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With all due respect - I go to several web boards, SMT, and SM

Posted By: Becky on 2005-12-16
In Reply to: me too! as if the holidays aren't - dcc

the AOL boards. This is the only one where I read so much about dissatisfied MTs. Oh, once in a week or so you'll hear something about VR or EMR, but mostly, the people in other places are still excited about being MTs, proud of what they do, certainly not talking about working fast food.

There's lively discussion about home stuff, hobbies, and kids, but I don't hear many people at all saying they can't make a living at this.

I wonder why that is? Serious question.

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Like customer service everywhere - people don't care, no self-respect, no respect for.
I respect YOUR opinion. Please respect mine!
I don't think there is any need for mud-slinging. The ONLY thing I contribute to AHDI is the recertification fee. The rest are expenses that are deductible to keep me recertified. Again, that's MY choice.
I am sorry. I meant boards not broads. Now those darn boards have disappeared again.
but boards will be dano's boards and that's the issue. no one dare disagree with dano.
yes the boards will be boring with just one-sided opinions but we need to please dano. isn't that the purpose of MT Stars?
With all due respect..

Situations are different for everyone. My kids are practically grown now, but I did stay home with them for the first years of their lives and then went back to work, your way is not the only way and you really should not be so judgmental. 

Yep, I used to listen to Dr. Laura also. Thing is, Dr. Laura sometimes preaches one thing and does the other.. divorce... taking her kids to work with her and using "hired help" when SHE needed to, to WORK.  In other words:  Dr. Laura is not a saint. (I do understand her child advocacy stances though..) it's just that things are different for everyone, not so black and white, cut and dry.  It really isnt nice to "preach" to others about how they should live their lives.

Women have a lot on their plate these days.  Live and let live for goodness sake, intead of trying to make people feel guilty about their choices.




It gets about as much respect as being an MT!
I wonder what computer crash course they had to take to be "professionals!"

Now I know why MT's will never get the respect...sm

they deserve. Reviewing a job description at work for a transcriptionist, not medical but still a position that requires "extensive knowledge of procedures and complicated data". The job is basically considered a data entry clerk and the pay level is the lowest-graded job I have seen out of the 5000 jobs here. Exactly why I left MT, truth is the government, as well as many/most industries, consider the work nothing more than data entry.

Sorry, just ranting, but it ticked me off when I saw that.

With all due respect...
going to one of "the AAMT-approved schools" won't get you more money. As far as I'm concerned, it's how you do on the screening tests and your first few samples. You could have gone to school in an outhouse for all I care but if you can do well on the screening transcriptions, I'll hire.
no respect
DIL,neighbors,etc. think this is NOT WORK - pffffft to them!

LOL - home + $$$ = good job!
You have my respect
Thank you for making us aware of this situation. You have a lot of integrity, obviously. We wish all companies felt this way. Good luck to you in your search for USA-based employees. We value companies like you as well!
Huh? With all due respect, I think you are... sm
Confused/mistaken. I've never heard anything like that before. Sounds a little bizarre. You might want to look it up on a grammer site. Here's one:


Note the first sentence:
*Rule 1 - Periods and commas always go inside quotation marks, even inside single quotes.*

Maybe you're confusing quotation mark use with commas and periods vs. their use with question marks, exclamation points, etc. where it depends on the material being quoted. That's where most people get confused. But with commas and periods, they always go *inside* the quotation marks. Always.

