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In a big hurry to grow up at 20, BIG MISTAKE

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-13
In Reply to: how old were you when you got married? sm - curious Georgia

No one at 20 has the life experience to know herself, let alone know what to want and expect in another person.

Second time, and successful time, age 39. Better to choose than to "settle" for whatever's in front of you at the time.

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HURRY UP--someone say YES!
Sorry, was in a hurry
Basically just wondering if we should write to Obama regarding keeping the same systems in place and just putting the electronic files now dictated together (rather than specific software for the docs to do their own).

We could mention that we don't want to lose (not use - lol) our jobs.

Think we should, or don't you all think we have anything to fret?
LOL!! Tell him to hurry, gizzards are almost gone. sm
You are married to a man of gourmet tastes, apparently.  Glad to hear it. 
Kiss off that is, in too much of a hurry!
Better hurry to Vegas (sm)
Heard her say on a talk show that she would very much like to give it up because of her son. Then told the story of her son seeing her perform for the first time, as he really had no clue what she did in reality. He said he didn't mind sharing her with the world! He had seen her perform and the audiences response. She just may give it up you never know.

Had it. You'd get tired of cleaning it in a hurry.

You guys must be young.

Hurry, watch the news & I swear

You will see my last dictator dictating from a chopper with at least 10 choppers around him, landing in the middle of a Rolling Stones concert notifying the fans that Mick is sick and won't be there

just don't know how better to describe this background noise that is obviously distracting to him...oh, please add,  oops change that...uhh, hmm where was I   I have a migraine now and I don't even know what one feels like and from the looks of my que, I'm going in for round 2

I signed up too...1st 500 members free, I was 303...hurry! .sm
I did sign up since it was free. I didn't have much time to peruse the entire website. Other than having a 20% discount in their store, what are the other advantages that justify a $99 membership fee??
Happy MQer-Hurry, look out your back window!
I  see T.W.H. getting out of a lawn chair in your back yard and stealing your grill to cook up a Nathans Hot Dog.
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Why don't you grow up
and while you are at it, go take a shower and do your hair for once in your life and put make up on. It will do you good to look presentable for once.

Enough already...come on, grow up!
Why do you even waste space slinging insults? 
Grow up
How disgusting. Because this lady hit the nail on the head, you have to reply with a personal attack. Go look in the mirror.
Can we say GROW UP???
Grow up...nm
Grow up already
If you can't "bring yourself" to type a sequence of letters that form a word -no matter how offensive - you are in the wrong field.

and yes, there are legal implications. Verbatim meanst verbatim.

just grow with it
i know its hard. but try to set the fear aside. You are still there, so they must plan to keep you (3 months is the usual probation period). Just do the best you can. Conquer this obstacle and then you can decide if it is what you want to keep doing or not. I still regret quitting something i was pursuing decades ago, that i quit out of fear. If you quit, make it for the right reasons, not because you were afraid of not making it, or afraid of your boss. Believe me, if I can do this, so can you (I flunked my first transcription course). I'm an MT now for 30+ years.
Why Don't You Grow Up?
Your posts are getting tedious, not to mention very boring.
i grow strawberries,
in the garden; what i do with them may not work for store-bought ones -- don't know. But when i bring them in, i rinse them and let dry in a collander. I hull them and if there are any too soft or bad spots, carve them out, then put them in a bowel, cover with seran wrap and leave in frig. I don't think i've ever had them go moldy. If you freeze them, they freeze better if they are sliced, but they freeze whole pretty well too.
grow up ladies
Don't you get tired of the cat fighting? It isn't any wonder you don't produce any lines.
Grow up? How about you wise up?
So, you mean to tell me that having 1 or 2 glasses of wine or beers is enough to call someone drunk? Come on and WISE UP!

Again, I didn't ask WHO GETS DRUNK AND TRANSCRIBES, I asked who has a few drinks while transcribing.

Being in the vicinity of MY OWN HOME having a drink or TWO and transcribing is no big deal to me. Some of you people are SO UPTIGHT and I think NEED TO DRINK!

HICCUP, pardon me!
grow up........*shrugs*............nm
It has to grow back a little to wax or to use any other
only way to really not have it grow back anymore than stubble would be to shave and I wouldn't recommend shaving. The other option would be to use cream bleach. Also, for waxing, it just has to be long enough for the hair to grip the wax ~ it doesn't have to be full grown or anything. =)
Y'all need to grow up

I have 35+ years in this field -- started out on the job with a typewriter and "tanks of dictation"  I for one read posts and it's " I only want to work Monday through Friday, I can't work because of kids, whine, complain, etc, I need benefits so on and so forth  -- I have been working for 30+ years   -- I KNOW how to search the internet, how to spell and I will spend time researching etc  -- maybe for those of you, PRIVATE insurance is an option  -- I know in my own personal experience last year when I broke my leg and was in a cast for 2 months, my hospital bill INCLUDING follow up was $26.

So, you didn't get a "Christmas/holiday bonus", so you didn't get an MT week gift  -- right now, be GLAD you have a J-O-B and quiit whining and complaining and most of all GROW UP!!!

btw  -- s/o makes $22 an hour  -- he "got a raise" but come down to the nitty gritty, he LOST HIS RAISE and is making $3.00 LESS -- no benefits either


I just sit on my fat butt and watch it grow. nm
So we should assume you grow all of your own food? sm
Do you grow all of your own food, raise your own cattle and chickens, and raise your own sheep, which you then shave yourself and use the wool to make your own clothing? Because even if you're walking to the store, you're still supporting gas-driven machinery. How do you think all of those supplies get to the store? On the back of someone's bicycle?
Oh grow up - such a sore loser!
Oh, grow up. There is no teacher here to be a "pet" for. (sm)

Unless you're paying me per line to obsess about my grammar and spelling on this message board, I am not going to stress my grammar and spelling.  It's just like when I'm talking with friends.  I don't say "I cannot" and "he will", I use contractions.  However, I would not use contractions in a report.  Casual conversation, like here, is different than professional communication, like in an email to a client, or professional work. 

