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job interview tomorrow ... what do you think?

Posted By: JoJoMT on 2005-11-18
In Reply to:

Hi all ... I'm going to a local hospital tomorrow for an interview.  The job is in the laboratory.  It's a f/t position where half the day you do pathology transcription and the other half secretarial work.  It's mon-fri, 9-5. 

This is in New York (the suburbs) actually, about 1/2 hour north of NYC.  I have 13  years of medical records transcription experience, and prior to that for 5+ years worked as a secretary to a medical director.

How much of a salary should I expect ?   Thanks! 


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I have peer interview tomorrow.

I am interview for an in-house position.  I had the interview and a week later I was called for the peer review.  Never been on a peer interview and don't know what to expect...any ideas?  I plan to just be myself just like in the interview.

Tough line requirements (1500 line/day) but I'm optimistic.  I hope to gain tips with short cuts to qualify for incentive programs, etc. if I am chosen for the job.



Hosp perdiem interview tomorrow! SM

I'm hoping someone will be able to advise me about some good questions to ask of the HR person of a hospital in my hometown; it's really hard for me to be objective about this decision because I want so much to leave the city where I'm living right now.  I go back and forth trying to decide if I should even try this. First of all, this job was advertised as "per diem" -- forgive my ignorance, but would that be the same as a contract position?  I had trouble once before making a living doing at-home MTing as an IC and paying my own health and life insurance, as I'm 100% supporting myself.  It was certainly a shock after employee status--but I was so burned out at that inhouse job--transcription force cut in half, pay reduced, phasing out dictation in favor of computer templates! I took a chance even though I had an unrealistic belief in my own abilities, I'm afraid, and tried IC for a national company.  I'm not working at all right now and am currently living on my savings. 

I feel like something, anything would be better than nothing.  Some foot/ankle problems also, related to standing at the last clerical job I tried, so a lot of even part-time jobs are out of the question at the present.

I do have some family at home and this hospital has a very good reputation as a good place to work, good (happy) employees...but, of course, don't want to move and still risk getting in an impossible position again!  Please let me know of some good questions to ask during the "assessment" and interview Friday AM (tomorrow)!  Sorry; realize this is rambling--many thanks--


Yay, yay, yay, hallelujah. I finally get to interview for an in-house job tomorrow.

Oh I so hope and pray that it is as good as I need it to be! 

Help! Have face-to-face interview for at-home hospital job tomorrow and ....SM

I want to ask the most comprehensive questions I can so as to make the best decision possible.  I work for a small national right now, pretty happy but would like better benefits, especially more affordable and better insurance.  I already know this hospitals pays .09 cpl and .11 if you do more than 1200 lines per day.  It's been so long since I've been interviewed in person.  I need you guys to help me make a list of questions to ask so that I can just get it all down on paper and make sure I'm not missing anything.  I know they use ChartScript and Lanier and that they provide the computer.  What else exactly should I ask? 

Lucky thing for me my MD is in the office tomorrow morning, so I made an appointment for tomorrow.

If it is strep, I'll have her give me a shot of penicillin.  That's what I usually do for strep.  My stomach can't hardly handle taking antibiotics.  I end up with vomiting and diarrhea which makes me feel even worse!

Thing is, I work for a hospital and we already have one girl off indefinitely for medical reasons.  A couple of ladies didn't log on until late today because we had thunderstorms in the area.  And we are way, WAY out of TAT for OPs and Discharges.  So, I feel kind of bad taking a sick day.  My supervisor is so stressed.  She's been begging us to work OT for the last couple of weeks.  How can I call her and tell her I'm sick?

I'm halfway through my shift anyway.  I'll be all right.  The Motrin is really helping and then I can take it easy all weekend.

Thanks for listening.

16-yo son has job interview at K-Mart - interview attire help(sm)

My 16-year-old son has his first job interview at K-Mart.  He has basically applied for any position they will give him.  I'm insisting that he he wear a nice pair of Dickies and a polo shirt (which I will have to go buy but this is not a problem as I expect to do this).  However, My DH is insisting that it's ok for him to go in the nice pair of shorts (not Dickies but more along the lines of baggy shorts that the teenagers are wearing these days) and a t-shirt.  Am I in the wrong here?  I've seen the way these kids dress after they get the job (although I'm not sure if they wear t-shirts and shorts).  Am I being old fashioned in assuming that you dress decent for a job interview (although if he was applying for a welding position at the local shipyard I don't know if I'd make him dress up).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  TIA