I've heard that the British quotation mark rules are the opposite of ours (meaning they put commas and periods *outside* of the ending quotation marks), but that's not the English rule, and I don't *think* it ever has been. So unless you went to school in England... ;o)
respect yourself, and GO
Your job sounds like prison, or the military. There are good jobs out there. I've worked jobs that have a 12-hour frame to get 8 hr in; currently i have 24 hours to get 8 in. You deserve better mom!!
We MTs get NO respect.
We're a dime a dozen.  We're not paid what we're worth, we're expected to sit and wait for work, and we're expected to adjust our schedules according to the work.  What about our families?  What about any semblance of a social life that we (used to!) have?  I'm looking to get out of this field altogether.  Those of you who still love it, I envy you.  I've fallen out of love with this industry long ago, but kept chugging along because I thought there was nothing else I was qualified to do that would make me any money.  Well, I'm at the point that I'll work 2 jobs if I have to, as long as I enjoy them and they pay well.  I need benefits, so 1 job will have to provide health insurance....other than that, I'm open to new horizons. 
Maybe if they shows some respect
There are plenty of good MTs out there who are constantly getting robbed by the poor pitful management people you are defending. They ship our work overseas, leaving me without work which takes money out of my hands. They force us to take on bad accounts that they committed to and have to lie about because they are so bad (bait and switch) and I can't get my lines strictly because of poor management, unsympathetic management, unprofessional management. I would love to stay with the same company, but I'm forced to leave because I have bills to pay and management does not give a xxxxx about that.
Upmost respect for MTs...

After being a nurse for 13 years, I thought being an MT would be easy.  I thought I would just listen and type what was being said.  Ha!  Well, I was sooo wrong.  Even though I loved it, I found out that being a good MT is extremely difficult.  The words, grammar, procedures, accents, mumbling, yawning, instruments, tests, meds, etc... It's like being a specialist in every field.  Please, please don't ever sell yourself short.  Even though the field is changing, and I understand your fear and desire to go into another field, at least give yourself the respect that you deserve.  Your family has probably never actually attempted to do your job.  I admire anyone who can make a good living in this field.  I sure was not one of them..... (I do make a pretty good living at being a nurse, however).

Best wishes....




In all due respect, not really a good
comparison. Dogs are certainly not the only carriers of rabies - unless my memory fails me, all mammals would be potential carriers. Definitely different butchering peoples' domestic pets, seizing them all against their will, and taken from their homes as compared to poultry and cows being raised for food consumption. If you don't see the difference, well, I feel sorry for you and yours.
I would and have out of respect and to use as a reference, but...
I'm sure there are exceptions. I don't know your situation.  Put yourself on the side of the MTSO and it sure would be nice to have two weeks to replace you.
I will respect the man in the office
when my nephew, who is currently a part of the Marne Torch fighting the worst fight of this "war" since 2003, is home safe and sound along with all of his comrades in arms.

I respect the OFFICE of the president every day.
Since when does anybody get respect for their brain?

I have always "felt unappreciated, underpaid, misunderstood, disrespected, ignored, or taken advantage of as a medical transcriptionist", AND as a typist or clerical staff.  Its the way the cookie crumbles since I'm not a VIP with a suit on and a bunch of fancy letters after my name.

Oh, yeah, I've also felt all that as a wife or girlfriend, because I didn't have the wonderful appendage that causes one to think they're automatically entitled to the best of everything.

On the other hand, I always felt relieved that I didn't have the stress of being as high profile as the more important folk out there.  Like, I'm not the first one they want to sue or pick a fight with, you see.

I don't mind being one of the powers behind the throne.  When I first got into the medical field, it put me in mind of those birds that get on large animals like hippos and pick off their parasites and eat them.  The hippo probably doesn't like carrying a bird on its back all day, but that bird improves its general situation, so it stays.  I suppose that's how all the doctors and CEOs see us, as a necessary evil.  These days, the hippos want to try electronic flea collars (think VR) and other methods to see if they can get the bird off their back.  Sooner or later they will find that the bird isn't so bad, after all.

Once upon a time I thought there was an advocate for MTs - known as AAMT.  They got greedy and bailed, huh?.  Unions are greedy.  Everyone is greedy.

In another incarnation, I had a high-paying job where I was a unionized clerical worker.  I paid big dues to the UAW.  When I needed them, they pretty much bailed, just like an insurance company or the government will do.  They want to take from the group, but they don't want to give to the individual.  I don't really believe in any organization any more, they've never done diddly for me but made a bunch of empty promises and found loopholes when it was time to make good on them.  I'd rather just be a free bird, flying to the hippo that can feed me best.

