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he just called nm

Posted By: finagle on 2005-08-28
In Reply to: he's o.k. - msbeanctr


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The so-called "reality show" is the lowest form of so-called entertainment in recent years
I hate them. They've ruined TV.
It's time we all called NJ. I called

They can't provide anything in writing.

Nobody knows anything - keep telling you to call your supervisor.

I smell something worse than New Orleans coming from NJ.

I think all new mts should be called
mt wannabe (that's me) I wannabe, but feel like I will never get this down ever.... my job is so hard that my day is such a breeze !!!!!!
I called them
with my complaints and filed an Employee Complaint form but they say that there are no problems, they are only getting isolated complaints -so EVERYONE who has a complaint needs to call them and follow up with a filed written Employee Complaint.
seems to me if he called YOU, he should already know your name...sm
just my opinion. I hate these calls and mostly never answer until it becomes three or four times a day, then I answer and I am not nice. they usually do not call back after that. It has been relatively quiet around here for a while now...knock on wood. lol
Can you tell me what else it's called please?

That might explain why I didn't get such good results on my search.

that's called....
the old bait and switch!!  They ALL do that!  :(
They are called.....sm
They are referred to as non-word utterances. And if you want to belong to a forum that is not just MT, I own one at Google Groups called the Legal, Medical, and General Transcription forum. The URL is http://groups.google.com/group/Legal-Medical-General-Transcription?hl=en
Yes, I have what are called
Druscens and I do not see them, only can be seen with the lamp exam physician does. These can be started on macular degeneration. My vision is excellent but knowing what I do, make sure I take eye vitamin, eat leafy greens, no smoking and wear sunglasses out always.
You called her? LOL.
Have you called your QA to ask about it?
That was not called for.
Your are totally wrong for berating this person the way you did.
I was called....sm
but called and told them I was sick. I wasn't really but how do they know? I have other things to do.
I called about it . . .
and had information sent to me.  From the commercials I thought it was a non-invasive procedure, but it is very similar to a traditional facelift.  They do say the incisions are smaller, so healing is quicker.  They also say the scars are less noticible.  The before and after photos look incredibly good to me.  I'm still considering it, and if I wasn't such a chicken I might just do it.
Have you ever just called a

business and just interviewed them before you applied so they could interview you?  Does that make sense.?   I may have an in-house transcription job.  They told me that everything was looking in my favor, but they are still interviewing and will let me know for sure Friday.  They offered a pretty good wage and I would take it but if I can find something closer to home even if a little less pay I would go for that too.   I have been looking into businesses that have nothing to do with transcription.  I am thinking about calling the local banks and seeing if there are any entry-level positions available for data entry, administrative assisting, clerk.  I don't have an accounting degree of business degree, just extensive computer knowledge that transcription requires. I really don't know what to ask for to tell the truth.  The local banks never advertise for help but I do see new people in there from time to time. 

I have also been looking to get my CNA certificate renewed which I may just do.  I was going to call the nursing homes here and see what the starting pay would be, what the patient/aide ratio is, what the hours would be like. 

To tell the truth, I am not making it with these home jobs.  I have already been through 3 companies.  I never had a work history like that before.  Before I came home, I stayed with 1 place for 8 years, then another place for 6 years before that.  I hate jumping around and most of all, I hate babysitting my computer for work.  I want 8 hours then be done. 

just called the bank and

Yeah, they called me twice
not possible to block a "100" number and that is all there is. It is weird.
Here it's called Transcam (sm)
Do a search at the top of the board. You'll get plenty of information on their scam.
Isn't that called profit
They charge the hospital more than they pay us.... yes.....don't understand what is supposed to be bad about that.  It's called profit.  As far as calculating the lines differently for the MT versus how they count them for the hospital for billing, there is nothing illegal about that and there is nothing that says they have to calculate the lines the same way.
well, they called me yesterday, but (sm)
I wasn't here.  So, she left a message, stating that if I had any questions regarding the new plan, I could call them back.  I aint even gonna bother...just see what happens when it happens.  But, if anyone else does talk with them, I'd love to know what they have to say! Good day all!
I called ATT and they told me to get the
AllDistance plan for $40/month. Is this what I want? I asked for unlimited business LD. Also, does anyone know if they would have 'red-flagged' our #? I mean, we had ATT initially and were kicked off for using the personal ULD for dictation and we switched to MCI. So would ATT have noted this and then not let us have the business ULD? I appreciate all the help, ladies!
It's called ENABLING
Have you called the teacher? sm
Over the years I've had to e-mail and talk on the phone to my child's teachers. If you don't have the teacher's number or e-mail, you could probably call your child's school and get the information. If the teacher is worth his/her salt, they would probably be happy to help you out.
I just called my office and was
told there was nothing on every single account.  No work at all this whole weekend she said probably.  Nada, nothing, zip. 
It's called eloping........sm

When you have 7 or 8 patients at night you can't possibly physically watch all of them at once.  If you're in a room with a patient who is going bad or in the middle of a complicated dressing change, you can't watch the hall. 