In short, get over yourself. 


I've wondered where B. Grow is (sm)
I bought my copy of Smartype from her when I worked at Winsolutions with her. I used to visit her website every one in awhile, too, for Smartype tips.  I noticed that the website is down now, so I'm not sure how to get ahold of her anymore. Good advice, though.  I'm sure she'd have some ideas.
Pity my employers? Furthermore, grow up!
No one said you have to train them. You just have to grow up and be above the bullstuff.
This is the difference between a good QA/mentor/Editor and a "QA person" -- I'll take my time and help someone if they need it, and I *am* a "good QA".
Not going to make them grow up any faster sm
Sorry, but I have a duty to protect my child until they are an adult. When they are older, if they request that I leave the room during the exam, that is one thing, but no doctor is going to tell me I have to leave the room. My kids know about sex and that no one is to touch them except a doctor and only if necessary during an exam. But they are also still children, and while I don't baby them, I am in no hurry for them to lose their innocence. I absolutely love that my 11-y/o DD still loves her stuffed animals and plays Littlest Pet Shop games on her Nintendo DS. Kids these days are growing up too fast, and while I may be looked at as giving her a sheltered life, I would much rather have that than her trying to act like she is 16 already.
LOL! Know just how you feel. They are near impossible to grow in SoFla.
So did a lot of people, but they didn't grow up to be skanks.
She's gross.
Grow up. As I mentioned, we are all entitled to our own opinion...

I was certainly not saying I was representing "everyone's" sentiments.  I offered insite into WHY I believe not everyone will care to answer the original question.

I have no idea what your problem is, and I don't care.  Grow up. 

Oh, for Heaven's sake - if you don't like it just don't reply. Grow up.
Barbara Grow expander method
I am in search of Barbara Grow's or Mary Morken's word Expander method and dictionaries.  I googled these and am not finding any place that has them free or for sale.  Do any of you know where to find them?
Did your mom grow up in the depression? Woman I worked with did the same thing.

party at her home.  Low and behold she had a whole room full of toilet tissue she has spirited away from the office over the 30 years!!!!  She had grown up in the depression and I guess it was a big deal to have toilet tissue.  She sure hoarded it. 


Aloe is amazing. I should grow it as a window plant, it's

Totally understanding. Our kids grow up and we have no choices.
My dear friend just called me yesterday crying because her daughter is living with her partner and the partner is pregnant. The daughter is sooo happy, the mother cried. So what you're describing is happening more than where you are and it is saddening. What can she do, nothing. Our kids whether we like it or not grow up and jump out to make their own choices. Some of these choices are "you can't tell me what to do anymore!" And, we have no choice but to live with it. So the choices then become to be miserable OR focus on your own life and work on making yourself happy in spite of what your kids put you through. You have a life, don't let your kid drown it out because of his poor choices. You may think who am I to say such a thing, I'm the mom whose son made poor choices and went to jail, I'm the mom whose daughter chose to abort my first grandbaby, I'm the mom whose son left his wife and kids after almost 10 years of marriage. I really do know how you feel. Find some joy for yourself in your life, you won't find it when you're looking at his.
Anyone ever plant hybrid poplar trees? They are those fast grow ones
that are supposed to grow 8 feet a year.  Some claim they send up too many "sucker" shoots from the root areas, some love em.  I need a wind break on the N. and W. sides of my lot, and was thinking of these.  Anybody ever plant these?
Could this entire conversation BE any more high school? Grow up, you guys, honestly.

It was my first mistake ever...

and I'm sure you've NEVER made a typo in your entire life.  You are my idol.  Oh, yes.  Uh huh. 

Not really NM above. Mistake.
Big mistake for me
I became an MT after my surgery because I can no longer drive at night and can no longer work in a building due to severe dry eye after the procedure.  I used to be a computer programmer prior to Lasik, with the same company for 17 years.  I miss my old job and my old eyes.  My vision is not very good due to irregular astigmatism induced from the Lasik procedure and haze that formed in the cornea.  Most people do not realize what can go wrong because you only hear about the good results.  Unfortunately, I'm one who ended up with many, many unresolvable problems from this surgery and it has turned my life and freedom upside down.
mistake her for a man - LOL
My mistake
I'm sorry, it is definitely 10,000 lines, I think I must have been seeing 1000 minutes but thinking 100 minutes.  Sorry about that.  Very long day.
yep, your mistake then. thank you. NM
I'm embarassed to even work with you all. Sound like a bunch of grade school delinquents. Grow u

So disrespectful, and just plain embarassing.  You get whatever you desire, and based on your "class" on the boards, you all are getting it.  I thank God literally that I don't have to share office space with you "women". A priceless blessing.

thank you Sandi, appreciate your help! My mistake
meant w/o blank lines but in my haste I worded my post poorly. Sorry!
She's not the only one who makes that mistake....
I had a medical records director 20+ years ago mark on our evaluation under "skill level", that out MT job needed little skill for the job. I refused to sign the evaluation and told her she should be ashamed of herself. Can you believe it? And she had an ART just like me...go figure!