  TIA.


Tried attaching glossary to e-mail but ...
It stated "this is not a valid win32 application." The work computer is in my office with my PC.

The e-mail (sent from Spheris computer) had a security program attached to it.

I will keep trying.

Thank you kindly.
Also there is a glossary on above-mentioned site...sm
it is called qdecimals, which you put qbefore your numbers and it puts the decimal in without the space. 
Need a Smartype ready glossary
Does anyone know where I can find an expansion list that I can upload to Smartype all at once...not one by one?

How to copy a glossary to a new computer
I have a new computer with IT existing that I would like to update with the old computer's glossary, especially one.  I figured out how to email it to myself, but am not sure exactly step by step how to get it to the new computer.  I am not sure if I'd be replacing the old one or updating it.  The old one also has some includes, so it gets confusing from there.  At this point, I would be content just to have the main glossary...I think...Eeek.   Can someone help please?  Thanks!
Export the glossary to a .txt file and print from there.
To do that (with IT open), right click over the phrases heading and select Importer. Then select the Workshop tab and Export.
We did not receive your email with your glossary attachment
Hi Kim,

According to our records, Marianne sent you a file to resolve the issue. I still did not receive your email with the glossary attachment and I am not sure why it did not come through to my email but Marianne was able to receive it and she replied with the file attachment. Did you still have trouble after receiving Marianne's email? If so, please let us know and we will give you a call so we don't have to worry about having any more lost emails. :-)
I have 4000 glossary entries to transfer to a

I'm going from DocQScribe to an Ex-Text platform and I have to reinput the phrases in one-by-one.   Should I do this as the phrases come up?  Is it preferable to just make some time to re-type the whole list at multiple settings? 


I saved the individual glossary as an attachment
and then emailed it to myself at my yahoo address. Then I could log onto yahoo email on the other computer, save the attachment to my hard drive and then use it with the IT program installed on that computer. I also email a copy of my glossary to myself at yahoo about every month or so (hotmail or anything web based would work) because if my hard drive ever crashes, then I have a backup of my glossary that has nothing to do with my hard drive and I won't lose months and months of additions. If I add a bunch of expansions at one time, then I email a new copy to myself more often. Hope that helps.
Yes, but can you convert a Smart Type glossary?
Will this glossary transfer to the ESP feature in EXText?
I know I have emailed you before but I chose that financially I just couldn't afford a Expander right now and then I found out that there is one built into the EXText.  I'm trying to build that up but as I have never used Expanders before I am at a loss as to what to put into it.  Thanks.
Convert Instant Text glossary to

Is there a way to convert an Instant Text glossary to work with Smartype? 



You can add phrases to single word glossary in IT (SM)
When you insert the medication and other information, hit tab and then, backspace to the first letter. It will ask you "are you sure? and just hit return and it will accept it.

I have many two and three word phrases in my single word glossary list. There is a web site for IT users which you can Google for; it is easy to find - forum style.
Moving or copying IT glossary to another computer

I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I recently copied one of my IT glossaries to a different computer by this method using a CD ROM disk (a jump drive would also work):

Scroll down the page where it says "moving IT to a new computer":






Your Shorthand expanders can become separate glossary. s/m KyITuser

Instant text actually comes loaded with dozens of different glossaries stored into a separate glossary folder.  For instance, to name a few:  Medwords.glo, (glo is a filename for glossary), Legal.glo, ER.glo, GenMed.glo, etc.  I could go on.  After I imported my PRD+ expanders, I created a folder for it and just named it (after my first name), Toni.glo.  So when I pull up IT, I just click on my Toni.glo file and go to work.

Ironically, I'm looking into ShortHand because even though IT has SO, SO many different functions...so many that I will never learn in this lifetime, that in itself is the only con...other than the price $189.00 and no trial period is offered!

Personally, the best advice I can give is to visit the productivity board and browse through it.  Don't get me wrong, IT has to be the most advanced expansion program on the market, but again, being so advanced is it's only pitfall.  If you are like me, an IC paid on production, I just don't have the time to sit around and play with it.  I hope I didn't confuse you even more.  Good luck!

Thanks!...good idea about adding the def to the glossary...I'll try that too
How to print a list of Instant Text Glossary Entries
Any help appreciated.. thanks!
CONGRATS to WINNER Lynell T. of Hazen, ND on winning Judy's Glossary!
CONGRATS to WINNER Lynell T. of Hazen, ND on winning Judy's Glossary!
I like your math skills, 5 errors out of over 10,000 likes = 50%, glad you aren't doing my line counts.
EPT error
On a Friday I had my GYN to the urine test. At first it appeared negative, but after about 10 minutes up pops a second dot, faint at best. She took blood and told me that...I swear..."might be a little pregnant". You might want to go to a women's center where they will give you free tests.