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funny mistake

Posted By: tryinghard on 2008-10-25
In Reply to:

I typed: the patient is an 86-year-old man being envaginated in the emergency room....

That's hot. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

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It was my first mistake ever...

and I'm sure you've NEVER made a typo in your entire life.  You are my idol.  Oh, yes.  Uh huh. 

Not really NM above. Mistake.
Big mistake for me
I became an MT after my surgery because I can no longer drive at night and can no longer work in a building due to severe dry eye after the procedure.  I used to be a computer programmer prior to Lasik, with the same company for 17 years.  I miss my old job and my old eyes.  My vision is not very good due to irregular astigmatism induced from the Lasik procedure and haze that formed in the cornea.  Most people do not realize what can go wrong because you only hear about the good results.  Unfortunately, I'm one who ended up with many, many unresolvable problems from this surgery and it has turned my life and freedom upside down.
mistake her for a man - LOL
My mistake
I'm sorry, it is definitely 10,000 lines, I think I must have been seeing 1000 minutes but thinking 100 minutes.  Sorry about that.  Very long day.
yep, your mistake then. thank you. NM
thank you Sandi, appreciate your help! My mistake
meant w/o blank lines but in my haste I worded my post poorly. Sorry!
She's not the only one who makes that mistake....
I had a medical records director 20+ years ago mark on our evaluation under "skill level", that out MT job needed little skill for the job. I refused to sign the evaluation and told her she should be ashamed of herself. Can you believe it? And she had an ART just like me...go figure!
oops mistake
Meant disk failures though your disc in your back could fail.  Writing, thinking and typing all at once sometimes throws me off.  Mind is working too fast. 
Look, you made a mistake.....
no need to go on the defensive and start calling people fanatics.  Just because someone loves their dog like their child doesnt make them fanatical.  It also does not mean that because their pet is treated like a child that their pet is not trained.  Are your children untrained?  My goodness!  My children behave very well.  Treating a pet like a loved child, in my opinion, would mean they are treated with a lot of love tempered with discipline and boundaries.  I think that you are fanatical in that you cannot seem to have a normal middle ground when it comes to these two issues. 
They said Ryan gave a number said to be Chris's, but actually when people called in it was the voting number for the girl!!!! Everyone should hound the Idol website!!! I knew something had to be wrong!!
Just want to avoid the same mistake...nm
You are right...Homans' it is, my mistake. nm
I made a mistake....

For my hard hyphen I assigned Alt + H, not Ctrl H as I had posted.

I do remember (sort of) trying the hard space and I couldn't get it to work.  I believe it put in an extra space.  I'm sure I tried the backspace and pause features without luck, got frustrated and quit.  I should try playing around with it again because that would be a great time saver.  I know I have Dr. in my ESP as dr....but closing up that space would be better.

I believe it put in an extra space.  I'm pretty sure I tried several combinationns

But you get DINERO for doing that! If it's the same mistake,
I'm sure she's aware of that mistake! nm
Oops! My mistake...sm
... you can dial in with your Lanier using VOIP just as you can with a regular phone line (I again said C-phone in my post below).
Mistake in post
My point: You mistakes

You forgot the word make. LOL. Couldn't resist
Why not call them and ask if there was a mistake?
Tell them that you were told you'd get pay for training and it didn't appear to be on this check.

Couldn't hurt!
Stoopid mistake

Okay, I need some feedback here.  I did this stoopid mistake on one of my accounts over the weekend.  I downloaded the jobs, was typing happily along and oh, about 30 reports in realized I had been putting the wrong doc's name on the darned things.  AFTER they had been uploaded to the client.  I've worked on this account for about six months now, and I have NEVER made this kind of error before.  As soon as I was aware of the mistake, I immediately emailed my supervisor, but unfortunately there was nothing I could do to get the reports back and fix the errors. 

I know that 'confessing' my mistake was the right thing to do.  I also know the client must be pretty upset.  To make matters even more embarrassing, I had just asked for more work from the powers that be since my monthly quota is only equal to about an average week's lines. 