The interview with Amphion is nothing to be worried about.  They basically just ask you your past experience as a Transcriptionist and what areas you feel are your strengths/weaknesses.  It was not a difficult interview at all.  They're very nice people.  Good luck on the interview! 
I would be more than happy to participate also.
I have an interview with a company and I just realized... I have no idea what to expect. I wasn't really interviewed when I got my last transcription job, I was basically thrown into it to see how I did and I happened to do well. Is there anything that makes an MT interview different from an interview with, say, a retail company?
I only have one piece of advice for you. Over the last 25 years (until I got smart) I have worked in doctor's offices. I say, don't do it. You will automatically become their secretary, office assistant, receptionist, insurance clert, medical assistant... you get my drift. Go to another transcription company and ask for more than 8-9 cents per line. Trust me on this.
Interview With Prosecutor
The prosecutor from Aruba was interviewed last week and she said they can still go ahead with charging the boy with murder even without a body.  She said it would be harder to make the case but they have some evidence which, by law, they cannot disclose.
Here is the link to the interview...
Link to actual interview:

Strategies for Outsourcing MT Services
By Kate Jackson
For The Record
April 11, 2005
Vol. 18 No. 8 P. 18


Transcend Interview
I tested yesterday online with Transcend.  Got an e-mail today stating they would like an interview so I called and scheduled one.  Not sure yet about quitting MQ but am very nervous about their new plans as I am a SE.  Anyone been interviewed via phone by Transcend and what can I expect?  Heart is pounding so nervous.
Interview today sm

I also have an interview today with Transcend and wondering what to expect. Hopefully, I'll be leaving Medquist soon, too.

At the end of the interview, the decision
was up to Mr. Trump, not Randall. In the business world, you protect your own position and interest, and he showed Mr. Trump that he was indeed tough enough to do that. This is not "Survivor," taking someone to the final two.

As far as Rebecca goes, she is indeed a very impressive 23-year-old. Her exposure from the show will take her far, perhaps farther than the Trump organization. However, she is still quite young. The right candidate was selected for this position.
what an MT test I took on an interview !

I went for a job interview at NYC's largest hospital yesterday.  The job was for an Admin Assist position, with a lot of transcription skills as well.  For the transcription part of the exam, "all the equipment is in use right now" they told me, and they decided to give me a LIVE test:

They got one of the anesthesiologists on staff to find a chart and pull up a chair next to me.  Face to face he dictated a report to me, as I typed it.  It was weirdddddd!  But I did very good on it actually ... it was an easy (for me) report. 

I don't want the job though ... they practically told me on the interview the job pays from 9-5, but the hours are WHATEVER IS NEEDED - and that they needed 'flexibility'.  You know what that means - the job better become my entire life.  And I'm not willing to do that. 

Thanks guys!  And have a happy holiday !


I had a phone interview...
with Amphion. No, they don't ask you any test questions or anything like that. It's simply an opportunity for them to see what you are looking for and what they have to offer, etc. Fairly quick and painless. The woman I spoke to was very nice!
Interview attire
I left the corporate world less than two years ago to be at home with my kids, but when I left pant suits were very much the norm, and I think that would be very appropriate for a job interview, even if there won't be a dress code. I think the days are gone where you have to wear a skirt to be professional. There are so many nice looking, professional pant suits now. Good luck to you!
I just saw an interview with Chris from AI
on our local Fox news.  Everyone was figuring he was going to win and he was supposed to fly home tonight and there were going to parties all over town tomorrow.  Anyway, he couldn't get out a complete sentence that didn't have "well you know" in it.  Articulate he isn't. 
Dressing for an Interview
When I was in a class at college that helped you to prepare for getting a job, women were to wear a suit, jacket and skirt with white blouse, and guys a suit and white shirt and tie.

I realize this is just an interview at K-mart but I have heard of others landing a job partially because they made a great impression by dressing up regardless of the position they were interviewing for. My brother was one of those people that did this for an auto parts delivery man position and they told him how impressed they were with his attire. So, I really do think it makes a big statement and difference a lot of times.

