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lighten up - I have gotten a lot of help on these boards (sm)

Posted By: not me on 2006-01-19
In Reply to: If I have a transcription related question - Joy

We're just having a fun day.  Are we allowed?  I've also noticed that many of the questions that have no answers posted are the ones that have already been asked and answered ad nauseum.  Check archives.  People get tired of repeating the same things over and over.

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I am sorry. I meant boards not broads. Now those darn boards have disappeared again.
but boards will be dano's boards and that's the issue. no one dare disagree with dano.
yes the boards will be boring with just one-sided opinions but we need to please dano. isn't that the purpose of MT Stars?
Lighten up,
Lighten up.
I think you need to lighten up.
They are just having fun and I did see posts where others were rude to them as well. I like to look at things from both angles.

It's not intended for young ones.....it's funny to read, but who really goes to Wal mart and does this??? I think it hilareoud to read!! I would NEVER teach my son this!!


This is the reason I don't like coming onto this site....toooo much b*!ching from people that can't keep their mouth shut! As a student and my teacher telling me to take a look on this site, I am ashamed by the way that you all are acting!!!!


I will tell my teacher that I will never come here again due to this IMATURE actions!

Lighten up. nm
oh lighten up!

Lighten up?
My doctor, I would hope, is a professional and I would not appreciate him talking about me or my body while he is on the phone dictating.  Number one he was wrong in doing that and number two, the person who posted the information here was wrong.  We are making light of a woman's dilemma about her body.  I find it most distasteful and most likely breaking the rules of the hospital where he was dictating from.
Everybody has an opinion and from the post replies YOUR OUTNUMBERED!  I AM proud of my country and what it stands for and I did vote for BUSH!  Some people have NO SENSE OF HUMOR!
Take it far too seriously? Oh lighten up!
There goes that one nice moment on MT Stars - somebody has to come a preaching how we need to get over something! Ya think we'll all be able to move on from this? Gee, I sure hope so, too. Thanks for bringing us all back to your reality! You got my vote, sista!
Oh, lighten up and don't be such a
lighten up!

your post was more of a waste of time than the other...

Lighten up a little (nm)
did you see the lol? lighten up.
It's a joke - lighten up
Oh lighten up, unhappy one

lighten up, I think it's hysterical
It's the family / abdomen part that I'm really cracking up over.
Jeez!!! Lighten up!

She was obviously making a joke.  I don't understand you people.

I posted a post below saying I thought trade schools were underrated and were a very viable alternative to a college degree.  A poster responded by writing that people who feel that way aren't college material.

Dano objected to the rudeness of that poster, and now everyone is ganging up on her simply because she thinks people should be treated nicely and with respect.

Precisely what IS your problem? 

Oh woman...lighten up .sm

... and get a sense of humor!  This board could use more giggles and less crabs.


Oh Lighten up, it IS funny...

Can't we all just get along?    It's not like Dick Cheney is your dad or anything.... If they didn't set themselves up to be so perfect, it wouldn't be so funny when they are shown for the normal human beings that they are.

Just tryin' to lighten things up! nm
The guy was Russian, Ms. PC. Get off the soapbox and lighten up.
Believe me, the people you so condescendingly "defend" wouldn't defend you if you were getting beaten and robbed before their eyes, as a matter of fact, it would be them doing it.

Keep your "holier than thou" to yourself, as well as your misplaced pity/guilt/anti-Caucasian sentiment.
Geez, people, lighten up!!

That was funny, TechSupport. 

To the OP, with the job market being what it is, MTSOs are inundated with resumes when they advertise.  Keep at it and if you find a company that you really think sounds like a good fit, keep pinging them with e mail, call them if you can get a phone number, and be really aggressive.  The squeaky wheel that stands out is what is going to get their attention.

Good luck.


ASR funny to lighten the mood...sm
Must be the bitter winters. LOL


Allergies/intolerances - sulfa and Minnesota. 

Should be sulfa and Minocin. 

geez you guys are bitter. Maybe she's trying to lighten

Maybe she just has a fun personality?

