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good luck to you!! Do something about that truck..you are responsible for any damages unless you

Posted By: no problems here on 2006-02-02
In Reply to: I did it!!! - WOOOOHOOOO FOR JODI!!!!

it taken without permission (different than stolen).

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good job! watch out for the truck

being in your name because whatever he does will come back on you so if he crashes and hurts someone, they can come after you.  my x took all the keys so I had another set made and they didn't work so I reported it stolen and let the cops get it from him. (the car was only in my name)  plus it adds to your paper trail that you're going to need to keep yourself protected. 

don't you feel better all ready!

The Good Humor ice cream truck! They still
sell some of the products in the store, but it is nowhere near as good.  The vanilla ice cream bars covered with toasted almonds!  The half and half popsicles with flavors like rasberry and lime that were SO fruity!  The Good Humor man in his white outfit!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  It was great!
Good luck. See what luck they're having on the
That is a good offer. Pay is not that good at UIMC. Good luck! nm
Good for you! You sound like a very nice and generous person and you deserve all your good luck! nm
Expensive is right -- around $300 per credit hour! But they do have a good rep. Good luck! nm

Maybe try to find a good web site to refer to! Good luck NM
You have a good, realistic attitude about it. Good luck to you. nm
liquidated damages
I just spent a year as a "newbie" Transcriptionist making 4 cents a line for the first 6 months, 5 cents a line for the last 6 months.  The girl I worked for, lets call her SHE, had a tendency to pay only every 2 to 3 months....and then it was only a 2-week paycheck.  The kicker?  When I quit I gave a 2-weeks notice, per request of the contract....but then I got mad and quit 1 week early.....but the contract stated "In the event that "me" fails to provide such notice, "me" agrees to pay SHE liquidated damages in the amount of $250 or any amounts owed to "me" from SHE at date of termination, whichever amount is greater.   As of the present date I am owed over $600.  There were monies from  May that I had never recieved.  So, if you should come across a contract like this, PLEASE say no.   I am now happily employed with a company that pays me every 2 weeks.  I am just happy in knowing God will be her judge someday.
If you want to sue, you MUST have damages to sue for. GO to the DOCTOR or a suit is worthless.

I've seen enough Judge Judy (I love her, too!) to know this. If you have no damages, you get no money. With no PROOF of damages, you basically have no damages.

You would need to take pictures of any scrapes and bruises that you have as a result of being dragged, falling, the leash pulling you, etc. You also need a doctor's report.  A judge won't just take your word that you were hurt. Good luck!

I really wish you good health and good luck!

I know that what you are doing is a major undertaking.  Just remember that this is what you want and that you CAN do it!  It won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination, but once you have accomplished it, you will truly know what you are capable of.  I think you are very brave.  Please know that all of us are pulling for you and are here to help you if you need it.  Go to the hospital if you are feeling at all unsure or unstable.  Don't give up because the reward will be great.  Please let us know how you are doing.

Pulling for you!

Good luck. We each do what is best for us. nm

Good luck!
I used to be on MedRite with MQ-- loved it and it was SO easy-- then they switched to DocQScribe.  I haven't been able to make my line counts any more like I used to.  I work much longer and much harder and wish MedRite was back.  The other night, I had to a split job-- the lovely doctor batched three preop H & Ps.  I got the first two OK, then the last one never came to me.  I had to call the office, girl there said I "needed to call the techs"-- which I did.  I was on "ignore" for 35 minutes (I timed it) before a real person answered the phone-- only to be told that he couldn't do anything and I had to call the office.  Another call to the office-- the girl said she got a "system error" and still couldn't give it back to me.  Now if that would have been MedRite, I could have just gone back to the job myself and retrieved it and had it finished and over with.  But I guess that's PROGRESS.
Good luck

I have been in many hurricaines, living on the east coast, but nothing like Katrina.  Good luck to you. 

I just sent it. Good luck!

Good luck!
I wish you luck because having a baby and getting to stay at home with it is very rewarding.

In my opinion, having the experience of working at a hospital is definitely in your best interest. If I were you, you could go to the local job seeker's board here or go to MTjobs.com and apply.

You will do fine!

Best of luck to you and the baby!

Good luck!
I wish you luck because having a baby and getting to stay at home with it is very rewarding.

In my opinion, having the experience of working at a hospital is definitely in your best interest. If I were you, you could go to the local job seeker's board here or go to MTjobs.com and apply.

You will do fine!

Best of luck to you and the baby!

