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medical term

Posted By: Cheryl on 2008-05-07
In Reply to:

Does anyone know what it is called "to feel with the hand"? Is there a medical term for that phrase? Thanks!

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No, no, "bezoar" is a medical term....sm
It means a mass of undigested food in the stomach! It's in English....
I would buy new a Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Stedmans Medical and Surgical Equipment...SM

and Tessier's The Surgical Word Book, 3rd edition.  Books you could buy used I would say would be Stedman's Pathology and Lab Medicine and Cardiology/Pulmonary word book.  These are all the books I use the most during my day.  You could buy other speciality word books as you need them and could probably go used with those.

I wouldn't bother with buying a drug book, new editions come out every year and I just stick to the FDA website and RXList as my drug references.

Also FYI, not a book, but I use my Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictationary a lot.  It's easier to open the program than it is to pick up a huge 30-pound dictionary.

Medical Transcription In The Era Of Electronic Medical Records
EMR has revolutionized the healthcare industry in recent times. Many experts felt that EMR & Voice Recognition would totally replace Medical Transcription - however; the industry soon realized that transcription has certain advantages over point & click charting and many physicians preferred to dictate notes rather than document the data at the point of care themselves.
ur a nut - they use that term on SNL and....nm

programs for adults.........been watching SNL since 1975!!!!  You do the math.

Gaydar....gaydar...gaydar!!  It's all around us today!!!  Key West to San Francisco.....and we all live somewhere in between.  *rofl*  Just because YOU think it's a juvenile term....doesn't mean we are all sheep and think like YOU do. 


Here's a term for you to proofread:
Look that one up!

It will be long-term, because you are SM
learning to change a whole lifetime of the way you look at situations, but it should be very helpful for you.  Agree, sometimes rehashing the old stuff (if you have accepted that it was what it was and it's not still happening) can be nonproductive in a way and very traumatic.  I have done all types of therapy except analysis (and analysis is an even longer process) and the cognitive therapy was the most helpful for me.  Good luck.
I see what you mean. I think the term "contract"
is what is being used wrong and I didn't clarify it well either in my post.

I doubt the OP signed a contract for the amount of pay. She probably signed a contract discussing engagement, duties, legal status, hours devoted to service, etc. In the actual MT contract, under Fee For Services, it lists that "For services rendered under this Agreement, Employee shall be entitled to payment as set forth on Exhibit A. The Company may modify such pay rate from time to time."

As well, every so-called "contract" I have ever had with MQ made the declaration that "...is a voluntary program that I may withdraw from at any time...I also understand that MQ may change or discontinue this at any time...".

The attorneys for MQ are not going to let them put out a contract that binds them to never changing your pay rate.
Ortho term for PIP fx. sm
Gotta be significant. Listen again. :)

(Sometimes we can try TOO hard, ya know? :))
hence the term sodomy
Is the term you are looking for troll?
I'm rather fond of that term!

1. ass-hat

214 up, 11 down

One whose head is so far up their rear end it could pass for a hat; used to describe a person who is stubborn, cruel, or otherwise unpleasant to be around.

Leave 'em alone, asshat!

by Iceburg124 Dec 22, 2004 email it

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2. ass-hat

72 up, 44 down

1)one who retains ass-like qualities or pratices ass-hatery

2)a device used to compress or hold extreme amounts of feces in the caranium

see @55 H47

"You ass-hat put that staple-gun down!"

by DonkeyThunder Feb 22, 2003 email it
3. ass-hat

4 thumbs up

A general term for someone who carries out actions with such stupidity that they might as well wear their ass as a hat.

Pete begins looking for his sunglasses, unknowing to the fact that they are on his head. He asks Ed where his glasses are. Ed takes them off his head saying, "You are such a f*cking ass-hat."

