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I would like to post on these boards. Can anyone help?

Posted By: I need an answer on 2005-11-07
In Reply to:

I am totally confused as to what section of the religion board to post on.  There is nothing for general Christianity or perhaps Quaker pursuasion, etc.

I also have no idea what I am, liberal or conservative or what.  I liked it better when you could have a real discussion.  We exchanged ideas.  I know sometimes they got out of hand, but I don't like any of these boards now.  They are just plain too confusing now. 

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I think it's because most of the ones who post to the message boards
You need to post your resume on the job boards. nm
Post your resume on all the various job boards and keep checking the
help wanted ads.   There are companies who will hire from posted resumes that don't post jobs.   Of course you can be more productive with just one speciality, but it is also extremely boring.   If you are happy with your current company and they have other specialities ask them if you can do something else. 
Doctors sometimes will post on the state boards, though
usually they don't post, but ask other doctors who they use.  If they do post it would most likely be in your local classified ads.  
Post spiritual discussion on the Religion boards.
Post political discussion on the Politics boards.
Post political discussion on the Politics boards.
It's ok to post most topics here now except for the few boards to the left. Cool, huh?
I've had that cappucino, too, and it's great!
Why am I getting asked for email confirmation to post on some boards but not all of them? nm
Night Owl - Yours is the most worthwhile post I have ever read on these boards
When working from home, whether dealing with clients, MT management, or QA personnel, you can just feel the negative vibes coming off of people over so little.  It causes a very stressful environment.  Maybe that is where some of the MTs on here develop that attitude, I don't know.  The awful insults, comments, and degrading people on here is absolutely unbelievable.  Just because you have 15, 20, 30 years of experience in this field, that is no excuse for rudeness.  Once you have insulted someone to the point I have seen here, your MT experience means nothing to me, and if I were a management person and knew this about you, you would not work for my company no matter how perfect your MT skills are.  This says a great deal about you. Perhaps people in general will write things they would never say to a person face to face.  I happen to be a very mature, very experienced MT.  I feel like my knowledge should be used to help someone, not degrade them.  I hope the MTs who have posted above on this comment will continue to call these people out when they post these horrible comments.  Even if you are right (which seems to be the most important thing in the world to them), there is a way of stating facts, opinions, and comments that you have yet to learn in dealing with people even if it is not face to face.
Well from what I read on the boards "Busy MTing" can afford to post but you need to sm
go look in the mirror and ask yourself why are you so miserable?
There is NOTHING to post! The boards were trolled for a long time by the lawyers AGAINST MQ, looking
for any lame info in a very unprofessional (not to mention unethical) manner.  They used us and left. Now the law suits are in the "discovery process", where both sides are gathering info, where they can then decide whether to proceed forward or not.  No news at all for us MTs.  Again, the $$-hungry lawyer(s)? were all over this board months back, stirring up the pot, begging us for info, and then VANISHED!
Signed! You should post this on all boards, including Medquist, where I'm sure a lot would sign
No, we do not set up specific company boards. Posters are allowed to post discussion about MQ here
or on the Company board, just as any other company can. 
I am sorry. I meant boards not broads. Now those darn boards have disappeared again.
but boards will be dano's boards and that's the issue. no one dare disagree with dano.
yes the boards will be boring with just one-sided opinions but we need to please dano. isn't that the purpose of MT Stars?
Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day
I am new to the boards...
and I am not too sure if I want to stay on these boards. I am afraid to say (write) something wrong and get crapped on! I think that *some* people need to grow up. You are ruining it for everyone one else that enjoys to post and read the boards!
Welcome to the boards!
Other boards (SM)
I should included all other boards as well, i.e., Recipe, Equipment, Politics, etc.

200 is for the other boards, not the
the boards..................NM
If you look at the ads on various job boards they

list equipment.  Some still use C-phone, some use Lanier, some use wav pedals, some require you to rerecord and there are still a few small local ones that still use tapes.  Even though some companies use the internet, some you download and work off-line, others you have to be connected the whole time you are working so high-speed is a must, either cable or DSL.   I you are going to buy a foot pedal I'd get a generic that would work with ExpressScribe or Start/Stop, one that is capable of working with multiple types of voice files.  The ExpressScribe software is free so you just need the pedal.   I haven't read your other posts so don't know if you are trying to go on your own of what, but if you are working for a company I wouldn't buy a foot pedal until you have a job where you need one.  Some companies use a proprietary software and you need a specially configured foot pedal.  You can always download the free ExpressSribe and use the keys to do any testing.


we don't have to be 100% on these boards...