Good luck!
Good luck!
We have a lot of drama in my family also, so I totally feel for you there. Ironically, the holidays seemed to be the only time everyone was nice to each other when we were younger. Now, we all live so far apart we are lucky to get together once a year. We are all so different!
Good luck with 10 cpl...sm

In the last three years going through the hiring process twice I have never seen more than 8 cpl with five years experience.  I wish 10 cpl, but you just don't see it.  If you are acute care you may get more, but I do clinic work. 

Good luck. sm

Wal Mart knows what it is doing. They are very generous with donations to local communities and the local governments eat it right up.

As I posted above, our local Wal Mart, which was obviously thriving, just had to move across town to open one of those obscene Super Wal Marts and built it directly behind Kmart and a large supermarket.  Kmart  and the supermarket are hanging in there, but I don't really see it lasting much longer.

I used to go to the old Wal Mart for office supplies, but I'll pay the extra buck or two now.

Just the way the store layout goes ought to tell you something. If you want to go in and grab some food and you need dog food, cat food or shampoo too, you need to walk all the way to the other end of the enormous place, passing all the "bargains" in between.

Like I said, they know what they're doing. The sad part is that the majority of the general public actually want a Wal Mart.

Good thing is that when our Super Wally World first opened there were major traffic jams and no parking spaces, but even during the holidays the hub bub had died down considerably and you could get in and out of there in a jiffy.

Okay, I admit I went there at Christmas. It was the only place in the state that had any Q20's left.

Thanks! Good luck with yours too!
See a pain management specialist if you can. They are right up there with God in my book! Again, good luck Laurie. I have to take my meds and get to bed. Tomorrow is another day.... Nice chatting with you. How is the work in Seattle?
Good luck

I have no real advice as I have the same problem. You would think our hands would get hot as it seems they are busy.  It must be something about the rest of our arm staying still. 

I had DeQuervains about 10 years ago. and occasionally get tendinitis in my thumb when I am sewing a lot.  I have had hip joint achiness (maybe bursitis? who knows) from time to time since 1990.  Doing MT 35-40 hrs per week is probably not the best idea for me in light of all of this.  I'm fairly new to it and think this will be a temporary career for me. I thought sedentary work would be easy on my body - wrong!  I think my body needs variety.  I'm only 35 and between the tendon/synovial/joint problems and the Raynauds, I feel much older than 35 if I don't take care of myself physically. Right now as a matter of fact, my right wrist is starting to ache on the ulnar side and I have logged only 27 hours so far this week. Time for some Aleve.

Hope your hand feels better soon.

Good luck to you too!

To finishing up your BSN!

good luck to you!!

That sounds great, good luck to you!  That has been one concern of mine too for MT'ing solely as a career, the uncertainties of the futuring of MT'ing.  The different possibilites of nursing are very appealing. I have thought about becoming a NP eventually too, as well as what I mentioned earlier, doing some operating room nursing or possibly nursing research, I really like all the different growth opportunites and possibilites of nursing. Email me too anytime!

Good Luck to You too!

Not sure - maybe. Good luck with that. nm
Good Luck! I have never been able to
get my dos programs to work together under XP. I keep an old windows 98S# machine just for this reason. Has to do with EMS memory (that someone posted info about). I didn't want to go fooling around with the bios stuff, and the tech at work couldn't get it to work with the normal changes to the system that are "supposed" to make it work.
Good luck!
Make sure that whatever you charge is enough so that it's worth your time.  If you will have to spend considerable time doing things like looking up a doctor's address on a regular basis, that's something that isn't reflected in your actual line count, but can really cut into it.  Ask a lot of questions and get things in writing.
Good luck

Good luck, I admire what you are doing, it is hard to bite the bullet.  But it is easy to get into these situations.  It was so hard for me to do the bankruptcy but I also had to cover myself and my future.  But though I was advised to do the Chapter 7 and wipe everything out, I chose the 13 so I could pay something to everyone.  Then they can go after my ex for the rest.  Again, good for you. 


Good luck...

If you can get through the two-week induction, you'll be fine, and you'll find within three to four days that you are NOT hungry, NOR do you crave carbs either!  Center your meals around meat and add healthy veggies and salads.  Oh, another thing I ate, which I love, is sliced tomatoes, but you have to watch those a bit while on induction. 

You WILL be amazed how quickly the weight falls off and how GREAT you feel and how much ENERGY you have.  You'll also love it when you see that the diet lowers your cholesterol.

Take a large leaf of romaine lettuce and flatten it out - layer it with mayo, meat, cheese slices, tomoatoe slices, onion and roll up.  Trust me, you'll never miss the bread. 

