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just bought used laptop HELP

Posted By: michelle on 2008-05-07
In Reply to:

ok i just bought a used laptop.  when i was at the guy's house, the internet was going.  now, i'm at my house and it won't connect to my wireless network.  it shows it on the screen, but won't connect.  it is so frustrating.  is it the firewall on?  is there something i need to do to get it to work?  I'm going to get a sprint broadband card for it, so not like it really matters, but i just want the internal wireless to work anyways. why isn't it working?

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This is what I bought for our RV & my laptop
You may have seen this advertised before on TV. I bought it from LTD Commodities but I am sure it is available many other places. It is inexpensive, quite adjustable, you can break it down,and it is very lightweight. I use it at home as a TV tray as well.
i just bought a laptop for same reasons.
I chose a Toshiba, because of Consumer's ratings, customer reviews, and customer service i've heard about (and sale price!). I didn't realize i'd need a wireless router, but luckily it came in the bundle purchase. If you want to use external devices, check for port types. Mine has 4 USBs but no PS2 that my keyboard requires, so i've ordered an adapter. From what little i know i suggest no less than 1 GB capacity (esp with Vista), and 2 if you can afford it. Enjoy Phoenix!
I bought a laptop with XP recently off of
EBay that was a refurbished one, to be safe I also bought a 2-year warranty just to cover it. Any computer store, Staples, etc. can build you a computer with XP, or check on line with EBay, Google computers with XP, etc. They are still out there, just cannot buy them direct (or hard to find them) through Dell, Gateway, etc.
I bought a new laptop at dell.com yesterday with XP
The deal they were running was that you can buy certai new computers and have them preloaded with XP. You also get the Vista CD so if you ever want to upgrade you alread have it. It cost an extra $150 but worth it to me. Also they do a free upgrade in memory to 2 GB.Check it out. I think the deal is limited time only. My is set to ship on 08/04/08. I am SOOO excited.
Getting my ducks in a row for my big job search. I just bought a Dell laptop for X-mas. SM

It was used when I bought it and I want to make sure that I have everything I need to work from home on it.  The PC I'm on now will be going back to the hospital.  It is a Dell Latitude.  It has a Pentium IV processor, 512 mg of RAM, 40 gig hard drive, wireless internet plus ethernet card, Windows 2000.  Will that laptop suffice for working from home?  I assume it will, but I just want to make sure before I starting applying places.


I bought a desktop and laptop in December. Can I claim on taxes..
and is there a limit to how often you purchase computers for your work? A friend thought you could buy one a year and claim it.  I bought the laptop and desktop in December and already hate the laptop, but I hate to purchase another one if I cannot claim it this year. Oh, also if I charged the computers on my Dell account in December but did not start making payments in January 2006 can I still claim for 2005 taxes. Thanks.
That's strange I bought the adapter but couldnt get it to work right. Maybe cuz it was a laptop..
I'll have to try it again. I just could not get it to work right. I would get sound but then it would freeze up.
Hey, out of curiosity what kind did you get. I bought a E1505 laptop on there. Great Deal

I have both a Dell Latitude Laptop and a Dell Dimension desk top PC and bought both...
off of Ebay.  The laptop I paid $300 for had Windows XP and works great.  It wasn't wireless, but they sent me a PCI card with it and it works fine.  The desktop PC has XP on it as well and I paid $250 for it.  Both have Pentium IVs.  Both work great for work.  I have no complaints and I feel like I got a great deal both times out on Ebay.
I don't like Dell. I bought a Dell laptop and it

was a piece of junk, so I'm not the one to ask if you should buy a Dell.   I'd get at least double that processor speed.  My computer is about 10 months old and I have 5 times that, which means that there is probably something faster out now, or soon will be.  It is more than I need for work, but I also use computer to download music/pictures, and a bunch of other stuff.   The Dell I had had 650 mHz and it was slow and that was almost 6 years ago.   You may have to customize anyway to get XP unless you buy one previously owned, which you can also buy from Dell.   It is always a good idea to buy bigger than you need currently just to allow for updates to any software or new software you may add.    You need to also think about tech support.  I know Dell has tech support in India, which can be extremely frustrating.  I don't know that other computer companies don't offshore their tech support, but that would be a question I would ask and find out if there is a locally authorized dealer to handle warranty repairs or if you need to send off the computer.    I would not recommend a Gateway computer and I would not recommend any computer that has a Celeron processor.   They tend to be in all the lower end computers. 


