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Posted By: KT on 2008-07-06
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Can anyone recommend quality speakers for difficult dictators?  I have my computer volume maxed out, as well as my headphones and I still need more volume with certain dictators who whisper.  Something with an EQ built in would be great for those mumblers too. 

Also, has anyone had experience with the Bose headphones? 

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Speakers ???

Do many of you fellow MTs use speakers while working or just plug your headphones into computer and work that way.  For the ones that do use speakers, is the dictation clearer or louder?  I have never used speakers before and wondered if I should.


The whisperers drive me crazy!  Did you go with the $300 set or the $140 for the Bose?
I've always used the metal "Lanier" type headphones and they've been great, but I just tried a pair of Sony "digital reference" headphones for listening to music. They are a little heavy on your head, but the sound quality is wonderful.. you hear things you couldn't before.  Having the speakers on just seems to muffle voice for me and I tend not to hear as well.  So, next to the Sonys, I would use the metal earphones. Hope this helps. 
Using speakers
Does anyone plug their headphones into speakers instead of the computer?  If so, do you think the sound quality and mush mouths are better?  Thanks for your input.
I have them plugged in to my speakers.
I haven't ever tried that since I got the speakers.
It's worth a try. I have used all the cheap headphones and had little noise. This humming is making me crazy...or is the doctors? Thanks for the tip!
I have an extension i bought at radio shack and plug/unplug speakers/headset - makes it easier than getting to the rear of the computer. I've never seen a splitter - it would make sense!
No, there is no where on my speakers to plug into so I must ..sm
plug the headset directly into the back of the computer..on the floor..hard to access. Then I have to unplug the headset and plug up the speakers when I want to use them so not quite an ideal set-up!
You might need a better set of phones and/or speakers, too. nm
Thanks for that tip! I will check on that box. I do use speakers (sm)
I have always had to use some kind of external boost for audio. I have some hearing loss (I believe partly as a result of MT), and I have never gotten good enough sound just from the computer.

I used to use a Radio Shack amplifier and plug my headset into that with an adaptor jack. Now I have computer speakers with a headphone jack on one of them. It provides very good sound for one company I work for, but I recently got a side job and the sound quality isn't so good. I am definitely going to try the Sound Blaster box. I think I'm going to invest in some noise cancelling headphones that someone else on the board suggested.

This is such a great resource!
Good Speakers?
I would like to get away from headphones too.

Where do I find those speakers mentioned (or other good ones I can use)?

Right now I am plugging my headphones into $30 speakers I got at Best Buy. They sound crappy without my headphones.
Headsets / Speakers

Anyone know of good headsets that provide clarity?  I am looking for that rather than volume.

I have also thought about just using good speakers (no headset), but I am wondering if it would cause more errors of sublte wording.  It seems like it would be better on the ears but not as good for hearing.

Input is appreciated.

speakers & headphones

I'm looking for any recommendations for new speakers and headphones for my computer.  I'm starting a new account and the audio isn't all that great, I was just wondering if upgrading my speakers and headphones would make things better.

Thanx for any information.


should read...ESL and EFL speakers.nm
Using both headphones/speakers
On the same subject sort of, I have my headphones plugged into speakers so that I can unplug them and listen through speakers.  How can I do both, i.e. have internet radio in the background while I transcribe with headphones on?  Thanks
very good quality speakers


Does anyone have a particular brand name, other than Bose (much TOO expensive) of speakers that you use for you job.  I had good amplified speakers that you can wear a headset with, but 1 of them is no longer any good.  Warranty is over with.  Any suggestions?  Thanks 





Can you just plug the headset into the speakers?
If you could possibly get new speakers with plug-in...
Laptop does not have good speakers so I run
To Laptop does not have good speakers

Excellent idea!!!!!!  I love my Bose radio....it's the type without a CD changer...BUT! one of my cats, Kazie, a brat cat, sits on top of the radio and either turns the radio on, changes the time and a few times the alarm time, turns the volume upupupup (wonderful at 3 a.m.) and anything else that only a cat can do. Even with a book on top, she seems to know if she moves her weight around, she can do one or two of the above!!!      She's even tipped the bedside light over on me. All of this is because she's hungry and wants to eat NOW!!!! But, I love her.

hoped to use the speakers in background
instead of having both come through the headphones. Would probably have to have two soundcards or something.
For a while I used a splitter in the back for my speakers and headphones- sm
but now I use the front jack (my old computer did not have this option) for my headphones, but my speakers automatically do not work if my headphones are plugged in. You might need to just unplug your speakers in order for your headphones to work while plugged into the computer. Just try different plug configurations and see what works.
Doing your blanks with the speakers helps too (no headphones) - sm
you "hear" differently. I my blanks both ways usually, helps a lot in hearing. Get tons of samples as suggested, they are great help in figuring out what that particular Dr. is saying. You do acquire an ear, takes some time though, good luck sounds like you took the bull by the horns.
Does anyone have their earphones plugged into their tower instead of speakers?? (sm)
I have a coworker who does not have an earphone plug-in on her speakers but she does on her tower.  Does anyone know how to configure this to be able to hear through her earphones when plugged into the tower?  Thank you in advance. 
I just meant when you plug speakers into the computer
and then the headphones into the speakers. When I plugged headphones directly into the computer the sound was never loud enough for me.
Legal dictations usually are multiple speakers
But, legal dictations usually have a longer TAT. 
Only when use both speakers and headphones it acts almost like a power booster
and you get double the volume, at least in my experience, helps a lot with those whisperers.
Need equipment to help clarify dictation whether it be better speakers, etc. tried Speech adust a t
Maybe nationalist. Everyone else is listing countries of origin. White english speakers at the wor
They like to show off, play with the language. At least the ESLs learn to say it, and always say it the same way, every time. The Caucasian English-speakers are the worst, arrogant, effusive with the language.
if a new headset doesn't help, plug directly into CPU and avoid speakers and see if that helps.