With all of the budget and staff cuts at the hospital where I work, I could very easily see where a patient could walk off the floor and out of the hospital.  There is one security guard at the entrance to the hospital and if s/he is in the bathroom or dealing with an issue away from the desk, well, it is very possible a patient could just walk right out.

My question to you is:  where were the family members?  We ask that a family member stay with the patient if the patient is confused.  You need a doctor's order for restraints, and patients are not tied up these days because they wander.

Tired RN.

Has anyone ever tried anything called a Grapefruiter? sm

I saw it in a cooking gadgets catalog and then did some research online.  It kind of looks like a garlic press, but with blades that fit over the grapefruit and then scoop out the fruit a section at a time.  I have seen it priced anywhere from $12.99 to $19.99, not a fortune, but wanted to see if anyone had ever tried it before plunking down the cash.  (I am a sucker for gadgets!  ha)

Happy New Year!   

why would YOU get called into court?
All you know is what is in the medical record. You have nothing else to do with it...
I had the same question and called
Martel before ordering, and they told me that it does work with digital files because it is actually working with the headphones and is not changing the file/dictation. I still do some tapes, but mostly digital files, and let me say that it seemed to work better with the digital than with the tapes (although it does work with both). I had previously bought a sound booster for about the same price, and this is sooooooo much more helpful and worth the small expense. I now (just received it on Friday, mind you) consider this a MUST HAVE. It does require two AAA batteries, and I will always have extras on hand as I know that I need this . . . and my time in the chair will be reduced by having it.
its called being aware of where we are
Its just another point at which we are compromising our personal confidential information and opening ourselves up for identity theft, etc. I don't care if the government is spying on me - i'm sure that they would be bored to tears and giggle at my net worth if they care to see my tax return or other financial info. It is the HUGE possibility of hackers bleeding me dry that worries me - ya think theres no such thing as hackers or identity theft? Just the same, talk about lemmings running off a cliff-- saying everything George does is okay he has out nation's best interest at heart - we'll go where ever he leads without question and with utter blind willingness and trust. Sounds kinda like misplaced trust to me
It's called progress...

of course, we see all the DOWN sides of the EMR but there are many positives. With the right set up, after a while, the docs get the hang of it and streamline their input. Of course, it doesn't "tell the story" like dictation does, but, on the other hand, an EMR has many, many other features that apparently make up for it. For instance, if a drug is pulled off the market, the EMR can search and find every patient that has been prescribed that drug. Also it has drug interactions loaded in it, so if the doc prescribes the wrong drugs, the computer can help catch it. I've been to EMR conferences as I was considering expanding to become a VAR, and let me tell you, the EMR's are here to stay. One of the government's push is to have all docs' offices on EMR and eventually a national clearing house for information (which I am sure the insurance companies will love) because of the safety aspect. You can do some searches on the the 'Net to see just how vast the EMR market is. Every year, the docs coming out of medical school are more and more computer savvy and every year, the EMR companies get closer and closer to having a program the docs want. And every year, the MT market shrinks.


AT the same time, if he had just called you
on the phone and dumped you, you probably would have been insulted at that. There is no nice way of getting the axe - perhaps labor laws or the company lawyers insist people be told in the office when its something as serious as letting staff go. Think about it - if you had been brushed off in a phone call, you, or others, would probably complain they hadn't been told face to face. Not his fault actually that he's 5 hours away. Also the whole thing about keeping you hidden spoke volumes about the character and integrity of the company - something not on the up and up from the start. You will probably look back and be so happy this happened some day.
they are called RHITs.........nm

LOL - I called it an *affliction*...NM

I would try a product called Out
It is available in both the pet care and baby care sections of Wal-Mart. I use it for pet accidents (puppy not trained yet) by pouring it directly on the spot after soaking up the spot first, allow to soak a few minutes and then blot it up -- works great that way, but I also now add it in when using my Hoover steamcleaner, and gives a fresh scent to the whole room.
It's called no life
These people need to get back into social circulation and fast!
You might want to try a device called
an EQ-50. I bought mine from Martel, and then discovered they could be bought elsewhere for less. It is an equalizer, and also boosts the sound a bit. It is connected to your headphones, and can be used with either a transcriber for tapes or connected to the computer for digital files.