I bought a wedge at Michael's for about 59 cents. Bought one for my SM
Lanier station so I could see the display and one for my keyboard.
To all of you Escriptionist out there...Laptop question. Have any of you found a laptop that you can
thing. I tried one of those adapter that goes from the 9-pin to the USB but when I plugged in the USB my foot pedal did not work right. I know supposedly there is a help section on the escription website that says the adapter may work and how to make them compatible etc but it never worked for me. Has any of you find a solution or a laptop that this foot pedal with work with. I'd like to work while traveling and get a laptop but it never worked on my old one. Ideas??
Just bought two

Bought a desktop and a laptop a month ago.  The desktop had a problem with the CD drive not opening.  I called Dell and they promptly handled the situation.  The repair person called my home the following day to schedule an appointment.  He showed up on time, picked up after himself, etc.  Very polite and very professional. 

My only complaints so far:  being on hold for 40 minutes before talking with a Customer Service rep and the young man I spoke with when my call finally was answered.  Where he was from -- I don't know, but he had a very thick accent and with my southern twang ears, he was quite difficult to understand.

Yes, I just bought one and the

service is TERRIBLE.  Can't understand us.  I had to keep repeating my questions, still they did not seem to understand English.  I will never, never, never buy a Dell product again.  I just got it yesterday.  The computer is okay, but the service is the pits.  They have such strong accents, didn't understand me, I had to keep repeating my sentences, talking very slowly.  They also were hard to understand.  I want to write Dell corporate and complain, but can't even find a place that is not in India to complain to. 

After this experience, I am totally not worried about transcription going to India.  The quality must be so bad, after what I experienced, it will eventually come back.  Any company that outsources, the reports must be very poor quality.


LOL. My mom bought one of those when
it the the COOLEST thing! 
i just bought

A Holmes Family Safe Portable Heater, mostly because it's kid-friendly.  So far so good.  If my house burns down, though, I'll let you know :)  j/k  It had a lot of good features and keeps my bedroom toasty, which is probably a bit bigger than your office.

I bought a little
flash drive when I bought my new computer. You just load the program onto it and plug it in to your new one and transfer. They're very inexpensive and USB. Very easy
I bought it new

Straight from AAMT in the shrink-wrap (I got a discount through my employer)..

I don't call it a typo when they refer to it wrong twice, as they do in this instance.  I call it a mistake!  And it makes me lose confidence in the rest of the book, as well as lose respect for the authors.

If people find it amusing - WHY?  I don't think its acceptable to just expect typos in every book you buy, because I know darn well people are PAID to edit copy before its published, and someone wasn't doing their job!  With fiction I can snort with disgust and move on.  But professional books should be accureate, considering it was written BY AND FOR an entire industry based on inherentt perfectionism regarding the written word and terminology! 

I was forced to buy this book to supposedly hone MY skills, only to find THEIR skills are lacking.  This is the supposed bible of our industry!  I am referred to this book a zillion times in my company standards.  And if I cannot rely on it for accuracy, why yes, I am angry.  If you want to see me as a nutcase, that's your prerogative. 

I posted this oriiginally so people could mark this error in their book instead of perhaps putting the BOS spelling n their spell checker, and get penalized for repeated errors as a result.  I was hoping others might post any additional errors they had found in this publication, and we could help one another in this respect.  Perhaps someone might take this post seriously enough to do so, and if they do, I appreciate it.

Yes bought it used. sm
The foot pedal is brand new.
just bought
myself Koss UR40 headphones. They look like DJ headphones...very, very comfortable and unbelieveable sound. I highly recommend them. I bought them at Radio Shack.
Just bought one...will let you know. (nm)
I know for a fact MQ has been bought out
I'm the one who bought it, and i've decided as the owner of MQ, you all get a life time supply of chapstick.  enjoy. 
Interesting you bought this up. sm
So I'm sitting and typing the other day, all happy and cozy, and I feel the cat brush against my leg under my desk and lay across my foot.

