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job application

Posted By: Former RHIT on 2007-12-19
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Once upon a time I held the credentials of RHIT,but let that lapse.  I am filling out a job application for a transcription job.  Do I leave it in? Leave it out? Put in the years I was accredited?  Thanks.

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no, but had to on an application
and only the last 4.
Yes. I went and filled out an application at a

temporary company and got called for a job in a short while. I kept my MT position.

For about 3 days I did the whole dress up in pantyhose and heels thing, drive to work, do monotonous tasks, etc. and I was cured. It was a good experience. It made me appreciate working at home again. Anytime I get fed up again, I just remember the details of what it was like to work in the office for that temp job and other office jobs I've had, and I'm much more satisfied with my boring at home job.

Application process
Thanks, MTMommy, for your encouragement. I will do that from now on.
Application process

My apologies if posting on wrong forum, but I am beginning to get paranoid and am wondering if I'm not doing something correctly.  When I respond to an ad on MT Stars, I click on the "Apply now" button, fill out the boxes appropriately with MY email address, etc., and then click "Submit."  It tells me it has sent the message to the "Desired recipient" (employer).  Am I doing this correctly?  I have applied for so many positions, am an experienced radiology MT with 30 years' experience, and am having a hard time accepting the fact that absolutely no one is responding to my applications. I've tried Keystrokes (needed 15 MTs for rad) and others.  I check every hour to see what new ads are posted and respond within that time frame.  I know it can take a couple of weeks or longer to hear anything, but when I hear that others hear back the next day I have to wonder if I'm just not performing the application process correctly.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  I'm getting worried and cannot find work.  Thanks.

application process...
You need to go directly to the websites of different employers. Spheris.com medquist.com, transcend.com, etc. Then you can fill out an application directly from their site. You are a dream for any medical transcription company, being that you have 30 years experience. Don't get bummed out. I promise you will find something. Just go directly to the employer's website's.
CMT application questions
After so many years of transcribing, I am going to take the final step by taking the CMT exam.  When I went online to schedule a test date, there were options for CMT exam A, exam B, and exam C.  The website doesn't explain the difference between the 3 tests.  Does anyone out there know?  Also, is there any other way to get a discount (besides being an AAMT member)? 
Noritate cream which is once a day application...
I take Tetracycline 500 mg twice a week and was put on a cream that had to be applied twice a day. That was impossible for me!! So, my family doctor told me about a cream, Noritate which is applied once a day. The tetracycline is good for breakouts, but I don't have to take it every day. The cream can be put on once a day, at night. So this works out pretty well for me. Good luck!!
I you don't have a zip application, download a free one like 7-Zip. sm
then follow the instructions and compress (zip) the ShortHand file.
Metroscript is best TASP for this application
I liked Vianeta, too. In our application we could work offline, I do believe.
Some days, I wish we had Vianeta back again....

There were some downsides, especially if you had to get in on the management/QA side, but as an MT it was dandy.
opting out of that is part of the membership application.
USATasp is application service provider.
TASP - Stands for "Transcription Application Service Provider". They aren't the MTSO, but providing Voice and Text solutions/platforms to MTSOs to utilize.

P.S. USATasp is the subsidiary of MTStars :)

Transcription Application Service Provider.
IOW the smart computer folks who deal with the headaches! :)
They provide HIPAA complaint file hosting/ftp set up for MTs. Some charge per line, other charge per month, it just varies. Some provide a call in dictation service and charge per minute. It's great if you have no capital in invest in equipment. :)
I'm not sure but I think it's what some MTs refer to as a platform?

ES is not a transcription application; it is an audio playback app.
ES provides the means by which to obtain and play audio files. You actually transcribe these in any text-editing application.

Some text-editing apps such as Word have provision for counting production such as characters, words, lines, etc. Or, you can use a third app such as Sylcount for the counting function.

Questions like these should really be directed to your supervisor for the best answers.
Dictaphone Word Client Application
Hi everyone! I have a question that I need answered as quickly as possible. I have the opportunity for a job but it requires use of a Dictaphone Word Client Application.  I've used a Dictaphone before and then just typed the dictation into Word.  Can someone please explain to me what a Word Client Application is??  Thank you so much!! Have a good day!
ITVPro also works in any Windows application sm
If you find you need a glossary, write me and I'll send you mine. Only about 19K to 20K strong and I have used for about 12 years.
I use IT and love it. It works with Meditech, which is my client's application.
No other text Expander could/can link with Meditech.
I can't ever remember a question of bankruptcy on an employment application. They usually just as
it is some type of time clock application..just wondered if anyone used it.