knowledge of med term a plus
knowledge of medical terminology is such a plus in the medical field. try applying to a hospital as a unit clerk or a receptionist in a doc office. it is good for the mind to get out there and see people again. maybe you will realize how much you have missed.
latin term
Thanks all.  I'll defer to my higher-ups and see what they want.  At least now I can validate it.  S
Med Term Question
Is carcinoma in situ hyphenated?  Ex.  carcinoma-in-situ or carcinoma in-situ.  Any and all questions greatly appreciated. 
Gal Friday was a term used in the 1950s
to describe a female office assistant who can perform a lot of tasks. It's a takeoff on Friday from Robinson Crusoe, and it's also a popular name for secretarial service businesses.
This is where the term "accident" comes into play - sm
I have looked it up for Dork Lady to save her some neuron-firing energy... she needs all the help she can get...
"ACCIDENT": An unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm: car accidents on icy roads.
An unforeseen incident.
Lack of intention.
Do you comprehend now Dork Lady? Reality - get a grip on it... save yourself, really...
Need help with ortho term for PIP fracture

I'm working on an ortho eval for a patient with a PIP fracture.  Doctor has dictated an unfamiliar term (there's always that ONE WORD) for me.  He dictates, "X-ray examination today shows impaction at the base of the middle phalanx with approximately 70% joint surface involvement."  Here's the word I don't know (spelled phonetically--Sorry":  "A syphiant(??) portion of the joint surface is translated dorsally."

If someone could point me in the right direction for finding this word, I would really appreciate it!

Ortho term for PIP fracture
I see "significant." :)
short term cure ...
OK thank you to the responders, I am going with a hot cup of coffee and extra sweetener .... knowing I am NOT ALONE helps, too!   Thanks a bunch -- now down the hatch and onto SOME NEW THOUGHTS ..... !
Long-term BTS employee

I have worked for BTS for 2 years and enjoy it!  It is difficult waiting for that first check, but you are being paid for the previous pay period, not the one you have just finished.


Overall, I think they are very considerate towards work load, time off, and I enjoy the people I work with on my accounts.  People are always complaining on here about not having work, but we never seem to have a shortage.

I don't know about renting short term,
I think you could rent it and then return it, but you would have to ask. A friend of my rented-to-buy a Dell PC from them and learned a lesson. She paid approx. 200 every two weeks for almost a year. You will pay 3-4 times what the product is actually worth.
There are no long-term contracts
I've rented from them several times, both paying off items and giving some items back when I got something to replace it. You can expect to pay two to three times the price (if not more) for an item then if you just went and bought the item outright which to many sounds outrageous, but some of us don't have the money to fork over for more expensive items. I had a good experience with them each time I rented from them whether I kept something for the whole time or I turned the item back in.
antibiotics long term

The dr. states the patient has been on chronic antibiotics ???pressure??? to ensure that the hip does not become infected.  I know there is a term for this, but it is not coming to me.  Help


Yuppers. Except I wouldn't use the term
"instructed"... more like strongly encouraged?
ACTUALLY....yes both are in books but shotty is the term used when
referring to lymph nodes. It means that they are small, hard, and round. The term came from the comparison between the nodes and BB's, as in little lead thingies shot out of a BB gun.

Shoddy means poorly made. Like if you bought a chair and sat on it and it broke the first day. Shoddy.

Okay then........
prostate biopsy term
I had to flag it and blank it, but if I ever find out what the word was, I'll share.  Thank you all very much for trying to help me figure it out!
Is this a new term in college now? Just curious...nm
If you have a short-term disability

policy (from your company or if you happen to have one on yourself) you should be covered.  If not, you are probably out of luck as far as disability goes.

I'm not sure what type of disability you're asking about.  If you mean long-term disability you'd have to have a policy in place for that also and I think it kicks in 6 months after your disability date.

If you meant Soc Security disability, I can safely say you wouldn't be covered.  You have to be permanently disabled for that.

Disagree. ESL is just what it is. Bigotry term
How can you justify excluding the term?
If it was dictated, it stays. Period. These are legal documents as well as medical documents - if the doctor dictated the term he/she WANTS it in the report.

This is different from correcting (deleting/changing etc.) and obvious mistake. This is the MT arbitrarily deciding what to edit. *Unless* you have specific authorization for this type of (reckless in my opinion) editing) type as dictated. IMHO of course.
Compassion often is term for enabling. Often a
I had that term 'sitter' just last week sm
in a dictation - Doctor said there was a 'sitter' at bedside.  I questioned it and QA said it was correct. 
I've kept Googling this term, but....sm
I can't relate just how it would affect opening your own small transcription service. But I'm way behind the times, and maybe someone with current info can be of help. I'm surprised your post has not yet been answered.
You can usually purchase short-term disability from
your employer if they offer long-term disability. When it is offered, you usually choose the reimbursement rate, typically up to 70% of your pay.

