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i think it means the thread has been opened

Posted By: lol on 2005-12-16
In Reply to: Flame - Question

or read over a certain number of times

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I just opened Word, opened the template and saved it as a Word template. nm
Well, that is out. I just opened a post sm
with no emoticon and it definitely went "wahoo".
Since been MT, my opened and opinion has
I got my BOS 3 years ago. Only opened it ONCE, and
So, imagine my apathy when the next BOS edition was being touted as 'the thing to have.' Yeah, right. I think we're all becoming wise to AAMT/AHDI's BS.

Stedman's - Thumbs up.
Internet - 2 thumbs way up!
BOS - 2 thumbs down.
it's spelled right. Exo means outside and you know what phrenic means. nm
Well...the move the Omen opened on 6/6/06....
And it was obviously done intentionally! ; )
I opened a savings account ...
and I put 30% of everything I earn in there. Then I can be sure of not spending the money and it is available for the quarterly payments.

If I didn't do that, I KNOW I would spend it and then having trouble coming up with the payment.
Same here. Haven't opened a book sm
in about two years. Things change too fast, and all is available online. The key is good online references.
I wondered that as soon as I opened it earlier, LOL.nm
Walmart opened up 15 stores in CHINA....nm
Was gonna post, then decided not to. Opened
my door, went outside to water my petunias. Went to turn on the water and uncoil the black hose, and there was A HUGE SNAKE COILED IN WITH THE HOSE!! AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It did not move - it had a fly walking on its back, and I PRAISED THE LORD THAT IT WAS DEAD!! DEAD SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not as bad as a living snake. As I was going to poke it with a stick to fling it, my daughter screamed - ITS NOT DEAD!!!! ITS JUST SUN BATHING.  I looked and looked, and it sure looked dead. IT WAS NOT.................................. It was about 3 feet long, which will probably morph into 8 feet by the end of the week as I tell my tale!! It was HORRIBLE. I live in NJ, and moved to a new area a few years back. Never saw a snake, a tick, or a black widow spider in my LIFE. Now they are everywhere. I laughed at the posts to call animal control. If you live in an area with snakes and the like, they LAUGH at you. Believe me, I know. I actually called the POLICE when I found my first bonafide black widow spider guarding her nest. She ATTACKED US!! They are actually aggressive when by an egg sac. Turns out they are everywhere in this 1 section of NJ - brought in via immigrants, per the Health Dept. So, I feel your pain!!  I wouldn't kill them either. Killed a 2 foot rat about a year ago, and still feel bad. The thing lived under my fridge.  HORRIBLE. One night the thing ate a 12 pack of English Muffins. Anyhoooooooooooooooooooooooooo....I can relate!! My only advice - RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I opened your message to read it, I saw something that made me chuckle. SM
At the top of the page, there was an ad defining Alzheimer's disease (with an apostrophe) from alzheimersconcern.com. We're probably the only one's following this new guideline. I wonder how many people read these apostropheless terms we are now mandated to transcribe and actually do think we're nuts. Even if it is correct, and I do understand the reasoning behind leaving the apostrophe off, it still doesn't help our image any, at least in my opinion. Just a thought.
I just opened the post regarding Jen having an ugly nose and there was the OSi ad. No hunt here. I
the post about Jen's ugly nose lol

I guess they are enjoying their ad campaign on here though trying to drive the moderators nuts
Baking soda, opened and on its side, in every corner

No, they didn't. Just the tape covering that I had thrown out when I first opened them.. NM
We love the Wynn. We got free offers when they first opened but just the other day we got an offer f
The Wynn is pure luxury.. We loved it and the buffet was excellent. Where do you live? We live close enough to drive there to many times a year haha.
My DH thought football shoud be postponed and all stadiums opened for evacuees.
Opened a can of worms, eh? Truth hurts, but it is TRUTH!

8 cpl is about the top out in the US MT industry. If you're making more consider yourself lucky because it just might be snatched away from you at any moment. For the 14 cent per liner, good for you! You went out and got your own accounts. Others should follow your example. As far as the "stupid" MT comment, keep in mind that she was not consistent and **often** had one excuse after another not to work, yet I could see her online and when I would ask her why she was online she would give VERY lame excuses.  Also, keep in mind that I also was the one who helped this gal out monetarily to begin with and she took advantage of my generosity.  Don't make me out to be the bad gal here just because I own a service.  The shoe could easily be on your foot.

So, NEWS FLASH, if you have an MT position that is paying more than 8 cpl, consider it a real blessing and pray that your job isn't outsourced offshore. 

Actually there is another thread that says
the same thing - "off subject" and I have seen that several times before, so that's why I asked.  Wasn't faulting you or anyone else at all.  Thank you for explaining that you mean it's not anything to do with transcription.  Heck, we get tired of talking about transcription anyway!  Nice to be "off topic"!
this should be a fun thread

What is the shortest time you have worked for an MT company and why did you leave? I have found that I can predict the first day if the company is going to work out for me. Other experiences?