And then I realize, I don't have a cat.

So I yank my foot very quickly but get it caught instead under the foot pedal, which I promptly kick clear across the room. Fortunately, it--and it's rudely detached cable--survived.

The "cat" turned out to be a detached piece of carpeting which I had glued to the side of my desk to keep me from knocking my knee. I'm sure my neighbors are still wondering where all the screaming came from...

Our hospital bought the DQS
software somehow. We use DQS but are paid by the hospital. Somehow (not sure how) we use their tech support for technical issues, but a couple of us have to use DocQmanage to assign a job that might needed stat. This is how I discovered this. This was also how i found out that they can manipulate things so many, many ways. I hate them. Because of them, I have to work two full-time jobs to support my family. Also, because of them, other companies and businesses are assuming that this is the "standard" to not count spaces, etc. etc.
When I bought my house....sm

one if my requirements was that there had to be a room that was decent enough to use for my office.  In order to qualify for the IRS home office deduction  you can't use your office as a bed room or anything else.  

I have the best view in the house in my office - I can see outside to the flower garden and also see the road so I can watch the people and cars going by during the day. 

Hubby bought me ...

this great little Holmes I-Touch electric heater probably from Lowe's or Home Depot.  Cost about $20... very light and compact with a blower.  Hmmmm, toasty!

My husband has bought (sm)
several vehicles on eBay. I wouldn't recommend it unless you know a mechanic who is familiar with the car you are buying who will talk to the seller for you to find out what condition the car is in. We've never been ripped off, but my husband always got specific details on the condition of the vehicle. You might want to try autotrader.com instead.
I have bought from them for a while now and am very satisfied. nm
I bought a refurbished (sm)
It is a e-machine rebuilt all new inside and out... Athion 64 3200+/512 MG DDR/ 160GB HDD with DVD/RW dual layer/flash media reader, AI Radeon Xpress 200 video, 10-100 Mbps LAN/ Windows XP home with both Norton or McAfee built in so you can choose. #399.99 plus shipping & handing... A computer tech said he has 12 of them for his businesses, wouldn't spend the money on a new computer because it isn't the name it is the upgraded equipment inside that wooed him. try tigerdirect.com
Hopefully you haven't already bought. nm
I bought an e-machine for $399 (sm)

It was on sale at Best Buy (there were only 3)  That is w/o the monitor, cause I didn't need one at the time.  I know the support people are usually Dave or Keith (yeah, right) they barely speak English, but I don't actually know where the computers are made.   Check for sales at Best Buy and get there early.

I bought a refurbished one
about 3 years ago from overstock.com and it's still going strong. It's my main work computer. I don't buy new computers anymore. I've had better luck with the refurbished ones, which also come with substantially less junk software.
I just bought a used Beetle and it has a
sunroof. Never had one before but I do love that. My next vehicle will be either a bright sunny yellow or orange Beetle bug convertible!

Go for it. I think you'll love it!
HELP!!! Just bought new system

any ideas?

Ever bought OEM CD only software? (sm)

I use Word, but need Word Perfect for one account only.  Any pros or cons to purchasing OEM CD only software or do I need to bite the bullet.  It's my understanding you cannot buy Word Perfect alone without buying the suite. 


Any comments will be appreciated

I bought a house too. but
then it is even more important to make sure you have cash flow. One missed check, due to illness or accident, and your bills start piling up, then you can LOSE that house. I understand your husband doesn't get paid much - mine's a machinist and has been laid off 4 times in 4 years. Bottom line is living within your means...whatever your means are.
I had the same problem when I bought a new
Unfortunately, I tried Radio Shack, Best Buy, and another store my husband went to that I don't remember the name of, as well as searching online, and I was never able to find an adaptor, although I believe the reverse is available. I wound up buying an Olympus pedal as the company I work for supplied Olympus Player Pro software. Their pedal comes with both connectors.
I bought some on Ebay for $26 ;)
You might want to check there.  The person had an ebay store and many styles and all the ones I was considering were under $30. 
Thanks for the tip. I just bought a pair! nm
help - bought used C-phone

worked on one about 5 years ago. Can't for the life of me figure out out to plug the telephone line in the Dictaphone!!! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. TIA.


