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You are too young to be worried about long term, but

Posted By: I would look into different careers, but don't on 2007-10-18
In Reply to: Scared about future - MT4eight


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It will be long-term, because you are SM
learning to change a whole lifetime of the way you look at situations, but it should be very helpful for you.  Agree, sometimes rehashing the old stuff (if you have accepted that it was what it was and it's not still happening) can be nonproductive in a way and very traumatic.  I have done all types of therapy except analysis (and analysis is an even longer process) and the cognitive therapy was the most helpful for me.  Good luck.
Long-term BTS employee

I have worked for BTS for 2 years and enjoy it!  It is difficult waiting for that first check, but you are being paid for the previous pay period, not the one you have just finished.


Overall, I think they are very considerate towards work load, time off, and I enjoy the people I work with on my accounts.  People are always complaining on here about not having work, but we never seem to have a shortage.

There are no long-term contracts
I've rented from them several times, both paying off items and giving some items back when I got something to replace it. You can expect to pay two to three times the price (if not more) for an item then if you just went and bought the item outright which to many sounds outrageous, but some of us don't have the money to fork over for more expensive items. I had a good experience with them each time I rented from them whether I kept something for the whole time or I turned the item back in.
antibiotics long term

The dr. states the patient has been on chronic antibiotics ???pressure??? to ensure that the hip does not become infected.  I know there is a term for this, but it is not coming to me.  Help


I'm an IC for a long-term client; need advice pls SM

They have implemented a new ftp server that I cannot access through my work computer (Windows 98); however, I juggled around with newer operating systems (Windows 2000 and XP) and can access the ftp server. We are supposed to send completed files to this ftp server (which is a great idea and one we should have been doing all along).

My problem - I have been in nearly weekly contact with this MTSO about not being able to access the ftp site with my work computer. They told me to disable my firewall (which I am not about to do) and frankly the reason they haven't corrected my situation is because I am the only MT who is having this access problem (I am not - I talk to a couple other MTs with this MTSO and they are having the same exact problem). My Internet Explorer is the most current version (I have a cable modem) so that wasn't the problem either (another of their suggestions).

Today I get an e-mail from the office manager of the MTSO. They're going to start docking my paycheck (did I mention I am an IC?) if I don't start using this ftp site. What do I do? I am not making THAT much money that I can go out and spend $500 for a new work computer just to access this ftp. It really fries me that I have e-mailed, phoned, etc. and nothing is happening...it's just "my fault." So any suggestions? Great way to start the weekend, I tell ya!


does anyone know anything about long-term disability insurance?(sm)
How long is considered "long term"?  If you get some sort of disability that takes you out of the work force for years, does long-term disability cover that?  TIA
I love TransHealth. There are many, many long term MTs...sm
with the company who are also very happy. Benefits are great. Good platform. It's acute care work, with ESLs, but that's the name of the game today.
Long-term skilled unit?
long and short term fixes
Keep ants from coming back by washing the area they were invading with ammonia to kill the scent they leave as a trail.

White flour (the kind you bake with) put over an ant hill (thick coat)or on the floor where they are invading, etc. will make the ants move to another place, but does not kill them, but is fast for getting rid of a big colony in your back yard.

Green Light is a commercial product that will kill the ants like Tarro does, but is not as fast as making them move somewhere else.
If you need short-term long distance...
while searching for a new long distance plan, you can try onesuite.com.
Will DQS work with dial-up (short-term). How long
This lady is well know in the MT community and is a long term MT. I understand

your skepticism, but that is not the case with this gal. She has been straightforward from the very beginning and I have practically her entire background.  I would ask that we leave skepticism out of the picture and try to help this family out.

Thank you,



I hate the term *transcriptionIST* - too long and feminine
I guess it depends on if it was a long-term affair or a one-nighter sm
Probably would try to make it work because I love him and want my daughter to have her daddy around.
okay, now I'm a little worried....
my husband is on a boat...sort of a boat....which is docked on LA coast. He wasn't worried yesterday as he was talking to me on a pay phone, but he was also getting drenched by torrential rain.

all I can do is pray, I guess
Sorry I had you worried.
I won't let it happen again.

I`m so sorry to hear you all are losing your accounts. It`s really scary, I have been looking for some type of employment since December and still nothing. I was working as a receptionist at a Independent doctor`s office and and because of lack of money and to try to safe money he joined in with another doctor in his office, which had a full staff so most of us lost are jobs. Anyway with all this happening I decided to go to MT school which starts the end of this month, but after reading all the posting`s on here of lost jobs, YIKES!  I`m wondering if this is the way to go. In other words I am now scared, worried, and very concerned and just don`t know what to do.

What is going on in the health care field?  