I see improper usage of their, there, they're all the time on the boards but doesn't mean that's what the poster uses in medical reports - sometimes people just forget and type the wrong word on public boards -

Except for the word board, the admin here at this site says we are never to correct the poster's typo.....so let it go, let God, and not to worry. 

One should never assume anything in this business - one of the first rules of thumb. 

MT boards
You'll have to do a Google search or maybe someone will email you. There are others, but it is against the rules of this website to direct people to them, at least on these boards.
and all the other job boards - there are may outside of two.
There are already boards where you can
do this and they can also post on the various word boards.  I help on the word boards when I can, one even has at least 1 physician who frequently helps, and with a word board you get a whole lot more experience than you would working one-on-one with someone. 
Have seen it on other non-MT boards too
Don't know if it is the general mindset of people in tought times; participation at another site I frequent is down significantly because of the negative and attacking posts.

Do you believe everything you read here on these boards? No one knows any better
than I do whether they outsource. They do not.
All boards are up and running.
Just got done working, looking at boards...
first I heard, and yes, will miss him... How sad!
Hey I'm in Tennessee where are these boards? NM
You go to other internet boards and think everyone
With all due respect - I go to several web boards, SMT, and SM

the AOL boards. This is the only one where I read so much about dissatisfied MTs. Oh, once in a week or so you'll hear something about VR or EMR, but mostly, the people in other places are still excited about being MTs, proud of what they do, certainly not talking about working fast food.

There's lively discussion about home stuff, hobbies, and kids, but I don't hear many people at all saying they can't make a living at this.

I wonder why that is? Serious question.

Anything that does not belong under the other boards. (NM)
boards and then GO FOR IT, whichever way...nm
lighten up - I have gotten a lot of help on these boards (sm)
We're just having a fun day.  Are we allowed?  I've also noticed that many of the questions that have no answers posted are the ones that have already been asked and answered ad nauseum.  Check archives.  People get tired of repeating the same things over and over.
MTs always negative on these boards? hmm? NM................
No clue really but perhaps on the boards...sm
Equipment or Technical boards here at mtstars might help you better than I cannot.  I only know that one of my monitors has a very small screen and I cannot see a lot of what I'm supposed to see on that screen.
other MT message boards
I was just wondering how many of you go to other MT message boards and if this is your favorite.  I have lots of them posted on my favorites but this is the only one I check every day.  Once in a while I might check the others but I'm usually bored after a few minutes.  How about the rest of you? 
How to search boards
Can someone please tell me how to search for comments on companies?  tia.
Posting on boards
I agree that some topics should be posted on their respective boards but it seems as if every other message the thread is locked. Pretty soon, you won't have to worry--no one will be using the boards at all! It's a little confusing to decide, gee, should I put this on this board or that board or maybe they won't let me post it
OR they will get the point and use the appropriate boards. sm
The monitors should have started this a long time ago, they maybe the users of the board would have learned which boards to use from the start. I think this is a great idea even though it must take a lot of their time to do it.
they have to keep boards organized....N/M

State boards
Here in Oregon there is a posting on the state board that shows complaints, etc. against doctors.  So you might try that.
I believe they got rid of the too numerous boards - sm
because it was getting totally ridiculous. There were boards for everything under the sun it seemed. Posts were being moved and locked because they should be on a different board. Many, including myself, thought it was getting to be a bit too much. So luckily they listened and trimmed it back down to something a bit more manageable.
I see it now, thanks! On the state boards it's
This made my day (how sad is that???). I guess we don't need to go to the Comedy Stop unless there's a new joke anyway . . . (LOL)
State Boards
Why don't we all try the State Boards on this site?  We could really network.  This site has been a big help to me and my endeavors.  Thanks to the administrator and all who support it!
Check out the new MT boards
little or no experience.  It might help you decide.  I don't like to discourage anyone, but it does take a lot more than just "fast typing".  You have to have thick skin as well.  You have to be very, very independent, which probably leads to the cut-throat attitudes some (not all) have in this profession.  Some of us have been stabbed in the back so many times, we need the MEDS to dull the pain.  Please do not take this profession lightly as we do not look at it as simply babysitting/no daycare, extra money.  There are a lot of hardworking MT's here with a lot of knowledge.  We are willing to help one another.  One day if you get into this field, way, way, way down the road, you'll know where people are coming from.  Good luck in your endeavors! 
Please see our state boards. NM
There are only a few boards left

so I think I'll post on all of them and then make up my own!!   When you've worked for nearly 4 years in an office and you're the only man, you learn how to take instruction pretty quickly! (Well for me, it took way to long, I'm a slow student)  (drumroll please?)

Seriously, though, sm I've garnered enough advice from the "three boards" to get a good picture of what I want to do. I'll just take the plunge and see what happens. I'm still keeping my day job so no worries about stability.