You're going to love the fact that you don't feel bloated any longer either!

If you drink alcholic beverages, you'll have to cut out the juice mixes as they're very high in carbs. I started to drink vodka and water on the rocks or a glass of red wine after induction.

After induction, get bags of walnuts, pecans, and almonds and store them in your freezer to keep them fresh and munch on a few of them throughout the day.  Very heart healthy and high in minerals/vitamins.

If you have not already done so, Get the Atkins Book.  It is very motivating and interesting to read how all foods work in conjunction with one another - how they affect sugar/ heart, etc.  Also, the book is chocked full of great recipes.

Oh, another treat you can have, which I dearly love, is Coconut Macaroons.  You'll have to get the unsweetened coconut and use splenda instead of sugar, but they are soooo delicious.

Write back and let me know how you're doing on your diet.  I know you're goimg to be very happy with yourself. 


Good luck to you!
Good luck to you!
Good Luck
Good luck getting them to slow down.  I have a rad doc that goes so fast that he does not wait for the recorder to start before he starts speaking, thus, I get no name or partial name and have to take time to try to find out who the patient is.  The more I ask to slow down or wait for the recorder, the worse it gets.
Good luck to you!
Good luck with that ..

I'd day that Doug is not into women and the other lad is .. of course, the eye candy is nice and it costs nothing to daydream! 


Good luck to you! (NM)
Good luck!
We must be kindred spirits.  Your dreams sound like mine, and we've been doing all the same things!  I hope you get to do what you love to do. 
Good Luck
I do not know what it is going to take, but this has been an ongoing issue.  I had this problem with MCI (so, good luck with them), not only once, but twice, because after the first time when they called to get me back and I told them the issue on why they dropped me like a hot potato in the first place, they had never heard of such a thing.  So, I was dumb and went back to them.   In other words, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing or saying.  I got so darned tired of repeating my frustrations and the whole story over and over to everyone different at MCI that I talked to.  So, for the second and last time they dropped me.  I will NEVER go back to them.  I have, however, been contacted by them again to come back.  Now, GO FIGURE!!!  Not for the 3rd time.  No way.  I have 2 lines, split the LD between ATT and QWEST.  It is to throw them off.  I have a little box switch that I can switch from one line to the next.   I think if you are under 5000 minutes/month you are okay.  It is when you get more than that that they get suspicious.  Some day, some way we all need to put our head together to come up with a solution, because I have read about this issue countless times on MTStars. 
Good luck but you said something that is THE KEY to
why MT has gone down the tubes.

If more people looked at MT and treated it as a REAL JOB (WHICH IT IS), then all the problems that services have put up with over the years would not exist and they probably would not have had to use other measures to find people to work for them.

Good luck though and hope you enjoy your new job.
Good luck!

- Don't get frustrated.

- Accept feedback from editors and write down s/l or what you hear, and what it actually is, and also note their favorite phrases.

- Don't get frustrated.

- I always make things harder than they are, so try to just "listen" and not "translate!" It's hard, but it helps!

- Finally, don't get frustrated!


I am still saying good luck
I was with MCI for about the same period of time the first time and then all heck broke loose.  It does not matter what the rep said because there are how many reps?  Even a supervisior at MCI said there would be no problem.   How wrong they have all been and you never get to talk to the same rep again.  I am sure they have a high turnover rate also.   However, read the fine print they send you in the mail.  Be prepared to be frustrated like some of the rest of us-it is just a matter of time before your ULD with them is cut once they realize (or think they know) what you are doing.   I told them I was not using it for fax or internet.   When I finally told them I was a transcriptionist, they say it is the same thing.  Told me to "read the fine print."  I am warning you.  You need to be on the lookout.  I am so serious about this issue. 
Well, good luck getting through.
I'm sure she can use all the friends she has right now. :)
Good luck
I, too, am starting a new job tomorrow doing in-house dictation for a neurology office with 9 physicians. I'm excited about going back in-house to work and a bit nervous about meeting new people, etc.  Just wanted to wish you luck and let you know I'm in the same boat with you.
Good luck!
Good luck to you, that is so exciting, I am sure it is a total different world compared to the South! Best of luck on your move and your marriage!
Yay! Good luck to you.
You can do it.
Good luck. nm
Good luck to you and
what you have done takes courage, and support from family.  I hope you find what you are seeking. 
Good luck!
I look forward to hearing about how it goes! :-)
You are very welcome!! Good luck!!
good luck.