Would this happen to be a certain co. in KY that was bought out by another in CO? sm
If so, I would really like to talk to you! Please email me.
TransHealth was just bought by
Webmedx and I would choose Webmedx over Spheris.  The feedback is mixed on both companies, but there is a lot more negative on Spheris. 
Just bought some Koss
"SPORTCLIP" stereophones and love them. Got them at Radio Shack for about $25. Each side hooks directly over the ear, no headband on top or behind the head, and you can hardly even tell you have them on as they are very lightweight. They do block outside noise quite well--I have been startled by family members who walked up behind me and then tapped me on the shoulder. They also have a volume control right on the cord, an absolute necessity for me. They have a standard plug but I have a USB adapter and have them plugged into the front of my computer. The cord isn't real long, only 4 feet, which I am still getting used to, but otherwise I love everything about them.
Never heard of that. I bought some
I bought mine from Transcriptiongear.com. I got the Noisebuster headphones. They work great, but they are made a little cheap. The battery compartment broke the first month that I had it, and I had to use tape. It takes a battery which is really annoying to have to keep changing. I purchased some rechargeable batteries but I have to remember to keep them charged. I have never heard of missing dictation. When they say noise reduction that means it cancels out the noise in your office, NOT on the doctor's end. It does make the doctor (and everything else on his end) sound more clear. I have had mine for about two years and they are great, but then again I haven't tried any other brands.
I just bought one with XP, it is quite nice - sm
as for the foot pedal issue, I use a 9-pin....forgot to order it with a serial port (did not see that option anywhere as it is). So tried the Dynex adapter- 9-pin to USB-- could not get that to work, possibly had a setting wrong; but could not figure it out and did not want to call Dell and spend hours on the phone with someone who had no clue about foot pedals). So yesterday ordered a "low profile 9-pin PCI serial card" for it that I will install. So in theory my problem should be solved. I would just use whatever foot pedal you were using before; if it is USB then you are fine (8 USB ports). Just wish I had ordered it with the 9-pin ort, granted they probably would have added on $100 for it and labor so I made out as it only cost me $30 from PC Connection with free Ground shipping (and as I live close to where it shipped from I will have the part today or tomorrow), and it is not a hard thing to install-- same as installing memory or a modem and I have done both in the past. Upgraded to the 19" screen, very nice, and kept the cost down to $700 (after $100 instant rebate). My last Dell cost $1400 in 12/2001 so it was nice to get this for so little, and it is a much better computer to boot.
I bought it last month...
It actually costs you $40 to buy the modem you need, but that includes the first year of service, and then it is $19.95 a year thereafter. You can prepay for the first 2 years at $64.85. I am not having any problems with it, am turning off my regular phone this weekend when I move anyway. The only thing, it only works if your PC is turned on and if you have internet and power. You can program it to forward to another phone though for times you don't have internet/power.
I think I bought it in January. nm
I bought it years ago

Never could get the hang of it so I gave up.

I would love to be able to use it, as I end up taking way too many breaks because my hands hurt.  I think if you can get it to work good your production would surely be higher.

I haven't bought it but will

after January 1st (tax reasons).  But I don't like that it is only in book format and not on CD.  I very, very seldom page through a book anymore.  All my references are on CD or the Internet.  Don't know why they did that.

I bought Spell-Ex and up until I had to
update it, it was fine. After I did the update, it totally screwed up everything. I had misspelled words all over the place. Even after contacting them they could not fix it so I ended up totally uninstalling it and now use Stedman's.
Don't know about BOS3, but when I bought
BOS2 it came with a disk so I downloaded it on my computer and use the "find" function to look through that. Cheaper in the long run than paying an annual fee.