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P.S. You should be able to just double click on the header.

Posted By: hmm n/m on 2005-07-13
In Reply to: Usually the patient demographics is shaded - hmmm


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    double click the glossary that the error is in; sm
    when it brings up the box, find the word/phrase you want to delete or change. once your cursor is on the line in the error, hit the delete button. FYI, you can also edit it rather than delete it.
    You don't need to export. Just double-click the glo file in Windows Explorer
    You turned tracking on. Double-click the TRK icon down on the status bar.
    One of my PAs constantly rides the microphone, click, fuzz, missing word, chew, click,

    Left click on the taskbar and drag it back to the bottom. Once you've done that, right click on


    Click the office button and then click word options. It's under proofing.
    click on Tags, then Keystrokes, then click on the control box and the letter b
    that should work!
    Click at the top of the column you want to order, then click on the AZ button in top toolbar.
    Click on tools, AutoCorrect, and click on tab that says
    AutoFormat as you type and uncheck the ordinals option.
    If it's installed, click or F10 to open it, click on...sm
    the little white piece of paper icon to bring up the window where you ADD your new entries to, type your abbreviation in the Keyword box, then drop down to the Text to Type box and put in what you need it to say, then click Okay. You're done! If you want to delete your entry, arrow down to it, then click on the Trash Can icon. It'll ask if you want to put it on the clipboard, say yes and hit okay. If you want to modify it, use the little hand on the piece of paper icon. I like to click on the Disk icon to save stuff once I enter it, too, as a backup. If you're working and want to enter a paragraph or a page, you'll hightlight your stuff, bring up the ADD window, copy and paste it into the Text to Type area using the commands on the bottom of that box, name it, and hit okay. To use hot keys and stuff, you'll have to read the instructions in the help file. Good luck! ..nm
    Its the info that goes into the top or bottom of a page.  One doctor that I type for has me put the info in (Type of report, pt's name, date seen, etc). into the header/footer.  I click on "insert header/footer" and put the info in.  That info becomes "ghosted."  Hope this helps.
    Does it count as a header if (sm)

    there is a



    already on the page?

    Put the logo in a header.

    As for the information down the side, use a Text Box. Details would vary based on what you want that text to look like. Be sure to make it the full length of the page and remove the border around the box (either double click or right mouse click on the box and choose format text box. Play around with the Layout to get the text to align how and where you want it to go.

    The one thing I'm not sure about is how your line counting program works and whether it will ignore whatever is in the text box. (You should be able to get it to ignore the header/footer info.) However, my feeling on this is if you did the work to get  it set up, then every time you use this template, you should be compensated the pennies that counting those lines that would be counted.

    why need see if you can make a header on your paper sm
    to put their preprinted info on there rather than having to worry about a new printer, different type papers, etc. this sounds like it would solve all if agreed upon and aren't that hard to set up in word. then you could have that set in your template when you pull open your work.
    Might even want to do the letterhead into your transcription as a header...
    unless he wants fancy embossed or something. See, there's something new you can offer him!
    Can someone explain a header and footer..nm
    Either create it in the header section of

    page set up or use a hard return after it and a page break at the end. Center text below the hard return but above the page break and leave a regular line at the bottom of the page.  I would then copy it and paste it however many times I needed a report for then go back to the first and start filling in.

    Hope this helps.

    Think it's around 40 without header or footer info, pg. #s, etc. but
    my header is in a table and want it to list in
    format in document. So my header is in table format but my document has headings can you do this that it automatically fills them in for you or do you have to do each one singly?
    Header infor difficulties
    I've been on this account that I have for over 1-1/2 years and the rules they keep a changing.  I'd been going back and forth regarding date of service versus date of discharge and finally this week got an explanation that actually makes a modicum of sense so hopefully now I'm doing it right according to new rules.  Doing headers/pt info is sometimes the hardest part because accounts are so picky and they're always changing.  Don't stress too hard about it.  Five reports a day doesn't give you much exposure to it either.  Practice makes perfect and all that.  Good luck!
    Shouldn't standard material like this be in a header anyway?sm
    I mean it sounds like it is their letterhead, and you're not typing it anyway...Originally it should have been in the header where it would not have been included in the line count. But since it didn't start that way, you better just keep quiet about it. It's only 36c a page anyway.
    If the names are in the header they won't be counted by Word. nm
    they probably are taking off for the header/footer and maybe spaces.
    i would ask them.  My company knocks off about 5 lines a page for the header/footer. 
    how to display header info on dictaphone?