Utmost respect for you!
Wow - That was thinking on your feet! How crafty! I am saving this for future reference. I have been getting junk faxes today. Those and any call from anyone with whom you do not do business is illegal. Since you have an account, that is out. For those who do get those and junk faxes go to junkfaxes.org and .com (could be junkfax.org and .com, but right now I'm falling asleep and can't remember. They have places where others have left numbers (fax and callback numbers) and listed their problems. There are fines applicable to these and I understand that unsolicited calls are punishable by 2,000.00. Faxes are only 500.00. There is really a guy who has collected over 12,000.00 this way. I thought it was bogus, but I guess not. Man, I can't get over your fast thinking and resourcefulness. Someone (can't remember who) has called here too wanting early payment by check card and have called twice in one day, the same guy even, with a Spanish accent. I told him no thanks and he told me I would receive a "discount" if I paid early. I think it was for a cell phone bill cable bill or something like that. I told him no thanks that he could keep his discount. Are these people being instructed to do this in some kind of sales meetings? Look at all the interest they are getting from all of us. They are all stinkers as far as I am concerned. I should have him call himself next time - I could tell him that if he calls that phone number they will pay him early! Thanks!
with all due respect, that is my point,
that sometimes the dictator is essentially the background sound, as the intruding 'noise' is louder sometimes.
We certainly deserve more respect than that!

If most doctors do respect us, then why

With all due respect, I must disagree with you..SM
Many of the transcription companies who contract with the larger facilities throughout the U.S. have a "home front" office in the U.S. with a corresponding U.S. address and 800 or 866 number. The hospital administrators, physicians, or OM's have absolutely no clue after speaking to that U.S. contact that their patients' medical records are leaving te country. Trust me, they only see the cost savings. Unfortunately, they have too much on their plate with operating a practice or medical facility. This in turns makes them vulnerable to such manipulation. It has been going on as long as the age of the internet has been booming!
It's his decision to make so you have to respect that.
You have my respect, I was that way for years, but got burned out! nm
less and less respect for them as the years go by in this career
Again, if you make yourself a slave to them they will never respect you.
and that will give her a nudge towards "independence" instead of being dependent on you and not appreciating it.

Your heart is in the right place but sometimes good-intentioned people like yourself unknowingly make themselves appear to be a doormat and can't figure out why they get treated as such.
OK, I respect you home schooling, but when my
daughter was in high school, a very good school, most of the teachers had advanced degrees from excellent universities. Her chemistry teacher had a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. How many parents have those kinds of credentials?

Oh, by the way, it was a public school.
The president himself deserves respect only
when he begins to show respect for the office he holds, the populace he serves, and the constitution.
He hasn't EARNED our respect. (nm)
Look, with all due respect, she had some kind of affiliation with sm
Pakistan and this doctor, regardless. I think she took over where she wasn't supposed to - and now she's in a mess. Her answers just aren't lining up. Very disheartening.
for us MTs because we have sunk to the lowest of low"?  SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.  The majority of MTs are reputable, honorable in their work practices and only trying to do for pennies what the MDs get $000,000 (6 figure-salary) to do.  You seem like one of 2 individuals:  The _ _ _-kissing MTSO who'll sell themselves and their employes to the small minority of "holier than thou" docs who are allowed to get by with whatever just because they can, or the MT who does not respect him-/herself.  At any rate, it's attitudes like yours that would tend to make a doctor disrespect us and our profession.  The majority of MDs DO have a respect for us and the work we do...we are the mainstay of medical records, and they know it. 
MLS doesn't bring any more respect to the MT (sm)
business than 'Sanitation Engineer' does to garbgemen.
I concur....MTs are treated with respect at MDI-MD....
Best MTSO out there, in my opinion.
Who gives you more respect for it? The people at AHDI? Nm.
I respect that opinion. In fact, I agree with it.