I'm not worried . . .
Those who would bash someone for trying to question a system that is obviously not working very well are people which I refer to as sheep  . . . the ones who don't want to buck the system because they're afraid of losing their way.  We would still be living in caves if it weren't for those people who had the guts to question and demand accountability.
I was worried about that, too, but...
It looks like you have the option of keeping a minimum-payment land line account for emergencies. You use the same phone for ooma and land calls. You can keep your own phone number if you keep your land line. It sounds pretty amazing.

I got a little pay-as-you-go cell phone awhile back, so I suppose I would just use that to call 911 if I gave up my land line.
I'm not worried.
I'm not worried about any American MT taking my job. I'm very good at what I do. I like my employer and really don't want to be the one to subject them to some of the nasty folks on this board.
Yes, EMR seems like the most worrisome of the threats to our jobs. But I had a client who doesn't use us anymore but does use EMR and they have not been able to get rid of their MTs because all EMR can't be done with a punch screen. There are so many variables that some of it needs to be dictated. Now if Kaiser is not dictating and just doing EMR then their records are suffering but Kaiser is an entity unto itself and it makes up its own rules and patient care is in the toilet at Kaiser.
never too young
I don't think you are ever too young to be worried about retirement!  I wish I had worried about it sooner...  you cannot expect a retirement check from any company, but you can do something about it yourself.  Go to your local financial institutions and start your own retirement fund - just contribute a certain percentage of your check each time you are paid and no matter how many times you change jobs, keep doing it.  It is there for you - you don't lose it just because you change jobs.  But you are right to be worrying about your future - more of us should be doing that!
ah, to be so young...
...as to have never used tapes -- what a lovely feeling that must be!
Whew! You had me worried there

I have been worried about my job as well and tired of the pay..
I have been concerned with the MT field as well. I originally got started in this profession to be able to be at home and work when I have children. So far no kids have come along but I have found something else to do in addition to transcribing at home. Visit www.thefreshairshop.com if you are interested. :-)

I figured you must be worried....sm

I know you're worried and I don't even know you.  However, knowing insurance, if you go before the insurance kicks in, they (the insurance after it kicks in) will see this as a preexisting condition and may not cover future treatment.  IF you can wait 12 days (because even if it was serious, and it may not be serious, 12 days won't make any difference, outside of possibly allaying your fears).  12 days will gallop by!!!  I feel bad for you because you're anxious and I'm the same way about these things.  Hope you do well !!!!! 

Thank you for posting! I was so worried about
you! I am very proud of you, too! It is unbelievable and sickening, literally, how bad withdrawal is from simple pain meds. It WILL get better, I promise! And, again, we are not addicts - the body simply gets dependent on pain meds, as well as some blood pressure pills, antiseizure meds, and more. The stigma of being on pain meds can be so devastating as well, but you have nothing to be ashamed about! Please do keep us posted!
You had me worried there for a minute! :)
I make a point to take my lunch "breakette" out on the deck. or I'll go stark raving mad!
I too am worried about the future of MT BUT......
Am I the only one here who thinks this article has nothing to do with us? We ARE NOT simply word processors or data-entry keyers. This says nothing about medical transcriptionists. Just my opinion.
Yep, but they said that about XP, too, so I am not too worried anymore.
I'm not worried, but I guess you SM
don't see that not doing everything you can before going to a word board is really lazy, plus it abuses the poor people who do go there to help out.
I am just not worried about VR, EMR, the sky falling and on and on
If the entire medical field goes kerplunk, all you can do is pick yourself off, get another job really fast and heave ho. What else? I have had 2 jobs pulled out from underneath me and I am still here. You can make it also. No use in worrying. I lost a very profitable job to outsourcing years ago and now donít worry about the fate of Mting.
Aren't you worried
About viruses and stuff? I've heard about this before and it seems like a fantastic deal, but I'm still a little scared that something really awful could happen to my computer by downloading these programs.
I am not worried about being underbid
most MTs are underpaid; I've seen some pretty crappy MTs and actually the really great ones are few and far between.  Too many people get into MT for the sole reason that they want to stay home with their kids.  They look at it as a way to work from home, and that's it.  You get out of it what you put into it.  But I know when I didn't make much money I didn't waste my time whining about it.  If I had spent my time complaining about it like people on this board were, I would have been stuck right there where I was and I'd still be there. 
I'm sorry but i think you are too young to be on this board!
Smart Young Man

Your son sounds like a very smart young man. Not many kids these days truly care about their education. They look at high school as a party/social time, and dont look into the future what so ever, and said thing is a lot of our children are not getting the guidance from home either.

My son loves to learn and loves to be challenged and with him being home schooled we are able to do so.

And one other positive note on home schooling college intrance exams have shown that home schooled kids are just as smart if not smarter than those who go to public or private schools. The one on one they get is a big big factor in that.

Best of Luck!!!!!!!

