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it was one of the cheaper ones :)

Posted By: MT4JC on 2006-09-20
In Reply to: space heater - JR

got it at Wal-Mart for about $50, I think.

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Cheaper here only $9
If you get the cheaper ones (under $20) the
wiring has a tendency to break so that you only get sound from one side.  To test this you can jiggle around the wiring on the bad side and you can usually get sound.  I usually have to pull the wiring up like I'm going to lay it across my head towards the other side.   I've been through 3 pairs of earphones for this reason.   I've tried many styles/brands and these are what I like best and $20 once a year or so isn't bad. 
Cheaper for you to pay to have sm

internet service at their house.  If you pay, will they do it?

Winzip is cheaper and it also (sm)
compresses the files. You will be grateful for the compression when you are sitting in a campground on dial-up access!
Then you must have look for cheaper transcritionist
Have guts to pay more and look for talent, because you can not get away with competition by just give sarcastic remarks!!! So mind it before saying anything.

You should learn from competition....because that is the healthy way to do business.
The other will be cheaper but no quality
Wow, would be cheaper in the long run to get your
Buy a 2-way & don't use the return-it's cheaper
Cheaper to buy transcriber?
If he is doing tapes it might be cheaper to go on E-Bay and buy a transcriber than everything that is needed to transfer over to digitial files as well as the time it will take.   If he does micro tapes you can pick up an Olympus Pearlcorder for under $75 on E-Bay and I have always had good luck.  
No rent that I know of, but cheaper to buy used on e-bay. nm
A lot cheaper to do it yourself and not hard at all- sm
print out the manual on your computer on installing/removing memory. It is so simple and takes less than 5 minutes to do. I have done it many times. Memory is relatively cheap these days and probably shouldn't cost more than $100 (shop around on-line); so $40 for 5 minutes of work by the computer geek is not a bad racket.
Easier (cheaper) for HIM! OMG,
that would slow me down so much...trying to leave out those little words. Tell him if he really wants those words left out to white them out after he gets the report. Hah!
I dont see how it is cheaper to do it that way (SM)
when they are paying them 3 to 4 cents a line, then it getting stalled in QA and paying them 3 to 4 cents a line. If they would just keep it here and pay us the 6 to 8 cents a line or heaven forbid a bit more, and have it done right in the first place, TAT would be met.
I just found it cheaper
Yep, sometimes an entire dollar cheaper...
FlashType works just the same and is quite a bit cheaper.
see link below
"they" are MTs, MTSOs, and the AMA. If you can do better for cheaper..go for it..let us know w

Have you tried Ortho-Novum? It is usually a lot cheaper. SM
When I tried Yasmin, it was going to be about $30/month on my insurance but I switched to Ortho-Novum, which is what I had used years ago for a long time anyway, and it is only $10/month. I know - it is ridiculous the way drug prices are.
Check out entirelypets.com. They are cheaper than
petmeds.  You don't have to have a prescription for flea treatments, but you do for heartworm.  Not sure about Sentinel since it is for both.   I have bought from them 3 times with great surface and they send me an e-mail coupon each month.   My dog is on lets of medications.  On one med alone I save $50.00/mo over what my vet was charging and it is $13.00 cheaper than what Petmeds sells it for. 
I have found petrx.com to be cheaper

than 1-800-pet-meds.  1-800 includes shipping and petrx.com does not, but the total is still cheaper than 1-800 after adding shipping costs.  I have used petrx.com for several years now with no problems.

they went after her work because they could get it CHEAPER wholesale
sheesh, can we stop with the gushing!
It's not any cheaper after paying for membership.
The majority of them will be cheaper than Cobra.
Go through your local yellow pages and look for insurance companies who advertise health insurance and start calling.  Call several so you can compare rates.  Your weight issues are going to make your premium higher than it would if you were a normal weight. 
I wonder how much it costs? will it be cheaper in the long run?nm
They're cheaper. There's no denying
an experienced QA is better than an inexperienced QA. Experienced QAs have the ability to adapt to many different accounts & client specs very quickly. It's part of the job. Therefore, that point is moot. You seem to be one of those MTSOs who likes your cheap QA labor & are trying to justify it, so I will leave it at that.
Or maybe with the new pay plan and ASR rates we will be cheaper than offshoring.
Get Frontline for cats from that entirelypets.com - much cheaper - nm
Yeah, but think about it - it was much cheaper than buying thousand of MTs...
MQ DOES IT AGAIN! ND everyone fell for it once again ; )
FlashType works just like ShortHand except is cheaper.
Thanks for telling us. I bought the cheaper one and had bad results.
It's cheaper to hire a national than pay employees
It is cheaper for members. Only one test but 2 parts.
Mydocsonline is much cheaper, about $8 a month vs. the $28 USAtasp would cost me - nm
Try MTStars FlashType. It works much like PCShorthand & is much cheaper.
See link below
Gotta say that Flash Type works exactly the same and is cheaper.

Cheaper health insurance or time spent with
Why would you want to work until 11:30 at night?  You risk driving late nights being exhausted in the a.m. when you are trying to get your children off to school.  Why not wait out the nursing school call and continue working at home until then.  You will be so busy once you start nursing school that I can't see you having the time or energy to work a full-time job on-site (3-11 p.m.)  I'm not so sure why you believe that a secretarial job will prepare you more for nursing school.  If you want to prepare for nursing school then why not purchase some anatomy books and get a head start, stay home with the children keeping the typing job.  Believe me, you are going to learn way more doing transcription than you will doing secretarial work.  JMO.  Good luck in whatever you decide.  Is there a reason you are trying to get away from your children/husband at nighttime?  I feel it is more important to spend time with your children than at some hospital being a secretary especially at night.  ???????  
Not anymore unfortunately! They want cheaper labor to work harder!
I made more per line my first 2 weeks interning than now with a lot more bills and expenses.
Friend got BCBS insurance for six months. Cheaper than
jude is right. Cobra may not be cheap, but it's cheaper than the surgery.
MTStars FlashType is also just like Shorthand only cheaper in price.
all Windows operating systems and works with most any Windows based application.  You can download a free trial at the link below.
Swift Text or cheaper expander info please

I was wondering if anyone uses Swift Text Expander or any other cheaper Expanders (if there are any). I am going to start doing some IC work besides my full-time job. I am going to be paid hourly but I would like an expander just because I am so used to using it now I would be lost without it. I currently use what is built into my work system now and do not any experience with others. I am only going to do this extra work minimally so didn't know if it would be worth investing in a more expensive expander or if I could get by with a cheaper one. Any info/ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info.


Your local community college. Just as good and a heckofalot cheaper!
FlashType works much like Shorthand, is cheaper, & significantly increases your
see link
I've owned cheaper chairs and learned the hard way.

The old saying that you get what you pay for is true when it comes to these cheap chairs! My back always hurt and I was having to buy a new chair at least yearly. You do the math; I've already had the $1000 chair five years and I quit having the backaches five years ago. This chair is no where close to wearing out and will last me at least another five years, probably more. So, if you think that spending $200 every year on a cheap chair is worth it, you go right ahead; I didn't hear anything but thanks for the OP for my suggestion.

FlashType is cheaper and works equally as well as Shorthand and has a free demo.

click on link below...

SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Shorthand is lots cheaper and also has a trial.