Wishing your son the best of luck! I say dress up the best he can, present himself professionally, and he will be more apt to land the job. :)
Interview Attire
I just finished with an in-house interview a month ago. I wore a nice black skirt, a white blouse, and a nice blazer over the blouse. To complete the outfit, I had on black pantyhose and black shoes.
when was it ever $80,000/year! Every interview I had with them
it was $25,000/year, even last year, it was still $25,000/year, no taxes. If it were $80,000, bombs or no bombs, I'd jump on it in a minute, and I would wear a burka ... it beats what some transcriptionists wear to work already LOL!

job interview - anxious
Ok, I am hoping to be interviewed for a MT job at a local hospital.  I have not been through an interview process in quite some time.  What can I expect in the way of interview questions? TIA
? Interview questions (sm)
They could possibly ask the following questions:

What do your consider to be your weakness?

If the MT supervisor is asking this question, it could mean lack of exposure of certain specialties or ESL dictators. Be honest. If you lack exposure in any of the areas required for the position, tell he/she you like challenges and are very interested in increasing your ed/attending any continuing ed classes the corporation has to offer.

If the position has flexible scheduling, please share which shift you would be the most productive. (As for me, I am not a "morning person.")

What do you consider to be your strengths?

If you have extensive exposure with multiple specialities/ESL share that info, but just "do not exaggerate."

Where would you like to be in next 5 years with this corporation?

Think this over carefully.

If you not a "CMT" and if you wish to become one, share with them your future professional interests.

If they have shared their transcription platform and it is not user-friendly to
your expectations, share with them your interest in "future transcription technology research team" or "editor/quality performance." (Just don't tell them their system is not user-friendly -- if it is not and you know you will have difficulty reaching your production, you do not have to accept the position.)

If they do not have a "remote/home-based" program and you would like to be home-based, share with them your interest in assisting with piloting a home-based program.

They should share with you first how they compensate their transcriptions -- hourly, base rate plus incentive, or straight production.

If the job is pay per production, get all the info on "line count formula."

If you are offered the position and think their platform will limit your production, share your concerns up front.

I am not certain they can ask why you are leaving your present job, but, if so, share with them your interest in enhancing your healthcare career. And, if you are interest in the benefits they offer, share that also. Try not to tell them anything negative about your present position.

Wishing you much success with your interview!!!

Thank You All For Your Interview Answers!!
There have been many great responses to my 'MT student' interview questions. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to answer my questions. Your responses are all very helpful to me. I really can't wait to graduate and start my new career!! Thank you all once again!!!
Interview coming up...
I have an interview coming up for PT with an ortho clinic ON SITE.  I have 3 years experience in acute care and op notes and getting paid 7/cpl right now working at home.  What line rate or pay per hour do you think I should ask for now that I'd be buying clothes and gas?
Flub the interview?
What do you mean by flub the interview? That's what you need to address.

If you do ok on the test, then there is something else turning off the employer. I'm not sure that taking a course would help with that, unless by "flub the interview" you mean you can't answer technical or basic sciences questions.

dr. office interview

I have an interview Monday for an in office transcription position in Indiana.  I was wondering if anyone could comment on what a good per hour wage would be?

I have been in transcription for 6 years now and have been working at home the entire time.  I now need to make more $$ and would like to have an idea when I get in there.


Am going for an interview for in-house RAD MT for association
in Austin, Texas. Can anyone give me an idea of the pay scale for this market--probably hourly? I've never worked in-house in a large city. I'd really appreciate any advice.
Interview with Transcend was easy
Hi!  I left MQ several months ago to joint Transcend.  I did not feel at all like their "interview" was that.  Instead it was a very cordial phone conversation.  Try not to be nervous (easier said than done) but the person I spoke with was very pleasant and easy to talk to.  The hiring process was smooth and I'm enjoying my job!  Good luck! 
Phone interview with Amphion.........??
Has anyone ever done this?  How does it go?  I've already taken the test but they called to schedule a phone interview.  I was hoping she would just talk to me when she called because I'm curious as to what they will or won't offer, and now I have to wait over the weekend.  I'm just curious if she is going to do a phone test now or just talk to me about what they have available, etc.  Any info on this company would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much. 
He's in management so the interview process sm
is pretty long> He has applied to a couple of places, just still in the midst of the interviews. Also, he's been very busy working long hours since I've known him so right now he's enjoying the opportunity to be with the kids for a little while. Meanwhile he's also still getting his regular salary so my income is being used to reduce our debt.
I read bits of how the interview went. It will be sad for sure.
i always interview my prospective employer,
but not in the manner you stated. I let them tell me their spiel, then i ask a multitude of questions and discuss any concerns. Then i let them make the offer or not, but by then i already know whether i want the job or not. I do think your interviewee was too forward (for lack of a better word) here.
Newbie Interview Questions


I am graduating soon and beginning to test and interview. For BTDT Transcriptionists, what kind of questions should a prospective employee/IC ask during an interview?