I don't feel it's professional to drink on the job.  However, if other people feel they can have a glass of wine while doing their own work, that's their deal.  It's not like anyone gets drunk off of one alcoholic beverage, unless it's a really huge Long Island iced tea.  LOL

My posts weren't directed at you, but at those people who think name calling, rudeness, belittling people, and being judgmental is merely "expressing a different opinion".  You can completely disagree with someone and keep it civil.  That's being respectful and mature.

You have my respect and admiration. YOU are a true American.
Even if I had two things, I would not post about them. I respect my husband too much!


It is American, not "american." Show some respect. nm
And I thank the mothers of boys who have raised them to respect women.
Wow! I really respect your post. You really sound like you have the kids' interests as #1, and th
you and your ex are mature enough to handle sharing custody and expenses - well, that is just so refreshingly cool these days! I'm not putting it well, but its a compliment! I admire your choices.
With all due respect, I think you are spltting hairs and slightly nutz.
"spin" truth? hardly. i feel sorry for your family dealing with this nitpicking on a daily basis.
with all due respect, who cares what you think and who died and left you boss of anything?
Good gawd. Address the ISSUE or shut up. Read the post and ADDRESS THE ISSUE.
My respect for Busy grew by leaps and bounds TY! nm
I have no respect for many of the doctors I transcribe for. They are just people, ofter with
agree; openmindedness, respect for others' beliefs also a good thing
Used to be Tom Cruise but he stopped being irresistable when he became a lunatic. Lost all respect!

In all due respect, some of you MTs need to relax and chill on these issues of "cherry pickers
VR or Indian MTs. I have been in this business for over 25 years now, and this is the very nature of this business.  Work is always pooled around according to WHO is doing the pooling.  If you're an MT who always helps out cheerfully, always willing to give help where needed, sure, you're probably gonna get rewarded by having some sweet dictators routed to your pool.  If you're the pooler and your friend is the recipient, you're probably gonna tend to give your friend some cake dictators.  If, on the other hand, you're pooling work, and there's a cranky, whining, complaining MT, you're probably gonna just happen to send her some of those wonderful marble-mouthed dictators. There is ALWAYS someone at the start of the process, doling out the work to someone -directing it where THEY want it to go for whatever reason.  Same thing in the old days of tapes - tapes were handed out according to whoever was handing them out! Then C-phones, and work would be diverted to your "line", and now the internet.  I don't know if you are all new to the field, or just forgetful, but this is the nature of the industry.  So many are so paranoid and blaming cherry pickers, Indians, or who knows!  Most cherry pickers don't even have to cherry pick. The GOOD work goes to the GOOD workers.  Its simple.  So, be nice, have a good attitude, and do your job.  You're far more likely to get good dictators that way then dreaming up conspiracy theories or looking to blame the invisible cherry pickers.  You can look to those over you in authority, and really should perhaps put a little reflection on WHY you are getting the garbage over and over.  It sure can't hurt to try to look at it another way, cause its really not all as complex and complicated to figure out as you would like! Look to yourselves before always, always blaming those cherry picking Indian VR MTs!  Start tomorrow with a NEW attitude. Or, if its too late at your job, maybe start fresh somewhere else! I doubt it would hurt, and you sure might find yourselves with a new attitude and on the receiving end of some good reports!
I understand, but we have mutual respect in this household. He's right in terms of income, sm
and since he pays the majority of the bills, he knows what I need to bring home in order to live comfortably, etc.

On the other hand, he's excited for me in this new endeavor.

I just have to pray that I have the skills and knowledge to do this since this company has placed SO much confidence in me. It is just the biggest blessing ever.

Thank you for your response!
In all due respect, I have more pressing matters to worry about them my dietary supplement freedoms.
I gathered from scanning that long article that they are looking for some regulatory commission on ingredients, along with cautionary labels, etc.  I am ALL FOR THAT, as I am one of the many humans who is very allergic/sensitive/intolerant to herbal remedies, vitamins, and "dietary supplements" - wrong stuff and I could die.  So I'm not concerned - sounds safer for me.