Savings. LOL That's the way you'll make up the difference. Sadly, disability insurance (LT or ST) has never covered 100% of missing pay.
I'm an IC for a long-term client; need advice pls SM

They have implemented a new ftp server that I cannot access through my work computer (Windows 98); however, I juggled around with newer operating systems (Windows 2000 and XP) and can access the ftp server. We are supposed to send completed files to this ftp server (which is a great idea and one we should have been doing all along).

My problem - I have been in nearly weekly contact with this MTSO about not being able to access the ftp site with my work computer. They told me to disable my firewall (which I am not about to do) and frankly the reason they haven't corrected my situation is because I am the only MT who is having this access problem (I am not - I talk to a couple other MTs with this MTSO and they are having the same exact problem). My Internet Explorer is the most current version (I have a cable modem) so that wasn't the problem either (another of their suggestions).

Today I get an e-mail from the office manager of the MTSO. They're going to start docking my paycheck (did I mention I am an IC?) if I don't start using this ftp site. What do I do? I am not making THAT much money that I can go out and spend $500 for a new work computer just to access this ftp. It really fries me that I have e-mailed, phoned, etc. and nothing is happening...it's just "my fault." So any suggestions? Great way to start the weekend, I tell ya!


does anyone know anything about long-term disability insurance?(sm)
How long is considered "long term"?  If you get some sort of disability that takes you out of the work force for years, does long-term disability cover that?  TIA
pocking term means the indented

scars you see on someone's face that had back acne.  My derm uses that term a lot...he tends to relate it to the scars left from chicken pox, so maybe that is where he gets it..pox/picking.


I love TransHealth. There are many, many long term MTs...sm
with the company who are also very happy. Benefits are great. Good platform. It's acute care work, with ESLs, but that's the name of the game today.
Long-term skilled unit?
hah -- only heard my folks use term Yowza!
and i'm over 50 y.o. :) are you from the beatnick era?
long and short term fixes
Keep ants from coming back by washing the area they were invading with ammonia to kill the scent they leave as a trail.

White flour (the kind you bake with) put over an ant hill (thick coat)or on the floor where they are invading, etc. will make the ants move to another place, but does not kill them, but is fast for getting rid of a big colony in your back yard.

Green Light is a commercial product that will kill the ants like Tarro does, but is not as fast as making them move somewhere else.
If you need short-term long distance...
while searching for a new long distance plan, you can try onesuite.com.
Short-term memory problems..sm
My SIL gave me a sign a few years ago that hangs in my office that says, "I think I am going through mental pause!"   I use sticky notes to make many lists, too.  You're not alone! 
Using the term wannabe is still disrespectful. Please refrain from using
Could you please explain why you find this term so offensive?
The term 'wannabe' is regularly used in society and it not considered a terrible insult. It stands for someone who 'wants to be' like someone or something else - for example someone who copies Madonna because she wants to be as controversial or as famous, etc.

True it's not generally meant as a compliment because it's applied to those are striving to be something they probably can't be, often because of lack of 'enough' talent or capabilities... but it's really not an out and out slam - and certainly not racial in any way, or gender-biased.

The original poster seems to have used the term correctly.

anyone know of a great oncology term site
I'm getting so tripped up with these terms, drugs and antigens, etc.  Any suggestions.
You are too young to be worried about long term, but
Use of the term 'lesbian' in a psych note

I am a QA and tonight I have a question by an MT as to the use of the term 'lesbian' in a note.  She wants to know if it should be excluded.  Being that this is a politically correct term in a psych note, and a private note, HIPPA compliant, etc., I feel that it should stay.  Any enlightenment?


"Skedaddle." A highly technical term.
" ... but when she feels the urge, she really needs to skedaddle."

I haven't heard that word in YEARS--and that's probably the first time in 37 years I've gotten it in medical dictation!

podiatry terminology - sounds like "rasmooth". Anyone know what the term is? TIA.



When somebody states they got 'novocaine' at the dentist and you know its an archaic term.