I guess I am looking for someone to tell me that I am not the only person who has done something so very stoopid.  I hope I don't end up losing my job over this.  It is the first major mistake I have made, so hopefully the company wouldn't be so short-sighted, but you never know.  We had just gotten an email memo from the pres of the company a few weeks ago saying how since there were not enough reliable, quality MTs out there, the company is switching totally to VRE by the end of the year.  Anyhow...

You can bet I will pay extra-close attention to the next jobs I get, if I get any...Can't believe I did this. 

What do you all think?  Thanks...

That to me is a very understandable mistake (sm)
I'm betting he does not end the report by saying his name - so you just assumed it was the same doctor each time and nothing jolted you to let you think otherwise - very understandable in my mind - I did secretarial work for 25 years before this and have done this for 13 - totally think innocent mistake - proud of you for owning up to it and not defending it - you made the mistake, corrected it and moved on - enough said. Chin up - you are still a good MT!!
Probably a simple mistake...sm
You know this is not supposed to be perfect. We are posting on here on free time when we let our guard down. Sometimes we don't go back and proofread our posts. When we are working we proofread and make sure things are right. I assume you never make mistakes?
Guessing or mistake?
What is annoying about this is that the QA is making an assumption that you guessed rather than just made an honest mistake. Either way, it's a mistake. She should have kept mouth shut and not tried to analyze why the mistake might have been made. If it were me, I'd wait til I cooled off and then e-mail her, telling her that I did NOT guess and never do guess, but simply made an honest mistake.
To Truffle - Not a mistake

Do we work for the same company?  How do you know?

Anyway, this was not a mistake or filling in QA.  I don't mind following account specifics, as long as I know what they are.  It is quite a lot of trouble to completely learn and prepare yourself to transcribe **strictly adhering to BOS** and then be told that is not the way it is really done.  Other companies have done this as well.  You need to give account specifics and be sure about them before transcription goes to QA in my own opinion, which means nothing.

Otherwise, I guess I could have worse problems.  Just venting.  And otherwise, I love the company, my account, and my QA.

You're funny. Ignorant, but funny.
I don't live in NYC and I don't work out of NYC and I make wayyyyy more than $23 an hour, SandyGIRL.

I'm an employee at the largest national and I make anywhere from $58K to $64K a year.

You don't have to believe anyone but you show your ignorance by telling those of us who make that money that we're full of it.

Sorry, that was not an ASR funny, just a regular ole dictation funny. LOL! nm
In a big hurry to grow up at 20, BIG MISTAKE

No one at 20 has the life experience to know herself, let alone know what to want and expect in another person.

Second time, and successful time, age 39. Better to choose than to "settle" for whatever's in front of you at the time.

Apologize for the mistake...meant sm, not nm.
Big mistake to every go lower than what you currently make. Don't do it.

Do not lease. Big financial mistake for you. (nt)

I thought it was a teleprompter mistake-nm
no mistake, i'm sure. read carefully

4000 lines a DAY.  Lettuce, etc. 

very sad someone would post these msgs.

I made the mistake of falling for that
pitch in 2004 when I applied at TRS. When I left one month later because they kept running out of work and bouncing me around, I learned to disregard any endorsements.

As it was later explained to me, the award is based on employee votes. Depending on how many people vote, it can be determined by just a handful of people. Hardly a ringing endorsement...
Easy mistake to make! (nm)
my mistake - I misread your post!! sorry...

and here's some new (OLD) info on Barak himself, who I almost was going to vote for UNTIL I read it.........thank goodness to my Canadian friend who sent it to us.


I just think that we all should know some background of the person that we elect for the president of the United States of America.   Please read, then make up your own mind who to vote for.   Thank you,

Who is Barack Obama?

Probable  U. S. presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama was born in  Honolulu ,  Hawaii , to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black Muslim from Nyangoma-Kogel , Kenya and Ann Dunham, a white atheist from Wichita, Kansas .

Obama's parents met at the University of Hawaii. When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced. His father Returned to Kenya.

His mother then married Lolo Soetoro, a radical Muslim from Indonesia.

When Obama was 6 years old, the family relocated to Indonesia.