I posted regarding this item a while back, and a couple of people posted that they bought this and did not like it. I am EXTREMELY pleased with mine. I rarely have to send blanks to QA anymore. Someone mentioned a noise they were hearing when they tried to use it, and with mine I do hear a sound like that which you hear coming from stereo speakers when the stereo is on but no music is playing. Also, I have gotten interference from other electronic equipment before, but easily solved that by simply moving the EQ-50 a little bit. I believe that I paid around $30-35 for mine, and then Googled and found them for maybe about $18.

I cannot live without mine at this point, and plan to order a back-up just in case something happens to the one I've got.

Oh, and it does require two AAA batteries also.
All the lawyers I called said
this was not a big case in the sense that a) I didn’t die, b) I was not disfigured in any way and so forth. They said it was not a big enough case and that basically elective surgery and juries would not be sympathetic with me.
Getting called down for something you didn’t do??
Got instant message this morning telling me I had done something wrong on a report and when I said to send me a copy of this had no copy.... guess I would just have to take their word for it… really upsetting as have been going through some medical issues concerning my nerves. What do you do in this situation- let it go- hope it does not happen again- forget about it???
My son was called a n***lette..
My son was called a n***lette before he was even born down there. My husband and some of his friends and I went through one of those check points and the cops pulled me from the car, took my back to their and asked if I was in that car of my own free will. When I said yes, that's my husband, they told me to get the he** out of their car. I'm just not willing to put him in a racist environment on purpose. It is something he's learning about but I'm not going to force him to have to deal with it every day.
its called WIFI
you need to find an open connection, satelitte..then connect. are you talking about a labtop?
Brava!! Thank you!! These so-called MTs sm
are the ones who wonder why our line rates have dropped drastically and why work is being sent offshore. Why should companies pay good money for crappy work? Many, if not most are being paid more than they deserve.

Great post. Thank you.
It's called being psychosomatic (nm)


We were once called chimpanzees.....
Just called there today

Wow.  They were VERY rude.  I called to find out about a position they had open.  I asked what the line rate was and if they had any shifts available on an account I had heard about.  In a nutshell, this guy Bruce Russell  YELLED AT ME and told me that "You don't interview us, we interview you."  Needless to say, I don't want to work for a company like that.  Can't even talk to them without them freaking out.  Sounds like control issues to me or something. 

Every recruiter in the world will tell you that a job interview goes BOTH WAYS... who is to say that I want to work for every company I interview for??  Yes, we are interviewing one another on interviews.  This guy was NUTS!


Nobody called or e-mailed (sm)
from my hospital either. I had just gotten up and turned on the TV and Charlie Gibson was on, which was weird, because it was a little after 9:00 and he should have been off. He was talking about the building being hit, and I saw the second plane live.

I was in such shock I could barely tear myself from the TV to work. Nobody from the hospital called or emailed about it that day or ever. It was the strangest thing.

It's called preparation. Sometimes
questions are really off the wall, or just something you weren't expecting. It sounds like CS is trying to be prepared for whatever questions they throw. One of the last interviews I had, the question I was least prepared for was salary. (It was for a non-MT job and it turned out to be less of a secretarial job and more marketing than I expected, so I was unprepared for that question).
Datakey was doing that. It's called
I don't care how good the line rate is, you may be better off finding something else, and putting them on the back burner.  Sounds like you need a good primary job.
Huh??? I just called Timewarner myself - SM
and they had no idea what I was even talking about when I asked them about this. They said that they have no plans to do this and that I had no need to worry.
Then called me a bigot...
…Does not matter that my grandparents Italian, that I have a mixed marriage but I really get tired of hearing crap that is so very hard to decipher. I started out MTing at a teaching hospital almost 30 years ago and we had scores of non-English people dictating but I do not remember it ever being this difficult as today. I work 1 day on the weekend and it seems the ESLs are all over the place then.
I called their 800 number
After talking to the rep on the phone, he basically admitted that there was virtually no difference between the medical version and the $99 version. For what it's worth....
Doctor called sm

A doctor called and left a message on my voice mail stating that she needed help with transcription.  I mailed out letters about a year or so ago.  Evidently, she kept my letter after all of this time. 


I'm a little nervous since I wasn't expecting this.  I plan to call her back within the next couple of hours.  How should I handle the call?  Should I give a price over the phone?  Or, should I find out what she is looking for and what type of services she needs and then send her a letter with a quote, what services I offer, etc.?