You need to lighten up. This is a public forum. Take the good, leave the bad.
You're turning this lighthearted thread into something entirely too deep. Lighten up.
I am sure she is kidding-it would be sick if it were real. Lighten up let a smile be your umbrella.
Lighten up! I don't see anything wrong with discussing "the Zachary segment" sm
I am a huge AI fan and plan my whole day around the show. Thank Goodness it only comes on twice a week!
"perhaps" poster above is right. Peace and Love will lighten your load. sm
I once worked a summer holiday shift by myself and transcribed something so awful that I tear up when I think about it today. It was the death of a 3-year-old, and I got ALL the 5 dictations regarding the course of this little girl. Give me the "vanity" surgeries on holidays anytime. It is not up to us to make a judgement about who "deserves" treatment, it's just our job to transcribe it correctly. The work you transcribed may have been boring, but that lets your mind drift to loving thoughts about your own family and how you will all be together soon. Like the above poster says, turn your mind to loving thoughts, even for the patient you have prejudged, your heart rate will lower and believe it or not, the day will pass more quickly.
Sheesh. Lighten up. It WAS funny. You don't scan the enitre report, or whatever! It was amusing i

Actually, you don't have to answer that...

While I wouldn't do any of these things I thought it was a total HOOT!! Lighten up you guys. (nm)
I am new to the boards...
and I am not too sure if I want to stay on these boards. I am afraid to say (write) something wrong and get crapped on! I think that *some* people need to grow up. You are ruining it for everyone one else that enjoys to post and read the boards!
Welcome to the boards!
Other boards (SM)
I should included all other boards as well, i.e., Recipe, Equipment, Politics, etc.

200 is for the other boards, not the
the boards..................NM
If you look at the ads on various job boards they

list equipment.  Some still use C-phone, some use Lanier, some use wav pedals, some require you to rerecord and there are still a few small local ones that still use tapes.  Even though some companies use the internet, some you download and work off-line, others you have to be connected the whole time you are working so high-speed is a must, either cable or DSL.   I you are going to buy a foot pedal I'd get a generic that would work with ExpressScribe or Start/Stop, one that is capable of working with multiple types of voice files.  The ExpressScribe software is free so you just need the pedal.   I haven't read your other posts so don't know if you are trying to go on your own of what, but if you are working for a company I wouldn't buy a foot pedal until you have a job where you need one.  Some companies use a proprietary software and you need a specially configured foot pedal.  You can always download the free ExpressSribe and use the keys to do any testing.


we don't have to be 100% on these boards...

I see improper usage of their, there, they're all the time on the boards but doesn't mean that's what the poster uses in medical reports - sometimes people just forget and type the wrong word on public boards -

Except for the word board, the admin here at this site says we are never to correct the poster's typo.....so let it go, let God, and not to worry. 

One should never assume anything in this business - one of the first rules of thumb. 

MT boards
You'll have to do a Google search or maybe someone will email you. There are others, but it is against the rules of this website to direct people to them, at least on these boards.
and all the other job boards - there are may outside of two.
There are already boards where you can
do this and they can also post on the various word boards.  I help on the word boards when I can, one even has at least 1 physician who frequently helps, and with a word board you get a whole lot more experience than you would working one-on-one with someone. 
Have seen it on other non-MT boards too
Don't know if it is the general mindset of people in tought times; participation at another site I frequent is down significantly because of the negative and attacking posts.

Do you believe everything you read here on these boards? No one knows any better
than I do whether they outsource. They do not.
All boards are up and running.
Just got done working, looking at boards...
first I heard, and yes, will miss him... How sad!
Hey I'm in Tennessee where are these boards? NM
You go to other internet boards and think everyone
I would like to post on these boards. Can anyone help?

I am totally confused as to what section of the religion board to post on.  There is nothing for general Christianity or perhaps Quaker pursuasion, etc.

I also have no idea what I am, liberal or conservative or what.  I liked it better when you could have a real discussion.  We exchanged ideas.  I know sometimes they got out of hand, but I don't like any of these boards now.  They are just plain too confusing now. 

With all due respect - I go to several web boards, SMT, and SM

the AOL boards. This is the only one where I read so much about dissatisfied MTs. Oh, once in a week or so you'll hear something about VR or EMR, but mostly, the people in other places are still excited about being MTs, proud of what they do, certainly not talking about working fast food.

There's lively discussion about home stuff, hobbies, and kids, but I don't hear many people at all saying they can't make a living at this.

I wonder why that is? Serious question.