I saw most of that thread was gone...
so how was the chocolate frosting or did you resist it?  LOL!   Been there done that!
see thread below
There is thread below about halfway down the page that started yesterday about this. I think the simple answer is we don't know yet what it means for our jobs. It's rather vague. Now, I would like to say that it is just about getting records digital and away from paper and that's it, but Obama is saying that it will save billions every year. The only way I can see that happening is by jobs being cut and I can't imagine all of them coming from record clerks who file the paper records. On the other hand he says it will create thousands of jobs, but it seems from what I have read that he is referring to computer people creating and managing the electronic records because it has been said that there aren't enough skilled people right now to handle it.
Probably goes with the thread below. nm
yes, this thread has gotten way off track
Now that certainly followed the thread! Bravo! Thanks for
that totally coherent thought.  When there is a thread on make up or hair color, do you post on the the War in Iraq? Probably! Perhaps the OP (original poster) who asked about working at home with a newborn had something to do with the topic being babies and...working at home! Imagine that!  Pardon us all for staying on topic.
since the thread is here.. grout? Have tried
You obviously did not read the thread from below
I was not complaining about MQ.  I was complaining about the person who says that anyone who posts anything about MQ is whining.  All I said was that this is the forum for us to talk about any problems we may be encountering, or to share tips, or give news, etc.  I just don't think it is fair that every time someone has something to say that isn't absolutely pro-MQ, they are accused of whining.  I am tired of trying to defend MQ MTs who let these assinine people insult their intelligence and then attack the person who is trying to defend their right to say anything they want on this board.  If you want to flame me, go ahead, I know that I had no malintent and I also know I have broad shoulders.
I posted this thread. (sm)
My thread isn't putting anyone down. I asked a question. If Dano or anyone else doesn't like it or doesn't want to answer, DON'T.

I have my reasons for asking the question. If others get their feelings hurt because someone has a degree or education, too bad for them. I'm not walking on eggshells because of their fractured inferiority complex. I'm not attacking them. I haven't belittled them over their lack of education; if they don't want an education that is their business.

I'm "superior feeling" because I want to know who has achieved higher levels of education.

Go away.
I think RadGuy DID see that thread.
He usually posts everyday but hasn't since before yesterday, so thanks for running off a good guy and one of the bright spots on an otherwise gloomy board of complainers. Do you feel better?
This is an EXCELLENT thread--thanks! nm
you don't, but you can start a new thread and
for others to reference.
This thread does not include the other 90% of us

who struggle with bad dictators to make $300 a week.

Acne - I know this thread is old, but
I found article on a dermatology site I was looking at. It's on a product that I think has been around for several years, was it Differin? Something like that. This study finds that those who use it in combination with any other acne treatment get better results (don't have my drug book with me to check the spelling).

Shortcut to: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/healthnews.php?newsid=38842

and really, if this thread continues....sm
We should be taking this to the Medquist board/forum here and not on the Main Board where we currently are.....
Sorry - should have been posted under thread below. nm
You know this thread only perpetuates
the picture of southerns being backwards. I could not have come from any more southern roots; however I really wish others who have never visited do know we wear shoes, we can carry on a decent conversation, we have upscale neighborhoods (my hubby and I live where judges and physicians live along side among others) and never lived out of the south and never would want to. Believe it or not, the race relations here are very, very good and I would say probably better than other areas in the states. My home is in a community that has a mixture of blacks, whites, Asians, you name it we have it and such a quiet, peaceful place.
As a total aside to this thread here...

about dentists in Maine...I haven't been to a dentist since I was a kid, strictly out of fear factor.  I tried to find one yesterday because I think it's time I see someone whether I like it or not.  Of the 4 I could find, only 1 is accepting new patient's and where I don't have insurance and would be be a self-pay, they don't cut any breaks....just the initial visit and cleaning is going to run $310 buckaroos!  I asked if that price included a happy ending and the voice on the other end just went dead.  (No sense of humor apparently.)

No wonder why people are losing their teef up heyah!  

See thread below...nobody has heard of them...
and nobody can find anything for them on the internet. Look down the page for more info.
This is a WONDERFUL thread, and everything you all are saying...

is right on point and reflective of what I've been saying for years.  It seems that most of the top higher ups in this industry don't HAVE A CLUE about our work process and are only about how much they can use us to line their own pockets while taking as much out of ours as they can. 

In a perfect world we could earmark three days where NOT AN MT IN THIS INDUSTRY would generate a single line.  I'm sure THEN that those who think that they know would find out that they don't have a clue. 

But then, too, it's not a perfect world ...

Well, the whole thread disappeared...
Dontcha love it (not).