    I have just started a new job that uses the dictaphone. Is there anyway to get the job information to display in the display window?  I had an account years ago that used the phone as well, and I remember there was a way to program the phone to display this information, but I cannot remember how to do it and cannot find this information anywhere!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Can someone tell me how to set Word so that header stays in view on the report? nm


    Packet is the size of the message (with header info) being sent.
    When contacting Linksys, ask about this. They should be able to tell you if that's where the problem is and how to fix it.
    Hmm..patient information, name of facility, etc. on top of page is a header. Stuff on bottom like ph
    Double Wow sm
    Could you please e-mail me that recipe, I promise I won't disclose it to anyone!
    Double what you'd pay an IC
    probably. I'd say the MTSO I work for probably makes double what I do in order to pay me. Makes sense.
    Double applause! nm
    double space

    Geez, I thought I asked a simple question, but I guess not.  I could care less what Medquist or AAMT say.  I get paid hourly so I didn't ask the question because I was worried about money.  I was asking in general style terms - are newspapers, magazines, i.e., anything in print spacing this way now?  I just wanted to know if I was behind the times.    

    double (sm) I mean triple for me

    Double standard
    So we expect MDs to always have their complete attention on every word out of their mouths, which would be nice, but some of them put in 70 or more hours a week at the office/hospital, and have mountains of dictation to complete each week. But we expect them to never make a misspeak, even though on these boards we have a heart attack if one poster points out another poster's spelling or grammar error. Never mind that we are supposed to be better at English than the MDs, but we don't have to use our skills in writing posts (which is MUCH easier to do well than never making a misspeak), even if the post has to do with getting a job. That's quite a double standard, if you ask me.
    thanks for that - but I need help with double spacing - sm
    not with spacing between sentences. Its when a doctor dictates a paper for a journal and he wants the whole thing double spaced so that he can write between the lines or make corrections or for easier reading for him.
    double ditto!
    My hands feel great at the end of the day. Will never be without one of these keyboards! :-)
    I use double ?? and have alt+R set to jump to them. nm
    Double bind for an MT
    You know, spouses tend to undervalue what we do when we are trying to do it. We put up with a lot to work at home (I know I did when I was married). He had no trouble spending the money, despite is constantly berating my efforts and undermining my contracts by calling the companies I worked for and pitching a fit about my not being paid enough, or I was working too much or he couldn't figure out why I could not take any old time off I wanted...again not respecting that this is a REAL JOB that has to be DONE ON A TIMELY BASIS. I could rant all day, but I won't, you get the idea.

    Then, when we divorced he wanted to know what it is was worth. Ummm nil since you managed to lose most of my work for me? I was holding only one contract my own for about $3000 a year when they bothered to get me paid.

    Just an observation because some men seem to think they can have it both ways.

    I am joyfully single now, and have been single for as long as I was married. The single time has flown by in a flurry of doing my own thing, working when I want to, sleeping when I want to, eating what I like, when I like. So much nicer than doing everything on HIS terms.
    Double spacing in an H&P

    Where and when, if anywhere, is it acceptable to double space between anything in an H&P or any other report?  We have a double-spacing queen in our department getting paid by the line like the rest of us so I feel cheated on both line count and paydays. 

    Thanks and hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine Day!

    I double space

    My docs want double spacing between their headings in their consults/H&P and paragraphs in letters, guess you count that double spacing when you leave a blank line.  Also in chart notes, my GI's want me to double space between paragraphs even in their SOAP notes.  Up to the account. 

    double hmmm? What gives?
    Double aargh!!
    I just finished one doc who must have had something horrific for lunch ... a normally terrible-to-listen-to ESL who burped and belched his way through a 10-minute report without ever even thinking to say "excuse me".  Sure glad he does not treat me.  Very rude and disgusting.
    I always double space...sm
    I saw that rule in the new BOS as well.  I tried it, but the document looked too cluttered and hard to read.  I also put two spaces after a colon, regardless of what the BOS says.  It had always been proper to it that way, and it is what I was taught in typing class, clerical practice class, and when I started in MT over 17 years ago.  The BOS seems to try to make up its own grammar and punctuation rules regardless of what has been done nearly forever.
    Double GRRRR
    Been there, done that. It's awful isn't it? Tomorrow will be better maybe? Hope so.
    Do I hate VR yup and double yup! nm
    Sorry about the double post. Lagged here. nm
    Usually double your original rate or at least 1.5x. nm
    I do ER and do double that. Lots of templates, etc.
    I don't live in a double wide
    Oh honey, you got it all wrong. I have the TRIPLE WIDE right next to YOUR DOUBLE WIDE.

    Don't be jealous and all because you don't got the triple wide!!!

    Used PayPal for Ebay and they took out double the (sm)

    money.  Have tried ever since to get the second deduction back but as yet, no luck.  Don't trust PayPal and certainly don't trust ebay anymore.

    The double standard existed before
    we got involved, i.e. they supposedly have more education and certainly make more money than we do, so why should we be expected to not only be perfect, but to fix their mistakes too??