I don't see a problem if someone does it once because of (1) young age, - sm
(2) circumstances...this girl has no clue who the father is, that is clear, (3) where they are at in life...in school is no time to have a baby. She would possible drop out, not have anything but a high school diploma for the rest of her life. How do you support yourself and a baby on $15K a year? Does she have understanding parents? Will the father pay support?(she'd have to have all the guys she slept with in the time period of conception tested). Someone that that young is not cut out to have a child....I can remember very clearly how I was then, and many are just not ready for the responsibility. Yes, many see abortion as shirking your responsibility because "you play you pay"; but you have to decide what is good and right for you and your circumstances, and the only one who can make that decision is the person who has to bear and raise the child or deal with their conscious if they decide to get an abortion. It's nobody's business but theirs. I think people who purposely don't use any form of BC then just get abortion after abortion because they are too lazy to get BCPs or condoms are WRONG for doing that. But people who are (1) stupid one time (2) get raped (as my roommate was); (3) just too young, i.e. in their teens, very early 20s--- have 1 pass. If my daughter came home and was in HS or college and said she was pregnant and wanted an abortion I would support her decision. I plan on drilling it into my kids heads never to have sex w/o a condom though and hopefully they will never have an unwanted pregnangy. I suppose you think my thinking is screwy and that is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is what makes the world go around.
Wow, mine was young...
I got my daughter's ears pierced when she was 7 months old. I think I was 5 when my mom got mine pierced, and then I was 12 when I got my second holes.
Very young on both daughters - sm
Two weeks old on first daughter. One week old on second daughter.
Your young age is showing!
I remember the dictabelt, we had to mark it with chalk to know where to start it up. Talk about archaic! The times they are a'changin! (and for this part - the better!)
I don't know if you mean too young or too old. Companies

cannot legally ask you how old you are.   I quess they can get an idea of age based on work history though or if you put educational history on resume.  I'm nearly 50, but when I answer the phone I frequently have people ask to speak to my mother.  I've been offered a position with every company I've ever applied to. 

You donít sound too old with a young kid
but in my town we have a consumer person (who is a millionaire but well known to be really tight with his money), anyway he was talking about a place where he buys his glasses and only pays about $8.00 for them and these are prescription glasses. I used to wear glasses, had Lasik and now 20/30 in both eyes- in about 2001, I think. For close up work such as newspapers or books, I go to the dollar store and buy the $1.00- This is for me, not saying everyone can do this. I see no sense in paying $200.00 for a pair of glasses when you can get them much cheaper.
I used to be young and dumb but
when I came into some money, quite a bit of it, paid all my bills off. I only have my monthly bills now, utilities and such. It is a wonderful feeling but to the original post, it is here money and really if she wants to burn it, she can.
Young man, listen up.
Your a very intelligent person and you seem really mature to the world. Inside you feel like you are crumbling, I completely understand that. Remember ther is always a tomorrow and always something better out there. If you are not happy doing the work that you are doing, its not the work, there is something holding you back. You definitely need to see either a therapist or a TRAINED medical profession to talk about this with. And don't wait, do it NOW. So many times people wait and it becomes too late. You are going to be fine and God will help you through any challenges you come across. If the physicians give you medications, take it. If it has side effects, don't stop taking it, call your physician and he can put you on another medication that does not have those side effects.

This is going to be a very long and very rewarding process and you will start feeling better about yourself. Don't give up and don't listen to people who just tell you to suck it up and get a job. Obviously they have been so lucky to never have experienced depression before. I pray that you will only have the best of luck in all you do.
if you are so worried about it, why don't you call and ask for God sakes!
Why do you care? It doesn't concern you. How much money they have has nothing to do with you. The fact that she presses the media and gives a lot of interviews, lets the media follow her around, etc. is the reason why there is interest in the story. She MAKES it a story.

I don't understand why you would be upset that a mother is getting media coverage for searching for her lost child? Are you jealous of her money or something?
What kind of damage that far in? I am not really worried about
the house falling in on us. The only thing that reall concerns me is the possibility of tornadoes. When Alicia came through, she was only a 3, but she had around 30 tornadoes. That is what concerns me.
Are you worried about possible MT job market glut then? I am...
meant *Aren't you worried...

Thank you both so much. I have been with MQ for 2 years. I'm worried about the new expander....
I currently use SmarType and I guess it will not switch over. Do you use the Expander that is with DQS? Do they give you directions on how to do the "standard" auto correct. My TC said if you are computer literate, you should do fine.
I really don't think any of us were worried about you stealing our job - however if we had made t
comments about how easy your profession was, how uneducated you were, how it was just something we could all do in our spare time for a little extra spending money - I think you would understand.  BTW - some of us may have as much college as you do.  I wasn't bashing you, but I did feel you were bashing us.
Thanks, I'm worried that my plan was going to be taking on too much nm