Obama attended a Muslim school in Jakarta.

He also spent two years in a Catholic school.

Obama takes great care to conceal the fact that he is a Muslim.

He is quick to point out that, "He was once a Muslim, but that he also attended Catholic school.

Obama's political handlers are attempting to make it appear that Obama's introduction to Islam came via his father, and that this influence was temporary at best.

In reality, the senior Obama returned to Kenya Soon after the divorce, and never again had any direct influence over His son's education.

Lolo Soetoro, the second husband of Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, introduced his stepson to Islam.

Obama was enrolled in a Wahabi school in Jakarta . Wahabism is the radical teaching  that is followed by the Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the  western world.

Since  it is politically expedient to be a Christian when seeking Major public  office in the United States , Barack Hussein Obama has joined the United Church  of Christ in an attempt to downplay his Muslim background.

Let us all remain alert concerning Obama's expected presidential candidacy.

Please forward to everyone you know. The Muslims have said they plan on destroying the US from the inside out, what better way to start than at the highest level.

Have a great day........

My mistake - OptiRay is for CTs, not MRIs
See? Even with 20 years' experience....
Everyone makes A mistake once in a while - maybe that MT is having a bad hair day! LOL. NM
Like a good MT, I caught MY mistake and
I agree...unless it is something that would likely be a mistake made by everyone...
the guy who posted it obviously made a mistake
because you're right - it shouldn't have been posted here.
No problem ... honest mistake :) nm
Tired of being an MT - Made a mistake.
I have been transcribing over 20 years. All different kinds of specialties. I've had good jobs and bad jobs. Jobs I'm sorry I quit. Anyway, my son works at a gas station that has freshly baked goods and had a job opening for doing the baking there. In a moment of acute hate for my job I jumped at grabbing that one. Now I'm sorry I accepted the job, it involves standing for 8 hours, the pay is about the same as what I'm making now (that's why I want out of MT), but I can't stand for 8 hours a day. I haven't given notice yet to my MT job and I don't want to have this shed a bad light on my son at his job. I just don't think I could be on my feet 8 hours a day. Now I am in a mess. How can I not take the job and not have this reflect on him?

As a side note. I think I don't make enough money as an MT because I spend all my time looking for another job while I'm working, or supposed to be working. HELP!

The biggest mistake parents are making...

is the use of Pull-Ups.  Ever since they came out with absorbent (and now humungous sized) disposable diapers and Pull-Ups, kids are training later and later.  What discomfort do they have to endure wearing these wonderful dry feeling comfortable garments?  No more Pull-Ups and no more diapers.  Tell him that the law is that they won't sell diapers to people who don't have children under the age of 3.  That takes care of the visual of diapers in the store. 

Just go cold turkey.  Put him in underwear (and not thick absorbent training pants either) and get ready to do a lot of laundry for a while.  Take him out for some really cute underwear with the character of his choice on them, and just be positive.  If he has an accident just say "uh oh, you forgot to go to the bathroom" and just hand him clean dry clothing to change into.  He'll get REAL TIRED of all the changing after about 2 days.  There is no way on earth that a child of 3-1/2 has no physical control over their toileting, unless there's something wrong with them physically.  So it's just a matter of him taking the initiative.  Good luck.

Oopsie. QA lady. I made a mistake.
You were not on the GAB Board but here on the 4th. I was reading all of the craziness yesterday.
Trusting the other side was his biggest mistake. He should have kept himself secure.
You would think, coming on an MT site, she would not have made a mistake as basic as that.
Had pay cut in half, stayed because of "Loyalty", big mistake. Pay went up 1/2 c, still waitin
One mistake wont lose acct. Many mistakes will cause them
I'm just waiting 'til the time a mistake is made - SM
in my own healthcare as a result of the doc typing theire own note and messing up, or worse - the work getting messed up offshore. OR my identity getting stolen as a result of offshoring. Then it'll be lawyer-time, and hopefully then my 'ship will come in', and I can retire if I win my case.

All patients should have this in the backs of their minds.
My mistake...no need to be rude..perhaps i shouldn't post here anymore!
My mistake. Just send Labor Board dismissal.