Interview with Rider and Assoc
I recently graduated from At Home Professions and I have a phone interview with Rider and Associates coming up. I was wondering if any one can give me any helpful information about this company or advice for the interview. Thanks.
Sorry - I meant to say a PEER interview.
Having one put on tomorrow...
after many years of thinking about it and finally finding the right picture.  I know it's going to be uncomfortable, but I'm ready to get it done. 
Looks like tomorrow is going to be
a good one too!
And tomorrow is 6/7/6, so what. nm
We can also die tomorrow...
I buy what I want when I want.  Credit card bills can't take your house.   Your credit score goes down and they hound you to death, but that's nothing.  I say live it up!  No, we didn't purchase the larger home because I didn't want to have to clean it!  We do have 2 brand new vehicles though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is what I work for everyday, not so I have to do without.  I do "with!!!!!"  I live and love and spend every day doing what I want to do and when I want to do it.....  Well, I guess I gave away the fact that I'm an IC with no restrictions or limitations. Hubs works and makes decent money, but even if I didn't have his income, we'd be just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
anyone see the lame Jennifer Aniston interview
Come on, where were the tears, hysteria and complete breakdown?  I was on the edge of my seat, never watch Oprah anyways, and it was sooo disappointing.  Not one mention of Bradangelina, it was all about okay lets heal now.  Rip off.
Advise on important questions to ask on job interview
I have applied at a company and they are to contact me. I'm really not sure even what to ask. This is a new experience for me. Any help would be appreciated. Any warning signs to watch for?
Amphion interview, wondering what to expect?
I have a phone interview with Amphion coming up and was wondering if anyone out there could give me an idea what to expect.  These make me nervous!  Plus, I have a voice that comes across as either a 5-year-old or Mickey Mouse!  I never know how to answer such questions as "what can you offer the co.?" or "why do you want to work for us?"  I think I did well on the test or they would not want an interview??  Any advice?  Thanks!
During my initial interview I told them I work on
Extext and she said that was what they used and didn't tell me any different when she said they wanted me to do this hospital so if it's not Extext I'm going to tell them I want something else. That is one of the main reasons I picked this company - the same program I'm already used to. I'll ask them about that. Thanks for the info.
Great interview from Mandisa on VH1 site.

www.vh1.com  I get the newsletter sent to my mailbox so you might have to search, but it was sent to me today.  It's terrific.  Love her!

Actually, Chris said in an interview he shaved his head because sm

he was going bald.  Her version of Walk the Line was actually taken from Live's version.   I loved it.  Live has always been one of my favorite bands.  Chris rocks, too!

my interview attire suggestions paid off (sm)
At least, I think they did.  Recap:  16-year-old son had interview with K-Mart.  DH was going to send him in shorts.  I said nice pants, nice shoes, and nice shirt.  DH caved (although didn't say that I was right - husbands are NEVER WRONG, you know!) and gave him one of his collared shirts, his Dickies, and went and bought him a nice pair of shoes.  Interview went well.  Interviewer told my son that he was the only one (of three others) who was dressed nicely and complimented him on his attire.  I'm assuming that he got the job because he has orientation tomorrow morning.  (Would they have one come to orientation if one hadn't been hired?)  Thank you for all your suggestions.
read a recent interview with the stars
I recently read an interview with the stars.. can u believe that one guy lied about his past to get a sympathy vote! check out the article..http://www.savvymiss.com/no-cache/living-entertaining-do-it-yourself/living-tips-home-entertaining/entertaining-archive/article/the-next-food-network-stars-share-what-every-kitchen-needs-most-2483.html
Here is a question I was asked about a month ago in an interview.....sm
if you and your life were to be printed on the front page of a newspaper, what would the headline say or read?

I was tongue-tied and really lost for words. I am not one who likes to be in the spot light all that much....needless to say, I was not prepared for that.

This was for a hospital MT position.

Apparently, they are interviewing like the corporate world and not the healthcare world as we used to know and be familiar with.

Good Luck!!!

Tomorrow is registration. First day Aug. 5 E.TN
I'm ready